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Primacy of Peter: A Papal Unit Study & Lap Book Unit One: St. Peter, The First Pope Read About St. Peter Read The Primacy of Peter (pages 98-99 My Catholic Faith) Read Various Picture Books about St. Peter Research St. Peters Basilica Begin the following Mini-Books: The Primacy of Peter Copywork Matthew 16:18-19 St. Peters Basilica Pop-Up Novena for the Pope Unit Two: The Holy Fathers, Past and Present Read Various Books about other Popes Past and Present Read The Bishop of Rome (pages 112-113 My Catholic Faith) Begin Mini Books: Who is the Pope? Some Special Popes (Peter the first Pope, Gregory the Great invented Gregorian Chant, Leo the XIII wrote the St. Michael the Archangel Prayer, Pope Pius X the Pope of the Eucharist - work on one page/paragraph per day) Amazing Pope Facts Unit Three: The Hierarchy of the Catholic Church Read The Hierarchy (pages 118-119 My Catholic Faith) Read Powers of the Pope (pages 114-115 My Catholic Faith) Research what happens when a Pope dies. Mini Books: Hierarchy of the Catholic Church What are the Chief Powers of the Pope? What Happens when a Pope Dies? Unit Four: The Papal Elections Read The Papal Elections (page 117 My Catholic Faith) Read We Have a Pope! Begin the following Mini-Books: Selecting a New Pope Where does the conclave take place? Where does the Pope live? Vocabulary Unit Five: Assemble Lap Book and Pray Daily for the Pope! Finish any uncompleted mini-books Assemble the Prayers for the Holy Father Create Cover and Assemble Lap Book!