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Carla Ruiz Hermia Mayte Sannicolas Lysander Marieta Pedraza Helena Laila Ahrouch Demetri

PART 1 OBERON Will Tit.ania have waken up? And what will she have seen? Im sure she is completely in love. (Puck enters) OBERON Here is the messenger, what was happened in the forest? PUCK Titania has fallen in love with a horrible beast. While she was sleeping, some actors, that work in Athens were practicing a dance to celebrate Teseus wedding. An idiot has got out of the scene and hidden behind a tree. When Titania woke up it was the first thing she saw. OBERON It went better than I expected. Have you covered, that young mans eyes with the love juice? PUCK Yes, I did. I found him sleeping with Titania, when he will wake up, he will see her(?) (Enters Demetrius and Hermia) OBERON Hide, he is the young man of Athens. PUCK- No, this is the girl, but the boy is another one.

DEMRTRIUS Why do you tell of the man that loves you so. HERMIA I should treat you worse. I was sleeping when you killed him, so... Kill me too. He would never leave me alone. DEMETRIUS You are mistaken; I havent done anything to Lysander. HERMIA Could you tell me how he looks like?<

DEMETRI If I did, what would I get? HRMIA The privilege of not seeing me again, I want to leave. (Leave) DEMETRI Its not worth following her. I will stay here because I am tired. (He lies down to sleep)

OBERON We wanted the opposite. PUCK- The fat is the responsible. OBERON Go to the forest and find Hermia, bring her here. I will cover her eyes with the love juice. PUCK Ok, I go.

PART 2 PUCK Helena is not far away from here and the young one with the potion wants love. DEMETRI Get out of the way. The nose you make will wake up Demetrius. (They move and Lysander and Helena walk in) LYSANDER- Cant you see me crying when I tell you that I love you? How is it possible that you see this as a joke? HELENA- You love Hermia. LYSANDER- I loved her, but not anymore. HELENA You have to insist. LYSANDER- Demetrius loves Hermia, not you. (Demetri wakes up) DEMETRI- Oh Helena, you look beautiful today, what lovely lips you have. HELENA- Are you both kidding me? LYSANDER- You love Hermia. DEMETRI- That is not true, I dont love her any more. My heart is for Helena. LYSANDER No!

DEMETRI Your love is here (Hermia enters) HERMIA- Lysander? Why do you escape from me? LYSANDER- Love makes me. HERMIA- What love? LYSANDER Helenas love. HERMIA Thats not true. HELENA Im fed up of this joke! HERMIA What? I dont understand HELENA What ever go with your joke DEMETRI Helena wait! listen I love you. LYSANDER I love you more! HERMIA Poor me! Helena, you are a heart breaker! HELENA Me? LYSANDER Let end this joke! Follow me, and we will have a duel for Helena. DEMETRI No, no we will go side by side. (Lysander and Demetrius leave) HERMIA All of this is your fault! Dont even think about leaving! HELENA I dont trust you, you have very long hands, but my legs are longer for running. (Helena leaves) HERMIA I dont know what to say. (Hermia leaves)