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By William Thomas

Here’s how to turn your city into a No-Fly Zone for chemtrail planes:

HOW TO STOP CHEMTRAILS?1. From a private pilot, pilot’s airport gift shop or other agency, buy or borrow an aeronautical chart for your region. Check out the charted air routes, drawn in purple or magenta, for your area. Look for Military Exercise Areas, and any air navigation beacons in your vicinity, which could account for unusual or sporadic concentrations of aircraft. If none are shown to be a factor, proceed to Step 2.

HOW TO STOP CHEMTRAILS?2. Optional: Download and activate “Flight Explorer” trial software. Learn how to identify aircraft flying over your region.

HOW TO STOP CHEMTRAILS?4. Ask what all those big planes are doing flying over your town. Summer days work well because normal contrails cannot form if the air is too hot and too dry. If you can get similar-size jets leaving brief or no contrails in the same shot with planes leaving long white plumes. town or neighborhood.000 feet at the time and place you shot your video. Write down their name. Call the nearest airport weather office. or go online and find out the temperature and humidity for 35. HOW TO STOP CHEMTRAILS?3. for telephoto shots. So if you document temperatures much warmer than minus 40F and relative humidity much less than 70% at 35. Do not make any accusations or allegations. your video will be even more convincing. The big jets are flying too close together! Aren’t commercial jetliners supposed to fly miles apart – especially over populated areas? But these planes are flying . he discovered that identified airliners and military aircraft at the time of his observations were simultaneously leaving plumes lasting 22 seconds and four to eight hours respectively. Optional: Use “Flight Explorer” to find all commercial and military flight plans for the place and time your video was taken. go directly to Step 4. Three.000 – atmospheric science says what you are seeing cannot be the frozen water vapor of normal airliner condensation trails. Combining stratospheric temp/humidity date with “Flight Explorer” can make a convincing case for chemtrails. When Mark Steadham did this for Houston in the winter of 2000. Assume an ignorant but concerned citizen’s stance.000 feet.HOW TO STOP CHEMTRAILS?3. “We don’t know. Call the closest airport tower or air traffic control center and ask to speak with the person in charge. If you don’t want to futz with “Flight Explorer”. if you can.” respond as two Canadian brothers recently did. and remind the air traffic official you’re speaking with that it’s their job to know. If you are told that these planes are normal airliners – ask for the specific airlines involved. Higher altitudes are more common – and colder. Tankers leaving a radar-reflecting haze have been tracked at altitudes from 18. four or more planes flying in close proximity to each other while spreading broad white plumes is best. HOW TO STOP CHEMTRAILS?4.800 to 37. Local networks will want to use your footage. Videotape multiple aircraft laying chemtrail patterns over your city. Then explain the reason for your concern: HOW TO STOP CHEMTRAILS?5. “CHEMTRAILS”. Put this information away for later use. DO NOT USE THE WORD. Turn the time/date function in the display “ON”. If the reply is.) Use a digital camcorder and tripod.

formations in grids. demand an immediate cessation of this dangerous aerial activity. Repeating your concern for public safety. rows or X’s? Isn’t this illegal? HOW TO STOP CHEMTRAILS?6. ORDER VIDEO OR BOOK | CHEMTRAILS Chemtrails Mystery Lines In The Sky Film Documentary By William Thomas Streaming Video Sample 56k Win/Media 300k Win/Media Buy This Film Here CHEMTRAILS CONFIRMED Buy The Book Chemtrails Confirmed 2004 Book excerpts By William Thomas .

the moniker you choose should focus on air safety. Your time-and-date-stamped videotape and eyewitnesses at the time it was made . find local allies interested in pressing a Class Action lawsuit for public endangerment. as well as print and radio news. Then point to your temperature/humidity records to prove that the plumes you’re citing cannot be . Make sure to contact your cable TV station. Take out a classified ad. When told by authorities that these plumes are “harmless” contrails. HOW TO STOP CHEMTRAILS?8. remind them that the supposedly “safe” artificial clouds caused by normal condensation trails can be seen as dangerous air pollution that robs the blue skies essential to good health and life. serenity and safety of those on the ground. Check with environmental organizations and other citizen action groups to find a good lawyer willing to take your case. When it comes to aircraft proximity in flight. and the health. local and national. Prepare a one-page press release. which led to the lawsuit. invite other concerned citizens to join your class action lawsuit. Instead of referring to “blue skies” or air quality issues. Contact all the media you can reach. The first paragraph should announce your pending lawsuit. safety regulations are extremely strict. What about all the pollution coming from those jets? Isn’t that illegal. Using a bold headline. If you are unsatisfied with the response and chemtrails continue. you win with an even bigger news story! HOW TO STOP CHEMTRAILS?9. while altering weather and climate by drastically changing a region’s atmospheric heat balance. take your campaign to the next level. As the issue heats up. If officials are forced to admit these were military planes. too? HOW TO STOP CHEMTRAILS?12." Find out all about Chemtrails in this 250 page book with over 120 photos. HOW TO STOP CHEMTRAILS?10. HOW TO STOP CHEMTRAILS?11. allowed to fly repeatedly over your neighborhood in crisscrossing formations. with public air safety officials being called to account. Do not use the word “chemtrails” in your new organization’s name. which precipitated you or your group’s concern for public safety. And your group wins.can be used to prove serious breaches of air regulations regarding commercial aircraft separation. Five years of research dedicated to Chemtrials " Buy This Book Here HOW TO STOP CHEMTRAILS?7. Briefly cite the incident(s) of heavy aircraft flying too close together.

The smaller the | Privacy Policy .net Help us maintain the web site and keep the public informed. Spread the word. And the greater the human health hazard that results. HELP STOP CHEMTRAILS © Copyright 2004 | WillThomas. Repeat Steps 6 through 10. Contact the media about the twin menace of contrails and chemtrails. Here archive radio interview with Jeff Rense and William discussing Chemtrails Win/Media Make a donation to willthomas.contrails because the upper air is too warm and too dry for any such artificial clouds to form – unless massive amounts of particulates are added to the air for moisture to coalesce around. the more clouds are formed. Network with other cities and groups.

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