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This agreement of leave and licence is made at Panaji Goa on this 1st of May 2012.

BETWEEN Mrs aninha E mendes, married , major of age, National, resident of Mendes enclave, Behind Milroc Colony, Fondevem, Ribander Goa, hereinafter shall be referred to as THE LICONSOR ofvthe ONE PART. AND Mrs Madhu lata Varma hereinafter called THE LICENSEE of the OTHER PART. Where as the licensor is the lawful owner of in posession of one room separate toilet facility located in of Mendes enclave, Behind Milroc Colony, Fondevem, Ribander Goa,hereinafter refered to as THE SAID PREMISES. And where as the Licensee approached approache the licensor to grant the lease for a period of 11 months from 1st MAY 2012 and the licensor agreed to the same terms and conditions contained in this agreement. The licensee shall pay the Licensor the sum of rupees 3000/- ( three thousand only) per month for the use and occoupation of the said premises. The said sum shall be paid bu the licensor on or before the 12th day of every month, in the form of cash. The licensee shall use the said premise for residential purpose only. It is here by agreed that :The licensee shall not permit any third party to occoupy the said premises during the term of this leave and licence.

On expiary or any earlier termination of this lease the licensee shall vacate the said permises peacefully and without any claim what so ever on the said premises. The licensee shall take due dilligance to pervent causing any structural damage to the said premises and any structural damage caused by the licensee to the said premises during the lease perion shall be the responsibility of the licensee. The licensee shall not store any hazardous articles or illegal material probhited by law. The licensee here by agrees that this agreement in no wauy onstrute or shall be constauted to provide any legal right to the said premises or the aminities therein. The licensee shall however enjoy the use of the said premises temporarily under the terms and conditions of this agreement. The licensor or a duly appointed agent shall have the right to visit the said premises at all reasonable times. Either party may terminate this agreement by giving one month notice. The cost of electricity bill and water bill are included in the rent. In witness whereof, the parties have signed and subscribed their respective signature on this instrument after having read and fully understood the contents hereof on the day, month and the year first herein before written.





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