Why Some Motorcyclists Can Be Reckless Drivers

It is indeed a fairly intriguing question but many believe that it needs to be asked. Why do some people tend to be reckless motorists? Despite the many reminders that licensing authorities and even motorbike finance agencies are giving the applicants, how has it been possible that still a number of these motorists would dare to change minds and be troublemakers on the road? Well, there are a number of fine reasons to tell. Some of the most basic explanations are thus provided below. Before discussing the specifics, however, the fundamental reason encompassing everything else is laid out on purpose. The frontal lobe problem Actually, everything boils down to the frontal lobe problem. The frontal lobe is the part of the brain wherein seated the person’s will and his capacity for moral judgment. Essentially, all conscious brain processes pass through the frontal lobe. When the frontal lobe is bypassed or is shut down, brain control is given up to the lower lobes, causing the person to operate based on the subconscious mind. The process is really dangerous when the case of driving is considered. Alcohol: the most known shutter At this point, it will be important to know the things which cause the frontal lobe to be shut down and the motorbike loan subscriber to be highly exposed to danger. Alcohol, among others, is the primary culprit in most vehicular accidents in Australia. Alcohol simply alters brain functioning such that the intoxicated person loses his right mind and impairs his moral judgment. This includes diminishing his vision and the ability to distinguish between things. Alcohol also reduces the efficiency of his reflexes. Finally, alcohol intoxication makes one lose his sense of balance, and this is most dangerous to motorcycle drivers. Rock music: the silent culprit Amazingly, most people are unaware that even music can diminish one’s capacity to be fully aware of his surroundings, thus risking him to be driven only by the subconscious when driving his motorbike. Even the agencies offering motorbike loans may have not yet included this risk factor in their list of guidelines for the aspiring motorists. There are, of course, studies that show how well rock music makes mice unable to get through a maze in normal time. In another study, rock music caused mice to kill each other, and this result most fascinatingly pictures out how rude and reckless some motorcycle drivers could be, especially with their loud rock music on.

Other shutters Other frontal lobe shutters include those that get through the sense of sight and smell. Addictive drugs and violent visual presentations seen from several multimedia forms also affect the brain’s capacity for control. Thus, for the sake of future motorists, the concerned agencies and motorbike finance authorities may soon release updates on safety driving guidelines, including the points just discussed above.

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