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Supplementary Pronunciation Lessons (Unit 12) THE SOUND OF H

Drop the sound /h/ in unstressed words such as his, her. Link the final consonant sound of the verb to the vowel sound of his or her. For example: She burned her arm He hurt his shoulder = = < She burn der arm > < He hur tis shoulder >

A. Listen to the Vocabulary on page 98 and repeat after the pauses. 1. He burned his finger. 2. She hurt her back. 3. She cut her hand. 4. He broke his arm.

Pronounce the sound /h/ in stressed words. For example: head hip headache hope hear happened

B. Listen to the Conversation Model on page 99 and repeat in the pauses. A: Hey, Evan. What happened? B: I broke my ankle. A: Im sorry to hear that. Does it hurt? B: Actually, no. It doesn't.

To p No tch Funda men tals , Second Edition

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