DATE: Februarv 26. 2013
BE iT REMEMBERED, at a regular meeting ofthe Commissioners Court of Dallas County, Texas, held on the
______ ---'2"'6"'t"'h ___ dayof February ,2013, on motion
made by , and seconded by
_______________________________ , the following Order
was adopted:
WHEREAS, on December 13, 2011 through Court Order No. 2011-2137, Dallas County approved the
award of RFQ No, 2010-089·5231 Request for Qualifications Proposal for Energy Service
Companies for Performance Contracting to Schneider Electric Buildings Americas, I nco and
approved the contract for energy performance services; and
WHEREAS, on February 19, 2013. Commissioners Court was briefed requesting authorization, upon the
completion of the Third PartY Engineering Review of the Phase III Investment Grade Audit, to
proceed with Mobilization & Implementation of the proposed projects for Phase III energy
conservation measures; and in addition, to proceed with the Phase IV Investment Grade
Audit; and
WHEREAS. the estimated cost 01 the for Phase III project implementation is $7,263,350.00 and includes all
design, engineering and construction costs with funding avaiiable in the Major Capital
Improvement Fund (Fund 196) Unallocated Reserves to be transferred to the project (70168);
WHEREAS, this project complies with the County's Strategic Plan Objective 5.3 which calls for improving
services, programs and the appearance of Dallas County facilities.
IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that the Dallas County Commissioners Court
hereby authorizes, upon completion of the third party engineering review, Phase III Mobilization and
Implementation as part of the master contract for energy performance services and Schneider Electric
Buildings Americas, Inc. to implement Phase III projects as identified in an amount not to exceed
$7,263,350.00. and to proceed with the Phase IV Investment Grade Audit.
DONE IN OPEN COURT, this the __ _ day of _..£Jl.!mdflDL, 2013.
Ciay Lewis Jenkins
County Judge
Dr. Theresa M. Daniel
Commissioner District 1
Mike Cantrell
Commissioner District 2
John Wiley Price
Commissioner District 3
Recommended by:
Dr. Elba Garcia
Commissioner District 4
Director of Operations

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