Edward sends Harold on a mission

Harold departs by boat. Before leaving he prays and feasts

Harold lands on the coast of France and is seized by Guy de Ponthieu .

Harold is taken prisoner by Guy de Ponthieu and surrendered to William .

The Latin inscription reads "Where Harold took an oath to Duke William." .Harold swears allegiance to William.

The Latin inscription reads "Here King Edward addresses his faithful ones." .Edward is presented as both alive and dead.

Edward the Confessor dies .

Peter the Apostle. The Latin inscription reads "Here the body of King Edward is carried to the Church of St." .Edward’s body is carried away in funeral procession.

Westminster Abbey completed shortly before Edward’s death .

Harold is crowned king .

Harold is crowned king .

William orders the Normans to begin building a fleet .

The ships are loaded with supplies .

William launches the invasion of England .

The Duke arrives in England .

William celebrates at a banquet .After landing.

the Anglo-Saxons fight on foot .Whereas the Normans attack on horseback.

Archbishop Odo fighting on horseback .

King Harold tries to pluck an arrow from his right eye .

" .A Norman knight cuts down the wounded king assuring his death. The Latin inscription reads "Here King Harold was killed.

The Normans are victorious and the Anglo-Saxons flee in terror .

had he never so much evil done to the other. and if any churl lay with a woman against her will. and by his capacity so thoroughly surveyed it. and afterwards set it down in his book. he soon lost the limb that he played with. or what it was worth. No man durst slay another. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle recalls the Norman King in its entry for that year: "But amongst other things is not to be forgotten that good peace that he made in this land.William ruled England until his death in 1087. He truly reigned over England. that there was not a hide of land in England that he wist not who had it." . so that a man of any account might go over his kingdom unhurt with his bosom full of gold.