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Analysis of my media studies poster entitled “Found” 2/19/2009 Anthony Perez Candidate Number: 4129

For my media studies pre production piece I created a film poster entitle ‘Found’ which I think is typical of a action genre film as it is short and snappy. I came up with the name as my favourite TV show is lost and I thought that it is a bit of a parody and the film would be produced alongside the lost producers so that there would be a certain intertextuality and we could also tap into the massive lost fan base. My target audience would be 15 – 25 year old males as through my research it seems that this is the optimal target for the genre I have chosen. The actors have chosen for my poster are a slightly varied mix to reach out to a wider audience. I chose Hugh Laurie to add a bit of humour his main role is that of a doctor and I love the way he acts in house and have tried to keep his character similar and I think he also adds suspense by being so impulsive and I also think that this type of character is needed for an adventure. I then chose Bruce Willis as the Alfa male and due to the fact that he is usually associated with action packed thrillers thought that he was ideal. He plays as an ex-army soldier so is the guard of the group and has various stand-offs with Hugh Laurie during the film. I thought that Hayden Panattiere was an ideal actress for my film because she has a lot of experience with action TV shows such as heroes and i think she will work well with the other actors, she is also an ideal actress because of her age and good looks as she will appeal to the target audience of my film on my film poster i have strategically placed her slightly higher and centered in between the two men to show that she is more important than them and that the men are there to protect her which is also why Bruce Willis is looking at her out of the corner
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of his eye to amplify his role as Ano domini. She is centered with the men facing away from each other to emphasize the fact that the men are there to protect her. On the film poster I have placed “from the creators of LOST” using the instantly recognisable lost logo which will entice current losties and to show intertextuality which is enforced by the tagline. I chose auburn orange for my tagline so that it fades into the background a little and is not the first thing the viewer notices and it also looks very nice with the green background and does not steal the attention from the white text which is the more important information. I have kept this idea throughout the poster I have kept the most important information white such as the actors names, the producer and production studio. I chose to use a bright yellow for the ratings for it to stand out to the reader although i have placed the ratings so that you will see them at second glance as they are not in the direct z viewing angle. And then after the stars have grabbed the viewer’s attention they will see the review text in orange that will then lead them to the rest of the orange text on the poster such as tagline and release date which I regard as secondary information. I researched the font and colours before using them by means of a questionnaire. The reviews were chosen from magazines that appeal to the target audience and are well renowned I also decided to use the Warner bros studio because of this. My background uses dark colours as not to stand out to much but the background is still very important as it shows the mise en scene and shows the film may be obscure which keeps in line with the lost conventions of production. If the viewer analyses the poster in greater depth they shall see that the reflection on
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the water is not of the island behind them or of the actors but of a cityscape showing that both will feature in the film and also portrays the mise en scene. The font i chose for the logo is broken up like a jigsaw puzzle if I had more time and expertise I would have made it more 3D and have leaves and roots climbing up the sides I would also place the logo in the centre of a small island with grass on top of each letter to give it a rustic effect. I would like to use traditional advertising techniques such as billboards, magazines and newspapers as well as using media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify and also advertise on iPhone applications via Google ad sense for mobile which are services most used by my target audience. But my advertising would be extremely unique I would start about two months before the film is released but instead of having full film posters and billboard signs I will just have the found logo with a Coming soon tagline on a black background on the television it would just be a two second clip of the found logo animating into view which would create a pre amble for the film and have the public talking about it before it is even released meaning there would be a big hype to enforce the intertextuality with lost we would have the 2 second clip of the found logo inserted into lost adverts and played in between lost episodes. Then about two weeks before the film is released we would replace the one second snippets with the full length trailer as well as replacing all billboard advertisements with the full poster two weeks before is the ideal time as the hype would not be lost and the target audience would still be thinking about going to see the film. Before creating my film poster is pen a lot of time analysing many boxoffice film posters to find there conventions and
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what layouts worked best for each type of genre, i also researched conventions that are used by many producers such as the Todorov and Prop principles and incorporated these into my final film poster. In conclusion I found creating my final poster quite interesting especially when analysing other box-office posters although I do feel that I was limited with my lack of Photoshop skills and I think this limited my creative but considering this is a GCSE piece i think my final poster looks very professional and i am very pleased with it.

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