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Oracle Financials Globalization E-Business Suite Release 12.

1 and beyond
Jacques Bouchet Applications Global Strategy

The World is Changing Like Never Before

The E7 will be 25% larger than the G7 by 2050 in terms of market exchange rate (MER), or 75% larger in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). Relative Size of G7 and E7 Economies
120 000
$ Billions (2004 Real Values)

BUSINESS IMPLICATIONS Companies must compete in local markets with localized solutions.
Statutory financial reporting

100 000 80 000 60 000 40 000 20 000 0 2005 MER



Local tax Local valuation and costing Local accounting Local statutory reporting Local payments

2050 MER

2005 PPP

2050 PPP

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, The World in 2050

Doing Business Globally is Complex

Top Drivers of Complexity
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 National and International Laws & Regulations Actions by Competitors Changing Customer Requirements Industry Standards and Regulations Tax Codes Changing Workforce Attitudes International Reporting Standards Language and Cultural Differences
Direct impact on Finance

Globalization is unstoppable. Regardless of geography, industry or income, companies are globalizing to gain new customers and access new markets. Is this a good thing? Nearly two-thirds of the CEOs we surveyed are positive about the impact that globalization will have on their organizations over the next three years.
Source: 9th Annual Global CEO Survey Globalization and Complexity; PwC 2006

Source: PWC, 9th Annual Global CEO Survey

Todays CFO Agenda



Todays workforce, customers, suppliers, and competitors have all become global

Globalization brings complexity with it, and unnecessary complexity drives up costs



Not just any growth, but growth that creates value

Companies are under pressure to do more than just meet the letter of the law

Meet the Challenges of Globalization

Oracles Globalization Solution

Extend core business processes and international support

Manage business systems globally

Oracle Capabilities
Standards-based business platform Native global platform Extensible Business Objects Global financial engines eBTax BI Publisher Subledger Accounting Payment Engine Localizations Translations User-definable options

Ensure compliance and adapt quickly to regulatory change

Drive compliant business processes

Comply with local business practices, rules, and regulations

Deploy countryspecific capabilities

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Release Twelve The Global Business Release: A New Financial Architecture

Global Business Release

Oracles Globalization Solution Localizations Localizations: Comply with local business practices, rules, and regulations Applications: Deliver best practice business processes
Multi Org Access

Financial Management Human Capital Management Supply Chain Management

Global Architecture
Legal Entities Ledgers Subledger Accounting Tax Engine Inter Company Payments Engine

Global Architecture: Adapt quickly to changing global requirements Global Platform: Extend core business processes and international support

Global Platform
Common Information Model
Data Formats Languages BI Publisher SOA AIA

Localizations Delivery Model

Oracles Globalization Solution Localizations Product Localizations * Applications
Financial Management Human Capital Management Supply Chain Management

Delivered in product, by Development organization

Add-on Localizations *
Delivered via Metalink, by Regional Field Centers

Global Architecture
Accounting Engine Bank Model Ledgers MDM Payments Engine Tax Engine

Partner Localizations
Delivered by Partners

Global Platform
Common Information Model
Data Formats Languages Reporting SOA AIA

* Included in standard product license

Global Architecture Overview

This presentation: focused on
Architecture Content Localization coverage

Not covering: Over 300 new features in Release 12.0 Additional 270 features in Release 12.1 9 new products in Release 12.1 Analytics Fusion Middleware

Global Financial Architecture

7 Major Initiatives
1. Legal Entities Ledger and Ledger Sets Subledger Accounting Tax Engine Intercompany Bank Model Multi-Org Access Control BI Publisher
Work in Process Purchasing Payables
MultiMulti-Org Access Control
Dr Cr

General Ledger Ledger & Ledger Sets

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Subledger Accounting (SLA)

Tax Engine

Inter Company

Bank Model





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Legal Entities

Legal Entity: Your Registered Companies

Holding Company

Beijing Oracle Software system

OARDC Beijing

Hangzhou Office (Registered Branch)

Guangzhou Office (Registered Branch)

Shanghai Office (Registered Branch) OARDC Shanghai team

Legal Entities Registered Branches Locations

LEs: Why and What?

Why We Care LEs pay the taxes - need tax registrations Trade between LEs needs intercompany LEs own the money and bank accounts LEs file the accounts, take care of accounting LEs comply with whatever needs compliance: legal in LE What weve done Addresses, Officers, etc. Enabled First Party stamp Added Establishments: map Registrations to Authorities GRE/LE not touched Authorities as TCA parties LE Configurator

Where LE fits in
Transaction Taxes Complies & Files, Pays
Registrations with Authorities Files
Exists Locally

Actual Registered Companies, etc.

Maintains its Subledger Documents in many OUs Default Legal Context (DLC)

Business Group GRE/LE

Legal Entity
Accounts for itself in a Ledger or BSVs

Et Cetera, 11i

Operating Units

Files Registrations with Authorities

Legal Entity:
Vehicle for compliance


Get the LE right - compliance falls into place

Transaction Actual Registered Lets put LEs to work Business Taxes Companies, etc. Group Isolate legal compliance from management needs CompliesTrack your registered companies & GRE/LE Files, Pays your compliance flow more easily Make
Maintains Et Cetera, 11i its Subledger Accounting Setup Manager Registrations Documents Operating Files Assign books, bookkeeping rules and currency management with Authorities in many OUs Units to your registered companies Default Legal Exists EBusiness Tax Context (DLC) Locally Have your registered companies calculate, file, and pay the Accounts transaction taxes they owe for itself

Legal Entity

Intercompany in a Ledger Establishments Bank Model

Do business between and across your registered companies or BSVs with full legal documentation Files

Legal Entity:

Ledger Registrations Have your registered companies use their money to paycompliance Vehicle for their with Authorities bills, et cetera

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Ledger Sets

Ledger Sets
Global Information At A Glance
Ledger Set Share: Chart of Accounts Calendar
Ledger C US GAAP US COA US Calendar

Ledger A French Rules Plan Comptable French Calendar

Ledger B US GAAP US COA US Calendar




Ledger D US GAAP US COA US Calendar

Key benefits to many Ledgers in one set

Decision-driving business information always available Decision Simpler processing and General Ledger management Data and definitions that can be shared and secured


Reporting Currency

Currency in Twelve
Transaction Currencies Accounting Currency in Primary Ledger Reporting Currency in Primary Ledger More Accounting Currencies in Secondary Ledgers
For every transaction OR For SLA Posting level / GL activity level

Balance level Translation or Remeasurement in Ledgers within Ledger sets, run at one click Balance & Activity level Translation or Remeasurement in Financial Consolidation Hub Enhanced Revaluation
[Functional Currency term dropped: conflicts with IAS 21 / FAS 52]

Ledger Sets Work them your way


Ledger Set US Ledger Set Legal Ledger US1 Legal Ledger US2 Legal Ledger US3 Adjustment Ledger US Corporate Ledger Set

adjustments eliminations

UK Ledger Set Legal Ledger UK1 Legal Ledger UK2 Adjustment Ledger UK Adj Ledger Corporate

Automate GAAP / IAS adjustments in an adjusting ledger Eliminate within a Set with GCS Consolidate Formally in FCH Map from a non-conforming COA with a GCS Ledger

Set of 26 Ledgers in one country Euro Zone in One Ledger Set My Corporate Set in US GAAP Statutory Set for Country Y Subs Division X Worldwide Ledger Set

Data Access, Definition Access

Data Access Sets
Grant and tailor access to Ledgers and Balancing Segment Values (i.e. Companies, Stores, Branches, etc.) Privileges View GL Manager France Ledger Canada Ledger US Ledger Write Accountant

Definition Access Sets separate from data security

Share, restrict definitions; privileges to view, modify, etc.

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SubLedger Accounting

Centralized Set-up
Accounting Setup Manager

Define Legal Entities & Associated Rules Ensure Complete & Accurate Setup via Online Checklist Define Multiple Ledgers for Rules & Currencies One Place to manage Your Global Accounting Rules, Currencies, Ledgers, And Ledger Sets

Set Accounting Rules for All EBS Apps

Centralized Accounting Policies

Greater Control, Transparency and Auditability
Internal control and compliance with multiple accounting policies through user-defined accounting rules
3rd Party Systems
Dr Cr

General Ledger General Ledger

Centralized Accounting Model, Rules, Engine and Repository

Single source of truth for all subsystem accounting activity with a common data model and repository Accounting, reconciliation and reporting facilitated by centralized data model

Inventory 3rd Party Systems



Streamline closing process with common posting engine Auditable and transparent entries accessible with full drilldown

Work in Process Purchasing


Subledger Accounting
Centralized Rules, Common Repository: Global Control
Ledger French Rules Plan Comptable French Calendar

What it is

Some Benefits


Accounting Rules SarBox & 8th Dir. User Editable Subledger Daybooks
(Journals) Subledger Balancing Reports, inquiries, open items, et cetera Multiple Representations Common Posting to GL Ledgers Real time or Periodic

Faster, Easier
Reconciliation Corporate Rules = Accounting Standardization Local Rules = Improved Local Compliance Automate Apples to Apples Adjustments Improved Auditability Improved Internal Control



Subledger Accounting

Payables Invoice

Subledger Accounting
Transaction Level Compliance
National Daily Journal Requirements Internal Control: Central Definitions, Eliminate overrides
Policy Enforcement in Volume Processing

Transparent Accounting Rules Debits & Credit at the point of the event Automate Foreign Operation adjustments Event Class: Invoices Reconciliation Invoice Approved Event: France (EUR) Ledger: Platform 20-Sep-2005 GL Date: Description: Office supplies In accordance Type Account with the Asset purchase 01.9100010.100 Underlying Misc expense 01.9100020.100 Misc expense 01.9100020.200 Records Misc expense 01.9100020.300
VAT 01.3100060.000 Accounts Payable 01.7000010.000




Paris: furniture 10,000 Paris: supplies 400 Nantes: supplies 100 Nice: supplies 300 VAT@17% 1,836 ABC Supplies 12,636

12,636 12,636

Multiple Accounting Representations

Global Compliance Statutory and Stock Market
Ledger A French Rules Plan Comptable French Calendar Ledger B US GAAP US COA US Calendar

Multiple Ledgers



Dr Cr

Subledger Accounting

Payables Invoice

Single subledger transaction can create multiple accounting representations and in multiple currencies

Chose to use an alternative Ledger or just an Adjustment Ledger or segment

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EBusiness Tax

Centralized Global Tax

Less Complex Global Tax Compliance
Business Needs Solution Tax content for certain countries Automation Vertex and Taxware integration for U.S. Integrity checks during setup process Constant Changes in Tax Laws and Regulations Date effective setup Tax rules flow for change or creating rules Tax simulator for setup, rules, and transactions Tax registrations and tax reporting codes Local Compliance Tax lines determine applicable taxes Configurable tax reporting templates Single set up for all Oracle applications Information Visibility Use of E-Business Suite components such as trading partner geography, trading partner classification, legal entity, inventory item categorization, and accounting event.

Oracle E-Business Tax

Processing taxes for transactions and reporting

Purchasing Parties Payables Places Products Sales Orders Processes

Determine Applicable Regimes Taxes Tax Status & Rate Taxable Basis Calculate Tax Amount

Compliance, Assurance

Efficiency, Global Visibility

Single Interface for Transactions

Transparent Integration with Tax Partner Services

Extensible Service Oriented Architecture


Tax Reports
- PDF, HTML, RTF - Security enabled

Tax Transactions

Taxes, Rules

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Advanced Intercompany AGIS

Advanced Global Intercompany System

Address the Top Barrier to a Fast Close
Advanced Global Intercompany System

Web UI

Subledger Invoices & Documents

Open Interfaces / API Generate subledger invoices Excel (Web ADI) Control transaction entry with Intercompany Calendar Fully Configurable Approval Rules Flexible Security Model Centrally defined Intercompany Accounts XML Publisher Reports Online Reconciliation Reporting



General Ledger

Subledger Accounting



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Banking Model Payment Engine

Centralized Banking
Shared Services Disbursements
Bank account is now associated with LE entity rather than Operating Unit


Single bank account serves multiple Operating Units Any and all Operating Units associated with a ledger can be permitted to use the bank account




Work in Process




Centralized Credit Card Model Credit Card Encryption Supplier & Customer Banks in TCA

Bank Model: Example of what you can do

Pay invoices from different OUs with 1 instruction

New Payments Module New Bank Model New Bank & Credit Card Features



Single Payment Instruction



Sub Ledger Accounting


Define Owner of Bank Account

Legal Entity

Grant OU Access to Bank Account

Operating Units

<Insert Picture Here>

Multi-Org Access Control

MOAC: Multi-Org Access Control

Role based access to Operating Units

Perform multiple tasks across operating units without changing responsibilities

Legal Entity

Legal Entity

Legal Entity

Functional Tasks Order Management Dunning, Collections, Billing Receiving & Drop Ship

Operating Unit

Operating Unit

Operating Unit

Requisition, Demand & Purchase Or Invoice Receipt, Disbursement Customer Data Management Accounting Setup

Responsibility SingleResponsibility Responsibility


Multiple Organization Access Control

Summary of Changes Security Profiles for data security
MO: Security Profile List of operating units for a responsibility Defined in HR

- OU field on UI
all transactions setup data specific to OU, like transaction type

Enhanced Multi-Org Reporting and Processing

Ledger/Ledger Set parameter on accounting reports and processes OU parameter on other standard reports and processes For example: submit the Payables Open Interface Import w/OU param null to import all records across all OUs

Cross OU Reporting
Enhanced Multi-Org Reporting
Ledger/Ledger Set parameter on accounting reports and processes OU parameter on other standard reports and processes

Create XMLP Extracts & Templates that cross OU

You can mix as many languages as you want. You can have templates translation extracted XMLP will merge the right language based on the user locale (and the data). You can have the template with no text, and drive everything from the xml data Beware of inconsistent definitions, currencies

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New Standard Reporting Paradigm

BI Publisher
Enable Business Users to Format and Deliver Documents
Integrated Solution For: Formatting Managing Delivering Your Business Documents Meet Business Requirements Remove Complexity Reduce Maintenance Cost Reduce TCO
Integrate Out-of-the-Box with R9 CRM, ESA, FMS, HCM, and SCM



XML Publisher Labels Destinations Reports XML/EFT/EDI

BI Publisher
Business Users Format and Deliver Documents

Data Sources
Oracle Applications

XML Publisher
Publishing Engine

Output Formats

Email Printer Fax


Letters Fund Transfers

Order Confirmations Online Paychecks Government Grant Forms

Any XML Data Source

Business User


Integrate Out-of-the-Box with Oracle Applications

The New Standard Reports Paradigm

BI Publisher and 835 Templates in the EBS
Whats Happening Replaces many standard reports with data extracts and templates Merges custom templates and data extracts at run-time Delivers output in PDF, HTML, RTF, Excel (HTML), or text for use with EFT and EDI transmissions Example
98 removed reports in JE/JG 19 Extracts, 86 Templates


Put reporting in the hands

of the business user Create report formats using desktop tools (Adobe Acrobat, MS Word, MS Excel, and XML Editors) Publish in any format, to the web and electronically Drive reporting consistency with one source of data

Financial Reporting with BI Publisher

More than 400 Modifiable Formats in Financials Product
Assets Cash Collections Common Modules Financials Consolidation Hub General Ledger Globalizations Internal Controls Manager

22 3 15 10 21 14 92 25

IT Audit Loans Payables Payments Public Sector Receivables Subledger Accounting Tax

2 6 9 120 6 10 17 23

What the Architecture Gets You

Work Globally
Release 12 Subsidiary LEs.

Manage Globally

Global Procurement Global Billing Global Dunning




account for themselves in Ledgers, and

Ledger Set Global Set-up Global Ledger Sets worldwide insight manage their subledger data in Operating Units Global Reporting Comply Locally MultiMulti-Org Access Statutory Accounting Control Inventory Receivables Projects Transaction Tax Legal Entity processing Payables Work in Process Purchasing and reporting

Data Management
Leveraging centralized data model
Global Tax Payments

Payables Purchasing

Authorities, etc


Party Information

Cash Management

Banks and Branches

Trading Community Architecture

Oracle Fusion Middleware



3rd Party

Comply Locally
Legislative Watch Process
A team of domain experts from around the world monitor and analyze legal and regulatory requirements

Legislative Updates and Trends




Customer Requirements Applications Global Strategy Oracle LOBs

Provide input to development planning process

Applications Global Strategy

Explain how product handles legal requirements


Comply with Local Rules and Regulations
Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Colombia Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary India Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea Kuwait Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Peru Poland Portugal Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore Slovakia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Turkey UAE Ukraine United Kingdom United States Venezuela

Oracle E-Business Suite is used in over 150 countries.

Localizations - EBS 12
Comply with Local Rules and Regulations
Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Colombia Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary India Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea Kuwait Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Peru Poland Portugal Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore Slovakia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Turkey UAE Ukraine United Kingdom United States Venezuela

Oracle E-Business Suite is used in over 150 countries.

Finding Additional Information

Accelerate your evaluation and planning

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Knowledge > Tools and Training > Release 12.1 Info Center (Doc ID: 806593.1)

Finding Additional Information

EBS Globalization Center (Doc ID: 973912.1

My Oracle Support E-Business Suite Release 12.1 Information Center

Knowledge > Tools and Training > Release 12.1 Info Center (Doc ID: 806593.1)

R12.x Localizations Information Countries Data Sheet

Finding Additional Information

EBS Product Locailzation

My Oracle Support E-Business Suite Release 12.1 Information Center

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Finding Additional Information

EBS Add-On Localization

My Oracle Support E-Business Suite Release 12.1 Information Center

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Finding Additional Information

EBS Financials Legislative Updates

My Oracle Support E-Business Suite Release 12.1 Information Center

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Finding Additional Information

Accelerate your evaluation and planning

My Oracle Support (formerly MetaLink): Advisor Webcast Program

47 Live Webcasts across Oracle E-Business Suite Knowledge > Tools and Training > Training (Web Seminars) (Doc ID: 398877.1)

Questions and Answers

Continued Investment
E-Business Suite 12.1 Hyperion EPM 11.1.1 JD Edwards E1 9.0 E-Business Suite 12 PeopleSoft Enterprise 9.0 JD Edwards World A9.1 JD Edwards E1 8.12 CRM On Demand 12 Siebel CRM 8.0 CRM On Demand 13 Demantra 7.2 Agile PLM Agile PLM for Process 5.2 CRM On Demand 15 CRM On Demand 14 PeopleSoft Enterprise 9.1 JD Edwards World A9.2 Demantra 7.3 OTM 6.0 Agile PLM 9.3 Agile PLM for Process 6 Siebel CRM 8.1.1 CRM On Demand 16

Fusion V1.x Hyperion EPM 11.x E-Business Suite 12.x Fusion V1 E-Business Suite 12.1.3 Agile PLM 9.3.1 GTM 6.1 OTM 6.1 Hyperion EPM 11.1.2 Siebel CRM 8.2 for Pub Sec CRM On Demand 18 CRM On Demand 17 PeopleSoft Enterprise 9.x JD Edwards World A9.x JD Edwards E1 9.x Demantra 7.x GTM/OTM 6.x Agile PLM 9.x Agile PLM for Process 6.x Siebel CRM 8.x CRM On Demand 19/20







Recommended Actions
Upgrade, Adopt, Extend

to Latest Oracle Applications Release
E-Business Suite 12.1 JD Edwards E1 9.0 JD Edwards World A9.2 PeopleSoft Enterprise 9.1 VCP 12.1 Demantra 7.3 OTM 6.1 WMS 12.1 Agile PLM 9.3 Agile PLM for Process 6

Standards-Based Technology
Oracle SOA Suite and AIA Oracle ADF & WebCenter Oracle Content Management Oracle OBIEE Oracle Identity Mgmt Oracle Enterprise Mgr

Business Value with Co-existence Opportunities
BI Apps Hyperion EPM GRC Industry Apps Fusion Apps Supply Chain:
- VCP - Demantra - Agile

CRM On Demand

Siebel CRM 8.2

<Insert Picture Here>

It is not all architecture: +300 Features R12.0 +270 Features R12.1 9 new products in R12.1
Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center Oracle Demand Signal Repository Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center Oracle Service Parts Planning Oracle Site Hub Oracle PIM for Retail Oracle Supplier Ship & Debit Oracle Price Protection Oracle Landed Cost Management

<Insert Picture Here>

Appendix: 300+ New Features

New in Financial Control & Reporting

Highly automated financials processing drives efficiencies
Centralized accounting setup Streamlined multiple ledger processing and reporting Parallel financial reporting Automatic reporting currency conversion Replacement for disabled accounts


Data security across legal entities, ledgers or balancing segment values Control Accounts


Accounting and reporting sequencing Journal line reconciliation


New in Procure-to-Pay
Integrated Suite Optimizes Working Capital
Document line level entry and approval Non-PO invoice accounting entry by approvers Invoice dispute management Real-time status of purchasing contract T&Cs and


invoicing activity in Oracle Payables and Purchasing

Self-service opportunities via iSupplier Portal to a

broader set of their suppliers Self service entry extended to receipt matched, complex Work Purchase Orders, and non-PO invoices
Streamlined supplier setup and maintenance as


part of Trading Community Architecture (TCA) Access to TCA features


New in Credit-to-Cash
Accelerate cash cycle and manage revenue with fiscal discipline

Daily revenue recognition Deferral reason for goods and services COGS and revenue matching Line level cash application


More efficient payment application with Oracle

Payments integration More targeted and efficient collections with configurable matrix Credit recommendation enhancements Conversion of delinquent receivables to payment plans
Visibility to carry-forward balances with cycle-based


billing Payment application according to customer preferences


New in Cash and Treasury

Optimize Cash and Treasury Operations
Centralized and consolidated bank model Single bank account shared by multiple organizations Bank account transfers directly in Cash Management Funds optimization with cash pooling and zero


Configurable and centralized payments engine Full audit trail and control with single point of

payment administration Straight through processing (STP) for payments Real-time visibility into cash inflows and outflows Large library of payment formats and validations
Simplified reconciliation of bank statements to cash


transactions in multiple organizations Support for new bank account balance types in bank statement import Bank account-level reconciliation options and tolerances


New in Asset Management

Maximize return on assets

Automate legacy asset conversion with enhanced

preparation of Mass Additions


Perform rollback on select assets with Automatic

Depreciation Rollback


Group Assets to include Units of Production

method Energy straight-line depreciation method Asset impairment of a producing asset


New in Travel & Expense

Lower the total cost of travel and expense

CONUS and OCONUS global per diem rates Per diem and policy schedules


Expense splitting across multiple accounting

segments Enhanced cost center and projects approvals


Self-service cash advance application during entry Bar code generation Streamlined receipts management with receipts


tracking and receipts missing capabilities