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This article is written to enable you to get a clear view and understanding of the truth behind the celebration of Christmas. Ask yourself:

WHERE did the traditions, customs, and beliefs associated with the celebration of Christmas originate? ARE these traditions in the Holy Scriptures? (7DID the disciples of the Prophet/Messiah Jesus (7-127 A.D.) celebrate Christmas? EXACTLY when did the celebration of Christmas start? WAS the prophet/Messiah Jesus really born on December TwentyTwenty-fifth (25th)? WHAT is the purpose of the Christmas tree? WHO is Santa Claus? WHY is Christmas referred to as the Yule-Tide Season? Yule-

All your life you have been taught to celebrate this pagan holiday. Yet, you know nothing about it. It is time you wake up to the truth and start looking closely into your true way of life (Al Islaam)!!!

This article will prove to you just how little you really know about the things around you. YOU SHOULD BEGIN TO REALIZE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN PLACED UNDER A SPELL (LEVIATHAN), A SPELL OF IGNORANCE, LAZINESS and DESIRE, (which the paleman has placed upon you). It seems that you always tend to go along with what the next man does, whether right or wrong. This is the result of the spell of Leviathan, which was cast upon you the Nubian man. The Nubian is heir to a hypnotic spell of spiritual and mental ignorance and death: a deep sleep which has shattered the high level of pride, supreme intelligence, and godgodlike nature of Nubians (Refer to LEVIATHAN 666, Edition # 15). It is only through the acceptance of the Truth (Al Islaam) that this spell will be broken and liberate you from the clutches of the Malevolent One and dispel all his lies. The word Christmas means Mass of Christ or as it came to be Christshortened, Christ-Mass. It is the chief custom of the corrupt Babylonian system, and is denounced throughout the Scriptures through its prophecies, and teachings. THE BOOK OF THE PROPHET ISAIAH 21:9 (REVEALED 732 B.C.E. And behold, here cometh a chariot of men, with a couple of horsemen. And he answered and said Babylon is fallen, is fallen, and all the graven images of her gods hath broken unto the ground. ARE YOU WORSHIPPING THE PROPHET/MESSIAH JESUS OR NIMROD? Christmas started in the ancient Babylonian Empire ruled by Nimrod. The word Babylon is derived from the Hebrew word Babel which means Confusion, Chaos, Vanity, Nothingness. Babylon, the capitol of this empire was the first major civilization and was founded by Nimrod and his followers. During his reign, Nimrod became engrossed with the most dreadful of diseases: PRIDE, IGNORANCE, and GREED! Nimrod, a Cushite, meaning a descendant of Cush, who was Black was in opposition was of the Laws and Commands of ALLAH.

The system of his opposition was to control the Amorite (Paleman) so as to have them believe that he was the Creator, and worship him as the Creator. Nimrods name is interpreted as HE WHO MADE ALL PEOPLE REBEL AGAINST ALLAH. During the fourth and fifth centuries, when the pagans of the Roman world were accepting the now popular, old pagan customs and beliefs, they were merely dressing them up with Christian sounding names. The Mother and Child idea also became popularized, especially at Christmas time. Nimrod was so overbearing, it is said that he married his own mother, whose name was Semiramis. After his death, his so-called somother/wife Semiramis propagated the evil doctrine that Nimrod survived as a spiritual being. She claimed that a full grown evergreen tree sprang overnight from a dead tree stump, which supposedly symbolized the springing forth into a new life of the dead Nimrod. On each anniversary of his birth, she claimed Nimrod would visit the evergreen tree and leave gifts under it. twentyDecember twenty-fifth (25) was the date of the birth of Nimrod, not the Prophet/Messiah Jesus. This is the real origin of the Christmas Tree. Through her scheming and designing, Semiramis became the Babylonian Queen of Heaven, and Nimrod, under various names, became the Divine Son of Heaven. Through the generations in this idolatrous worship, Nimrod also became the Messiah, the son of Baal, the Sun God. In this false Babylonian system, the Mother and Child (Semiramis and Nimrod) became the chief objects of worship. From this source, the Madonna and Child stories spread to every culture under different names in the way that the Trinity found its counterpart in every religion. All this took place long before the birth of the Prophet/Messiah Jesus. Every Christmas season people sang, and still sing and chant the hymn Silent Night, Holy Night dozens of times with its familiar Mother and Child theme. You who have been born into such a Babylonian world; reared and steeped in these false concepts all your lives, have been

taught to revere these concepts as Holy and sacred. You never questioned to see where these concepts came from; the Scriptures or pagan idolatrous rituals! So now you see it wasnt the prophet/Messiah Jesus who was born on December 25th, it was really Nimrod. The Prophet/ Messiah Jesus was not even born in the winter season! The Prophet/Messiah Jesus was not born December twentytwentyfifth, (25) because there were flocks in the fields in the winter. On these grounds the ideas of the Nativity in December should be forgotten. In addition, any encyclopedia, or authority on holidays, will tell you that the Prophet/Messiah Jesus was not born twentyon the twenty-fifth (25th) of December. The actual birth date of the Prophet/Messiah Jesus was June 26, 7 A.D. Well, its almost that time of year again. You know which time were talking about; Christmas, that time of year when people go threeout of their way to spend two to three-hundred dollars on gifts, and decorations. WHY? To celebrate the birth of the Prophet/ Messiah Jesus or so they think. The World Book Encyclopedia defines Christmas as the day which Christians celebrate the birthday of the Prophet/Messiah Jesus. The Scriptures provide no record of having held a great banquet on Christs birthday. In fact, the Scriptures condemn those who place one Prophet above the other. In Al Quraan 2:136 it clearly states that THERE SHOULD BE NO DISTINCTION BETWEEN THE PROPHETS, for they all were sent from ALLAH to do a particular job, therefore, they were all special men. Many of you were taught that the exchanging of gifts during Christmas originated from three wisemen who brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the little Christ child. The Wisemen EsseneMagi-The- Hanifwere known by the titles of: The Essene-The Magi-The- Hanif-The Elders. In fact each of the three wisemen is one of the 24 elders. When the Wisemen were preparing for the birth of Yashua (Jesus) they brought along gifts for him which went along with the status of his station.

Balthasar, (1st wiseman whose name means Save the life of the King) being from Ethiopia (which is famous for its natural resources) brought gold. Gold was a gift to rulers and it also had a symbolic meaning to Messiah Yashua (Jesus) which Balthasar was aware of. This mystical meaning was that gold is: The King of matter, likewise this prophet will be master of the people of his generation. The gift which Jasper, (2nd wiseman whose name means (Treasure) being from Persia, brought to the Messiah Yashua (Jesus) was Frankincense. Persians were agriculturalists and frankincense was a treasured produce of their land. Frankincense was the gift of the Gods and so the mystical meaning of Frankincense for the Messiah Yashua (Jesus) was: As the smoke of the frankincense enters the very heavens where none enters; so likewise El Eloh will raise the prophets to heaven but will raise none other in his generation. The last gift brought by the wiseman Melchior, (3rd wiseman whose name means King of Light) from the land of Midian, was Myrrh. Myrrh is also a fragrant gum resin obtained from a tree. Myrrh is associated with death and its mystical meaning is: By myrrh, cuts and wounds are cured, and likewise, by this El Eloh will heal every diseased and sick person. (Refer to THE WISEMEN edition #181). The dromedary camel was the type of camel that was used by the Wisemen to travel to Bethlehem to see the child. Upon their arrival in Midian they met Melchior who was watching the skies for the next sign. He was rewarded one night when (after the third planetary conjunction) all the Eloheem met together at one single point creating what appeared to be a bright star. The conjunction was made by the planets Kishar (Jupiter) meaning whole Earth and Anshar (Saturn) meaning Foremost of the Heavens. A conjunction is when the heavenly bodies cross and a bright light is emitted. The object which was sighted on that night was of a celestial order. His arrival verified the approach of the celestial order of Melchizedek. This order has become active again under the name The Ancient Mystic Order of Melchizedek, A.M.O.M.

This was the sign that Yashua (Jesus) had been born for the children of Israel and their last chance, the twenty four elders appeared on that night. The multiple planetary conjunctions shone forth in three separate occurrences against the inky blackness of the evening sky as a brilliant star. It is recorded that this planetary conjunction happened 5 times in this same year of the birth of Yashua (Jesus) 7 B.C. However, this was not an ordinary star. The Wise men were Solar Biologist studying the motion of the heavenly orbs and star. They were not paganistic star worshippers. The people who existed before the Christian Era (B.C.E.) believed that everyone was born under a star, and so also believed Yashua (Jesus) would be born under his own star. These people were star gazers or star worshippers. Today, the most influential personages guiding your destiny and influencing your lifes decisions are Star Gazers. A matter relevant to astrology or Star Worship, is one of the names of the Devil Lucifer as the Morning Star. This star signaled, as was the birth or incarnation of IIah Mutajassid. An IIah Mutajassid is an Eloheem who incarnates at will on earth in the form of a mortal man when necessary to carry out the will of the Most High. He is an extraordinary being, the miraculous embodiment of the divine in human form. Yashua (Jesus) was an IIah Mutajassid and the Wise men wanted to witness his incarnation for it marked the rebirth of a celestial order on the planet earth as said before. It was at this sighting that the Wisemen knew to make their way to Jerusalem (which was approximately 525 miles away). There were two groups of Magi, one positive, and the other negative; The Agreeable or Benevolent Magi were the ones that visited Yashua. These Magi were linked together as one through the order of the Essenes. The Essenes were very strict, observing daily prayers, foretelling the future, and being well learnt in the scriptures. The negative Magi claimed to be mediators between the Creator and man, intervening in all sacrifices. They interpreted dreams

omens and claimed to be seers. Their exhibition of power made people enchanted with their incantations. As time passed, the Greeks labeled any sorcerer or person using methods of enchanting and incantations, Magi. The negative Magi arose in the east at the time of Nimrod. The Magi sat with Joseph and Mary and told them stories of the signs of Yashua (Jesus), their child, and what to expect. They foretold of the strange events which were now to begin taking place in their lives and the gifts which they had carried for so long were presented to him. They told Mary of the significance of the gifts; along with the frankincense, myrrh, and gold, the Wisemen brought 30 pieces of silver which they had and told them how it would be very significant in his (Yashuas) life in the future. 49:9As you read in Genesis 49:9-10 this was to change in time marked by the coming of one called Shiloh. This is why they try to hide when Jesus was born or the constellation rise at the new dawn, April 17th 6B.C. alignment. On April 17, 6B.C. Jupiter emerged in the east as a morning star in the sign of Aries the 2:9Ram. Mathew 2:9-10 refers to the star twice as being in the east with good reasons. During the time that Jupiter was in the east was referred to as powerful time to give or transfer ruler ship. The sun was also in the house of Aries The Moon was in very close conjunction with Jupiter in Aries. With modern calculations this suggests that this was close enough to be an eclipse, which is a type of occultation. Naturally the Suns glare would have hidden this occurrence. Now the Three wisemen or attendants would have been present and on an astrological level that would have been the three ruling celestial bodies of this conjunction in the house of Aries, the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn. The star of Bethlehem was a double eclipse of Jupiter, a rare astrological conjunction that occurred in Aries on March 20, 6 B.C. and again in April 17, 6 B.C. This is why the wisemen Magi or Egiptian who said they saw a star in the east, and remember a star is no more than a sun, so in fact they saw the sun appear to rise in the east at dawn. Malachi 4:2. As they record it in their

2:1own books; Mathew 2:1-7, Herod asked what time the star sun appeared or rose. Because they knew this new star marked change in all laws, new degrees, and a time shift, from 2000 B.C. or Judah to B.C. 1 A.D. Lion of Judah. THE BOOK OF THE PROPHET JEREMIAH 9:5 (REVEALED) 580 B.C.E. AND THEY WILL DECEIVE EVERY ONE HIS NEIGHBOR, AND WILL NOT SPEAK THE TRUTH; THEY HAVE TAUGHT THEIR TONGUE TO SPEAK LIES, AND WEARY THEMSELVES TO COMMIT INIQUITY. Lets face it, to exchange gifts to gold and frankincense would not make Christmas (in this era of time) any more meaningful. These gifts were appropriate during the time of Christ because they represented value (the gold) and power (frankincense and myrrh were gifts one would give to royalty) in that culture. Today, the American symbol of value and power is money. Now, how can money, the ultimate commercial commodity, be a Soreligious symbol? So-called Christians believe that money is not really any different from other religious symbols in the Christian tradition, just as they believe that water and fire are symbols of power. In the United States, Santa Claus wears a bright red suit trimmed with white fur, a long red cap, and shiny black boots. In England, he wears the very same outfit, but he is called Father Christmas. Father Christmas was known for having a flushed face from merriment and strong wine. He wore a crown of holly on his head. It wasnt until the 19th century that Santa Claus became the white bearded, red suited jolly old man saying Ho, Ho Ho! He was an American invention. In France, Santa Claus is called Pere Noel, which means Father Christmas, of England. Pere Noel wears a long red robe and a white fur hat, and he clatters along in wooden shoes. The Northern Europeans worshipped the God Woden, who supposedly rode across the frozen waste in the middle of winter just to bring people presents. The Church replaced the God Woden with St. Nicholas. In Switzerland, you still see another Santa Claus. He wears the clothes of a Bishop, long

pointed hat, called a miter. His real character is not so Benevolent and Holy as many suppose. The name Santa Claus is a corruption of the name St. Nicholas, who was a Roman Catholic bishop that lived in the 5th century. He is better known as the bishop of Myra, a so-called soSaint honored by the Greeks and Latins on the 6th of December. St. Nicholas is really the patron saint of thieves and gangsters, who were tagged The Knights of St. Nicholas. He is the Patron Saint of pawn brokers, and their emblem is traced to him. Pirates emblazoned his likeness on their flags. Other wards of St. Nicholas are spinsters and sailors. Old Nick is a term applied to the Devil (Satan). Even the color red that Santa Claus wears is associated with the Devil. Red is a color which projects or encourages desire and evil. Red reflects the moods of persons dwelling on the lowest state of the physical plane. It is also the color depicting anger, sin, and bloodshed. Satan is always represented by the color red. IF YOU HAVE NOT NOTICED YET SANTA = SATAN. The church of Satan is not the only Church that practices Devil worship. The very church that brings you the Christmas holiday Satan (the Roman Catholic Church) is headed by an agent of SatanThe Pope!!! Arent the Romans the same people who incorporated selftheir pagan practices with Christianity as taught by the selfappointed disciple Paul to form the foundations of Christianity in the Nicean Council? (Refer to Edition #162, SAINT PAUL, DISCIPLE OR DECEIVER). Catholics symbolically drink (the blood of Christ symbolized by the wine) and eat flesh (the bread or wafer eaten during mass). According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English language, a Mass is defined as: In Roman catholic and some Protestant churches, the celebration of the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the ceremony by which the bread and wine are consumed in holy communion. This is the same thing Devil worshippers do with real blood and flesh. The cross has always been a symbol of death since the time of Cain and Abel, when the sign of the swastika was placed on Cains forehead. The swastika of today is also a cross. ( refer to

Genesis Chapter 4, Verse 15). Christmas or Christ Mass is a form of a black mass Devil worship. When a black mass is performed the recitations are made in either Latin, Hebraic, Aramaic, Greek or a combination of these languages, the same languages Catholics utilize in their services. Christmas Eve, December 24th, is the celebration of Demon Revels. This is only one of the 20 major events on the Satanic ritual calendar. Six of these events occur between Halloween and Christmas. While youre thinking about the season to be jolly, think about the pagan practices, which come out of Satanistic rituals, you are partaking in. Christmas, as celebrated by the average person, does not take you as deep into the pit as Heavy Metal and the Church of Satan; yet you are still participating in Devil worship. You are honoring Nimrod, an agent of the Devil and a system (the code of Hammurabi) which he established by which the entire world could be controlled. Every year you refortify the greatest story ever told about the Prophet/messiah Jesus and his way of life (Al Islaam). Remember, the Prophet/Messiah soJesus was not a Christian, nor was he a so-called Jew. He was a Muslim, as you should be. Do you find it coincidental that Santa Claus comes into the house through the chimney or fire place? Fire is also symbolic of Satan and the flames of Hell. Santa comes down the chimney just as he descends down into the pits of Hell. Is it another coincidence that he signals the reindeer by a whistle which is another sound used to attract the Devil? SANTA IS SATAN!!! Many Christmas jingles are designed to filter into subconscious. According to the American Heritage Dictionary a jingle is defined as: a simple, repetitive, catchy rhyme; the sound produced by bits of metal striking together. Lets look at the etymology of the word. The word jingle contains the word jinn. Further down the page of your dictionary, you find the word Jinni defined. JINNI is also called JINN or DJINN: a spirit capable of assuming human or animal form and exercising supernatural influence over men. which takes you right back to Satan,

(the arch deceiver) and his agents. The Jinn are a race of evil spiritual beings. They appear in the form of envy, greed, vanity, jealousy, and all other negative attributes. It is the catchy tune of a jingle that subliminally directs your actions. The same method is used in advertising to make you buy a product. The word JINN also means possessed by a devil or demon, rendering one bereft of reason, and mad, insane, unsound in mind or intellect. This is descriptive of you, Nubians. You have fallen victim to Satans plan. From the womb you have been indoctrinated by the Devil. Instead of being peaceful Muslims as ALLAH has ordained, you are Christians, Baptists, Jehovah Witnesses, and an assortment of other adherents to the Devils way of life. You are literally out of your mind. You have been taught to think what the Paleman wants you to think. The decisions you make are not yours. The Christmas gift you bought your child was probably suggested by a television commercial. You are being seduced in so many ways. The sound of metal tinkling together attracts the JINN. Those JINGLE BELLS in the popular Christmas song are really a means by which evil spirits are summoned. Its true, you had better watch out when SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN. Guess who the reindeer represent? Deer are docile peaceful animals. What people are of peace? -- Muslims!! The word rein comes from the Latin word retinere, meaning to hold back. A rider uses reins to control an animal. According to the American heritage Dictionary of the English language, the word rein is defined as: any means of restraint, check, or guidance to exercise control over long, narrow leather strap attached to the bit of bridle and used by a rider or driver to control a horse or other animal. and who is behind the reins? Satan himself, in the form of Santa Claus. THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH AGREED TO CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS ON DECEMBER 25TH IN ORDER TO COINCIDE WITH THE PAGAN HOLIDAYS: THE YULE, WINTER SOLSTICE, AND SATURNALIA. Eventually Christianity overpowered paganism, and many pagan Romans became Christians. The leaders of the church did not

make any attempts to abolish theses pagan festivals; they only so changed it into a Christmas festival by giving it a socalled religious meaning. This is when they instituted the lie that the Prophet/Messiah Jesus was born on December 25th. Christmas observance is a tradition of man. The commandments of ALLAH FORBID IT. In reality, Christmas is for big businesses and corporations. The store owners and manufacturers are the ones who really get the benefits of Christmas. While their pockets are full, yours are empty. You end up with more debts than you can ever pay. Is one day of pagan celebration worth a life of debt? Keeping up with the Joneses is also a game put out by the Devil to keep you in competition and constant vice with your own brothers and sisters. The advertising of Christmas begins right after Halloween. From that point on, you are bombarded with slogans and ads on what to buy mom, dad, and Uncle John. Nothing religious or spiritual is given to you at all. Christianity is merely a tool used by the Devil. It keeps you, the Nubian (Black and Latin) man, woman and child blind to your true heritage and perfect way of life (Al Islaam). It is another means of slavery! Have you noticed that the death rate always quadruples during the Christmas and New Year season? Many automobile accidents, murders, and mysterious tragedies occur during this time? Reflect, before it is too late! Stop allowing the Devil to lead you astray with his satanic rituals and customs! Dont be fooled by the ease in which you partake in these festivals of the pagan origin. ALLAH will allow you to go against His lee laws. He will give you all the leeway in the world. He will allow you to sin, but THERE WILL BE A JUDGEMENT DAY. This article has given you clear proof of how Christmas is a big farce of pagan descent. It is not fit to be continued or carried on as a holy tradition of man. You may call it another name but

sunits still the same old pagan, sun-worshipping festival still being practiced. What will your excuse be on the final day for not serving ALLAH?


As told by the Master Teacher Hira Nebt Ankh

References: The Lost Records of Time, Actual Fact # 20 by Dr. Malachi Z. York The Fallacy of Christmas Santa?... Or Satan?, Edition # 82 by Dr. Malachi Z. York The Wisemen, Revised Scroll # 32, by Dr. Malachi Z. York