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Cut out each strip (three total). Glue strips together using the tabs. Fold like an accordion. Tie a ribbon around the book so that the bow is in the front. the ribbon to open the book. Paste back to your Lap book. Untie

The Pope is the The Pope is Leader of the sometimes called the Catholic Church, Bishop of Rome the direct successor or the of Saint Peter. Vicar of Christ.

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The actual office The word Pope held by the Pope is comes from the called referred to as Latin word papa the papacy. meaning father.

So far 265 men have held the title of Pope from St. Peter through Pope Benedict XVI.

Glue to back of first strip. Glue to the back of the second strip.

Usually the Pope continues being Pope until he dies.

On February 11th 2013 Pope Benedict announced that he was too old to continue to be the Pope. This was the first time in over 600 years that a Pope has resigned.

Our new Pope ____________ was selected on ____________

Jessica at Shower of Roses ~