Region 10 AR ~ LA ~ OK ~ TX Benefits of Marketing Co-op Region 10 works with an annual budget of about $500,000.

These monies are spent for marketing our hotels in Region 10 – Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Region 10 Co-op programs are designed to deliver incremental business to our Coop hotels. The Co-op Program focuses on capturing local and regional market segm ents in our four States, whereas CHOICE focuses on brand awareness in their nati onal marketing across the United States. The list below highlights some of our C o-op programs. Participation in the Region 10 Co-op Marketing Program makes good business sense, it allows your hotel to be included in programs that otherwise would be too expensive for individual hotels to join. For ONE DOLLAR per room pe r month, this is an affordable marketing investment for each Region 10 hotel. 2008 Programs Purchased with Co-op Funds (These programs are only advertising hotels participating in the Marketing Co-op ) Arkansas Arkansas Fishing & Outdoors Guide AAA - Texas Journey AAA - Texas Journey -P&T O AG – Group Tour Media HeBS - Yahoo / Mapquest Ark ansas Hospitality Association Louisiana Louisiana Sportsman Group Tour Magazine Student Group Tour Magazine AAA Texas Jo urneys Louisiana Travel .com HeBS (Yahoo & Mapquest) LTPA Travel And Vacation Sh ows LTPA Summit Louisiana Culinary Trails Travel Partner Oklahoma Oklahoma Today Magazine Oklahoma Living Magazine Midwest Living Oklahoma Travel Guide AAA Texas Journeys Home & Away OK Edition AAA Southern Traveler HeBS - Yah oo / Mapquest Hotel Lodging Association Texas Texas Monthly Magazine Texas Accommodations Guide OAG - Official Airline Guide G roup Tour Media HeBS - Yahoo / Mapquest (online local level) Texas Hos pitality & Lodging Association To participate, simply fill out the Co-op Participation form and fax it in. We w ill get your hotel started on all the Co-op Marketing Programs right away. If yo u have questions, call Susanne DeBoever @ 562-691-7804 or by email at region10.s

Region 10 Co-op Marketing Website Region 10 Co-op Marketing Program Participants Only .

OAG – Region 10 Co-op Marketing Program Participants Only .

Travel – Visit Oklahoma Ad Region 10 Co-op Marketing Program Participants Only .

visit us online at choicehotels. All rights reserved.228. Subject to availability at participating hotels throughout Arkansas through 12/31/2008.5160 Ask for the Natural Rate For hotel information. That’s why there’s a Choice hotel around every corner too. © 2008 Choice Hotels International. 866. it’s easy to find a Choice hotel that fits your budget and travel arkansas-hotels.PROOF Your trip to Arkansas starts here. Just call to day and ask for the Natural Rate and you’ll save up to 10% or for hotel informatio n. In Arkansas. Save up to 10%* at participating Choice hotels. visit choicehotels. Inc. Offer cannot be comb ined with any other offer or discount. With more than 45 locations across Arkansas. . Rate not available online. there’s a new experience around every arkansas -hotels * Advance reservations required.

Today – Visit Ad Texas Journey’s Ad Region 10 Co-op Marketing Program Participants Only .

GoGoGo Stay Ad Region 10 Co-op Marketing Program Participants Only .

TX TX612 Lubbock.Choice Co-op Li asion Co-op Administrator Position Property Code(s) City / State Phone Email TX718 Waco.Region 10 Advisory Board Contact List as of 10-1-08 Contact Hasu Patel Subodh Patel Chet Patel Bhavisha Patel Nick Nagin Eugenie Mit chell Nick Naik Don Pospisil Jennifer Vicellio Susanne DeBoever Director Vice Director Nat l Delegate / Co-op Chair Nat l Delegate / OK Co-op Ch air AR Co-op Chair LA Co-op Chair Past Director RAB Member BPC .com 580-286-9393 gm. TX 318-484-915 5 gm. OK AR116 Li ttle Rock. LA 337-232-9000 LA045 TX718 210-340-9 991 337-478-7702 jennifer_viccellio@choicehotels.susanne@gmail. TX AR061 806-747-1748 479-754-3 000 TX002 / TX810 San 562 -691-7804 region10. TX 210-340-9991     . AR 254-752-1991 hasu001@hotmail. AR OK120 Idabel.

com. For mor e information. and the Econo Lodge Franchisee Association/Rodeway Owners Association (ELFA/ROA).00 per room per month (cap of $1200 a nnually) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Property Code: ___________ Property Name:______________________________________ E-mail address:_____________________________________ Phone:_____________________ ___________ Fax:_______________________________________ No. Choice Co-op Marketing Program participation is automatically renewed every calendar year via your Franchise Bill. Fax: 239-566-8570 E-ma il: coochoiceowners@aol.susanne@gmail. FL 34109 Phone: 239-566-3334. Oklahoma. If you missed the annual enrollment. If you have any que stions. (Choice). please contact Tammie Matthew s at the address listed above. Inc. Inc. Region 10 Administrator at region10. it will be reversed from the Franchise Bill. with the go al of promoting Choice brands and driving business to the co-op member hotels in the U. state and local level. Whether you are joining for the first time or are a new franchisee. of Rooms:___________ _ Charge: (based on $1. please contact your region’s co-op representative as follows: Susanne DeBo ever. In add ition to the member fees collected. please see the Co-op Marketing Program Overview or contact Joey M artin. Naples.00 per room per month):_________/per year (Number of Rooms multiplied by 12 = Charge ~ 50 rooms x 12 months = $600 Per Year) I authorize Choice Hotels International. please complete and submit this form to join the Choice Co-op Marketing Program and take advantage o f the great return on investment offered for a minimal or 562-691-7804. Thank you!*** .S. The Choice Co-op Marketing Progr am is the perfect resource to maximize marketing and advertising dollars. CO-OP MARKETING PARTICIPATION Region 10 – Arkansas. senior director co-op marketing at joey_martin@choicehotels. at a regional. You may discontinue your participation at the end of the calendar year by contacting the Franchise Billing Department at 301-592-6105.6734 Lone Oak Blvd. Choice Hotels contributes annually to the na tional Choice Co-op Marketing Program thus increasing your buying power. If the charge is not paid in 60 days. and my Choice Co-op Marketing Program membership will be cancell ed. Coop Billing Annual Participation Amount: $1. to charge my hotel’s property code l isted above. Texas The Choice Co-op Marketing Program is a collaboration between Choice Hotels Inte rnational. the Choice Hotels Owners Council (CHOC). ________________________________________ Licensee/General Manager Signature _____________________________ Date ***Return this form by fax to 928-752-2169 or 239-566-8570.

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