Certified that this project report titled “A STUDY ON PERCEPTION OF LIFE INSURANCE AGENCY AS A CAREER FOR BAJAJ ALLIANZ LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED” is the bonafide work of Mr. D. MURALIMANOKARAN who carried out the research under my supervision. Certified further, that to the best of my knowledge the work reported herein does not form part of any other project report or dissertation on the basis of which a degree or award was conferred on an earlier occasion on this or any other candidate.



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. Standardized questionnaires were prepared for the three different phases. All this was done with the main objective of identifying suitable avenues or was to promote life insurance consultancy of as a career. The sample size of 100 was taken amongst those who quit their job. also were collected The research design adopted was descriptive type. The type of sampling adopted was non-probability convenience sampling and probability cluster sampling. The first phase assesses the perception of the people who have quit their job as life insurance consultant. their interest in pursuing a career as a life insurance consultant. the satisfaction level of existing consultants and awareness about life insurance. The second phase reports about perception of life insurance consultants. Profession amongst those currently pursuing their career as consultants. 100 each were taken from the existing consultants of Bajaj Allianz and 100 was taken from other companies. Information related to the reason for quitting life insurance consultancy as a career. A sample size of 300 was taken from general public to study about the third phase.iii ABSTRACT The study on “Perception about Life Insurance agency as a career” was carried out in Chennai City in three phases. The data were collected using the direct interview method and also through telephonic interviews. The third phases assesses the awareness about life insurance companies and about life insurance consultants. etc.

chi-square and ranking methods were used. The research revealed that many perceive life insurance agency as a difficult job which does not give them an attractive income. Percentage analysis. . Incentive linked performance seems to disturb them.iv Descriptive statistics was used to analyse the data. The potentiality of life insurance sector and growth opportunities in the sector can be communicated to enable those aspiring for a good career to join life insurance agency.

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vi .

. M.B. P.P. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Diploma in Management for his scholarly guidance.. and Mr. Perundurai for giving me the opportunity to feel the corporate experience through this project.. Kongu Engineering College.SATHIYAMOORTHY B.. Department of management studies..NATARAJAN. valuable suggestions. M. I also express my gratitude to the respondents. MSc. and encouragement through out the duration of this project. R. Kongu Engineering College. Associate Vice President Sales of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company. I express my gratitude to my faculty guide Prof. and other college trust members for allowing me to develop the project in their institution.. Director.A.A. M. SURESH KUMAR. M.. Principal. B. MOHAN. M. B.M. parents and dear friends without whom the project would not have been successful..A.Tech..E. Chennai for granting me permission to do the project work in their esteemed concern.Sc.Sc.B. AJIT THAMPAN. I express my sincere gratitude to our honorable Correspondent Thiru.S..E.vii ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I extend my hearty thanks to Mr.

3 Allianz Analysis of existing consultants in Bajaj Allianz Analysis of consultants from other Page No. SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY 2.viii LIST OF CONTENTS Chapter No. iii v x 1 3 7 7 8 9 10 11 11 12 15 16 24 32 40 51 55 59 60 1 2 3 4 5 companies 4.1 Industry profile 1.4 Analysis of data .3 Sampling Design 3.4 Statistical Tools Used 3.2 Scope of the study 2.5 Hypothesis Testing FINDINGS.3 Limitations of the study RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 3.1 Analysis of separated consultants of Bajaj 4.5 Questionnaire Design ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION 4.3 Conclusion APPENDICES REFERENCES .1 Findings 5.2 Suggestions 5. SUGGESTIONS AND CONCLUSION 5.1 Research Design 3.2 Company profile OBJECTIVES.2 4. Particulars ABSTRACT (ENGLISH) ABSTRACT (TAMIL) LIST OF TABLES INTRODUCTION 1.2 Data Sources 3.General public 4.1 Objectives of the study 2.

1 4. 16 16 Particulars Gender of separated consultants Marital status of separated consultants .ix LIST OF TABLES Table No.2 Page No. 4.

9 4. 4.5 4.x 4.Bajaj Allianz Gender of existing consultants – Bajaj Allianz Page No. 24 24 .12 Age of the separated consultants Duration as a insurance consultant Perception about selling insurance Working as a fulltime or part time employee Main job when working as an insurance consultant Original reason for selling life insurance Reasons for discontinuing Present job of the separated consultants Rejoining in Bajaj Allianz as insurance consultant Perception about insurance consultancy job as a career 17 18 18 19 19 20 21 22 22 23 Table No.4 4.13 4.8 4.14 Particulars Marital status of existing consultants.3 4.11 4.7 4.6 4.10 4.

Other Companies Gender of existing consultants Other Companies Page No.22 4.25 4.Bajaj 4.16 4.Bajaj Allianz Working as a fulltime or part time employee.15 4.19 Allianz 4. 32 32 .20 Previous job of existing consultants – Bajaj Allianz Perception about insurance consultancy job as a career4.21 Bajaj Allianz 4.23 4.Bajaj Allianz Table No.17 4.18 Age of the existing consultants – Bajaj Allianz Duration as a insurance consultant – Bajaj Allianz Perception about selling insurance. 4.26 Particulars Marital status of existing consultants.xi 25 26 26 27 27 Main job when working as an insurance consultant.24 Satisfaction with career – Bajaj Allianz Expected support from the company – Bajaj Allianz Reason for choosing the job – Bajaj Allianz 29 30 31 28 28 4.

32 Previous job of existing consultants – Other Companies Perception about insurance consultancy job as a career4.36 Satisfaction with career .Other Companies Perception about selling insurance.xii 33 34 34 35 4.Other 4.Other Companies Working as a fulltime or part time employee.Other Companies Duration as a insurance consultant .40 4.Other Companies 37 38 39 36 36 35 Table No.31 Companies 4.38 4.Other Companies Expected support from the company .27 4. 4.35 4.Other 4.30 Companies Main job when working as an insurance consultant.39 4.37 4.34 4.33 Other Companies 4.29 Age of the existing consultants .Other Companies Reason for choosing the job .41 Particulars Age of the respondents Education level of the respondents Gender of the respondents Linguistic ability of the respondents Occupation of the respondents Page No.28 4. 40 41 41 42 43 .

54 4.46 4.49 4.53 4.51 4.50 4.43 4.42 4.57 4.xiii 4.55 4.48 4.square test) Income level and satisfaction with current income (Chi-square test) Income and interest in insurance sales (Chi-square test) 43 44 45 45 46 46 47 47 48 48 49 50 51 51 52 53 54 .44 4.52 4.47 4.45 4.56 4.58 Income level of the respondents Mode of saving of the respondents Liabilities of the respondents Assets of the respondents Satisfaction with current income Interest in making more money Knowledge about insurance consultants Willingness to take up sale of life insurance Awareness of private life insurance companies Awareness about Allianz insurance company Role of media in company recognition Recall of private life insurance companies Willingness to take life insurance sales with Bajaj Allianz Reason for not joining Income and willingness to take up insurance sales (Chi.

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