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7 stable release 1 =================================== -Console: fix Bug #1764362 -Console: fixed merged pages count -Split, Merge: fixed focus policy and layouts -langpack -iText 2.0.2 (untill a user password input field will be added) 0.7 beta 2 =================================== -Console: added -compressed option to compress output documents -Split, Merge: check to use -compressed option -Settings: language combo now shows language name -Split: added overwrite checkbox -iText 2.0.4 -looks 2.1.4 -langpack 0.7 beta 1 =================================== -Console: added the chance to use complex prefix using variable substitution [CU RRENTPAGE], [TIMESTAMP] and [BASENAME] -Added configuration singleton -Added Settings section -XMLParser and XMLConfig rebuilt using dom4j -Console: added xml input file -l option for merge -Console: rewritten commands handler -Console: rewritten helper class TmpFileNameGenerator -Console: rewritten PdfSplit to keep file annotations -Console: added -overwrite option to the split command -Console: new merge type using PdfCopyFields to deal with forms -Merge: check to use -copyfields console option -Split, Merge: added JHelpLabel to have help tooltips -Unified basic/enhanced langpack -New icons set -dom4j 1.6.1 -jaxen 1.1 -iText 2.0.2 -bcmail 135 -bcprov 135 0.6 stable release 3 =================================== -Fix in PlugInsLoader.getPlugInsList -Console: fix Bug #1641683 -Console: fix split page numbers starting from 1 and code cleaning -Fixed log panel caret position (by Aniket Dutta) -Merge: fix when automatically extension in destination file is set -iText 1.4.8 -looks 2.1.1 0.6 stable release 2 =================================== -Merge: added page selection printer style (Ex. 2,6,12-19,5) -Added tabbed panels icons -Added French language -GUI fixes -New icon -Code cleaning -Added Win32 starter

4.5 beta 3 =================================== -Split: JTextField. Canc -Console: Buffer file in doConcat Bug #1499436 -Console: -overwrite parameter added -Merge: Overwrite checkbox. A progress bar shows the work done -Merge: fix Bug #1529037 -Console: fixes to prevent OutOfMemory exception while creating PdfReader -Console: fixes in PdfSplit and PdfConcat constructors.4.6 -looks 2. Bug #1521679 -GUI i18n support using langpack.4.requestFocus when "split at this page" or "every n pages" is selected -Merge: Multiple Drag&Drop change order enabled -Merge: Drop Multifile selection from OS enabled -Merge: Drop disabled in destination JText -Merge: addTableRow method added -Merge: Canc key (and not Alt+Canc) now removes items from merge_table -Merge: MultiSelection MoveUp.6 beta 1 =================================== -Split: output files name now have leading zero(s) for better sorting -Split: modified "split at this page" in "split after these pages" -Split: now splitting a pdf file has its own thread. A progress bar shows the wo rk done -Split&Merge: better format for log messages -Split&Merge: now bookmarks list is managed according with the merge action.4.4 0.4 0. MoveDown. Bug #1490115 -Merge: minor fixes -Merge: now adding a pdf has its own thread and better user interface shows what pdfsam is doing -Merge: now merging pdf files has its own thread.1 0. -iText 1. now "enter" does a click on buttons -Tabs Mnemonic -Merge: Table header not draggable anymore -Split: Fixes in GUI -Merge: New function with right click to set output destination file 0.6 stable release =================================== -Console: fixed a bug if no -u option given -Added German and Russian languages -iText 1.0. (Console messages still in english) -Added "Clear log" function -iText 1.2 0.0.5 beta 1 .-iText 1.1 and changes in ThemeSelector -Console: Fix in creator metadata -Console: Fixes in options descriptions -Merge: Fix in add button when clicking "cancel" in JFileChooser -Split&Merge: New FocusPolicy -Added getFocusPolicy() in PlugablePanel -Added KeyListener to every button.5 beta 2 =================================== -jGoodies 2.

-Console: Parse fix on concat -o value ". .4 beta =================================== -Console: Added -log option to the console. -Merge: Fixed horizontal scroll bar in merge table -Merge: Enter key binded to run button -Merge: Auto pdf extension for no extension output file -Merge: Better JFileChooser management -Minor fixes 0. -pdfsam: Added Exit menu.=================================== -Merge: MultiSelectionEnabled(true) -Console: Parse fix on ParseConcatCommand -f option -Console: Added creator metadata -Console: Added -u option -Merge: Managed page selection (-u console option) -Merge: new TableRender for the page column -Merge: Column headers tooltip -Minor fixes 0.pdf" -Merge: Added Clear button in merge plugin.3.3 pre alpha ==================================== -First working release.