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College of Cardinals


Holy See

Petrine Ministry

Habemus Papam!

Urbi et Orbi
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Papal Conclave


Latin, literally meaning ‘vacant seat.’ It is the formal title for the period in which the Papacy is vacant.

The full group of Catholic cardinals. Cardinals occupy the rank above bishop in the Church hierarchy. If one thinks of the pope as being a ‘king’, a cardinal is a ‘prince.’

The meeting held by the College of Cardinals where they are locked away, literally, to decide who should be the next pope. This ends with the emission of white smoke from the chapel of the Sistine Chapel, where they vote: the ballot papers are burned to produce white smoke, signaling an affirmative decision to pick a new pope.

The official name given to the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Church. This is separate from Vatican City, which is a separate and sovereign state but which submits its entire governance to the Holy See itself, which also has international recognition as a separate sovereign entity.

The informally official title given to the actual task of the Pope: keeping up the ministry of St. Peter. Our Lord gave St. Peter the “Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.”

The informal title for the announcement made when the identity of the new Pope is announced. This announcement is made from the steps of St. Peter’s Basilica.

A phrase meaning “To the city and to the world”, with Rome being the ‘city’ in this case. This is the name given to the speeches made by the Pope to the world’s Catholics, traditionally at Christmas and Easter. An Urbi et Orbi message is also made on the occasion of a new pope’s election.
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