Financial Resources • The total funding available and the cash flow schedule affect project decisions.

• Providing adequate financial support for initial activities (related to establishment of project objectives and design criteria) is a critical step. • Inadequate capitalization can create adverse impacts (e.g. inadequate staffing, delays in delivery, equipment failure, or shortages of construction materials) that hamper a participant’s ability to deliver quality service. • In some cases, designers and/or contractors are able to enhance overall project quality by offering the owner financial management and consulting services. • On public projects, this may include assistance in determining agency requirements for grants and reimbursement. • On private projects, this assistance may include identifying new sources of capital or lines of credit. • Some contractors are willing and able to finance the entire project, which allows the owner to wait until the project is ready to begin operating and generating revenue before his or her own financial resources are committed. Construction Materials • The cost and availability of construction materials affect planning, design and construction operations. • Choosing the right construction materials is a critical process that, by its nature must be undertaken early in the planning process. • The owner can benefit from the involvement of as many project team members as possible in the selection process. Factors Affecting Material Selection • Type of soil conditions and foundation alternatives

prefab) and initiate additional training programs. rural) • Cost (including transportation) • Sustainable development.• Aggregate sources for concrete • Availability of fill materials • Site conditions (urban vs. Key factors are the continuity of management staff and adequacy of the work force. building systems (e. etc. • Staff continuity helps to enhance communication. contractor associations should be brought on board early to secure a skilled workforce. consideration should be given to modifying projects. highways. legislative issues (Buy American. • Local construction firms. builds better team work and compresses “the learning curve”. developing traffic detours – Relocating utilities. Site Development • Some site development activities may take place during planning and design phases-before completion of construction contract documents. rail.g. and other facilities . • To mitigate potential labor shortages. labor unions. the owner should evaluate the human resources needed to complete the effort. hire local. schedules.) Human Resources • In the initial stages of project planning. Such as: – Constructing access roads – Extending utilities to the site – Constructing temporary buildings and other facilities – Setting up construction laydown areas and fabrication yards – Planning for traffic control.

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