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Directions: Use the vocabulary below to write tweets about your classmates YOU WILL BE WRITING 10 TWEETS TOMORROW AND POSTING THEM HEAD WORD: Write each tweet with a verb that leads into an indirect statement audio, ire to hear scio, ire to know credo, ere to belive video, ere to see intellego, ere to know cogito, are to think sentio, ire to feel dicso, ere to learn spero, are to hope conspicio, ire to notice specto, are to watch nego, are to deny SUBJECT: The subject of the indirect statement is in the accusative names with -a names with a consonant names with -vowel Use the name just as it is. If it is a girl, add an –a and Add an –nis and treat it Add the normal second read the box to the left. If like a third declension declension ending it is a boy, add a –us and noun. Use the accusative st declension -um -am use the 1 ending –em. VERBS: The verbs in the tweet must be in the infinitive -re dormio, ire to sleep pugno, are to fight iaceo, ere to lie down clamo, are to shout rapio, ire to steal volo, volare to fly pulso, are to push canto, are to sing latro, are to bark curro, ere to run rumpo, ere to break pingo, ere to draw iacio, ere to throw scribo, ere to write sum, esse to be salto, are to dance se celo, are to hide taceo, ere to be quite salio, ire to jump exspuo, ere to spit displodo, ere to explode OBJECT: The object of the infinitive is also in the accusative mensa, ae f desk penna, ae f pen cretum , i n chalk magister, i m teacher pila, ae f ball sella, ae f chair pictura, ae f picture ianua, ae d door cibus, i m food fenestra, ae f window pecunia, ae f money ursus, i m bear PREPOSITIONAL PHRASE: in, sub, super, circum, per, ex cubiculum, i n room triclinum, i n cafeteria schola, ae f school gymnasium, i n gym aula, ae f hall librarium, i n library officina, ae f office computatrum ,i n mac cathedra, ae f t’s desk armariolum, i n locker ursus, i m bear arbor, is f tree

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