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SOUL Alive!
Poetry & Prose
atlas brown 3/1/2013


SOUL Alive! ©2013 Published By: mosheflow publishes books, INC. Editorial services provided by: SOUL
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SOUL Alive! … Written out of frustration in my studio. When you want something so bad that you can taste it, What would you do to get it?


Table of Contents

1. Love Poem Number 137 2. Writer’s Anonymous 3. I Like 4. Thinking about My Southern Harlem 5. 1:04 AM 6. Graffiti Black 7. The Adventures of Tema in Café 1976

Love Poem Number 137

He loves me; it is raining He loves me not; invisible drops of… He loves me; he loves me not Hit the ground.

The mind keeps guessing Play, Monopoly Throw dice on the board Play, Dominoes Count the hands.

Look up; look around …Only one player is at the table.


Writer’s Anonymous The Anonymous Writer’s Group was created by writers for writers harboring the, “WOE IS ME SYNDROME.” Created in 2009 for all ages, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds, it has been relegated as the “New Deal,” by The New York Literary Times. Register for “Woe is Me” classes by levels in the following categories:      Class #101 > “Woe is Me: I don’t care if she does not like my writing.” Class #201 > “Woe is Me: I think living abroad might just be my meal ticket.” Class #303 > “Woe is Me: I can’t pay my rent. Can I stay with you?” Class #405 > “Woe is Me: I have a degree and I am still lost.” Class#510 > “Woe is Me: I do believe that God did this to me on purpose.”

A disclosure statement is plastered on a sign outside the group building that says, “Our organization understands that writers probably don’t have cars, work a part-time job, normally shop at thrift stores, drink instant coffee, download free coupons, get free internet access at the library, and are on some type of drug and still working on finding a place to live. These statistics were presented by the Words of Many Words Survey, online via their company website in 2000. As a result of this study, no fees are required to members and classes are held monthly. There is a catch to fine print. Read carefully.     You must walk through the front doors and drop off all technical devices that you currently own. You must use an ink-pen to fill out your application. You must use an ink-pen or pencil at all times in the building. If for some reason we do not see you with your writing utensil, you will be immediately dismissed from the program.

Follow our lead and you will be on your way to discovering a whole new life in the world of writing. “Woe is I Syndrome,” is curable.

I Like

I like Jimi Hendrix He talked through his fingers like a craftsmen I like Lena Horne She sang melodies with daring beauty My beat is different I write.


Thinking about My Southern Harlem

Hot by day Hot by night My muse Found on Jefferson St in Oak Cliff A cultural mecca of… Blacks, Whites, Mexicans, Asians Eat beef, shrimp, chicken and pork Saxophone notes crow At Dawn, Poetry wallows through doors Ain’t no books Moms & Pops lost their business Selling incense, CDs, movies, fruit and bread Over there at the corner of… Kiest –N- Polk Street Country Real Cool Thirty minutes away Stop Six Home to Paul Laurence Dunbar High School On Cottey St. ~you can talk God sits on the porch

For free Make the trail to Eastwood Entertainment sits at the… Car wash on Berry Ain’t no books here either Just Southern boys N girls Sitting on Cadillac’s n rims Waiting for the sun to go down Mom & Pops lost their business too. My muse Flows on 21st Century Ain’t no jobs 19th Century Ain’t no jobs Tejas, The Republic Built on the backs of… Brown-skin Artists still create on Rosedale Street The modern day cotton club: Free Clinic Rear view mirror = Chains, Shackles, Disease, Famine Africa.Africa Bell bottoms on her ass


Dapper hat on her head Four hours away She strolls through the streets Third Ward Hot days Hot nights Smoking cool.light cigars With a pen in hand Writing prose on imaginary walls.

1:04 AM

I have brown skin, not black. Deep.


Graffiti Black

Colors Shades With shadows Jump out as rainbows Kill me softly Laugh out loud Pick up the dream deferred Brush it out on a canvas Smoothly Tell your story.

The Adventures of TEMA in Café 1976 Tema means “queen” in the Akan. Origin: West Africa

The landlord said that the apartment came with French pleat curtains. They were blue and hung in each room. Tema’s favorite color was green. As a dual citizen of Ghana West Africa and the United States of America, she knew what she wanted to be in life. The landlord stated, “The French pleat curtain has triple-pleat sections that are pinched together at the bottom so they spread out at the top. You will need a special curtain rod that is made to keep the pleats together correctly so they do not pull apart. French pleats have a formal appearance when used in living rooms and master bedrooms.” A sudden change of heart shifted in the room after she thought about her encounter that evening when she paid her deposit for Café 1976. Tema walked up to the curtain and pushed them to the side. The sun beamed through her bedroom. Shifting her glance to the side of the chair she noticed a small green suitcase. She decided to pack up color: A stigma. A curse.


Author’s Bio

MY NAME IS atlas brown.
I write fiction, because it's cool and I don't give a **** about what you think or what she or he thinks. I write fiction. I love WORDZ and I spell them like I want to. I write fiction. I was born in Brooklyn, New York and now live in Paris, France. I rent a small studio and have no furniture. I wanted to be able to have a space where I could write without distractions or restrictions in both areas of my life. The fashion makes it a little more colorful. I have claimed my royalty checks.
In search of my creative muse while writing a novel...

MY NAME IS atlas brown.
The creative stuff: I can go on and on for days with why I stay up all day to write, but then it would take away from the mystery of how it is done. Days come and go and I aim to write each time that I wake up in the morning or night. My writing is to the point, clear, and concise. If you want to get to know more about my persona you have the opportunity to right now, engage in some real discussion about literature -- mine.
In search of my creative muse while writing a novel...

MY NAME IS atlas brown.

SOUL Alive!
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