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Natural Perfumers Guild

Natural Perfumery Books & Articles
Classic Perfumery Books Available to Guild Members: Upon joining the Guild, members will receive PDF versions of the following classic perfumery and perfumery-related books:
Askinson, G. W. - Perfumes and Cosmetics, Their Preparation and Manufacture 1923 Charabot, E. - Le Parfum chez la Plante 1908 (In French)

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Clifford, F.S. - A Romance of Perfumed Lands 1880 Cristiani, R.S. - Perfumery and the Kindred Arts 1877 Diete, Dr. C. - A Practical Treatsie on the Manufacture of Perfume 1892 (trans. by W.A. Brannt) Drown, D. - Fragrant Flowers 1860 Dussauce, H. - A Practical Guide for the Perfumer 1868 Ebert, A. E. and A. E. Hiss - The Standard Formulary 1896 Fenner, B. - Fenner's Complete Formulary Sixth Edition 1888 Fletcher, E. - The Woman Beautiful 1901 Gildemeister, E. - The Volatile Oils 1914 Leadbeater, C.W. - The Perfume of Egypt 1895 Lillie, C. - The British Perfumer 1822 Mayo, C.A. and T.J. Keenan - American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record 1893 McNail, J. - Citrus Products Part 1 1926 Morfit, C. - Perfumery, Its Manufacture and Use with Instructions on Every Branch of the Art Nefwazi, S. - The Perfumed Garden 1886 Parry, E. J. - Raw materials of perfumery, their nature, occurrence and employment Parry, E. J. - The Chemistry of Essential Oils Vol. 1 Parry, E. J. - The Chemistry of Essential Oils Vol. 2 Piesse, G.W. Septimus - The Art of Perfumery and Method of Obtaining the Odor of Plants 1886 Rimmel, E. - The Book of Perfumes 1867 Sawer, J. Ch. - Odorographia 1894 A Natural History of Raw Materials and Drugs Used in the Perfume Industry n.d. Schimmel (Fritzsche Bros.) - Semi-Annual Report on Essential Oils 1904 The Toilet of Flora 1879 Walter, E. - Manual for the Essence Industry 1916 Yahna, H. - The Miracle of Smell and Taste n.d. (2005?)

Articles Available to Guild Members:

Aristotle - On Sense and the Sensible Benalloul, G. - Techniques for a Bold Perfume Historical Overview Burfield, Tony - On Adulteration of Aromatics deMaupassant, G. - Stable Pefume Dioscoredes - Book One Aromatics Gilbert, A. - The Emperor's New Theory Hoskins, J. - All the Perfumes of Arabia Huysmans, J. - Against the Grain Marshall, S. - Frankincense


Books and Articles : Natural Perfumers Guild

McCoy, A. - Natural Perfumery: A Fragrant Evolution (pub. Aromatic McCoy, A. - Steve Earl - Position Paper: Defining Natural Perfumery McCoy, A. - Robert Tisserand, Tony Burfield - IFRA/EU Boycott Primer (pub. self) McCoy, A. - The Beauty of Botanicals Made Liquid: The Passion of Natural Perfumers (pub. McCoy, A. - The Stages of Public Acceptance of Natural Perfumery (pub. McCoy, A. - Book Review: What the Nose Knows (pub. McCoy, A. - Book Review: The Essence of Perfume (pub. To Join the Guild Mailing List, please fill McCoy, A. - Anya's Garden blog since 2006 - hundreds of short articles on perfumery in the following form: Melville, H. - Ambergris/Moby Dick Ch. 92 Name: Monell Institute - Olfactory World Email: Piesse, W. - Perfume Organ Pliny the Elder - Historia naturalis Roudnitska, E. - Where are We Going? 1969 --Submit-Roudnitska, E. - Perfumery and Marketing 1970 Roudnitska, E. - The Novice and His Perfume Palette 1982 Roudnitska, E. - Concerning the Circumstances Favorable to the Creation of an Original Perfume 1984 Theoprastus - Concerning Odours Vainstein, A. - Floral fragrance

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