Drew Tadgerson Networking Concepts & Apps Week5 Chapter 8 Exercise 8-3 MIS589 February 9, 2013 Shaun Gray

A true layer 2 switch will contain the broadcast domains of each 24 port hub to a single port on the core.To construct a backbone for the network will require. In addition the SFE2000 support gigabit uplink ports that provide the aggregate bandwidth for traffic from all four LAN networks to the Internet.00 $54.99 The Cisco SFE2000 24 Port appliance is a managed switch with the bandwidth to support the four LAN networks. one of which can be used as the uplink path to the Internet. Each LAN hub will connect to the SFE2000 from the hub uplink port to one of the SFE2000 LAN port via CAT 5 UTP cable. at minimum. one 1000base-T switch that can support at least 400 Mbps input on the LAN ports and also support an uplink to the Internet.99 $49.00 $200. improving overall network performance.00  1 RJ45/Cat5 Connector – 25 Pack $54. CAT 5 UTP cable was selected due to low cost while fully supporting the hub network speed.00  1 CAT 6 Cable – Uplink to firewall $120.00  1 8-Port Cat5E Patch Panel $49.99 $379. A gigabit uplink on the Internet side was selected for the additional buffering necessary for best performance. The SFE2000 also supports Spanning Tree Protocol which is enabled by default to prevent network loops that can create broadcast storms.99 Total Cost $803. This switch also features four 1000base-T ports.00 $120. The 1000base-T connect will provide the additional buffer room required to support duplex uplink connection for all four LANs. It is assumed that the Internet connection gateway supports an Ethernet CAT 6 connection rather than fiber. The SFE2000 was chosen as a low cost solution with switch fabric that supports over 400 Mbps required for the four LAN networks. It is assumed that each hub includes a single uplink port which is standard with most hubs. . The 24 port SFE2000 will also support expandability for this small network. Itemized Costs: Quantity Description Cost Each Total Cost  4 CAT 5 Cable – Uplink from Hub to Switch $50.99  1 Cisco SFE2000 24 Port 10/100/1000 $379.

aspx?cm_mmc=ShoppingFeeds-_-ChannelIntelligence-_-NetComm%20Products-_1149974_Cisco%20SFE2000%2024-port%2010/100%20Ethernet%20Switch_C1C-SFE2000&cpncode=2217022577&srccode=cii_9938135 .asp?cat_id=144&sku=27577 CablesToGo.cisco. http: //www.cablestogo.cablestogo. http://www. RJ45 Shielded Cat5 Modular Plug for Round Solid Cable.com/en/US/products/ps9967/prod_models_comparison.com/shop/products/Cisco-SFE2000-24-port-10-100-EthernetSwitch/1149974.References CablesToGo. 2011. http://www. Cisco Small Business Stackable Managed Switches Models Comparison.asp?cat_id=2254&sku=37012 Cisco. Cisco SFE2000 24-port 10/100 Ethernet Switch.cdw.html CDW. 8-Port Cat5E Patch Panel. 2011.com/product.com/product. http://www. 2011. 2011.

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