“Who is this I see coming out of the wilderness? They are leaving behind those desert places.” “It’s my people” says the Lord, “arising in this hour, Can you see my sons and daughters now moving in power?” “I see a mighty army of us marching for you, Lord. And we are walking in unity, in one accord,” “There is rejoicing in heaven when we see you marching, What a delight it is to hear you my name proclaiming. Fear of men is no longer holding my people back today, As they proclaim to all that Jesus is the only way, This army of my people have learned to yield their swords, And they are now boldly speaking forth the Word. My Word does not return void so many are being saved, They are laying hands on the sick and seeing people healed, And substance addictions are becoming a thing of the past, For those who have lived in captivity have been set free at last. Like their forefathers they now know what it is to walk by faith, My people are speaking words of life into others and not death, They can hear from me so clearly now for their ears are open, And they can see so much better now their eyes are opened. I have sent my glory cloud to accompany my people by day, And by night I have sent a pillar of fire to guide them on their way, They are walking not by might and power but by my Spirit, I have given them strength and power of a supernatural kind. The young and old are walking together hand in hand, For I the Lord have drawn a new line in the sand, What a beautiful sight it is to see my people walking in freedom, Now moving in the authority I have given them to take my Kingdom. Every day I see them getting stronger and their numbers increasing, Even many of those who have been sleeping are now awakening, I love when I hear them declaring the power of my Name, With a certainty I know that many of their lives will never be the same. They are overcoming by the blood of the lamb and their word of testimony, And satan’s efforts to keep back my sons and my daughters is now history, For they have formed this mighty army that is a force to be reckoned with, They now listen to my voice and follow me as I direct their ways. There is a party of rejoicing going on every second here in heaven, For so many are seeing the light shine through my people and finding salvation, This is a new day, a new hour when my people are walking in kingdom authority,

They are strong in the Word and strong in the Spirit, all else is history. I am so proud of my sons and my daughters for many of them earnestly pursued me, They truly came seeking my face and they humbly bent their knees, And I came and revived their hearts and graced them with my presence, Now they go in among a world of men carrying my sweet fragrant essence. I have always loved them and poured out my love, grace and mercy upon them, But now they are coming to real maturity and affecting the world of men, They are doing even greater works now than Jesus done on this earth, He promised that greater works you would do and his kingdom would invade the earth. My sons and my daughters are keeping their focus on my Son, They do not lose sight of the author and finisher of their salvation, Their great High Priest who went like a lamb to the slaughter, Through the blood he shed, he made a way for them to become my sons and daughters. Now here they are, my children coming to me crying out ‘Abba Father,’ Yet they know my name is Holy and do not lose reverence in the familiar, And they worship me and my Son with such beautiful adoration, And because they came humbly before me submissive I am healing their nations.”

Love from Father, Almighty God


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