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Name of documentary, author/producer, and year. Helvetica by Gary Hustwit produced in 2007 Is it "informational" or "promotional"? support your argument.

I would say it is mostly informational, because the documentary discusses not only positive opinions on Helvetica, but also negative opinion. The movie shows designer talking about their own understanding of this typeface and why or why not they use it in their work. Who is the primary audience it aimed at? I think the movie is targeted to the general audience, because they give a lot of historical details, while not getting into professional terms and practices. What is the relevance of it to specific areas/topics of our course? The description of the documentary says that it is about typography, graphic design and global visual culture, so it makes it directly relevant to our course and typography topic we study. It gets in a little deeper discussion about how we should think about creating designs. According to the lm, how does type affects our lives? According to the documentary, a typeface especially the one like Helvetica defines our understanding of the message that designer tries to get across. It can create mood and atmosphere of the design. Will you use Helvetica for your future graphic projects? (optional) Yes, I will use Helvetica. At one of the designers in the documentary said Helvetica is a great typeface to use if you are new to design.