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COURSE: ELE 3101 ENGLISH FOR UNDERGRADUATES Week Topic ISL Pair Work • Select a dialogue in a social setting

and a profesional setting. Analyse the forms and functions in the two dialogues. • Discuss the forms and function for social and profesional interactions. Example, interrupting, suggesting, agreeing / disagreeing conforming, giving opinions. Compile the forms and functions for class discussions in week 2. Pair Work • Listen to recordings in social / academic situations suggested by your lecturer. • Take notes of main ideas and specific details. Present notes in a graphic organizer / mind map for class discussions and feedback in week 3. Individual Work • Research on the different reading strategies and make short notes. • Select a strategy that you feel the most effective to you and justify your choice for class discussions and feedback in week 4. Pair Work • Reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the SQ3R strategy in your reading of an article for class discussions and feedback in week 5. Individual Work • Prepare a short speech based on themes suggested by your lecturer in preparation for week 6. • Practise your speech (2-3 minutes speech) with proper intonation, stress, tone etc. by using only palm cards as reference. Group Work • Prepare a topic based on factual information for your presentation in week 7. • Write short notes for a 5-minute presentation.


Understanding Discourse


Understanding Discourse






Reading, Language and Literature


Understanding Discourse

friendly letter. business letter. Group Work • Research on literary devices used in short stories / short plays / dramas for week 11. Group Work • Observe and reflect on how your peers speak. supporting sentences and discourse markers. Individual Work • Write a follow-up your peer’s reply letter. Individual Work • Prepare a topic for a forum to be carried out in week 10. Ask your peer to comment on the language and relevance of content. Example. • Identify the types of common errors in their speech and suggest how you can help your peers overcome some of their errors. Individual Work • Improve on your first draft based on the comments made by your peer.7 Understanding Discourse. Individual Work • Complete final draft of the written report with relevant references. Group Work • Collect samples of formal and informal letters for your class discussion in week 14 and compare their features. Individual Work • Write in about 300 words on the themes and values of the story and relate them to your daily life (Draft 1). Writing Writing Individual Work • Select three writing texts and analyse the topic sentences. letter of complaint. Hand in your edited reflection to your lecturer for feedback. 8 9 Understanding Discourse Understanding Discourse Language and Literature Language and Literature Language and Literature Writing Writing 10 11 12 13 14 15 .

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