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Supplementary Pronunciation Lessons (Unit 11) SYLLABLES IN REGULAR SIMPLE PAST TENSE VERBS
Notice the number of syllables in these regular simple past tense verbs: 1 syllable _____ CALLED 2 syllables ____ STUD ied 3 syllables ____ EX

er cized

A. Listen to the verbs in Exercise 4, Pronunciation, on page 91 and write them in the correct column. 1 syllable _________ 2 syllables ____ 3 syllables ____


B. Read and practice the following verb pairs. Then write the past tense verbs in the correct column above.

wash washed shop walk look shopped walked looked play


need needed want visit wanted visited

listen listened love loved serve served

watch watched

invite invited

Top Notch Fundamentals, Second Edition

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Unit 11