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Gas Turbine Inlet Systems

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Single-source solutions for gas turbine inlet air systems.

Pneumafil offers a wide variety of complete gas turbine inlet systems. Our systems are custom designed to protect and enhance gas turbine performance regardless of local environmental conditions. For over 25 years, we have built hundreds of successful inlet systems which are installed throughout the world. We serve all the major manufacturers of gas turbines, as well as utilities and IPPs, who rely on us for high-quality inlet replacement parts. Through a combination of innovative products, worldclass engineering, worldwide manufacturing, and quality control of the highest standards, our systems provide costeffective solutions for: Inlet air filtration Air cooling Air heating Anti-icing Moisture removal Humidity control Noise control Wherever you build, whatever your technical or environmental challenges, you can rely on Pneumafil Gas Turbine Division to design and build an air inlet system to meet your requirements.

Gas Turbine Division

World-class engineering. World-wide manufacturing.

Pneumafils greatest strengths are engineering, design, and manufacturing flexibility, combined with a well-established ISO 9001 quality control program. Our engineers have vast experience in gas turbine inlet system design and employ the most sophisticated tools available, including parametric CAD systems. Quality directives, developed under ISO 9001 standards, govern all phases of project management. To satisfy local-content requirements, and provide manufacturing, purchasing, and shipping economies, we have established a strategic network of Pneumafilqualified gas turbine inlet manufacturing associates throughout the world. Inlet systems are built as close as practical to the installation site. Wherever we build for you, final inlet system design, quality, and engineering are controlled through our USA head office to ensure the finished product meets your requirements and expectations.

Gas Turbine Division

Innovative products
The worlds environmental challenges require a variety of technical solutions to protect gas turbine integrity and enhance performance.
1. Self-cleaning cartridges. Automatic reverse-flow pulse-jet cleaning. Effective in both vertical and horizontal inlet filter configurations. 2. Medium-efficiency panels. Disposable media typically used as prefilters in multi-stage gas turbine inlet systems. 3. Medium-efficiency panels. Disposable media typically used as prefilters in multi-stage turbine inlet systems. 4. Inlet evaporative cooling. Rigid-media cooling systems increase the density of combustion air to enhance power output for greater overall system efficiency. 5. Ultrascrub technology. Combines extremely high-efficiency inlet air filtration and evaporative cooling. 6. Inlet fogging. Direct spray allows 100% saturation as well as overspray for maximum power output. 7. Rain, snow, and mist eliminators. Coalescing sections protect in any environment. 8. Inlet anti-icing. Steam, hot water, or compressor bleed air are employed to prevent ice formation on turbine inlet filters and the bellmouth turbine inlet. 9. Inertial separators. An effective precleaner for gas turbine inlet air streams in areas of heavy dust concentrations.

Self-cleaning cartridges

Medium-efficiency panels

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Gas Turbine Division

Medium-efficiency panels

Inlet evaporative cooling