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Scribble…scribble…erase. I paused to collect my thoughts before reattempting to begin an essay for AP US History class. The essay was due at the end of the week, but I figured I could use the last five minutes of class to get a head start. Having felt a light tap on my shoulder, I turned around to face my friend Erica. She whispered excitedly, “Quynh, are you thinking of applying? I think it’s your kind of thing.” Confused, I asked her, “Apply for what?” She answered with a flick of her right index finger → right towards the classroom’s Smart Board where our teacher had displayed information about something called the United States Senate Page Program. I began to read slowly - then faster and faster as my eyeballs traveled to match the rapidity of my beating heart. I began to hear Hallelujah singing in the back of my head and to feel warmth seeping to the very bottom of my toes; I had found something truly worth applying to. There was one catch, however, the applicant was required to be male. My heart slowed and my toes became cold. One would be able to guess that when I later discovered there existed a female page position for the summer sessions, I jumped at the chance faster than the blink of an eye. I am the one for the job, because I have notable leadership skills, strength in character, and a strong interest in politics and government. Throughout my life, I have never been afraid to accept responsibility or to take on leadership roles. As a member of my school’s National Honor Society (NHS), I have chaired several committees, including the Coffeehouse Auditions committee. Coffeehouse is the pride of NHS and our school; we do our best to deliver, year after year, a concert of superb, student musicianship under organized and professional management. I was extremely proud of having played such an important role in this year’s Coffeehouse. In addition to leadership roles at school, I am also a leader in the Vietnamese-American community. I volunteer every Sunday morning as a Vietnamese language teacher at Phat An temple and have been a team captain for three consecutive years at the annual Phat An Survival Camp – a competitive camp where each team uses teamwork, resourcefulness, and determination to try to win first

I am sincere in my hope of becoming a Senate page. I do not fail those who are counting on me. Abraham Lincoln is said to have quoted. As a result. I have not yet discovered what I truly want to do with my life. I believe I hold a fresh perspective of America and its government. I have always strived to forge good character. My parents have always stressed to me the wonder of America’s government and the freedom the nation has offered them. My goal in life is to live with a positive attitude and unquestionable character. I should also be considered as a serious candidate for the page position due to my deep interest in American politics and government. I have great pride in the American government and would love the chance to study its framework up-close and surrounded by the history of Washington D. I am sincere in my intent to live with good character. Besides my leadership experience. I believe the United States Senate Page Program is one such opportunity that will help further my leadership abilities. I believe it is what marks a great person from the rest of the crowd. I have also always felt it important to continually increase one’s leadership capabilities. I have a feeling. Sincerity is what I hold sacred and what I try to earnestly achieve in all my actions. and I am sincere when I promise that I will work with a can-do attitude everyday if I were to receive the position.com place.C. . The “real thing” is what I strive for.Quynh Van 3025 Copper Oaks Alcove Woodbury. MN 55125 (C): 651-206-8023 (H): 651-578-7894 quynhvan122394@gmail. The shadow is what we think it is and the tree is the real thing”. I am deliberating about majoring in political science in college. I still love this nation for the opportunities it has offered my parents and myself and hope to play a part in improving America and its citizens’ lives in the future. Although I enjoy many subjects in school. “Character is like a tree and reputation its shadow. As a daughter of first-generation immigrants. of the gut-instinct variety. Although I understand America is not without its faults and the nation has ample ways in which to improve. I am always searching for opportunities that will give me leadership experience so that when I am called to lead.

my character. Choose me. and I will not disappoint.com that I will finally find what I am looking for in this page program. I have never been so sure of applying to anything in my life and I know I have just as much to offer this program as this program has to offer me. I should be considered to be a Senate page because of my leadership experience. and I will do more than what is expected of me. and my interest in American government. MN 55125 (C): 651-206-8023 (H): 651-578-7894 quynhvan122394@gmail. Office of United States Senator Al Franken Dear Director of Administration: . Choose me. I would greatly appreciate it if I were given the chance to find out.Quynh Van 3025 Copper Oaks Alcove Woodbury.

When I heard about this program from my history teacher. I am a flexible person who is ready to learn new skills and to take on a variety of jobs in order to help out the best I can. I also enjoy keeping up with current events by watching news channels and reading articles on the internet. MN 55125 (C): 651-206-8023 (H): 651-578-7894 quynhvan122394@gmail. I have always been interested in American history. Sincerely. I am a confident and adaptable person and am positive that I would thrive in Washington D. To be a page would be a great honor and I have no doubt I would be forever inspired by the experience. and in magazines. Thank you for considering my page application.com This is my complete application for the United States Senate Page Application. I knew I had to apply. what better way to learn about America’s law-making process than to assist those who make them? Not only would I be gaining a deeper understanding of America’s government. government. I would also have the chance to befriend other pages from around the country and meet many of America’s important leaders. in newspapers. I love helping other people and am excited at the prospect of assisting Al Franken and other senators. I am also excited about the new experiences I would be able to gain if given the opportunity to be a Senate page.C. Quynh Van . After all. and politics. The following list is what I have submitted and requested from others in order to complete my application: • • • • A completed Page Application High School Transcript Two teacher recommendations A 1-2 page essay The United States Senate Page Program is a great window of opportunity that I hope I will be given a chance to fly through. if given the chance. I have made an effort to be complete and candid so as to present myself as a worthy candidate for the program.Quynh Van 3025 Copper Oaks Alcove Woodbury.

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