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Hi. My name is Martn Soto Escageda, Im the older brother of Andrew, the author of this book, and this is my experience with his program. When I entered College, I weighted 226 pounds, but I didnt think I was very fat, since Im 6 ft 2 in tall, but I wanted to lose some weight, and get in shape, without going on a diet, so I started going to the gym and working out. I used to train 4 o 5 days a week, 1 hour each day. It took me like a year to lose 15 pounds, I felt a little stronger and looked slimer, but I wasnt ripped, there was still much fat in my body. I followed this rutine for almost three years, and got stuck in 212 pounds. I still didnt wanted to go on a diet, so I started running. So I used to work out with weights 3 days a week, and exercise with sprints 3 days a week. After three months, I got to weight around 207 pounds, but I felt like I trained too much, and I still wasnt getting ripped. Also, if I stopped working out for a week or so, Id get fat really quick. It was then that my brother Andrew told me that if I wanted to really be (and look) in shape, I needed to go on a diet. Let me tell you one thing, I love eating, and I wasnt very eager to change my eating habits. I told Andrew to just train me in his gym with intensive workouts, so Ill burn a lot of fat. But, oh surprise... I was getting fatter! Two weeks after following his training, I felt a lot stronger, but I was gaining muscle mass WITHOUT losing fat. After so much time working out, I was determined to get in shape, to get ripped, so I decided to follow Andrews Power FatBlasting program completely.

I must say, that the first week was hard. I still wanted to eat 3 big meals a day and to eat junk food and this and that, and I didnt think Ill have the necesary energy when I was working out. But not only did I had more energy, I was losing weight, fast. Following Andrews program, in a month I weighted 196 pounds. I had lost more than two pounds per week, and the best thing, I was only losing fat! My abs were getting ripped, and my chest and back looked more muscular. I certainly felt stronger, and I finally looked in shape. You may struggle a little the first week (I know I did), its hard to change your eating habits like that, but its worth it. After a while, you no longer feel like eating sugar, flour or any kind of junk food. Now I work out less, I have more energy, I eat apropiately, and even if this program allows you once a week to have any food you want, youll want to eat only healthy food. Believe me, it happened to me last week. In conclusion, this program worked for me, and I dont want to leave it, ever. I think itll work for you too, just give it a try. The only thing you have to lose, is weight. Martn Soto Escageda


The goal of this program is to get cut, so youll train with full-body workouts in circuit training days, thus youll maximize fat loss. The order of exercises will be as the following: 1.- Full body exercise 2.- Full body exercise 3.- Full body exercise 4.- Abdominals 5.- Thighs 6.- Chest 7.- Back 8.- Shoulders 9.- Biceps 10.- Triceps


FULL BODY clean & press Power clean & jerk Power snatch Power jerk Power clean Squat & press

1.- Swiss Ball sit ups 2.- Good mornings 3.- Dumbell side bend 4.- Stiff-legged deadlift 5.- Leg raise 6.- V-ups (jackknife) 7.- Crunch 8.- Bicycle crunch 9.- Hip roll 10.- Russian twist 11.- Stability Ball pass


1.- Bent-over row 2.- One-arm dumbbell row 3.- T-bar row 4.- Deadlift 5.- Stiff-legged deadlift 6.- Romanian Deadlift 7.- Push press 8.- Chin ups 9.-Pull-ups 10.- Inverted row

THIGHS squat Front squat Hack squat Lunges Bulgarian split squat One-legged squat Jump squas

CHEST bench press Push-ups between benches Close-grip bench press Close-grip push ups Dumbell pullover Elevated push-ups Standard push-ups Dips

1.-Dumbell shoulder press 2.- Upright row 3.- Seated rear delt raise

Bent-over lateral raise Standing lateral raise Front raise Military press Arnold press

TRICEPS kickback French curl Skull crushers Dips One-arm tricep extension Close-grip push up

1.- Biceps curl 2.- Concentration curl 3.- Hammer Curl 4,. Close-grip chin ups 5.- Reverse curl

1.- Palms-up wrist curl 2.- Palms-down wrist curl

NECK neck resistance Lying plate neck resistance Front bridge Back bridge

1.- One-legged calf raise 2.- Seated calf raise 3.- Standing barbell calf raise 4- Donkey calf raise


1.- Bench press 2.- Incline bench press 3.- Decline bench press

1.- Bent-over row 2.- One-arm dumbbel row 3.- Any variation on the rows

VERTICAL PUSHING (SHOULDERS) press Shoulder press Arnold press Power jerk


1.- Pull-ups 2.- Chin-ups 3.- Pull-downs

QUAD DOMINANT (THIGHS) squats Front squats Hack squat Jump squats

HIP-DOMINANT (HAMSTRINGS & GLUTES) Romanian deadlift Lunges Bulgarian split squat


LOWER BODY PLYOMETRICS jump Split squat jump Jump squats Star jumps Lateral jumps Box jumps Split pike jumps

UPPER BODY PLYOMETRICS push-ups Hopping push-ups Power overs Push-up death jump Explosive staggered push-up Burpees Leaping push-up

LOWER BODY stance Static squat Plank Side plank Static Static calf raise

UPPER BODY Static chin-up Static bicep curl Static shrug Pull-up One-arm dumbbell row T-bar row Bent-over row Close-grip chin-up

One set consist of holding the weight for a duration of between 5 and 15 seconds.

FULL BODY Air burpees Lateral burpees Incline burpees Wall burpees Squat & pull-up Lunge & pull-up

1.- Push-ups 2.- Close-grip push-ups 3.- Wide-grip push-ups 4.- Elevated feet push-ups 5.- Handstand push-ups 6.- Divebomber push-ups 7.- Spiderman push-ups 8.- Walking push-ups 9.- Pull-ups 10.- Wide-grip pull-ups 11.-Side-to-side pull-ups 13.- One-arm pull-ups 14.- Chin-ups

15.- Close-grip chin-ups 16.- Bench dips 17.- Ring dips (chest version)

LOWER BODY Lunges Bulgarian split squats Split squat Swiss-ball wall squat One-legged squats Lying hip extension Swiss-ball leg curls

EXERCISES 1.- Burpees 2.- Squat & press 3.- Clean & press 4.- SB pass 5.- Lunges 6.- Push-ups 7.- Bent-over row 8.- Deadlifts 9.- Close-grip push-ups 10.- Biceps curl

SETS 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

REPS 10 8 6 8 10 10 8 10 8 8

MUSCLES WORKED Full body Full body Full body Abdominals Glutes & Hams Chest & Triceps Upper back Lower back & hams Triceps Biceps

EQUIPMENT Bodyweight Dumbbells Barbell Swiss ball Dumbbells Bodyweight Barbell Barbell Bodyweight Dumbbells


- The routine above will be performed - Perform a 5 minutes warm-up first, and after that, do all the 10 exercises with little or no rest between them. - Repeat the circuit 2 or 3 times.

- Rest 1-3 minutes between circuits - Drink 1-2 glasses of water during training.

EXERCISES 1.- Lateral burpees 2.- Squat & press 3.- Mega lift * 4.- V-ups 5.- Front squat 6.- Spiderman push-ups 7.- Wide-grip bent-over row 8.- Romanian deadlift 9.- Elevated feet close-grip pushup 10.- Hammer curl SETS 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 REPS 15 8 5 20 8 12 10 12 10 Triceps 8 Biceps Dumbbells MUSCLES WORKED Full body Full body Full body Abdominals Thighs Chest Upper back Lower back & hams EQUIPMENT Bodyweight Dumbbells Barbell Bodyweight Barbell Bodyweight Barbell Barbell Bodyweight

- This routine is tougher than the first one, so you need to be in the intermediate level first. - When you fell that the circuit training #1 is easy to perform, then maybe you can already switch to this routine. Monitor your progress and strenght gains.

*Mega lift is a very complex exercise, just combine: the

power clean +front squat+power jerk+back squat+shoulder press, and put the bar down. That is one rep.


EXERCISE A1) Plyometric push-ups A2) Split pike jumps A3) Explosive staggered pushups A4) Tuck jumps
* Rest briefly and repeat

SETS 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

REPS 10 15 10 15 12 16 12 16

MUSCLES WORKED Upper body Lower body Upper body Lower body Upper body Lower body Upper body Lower body

EQUIPMENT Bodyweight Bodyweight Bodyweight Bodyweight Bodyweight Bodyweight Bodyweight Bodyweight

B1) Spiderman push-ups B2) Split squat jump B3) Push-ups B4) Jump squats
* Rest briefly and repeat

- The routine above will be performed using giant sets. That is to perform 4 exercises with minimum or no rest between them.

- Rest 30 to 45 seconds between every giant set. - Drink 1 or 2 glasses of water when resting and after finishing he workout. - Try to increase the number of reps after every workout, thus youll increase intensity.

EXERCISE A1) Power overs A2) Jump squats A3) Leaping pushup A4) Split pike jumps
* Rest briefly and repeat

SETS 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

REPS 12 18 12 16 6 18 12 18

MUSCLES WORKED Upper body Lower body Upper body Lower body Upper body Lower body Upper body Lower body

EQUIPMENT Medicine ball Bodyweight Medicine ball Bodyweight Chin up bar Bodyweight Bodyweight Bodyweight

B1) Chin-ups B2) Lateral jumps B3) Divebomber push-ups B4) Tuck jumps
* Rest briefly and repeat

- This routine is more demanding than the first one. So perform it when you feel that you are on the next level or when you perform the workout # 1 easily.


EXERCISE A1) Lateral burpees A2) Clean & jerk A3) Jump squats
* Rest briefly and repeat

SETS 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2

REPS 10 8 10 12 10 8 12 12

ABILITY Power Power Power Power Power Strength Power Strength

EQUIPMENT Swiss ball / Box Barbell Barbell Swiss Ball/Platform Bodyweight Barbell Bodyweight Bodyweight

B1) Lateral Jumps B2) Plyometric push ups B3) Front squats B4) Split pike jumps B5) Elevated feet push ups
* Rest briefly and repeat

C1) Swiss ball pass C2) Romanian deadlift

2 2

10 10

Strength Strength

Bodyweight Barbell

- The Power Training Workouts are very demanding and require mental and physical toughness. When you feel you are on the next level and want a tough challenge, then try

this workouts, they burn a tremendous amount of bodyfat and build solid strength and power.

CHAPTER 2.- nutrition

Hi there, my name is Andrew and this is the first book I write. In the next pages, you are going to read my experiences through the Warrior Diet, my trial and errors, how it affected my life, how I adapted to this system, and some stories that happened to me while following the diet. I want to thank Ori Hofmekler, the author of the Warrior Diet, because he wanted to share with the world his idea of The Warrior Diet, a unique feeding plan that anyone can follow to stay ripped all-year round, and he shed those myths and fallacies of the industry with precious information that you have never read before. I want to help Ori making people to recognize the benefits of undereating and overeating to finally get rid of stubborn fat and know that humans are, in fact, nocturnal eaters. Please, enjoy this book and at the same time reflect about the content you are about to read.


I remember when I first read the book, I was 14 years old and I used to practice boxing at a local gym near my house. I was training hard and struggling to maintan my bodyweight. It was february 2008, and I was training hard to fight in a boxing championship. My energy levels were very low because I wasnt eating enough food. When i weighed myself in the scale, in always indicated that I was 4 or 5 pounds over my weight-class, so it was very frustrating because I was training very hard and eating very strictly and still being over my weight-class. My manager used to tell me that i had to skip dinner, to have a bowl of cereal for breakfast and a cooked potato for lunch, and that was all, maybe you are thinking that my manager didnt know anything about nutrition and weight maintenance, if you thought so, the you are right, he knew nothing about nutrition. After following my managers advice about what to eat, I just ended with a slow metabolism, low energy levels and getting constantly

frustrated. After noticing that I had to listen to an expert on nutrition and making changes to my feeding plan, I decided to take some action. So, one Saturday morning, I was searching for nutrition and weight maintenance information to keep a good diet and maintain my weight. After some research, I found the Warrior Diet, I first read a review of it and it was the best information Id ever found, so I wanted to know more about this new diet. The Warrior Diet idea is to undereat during the day, eating mostly raw foods to detoxify and clean our body, and to overeat in the evening to compensate and nourish your body. You may think that undereat is about starvation and that overeat is about binge eating, but nothing is further from the truth. Oris advice are so clear that after listening to him some minutes, you already want to follow his diet, believe me, it works for virtually everyone. After reading too much information about the Warrior Diet, I decided to follow it immediately. So, after one week of following the warrior diet, I got rid of those 4 pounds and lost another 3 pounds the next week. When I weighed myself a night before the tournament, I weighed 3 pounds less than my weight-class. I was surprised, because I wasnt struggling anymore, I was eating like a king and burning fat at a record speed. And I was also shrinking my waist at a point that I had the best abs Ive ever had. So, after that experience, I decided to follow this diet for the rest of my life. Trust me, it is a very easy to follow diet, yet it has tremendous benefits in fat-burning and it will sky rocket your enery levels. Ok, so if you are interested in changing your life, getting leaner and healthier, the keep reading these pages. And for more clear information about the diet, visit and read the book, or read a preview of the book at id=iECwXnRocicC&pg=PP1&dq=warrior+diet#v=onepage& q=&f=false.

I hope you read the real Warrior Diet and enjoy this book!

More about the diet

After the tournament, I felt that I wanted to follow this feeding plan for the rest of my life. When you wake up, you only drink some water, a cup of coffee and a piece of fruit (apple, orange, grapefruit, strawberries, etc), this way, youll start your day by detoxifyng your body. After 3 hours, in the midmorning, you may want to have some yogurt (I forgot, lean protein is also allowed) so you have a cup of yogurt and another big glass of water. You feel awesome and energetic throughout the day and without any hunger (well, maybe the first day of following it you may feel some hunger). At noon, you may want to have a light lunch, so you have a green salad and 1 or 2 poached eggs (a very good combination). In the late afternoon, you may want to have another piece of fruit, so you grab a pear, and enjoy it. When you have performed all your activities and go home in the evening, you may want to have your dinner, so you eat a very big meal. Its simple, just start by eating a salad (to better digest the food afterwards), eat a whole chicken (no joke, believe me) and finish with some vegetable soup. It sounds simple, huh? Well, it sounds simple and easy to follow, but is not that simple. I used the trial and error method to understand it better each day. The first day I followed it, I did water fasting during the day, and in the evening (after fininshing my boxing training) I had my meal. I started eating 5 pieces of fruit, and for the main phase I had some moms cooked food from the pot, and I finished with 3 bowls of cereal with skim milk. After completing that meal, I felt way too stuffed, I thought that there was something wrong with the diet, so I went to bed and slept. The next day, I went to the bathroom as quickly as I got up, and eliminated almost everything I ate the night before. I mean, I started to think that the diet would work really good.

After the first 2 weeks, the only thing I knew about the diet was that during the day you undereat, and at night you overeat. But, theres more about this diet. Ok, maybe it works for some people to simply have a feast at night, and fast during the day. But my point is, that the original diet is a lot more than just that. You dont count calories (thats the best part), but you must take into account this 3 important elements: 1) meal timing, 2) food choices and 3) food combinations. So, right now, get the book and read it, youll feel so much pleasure melting those unwanted pounds and eating without counting calories or being deprived. If you decided to follow the diet and are a very busy person, Ill tell you many tips to maximize the effects without thinking about the diet all-day long. Keep reading the next chapter.


High-protein foods

-Tuna fish -Organic chicken -Organic beef -Seafood -Beans -Fertile eggs

High-fiber foods
-Beans -Garbanzo -Squash -Barley -Whole-grain rice

Cooked vegetables
-Broccoli -Cauliflower -Cabbage -Zucchini

Dairy foods
-Plain yogurt -Cheese -Kefir -Organic grass-fed cows milk

High-fat foods
-Almonds -Avocado -Pecans -Cashews -Pistachios -Pumpkin seed

Raw foods

-Grapefruit -Strawberries -Apples -Oranges -Pineapple -Papaya -Tomato -Lettuce -Onion -Garlic -Cucumber -Arugula -Bell pepper -Asparagus

The omega 3 oils such as: -Fish oil -Olive oil -Flaxseed oil -Hempseed oil

Its extremely necessary to drink a lot of clean, purified water during the day, because you must detoxify your

system and clean it, so you have to drink a generous quantity of water. I recommend you to drink at least 1 gallon of water a day, thus youll let your body burn fat and detoxify. And you most likley wont experience water retention. So drink at leat 10 large glasses of water a day (I drink 12 glasses).

Fruits are very nourishing raw foods that povide your body with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber. But theres something wrong with fruits if your goal is to maximize fat loss. They contain fructose (a sugar that quickly stores in the liver to produce instant energy) and the idea is to maximize complex carb intake and minimize simple sugars intake. So, if your goal is to maximize fatburning, then moderate your fruit consumption to 1-2 low glycemic fruits a day, and maximize your vegetable consumption, since vegetables contain many nutrients as fruits and they dont cause insulin spikes.


1. - AVOID eating lots of beans during you evening meal, because they have a lot of fiber and the can cause you bloating o gassy symptoms. So, avoid eating more than 1 bowl of beans a day. 2. - On workout days, you may think that you can eat a little to lose more fat; but listen, eat enough food and avoid undereating the whole day when training, because your muscles wont recover properly and you may have low energy levels, so eat enough protein on training days. 3.-AVOID sabotaging your progress and fat loss goals by overeating junk-food one day and think you will do a fasting the whole next day. Because, you maybe wont fast and

end up overeating more junk-food the next day. Listen to this big time, if you feel that you have to eat junk-food, stick for the smallest serving and eat normally at night. 4.- AVOID skipping your workouts and think you will train the next day, because that maybe wont happen, and you may end up eating junk food and sabptating your progress. 5.- If its weekend, and you go out with your friends to have lunch in a restaurant, only eat a small protein meal or if possible, a salad, to maintain the undereating state without sacrificing your social life. 6.- AVOID eating too much high-sulfur food in one meal, because doing so, can cause you very uncomfortable symptoms, such as bloating, excessive flatulence or diarrhea. HIGH-SULFUR FOODS Proteins Vegetables -Eggs -Broccoli -Raw milk -Cauliflower -Raw cheese -Brussel sprouts -Whey -Spinash -Kale 7.- Rotate your protein to avoid sensitivities and allergies, try not to eat the same group of protein on an everdy day basis. If you do, you may already be sensitive or allergic to it. I generally rotate chicken, red meat, and fish every other day.

Lets be careful about the consumption of beans, they dont make you fat, but they do cause you bloating and gassy symptoms. So here are my tips: -Eat only 1 bowl of beans a day -Dont combine them with broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage. -Eat them only as the last component of your meal.


Maybe you have heard about eating fruit all day during some days help you detoxify and cleanse. Let me tell you, on my own experience they work great once a week, but after some experience on the Warrior Diet, I think that is a lot better to follow it without combining it with some ideas. And I have also started some days eating fruits in the morning, and started to eat too many fruits, and think that I can do an all-day fruit day, but I almost always end eating other sugary foods and overeating junk-food. Ok, thats my experience. So Ill give you 8 reasons of why you shouldnt do an all day fruit day: 1.- Because you end up craving sugary foods and overeating junk-food afterwards. 2.- Because ther arent enough fruits on the fridge. 3.- Because you lose your undereating state during the day. 4.- Because you end up consuming too much fructose. 5.- Because if you want to detoxify and cleanse your guts, vegetables at night are better. 6.- Because if you get invited to go out eith friends or family, you might reject your invitation, and sacrifice social life. Or maybe, you accept to go out, and end up pigging out. 7.- Because your mom may buy some delicious dinner, and you will most likely overeat it. CONCLUSION: Never do all-day fruit days, because that affects your fat loss goals.


-Apples -Grapefruits -Oranges -Strawberries -Papaya -Pineapple -Plums

-Mango -Guava -Watermelon -Melon -Grapes -Bananas

These fruits are high in fructose.


You may thought at first that following this diet you would have to reject invitations to have lunch or early breakfast. Let me tell you something, after some experience I figured out what to do to keep going out and eat delicious foods with friends and family, and maintain your body lean and trim. So, here are my tips: 1.- if you go out with friends to the movie theater, they will most likely buy popcorn, soda, hotdogs or those delicious nachos, and you will crave them. So, you are free to join them and eat some. But, listen to this big time, to maintain your bodyfat levels low, stick for the smallest serving of one kind of food. For instance, say you go to AMC Theatre, a large-sized popcorn bag contains as much as 664 calories with 75 grams of carbs and 31 of fat; but in the other hand, a small-sized popcorn bag contains only 225 calories, 11 grams of fat and 26 grams of carbs, so it is a minor sin. 2.- If you go out with friends or to go to their home to have fun, they will must likely order pizza, tacos, hamburgers, sodas or sandwiches. So, in case that you eat pizza, eat only 1 or 2 slices; if you you eat tacos, eat 2 or 3 corn tortilla tacos; if you eat burritos, eat 2 small bean burritos or 1 large bean or meat burrito. If you eat hotdogs, only 1 small-sized hot dog without the catsup. If you eat hamburger, only eat a normal burger without the fries or the soda. If you drink soda, just drink one small glass. 3.- If you go to a party at night (thats good, because you have dinner) just eat normally as every day, but watch what you eat. For instance, when they slice the cake, go get

some, only eat one piece of that delicious cake at the end of the meal, and enjy the rest of the party without feeling guilty. 4.- When you go out with your girlfriend or boyfriend, maybe you both want some ice cream, so eat a small cone and keep getting out with him/her. 5.- If you go to a buffet with your family (and you want to save money so you go in lunchtime) you may want to compensate the money you paid, so start eating salad, the eat vegetable soup, and eat normally as every day, but avoid fried food. 6.- Never start eating bread when you go to an Italian food restaurant, because that makes you want more and more bread (starchy carbs), so you end up eating a lot of bread and little light-fresh food. 7.- Never drink more than 2 glasses of tea, soda or any soft drink when in a restaurant. Because you will end up consuming lots of sugar and wont have space for the nutrients you really need.


- Do not overeat carbs! Because, that makes you gain fat. Believe it, one night of rice and tortillas or any other starchy carb overeating make you gain some fat. So moderate carb consumption, and eat it as the last component of your evening meal. I recommend to have 5 high-protein days, and 2 moderate-high carb days. Thus, youll maximize fat loss and keep progressing. - Do not forget to eat your vegetables first, because that makes you eat more carbs than raw food (not always, but it often happens). So eat at least a sliced tomato and a sliced cucumber with lemon juice.

- Do not forget to drink 10 large glasses of water day, you have to maximize detoxification by drinking lots of fluids during the day. - Do not combine broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage with cheese, milk or beans (because doing so causes bloating or gassy symptoms) - Only choose one group of protein a day, dont combine them. - Only eat one kind of dairy food a day, dont combine them. And eat dairy no more than 4 days a week, to prevent sensitivities or allergies.


- When she prepares beef steak with potatoes, eat more meat and less potatoes, and make sure you eat a generous amount of raw vegetables, to easily digest the meat. -When she prepares tuna fish with carrots & potatoes, you can eat a lot of this recipe combined with cheese and a moderate amount of beans. -When she prepares only cooked beans, only eat 1 bowl odf beans with cheese and drink some milk. -When she doesnt prepare anything, grab 3 tuna fish cans, a salad and, if available, bean (excellent fat-burning combination). -If she prepares chicken in pineapple juice with potatoes, eat as much as you want. -If there isnt any protein food in your fridge, and your mom did`tn prepare dinner, do this: go to the market near your house and grab 3 tuna fish cans and a bottle of plain yogurt. -If mom orders chinese food, eat more cooked vegetables and less rice, and avoid fried food.


-Granola -Oatmeal -Whole-grain bread (never white bread) -Gorditas (only 1 or 2 gorditas) -Tamales (only 1 piece) -Popcorn (eat the smallest portion) -Iced tea (1 or 2 glasses) -Muffins (half a serving) -Chocolate milk (1 glass) -Cake (1 small piece) -Melted yellow cheese (half a bowl) -Tortillas (3 corn tortillas) -Flour or wheat tortillas (only 1 tortilla) -Hamburger (eat a normal hamburger, without the fries or soda) -Hot dog ( 1 hotdog) -Pizza (1 or 2 slices) -Ice cream (1 small cone) -Oreo cookies (3 cookies) -Peanut butter (1 tablespoon) -Marmalade (1 teaspoon) -Sausages (3 sausages) -Sushi ( no more than 8 rolls) -Nachos (1 serving) -Cereal with milk (1 bowl) -Sandwich (1 sandwich) -Junk-food (only 1 serving)


If you want to relax and stop frustrating about your slow progress (remember to be patient), then dont look your naked body at the mirror every day. Dont get frustrated because you haven`t shrinked your love handles, remember that you are slowly making progress, so keep watching what you eat and train properly.

Dont see your abs in the mirror everyday, hey, you wont notice your slimming down from one day to the other, i recommend you to check your progress once a week, thus youll notice changes and wont obsess.


DAY 1 Circuit training workout #1 DAY 8 DAY 2 Rest DAY 3 Plyometr ic Training workout #1 DAY 10 DAY 4 Rest DAY 5 Circuit training workout #1 DAY 12 DAY 6 Sprint interval s 5x 400m DAY 13 DAY 7 Rest


DAY 11

DAY 14

Plyometr ic training workout #1 DAY 15 Power training workout #1 DAY 22 Power training workout #1


Circuit training workout #1 DAY 17 Circuit training workout #1 DAY 24 Circuit training workout #2


DAY 16 Rest

DAY 18 Rest

Plyometr ic training workout #1 DAY 19 Plyometr ic training workout #1 DAY 26 Plyometr ic training workout #2

Sprint interval s 5 x400m DAY 20 Sprint interval s 4x 800m DAY 27 Sprint interval s 4x 800m


DAY 21 Rest

DAY 23 Rest

DAY 25 Rest

DAY 28 Rest