MARTIN’S TRAILER HOME - EARLY EVENING MARTIN SENER, 45, psychic, sits at his table reading TAROT CARDS. He looks confused as he lays the cards down in front of him. Martin gathers the cards and shuffles them again. Then, he pauses... He looks around the room, searching for something. Suddenly, there is a KNOCK on the door. MARTIN Enter, please! The door OPENS and PATRICK, 21, lean and apprehensive walks in. Martin sees that Patrick is nervous, so he stands up to greet him. MARTIN (CONT’D) Don’t be scared of me, boy. I don’t bite. Patrick thinly smiles and walks over to Martin’s table. PATRICK (nervously) You’re a seer, right? MARTIN You can call me that, or psychic. (points down) Sit down. Patrick sits down in front of Martin. Very quickly and awkwardly, Jackson places his hands, palms up on the table. Martin sighs and looks at Patrick. MARTIN (CONT’D) Oh, okay then. PATRICK I thought... I didn’t mean to offend you if I did, I...

2. MARTIN Easy now, boy. This is a painless thing. Just relax and let me help you. Patrick relaxes and Martin places his hands above his. Martin closes his eyes and begins his psychic reading. MARTIN (CONT’D) You’re searching for someone... (beat) He, yes... He has caused you pain, loss... But you love him. PATRICK Yes sir, he’s like a brother. Martin continues to read him. He lowers his hands onto Patrick’s. The second they touch, Martin straightens up in his seat. MARTIN There was a fight, blood, so much... Power. Then, Martin opens his eyes and moves his hands away from Patrick’s hands. PATRICK (anxious) What did you see? MARTIN You won’t find him. (beat) He don’t want to be found. Patrick angrily shakes his head. PATRICK I will find him. He’s very important to me. You don’t understand. Martin moves his hands under the table, keeping his eyes on Patrick. MARTIN Your light is all wrong. Violent, madness... What did you do to him? Patrick’s boyish features cracks and a dark smile appears on his face.

3. PATRICK Oh Martin, so many things. So many things. Martin jumps up and holds a GUN in his hand. Patrick just calmly sits and watches him. MARTIN You hid your thoughts from me. I would’ve sensed you earlier. (beat) You are not... Not normal. PATRICK No, Martin. I’m not normal, I’m something else. MARTIN (sweating) I will use this gun if I have to! Patrick stands and moves towards Martin. Martin’s hand tightens on the trigger. He is determined to stay alive. Then... Sit PATRICK (V.O.)

Martin sits. He is under the control of Patrick. PATRICK (CONT’D) Martin, Martin, Martin. Your psychic abilities are strong, but not strong enough to beat me. Martin struggles to break free, but he can’t. Patrick’s abilities are stronger, however he breaks through a little. MARTIN (straining voice) You’re broken... Your aura reeks of darkness. PATRICK Yeah, yeah I’m fucked up, Martin. All I see is nightmares and horrors... And you know what? It thrills me. Patrick sits down in front of Martin, looking dead into his eyes.

4. MARTIN What do you want from me? PATRICK (infuriated) I want to find Jackson, rot sack! I want him to come home, and see what I’ve done for us. That’s what I want! (then smiling) But from you, Martin. What I want from you... Then, Patrick places his hand; his darken, thin and CLAWED hand on Martin’s face. Martin’s eyes widen in fear. PATRICK (CONT’D) Is your eyes. BLACKOUT


5. OVER BLACK CHICAGO, ILLINOIS INT. COFFEE WONDER - AFTERNOON BRANDON HANKS, 19, cute/geeky sits across from his ‘boyfriend’ CHRISTOPHER BELL, 19, at a booth. They are not looking at each other. BRANDON (turns to Christopher) So, this how you want to end things? Here? At the place we first met? CHRISTOPHER Brand, don’t think about it like that. BRANDON Really? How else could I think about it? Silence between them. CHRISTOPHER This wasn’t easy to do. But you’re leaving, moving all the way down South. BRANDON You know the situation. I have to go, I can’t stay here right now. CHRISTOPHER But do you have to drop out of school, too? Look, I know it’s hard with everything that--BRANDON (flustered) Chris, you said you would understand and supported this. I thought you would stick with me. CHRISTOPHER (voice cracks) Brand... I don’t think I can... It’s too much.

6. Brandon sits back, defeated. He realizes that Christopher is not understanding him. BRANDON So, I guess we’re done here. Brandon gets up and leaves the cafe. Christopher sits there, watching him walk out of the shop and out of his life. EXT. OUTSIDE OF THE COFFEE WONDER - CONTINUOUS Brandon walks across the street; pissed and heartbroken. He’s holding back the tears, but he keeps walking. INT. ANOTHER COFFEE SHOP - MOMENTS LATER Brandon is sitting booth, alone in the corner. He is writing fiercely in his JOURNAL. BRANDON (V.O.) I can’t believe he would do this. After everything... Brandon looks up from his journal and stops writing. He sighs and then, starts writing again. BRANDON (V.O.) (CONT’D) You know what? Maybe this is for the best... Maybe we wouldn’t work out. Chris will be back in college and I will be at my Nana’s house in South Carolina, trying to get my life in order. Brandon stops again and takes a drink of his latte. Suddenly, a young, eccentric looking guy walks up to Brandon. Brandon sees him and smiles. It’s ROLAND SMITH, Brandon’s best friend. ROLAND Hey, sorry I’m late. He sits down next to Brandon. ROLAND (CONT’D) I got your text. I can’t believe he broke up with you. BRANDON Well, that’s Chris. When it gets rough, he gets going.

7. ROLAND Are you good? BRANDON I’m holding it in, to be honest. But don’t fret, I’m good. ROLAND Okay... So really... Are you okay? You can tell me; I’m your oldest and hottest friend here. BRANDON (sighs) I’m okay, Ro, seriously. Things could be better, but I’ll deal. ROLAND What about the dreams? BRANDON Dream free for three months. The counseling tricks work. ROLAND Sweet... If you’re good, I’m good. Just keep it real down South for us, alright? BRANDON You know I’ll will, gotta bring some Chi-town flavor down in the sticks. ROLAND Plus, you could hook up with those cute corn-eating country boys. I heard they are good from the rutter to the tooter. BRANDON (laughing) What? ROLAND Get used to it. That’s how they talk down there... They both laugh for a moment.

8. EXT. MARION BUS STATION - 24 HOURS LATER - AFTERNOON A bus pulls up to AISLE 24 and makes a slow stop. The bus door opens and several people get off. Brandon steps out the bus and looks around his surroundings. He sees a collection of TREES and a sea of GREEN GRASS. The buildings are old, stony, and the sidewalks are like webs across the area. BEVERLY “NANA” HANKS, 58, caring and MARY TREK, 34, stoic, are standing outside the bus station lobby smiling and waving. Brandon starts walking towards them. Nana briskly jaunts to Brandon and hugs him tightly. Mary also hugs Brandon, but not as long. NANA How are you, Brandon? We are so glad to see you! Mary nods. BRANDON It’s good to see the both of you after all this time. NANA You’ve grown up to be so handsome. You look just like your Daddy, doesn’t he, Mary? Nana hugs him again. Sure does. MARY

NANA Let’s go home. You need get a good meal in you, you’re so skinny. Brandon smiles, looking very relieved. INT. MARY’S CAR - MOMENTS LATER Nana and Mary are in the front seat and Brandon’s in the back. He is staring out the window, looking at the farmhouses and colossal trees.

9. Nana turns towards Brandon. NANA (exhilarated) Oh, your Aunt Mary got you a job at our diner. You can start tomorrow if you like. MARY Or in a couple of days, whatever works for you, Brandon. NANA (smiling) Or in a couple of days. Mary nods. MARY You may need some time to get used to the country. It’s a far cry from that noisy Chicago. NANA Mary, he’s been here before? BRANDON I was eight then, Nana. NANA Well, that wasn’t too long ago. Brandon smiles as Mary shakes her head. EXT. THE WOODS IN MARION - MOMENTS LATER Three hunters are slowly walking through the woods, sticking close together. ERIC leads the others guys, MARK and SAM. He looks determined, his eyes are completely focused forward. SAM Are you sure you saw it, Eric? ERIC Shut up, you dipstick! I saw the white doe. If we get it, we will be fucking rich! MARK Look who’s shoutin’ now.

10. Eric looks back scathingly at Mark and then he turns away. The men continue to walk through the woods. ERIC My Granny use to say a white doe is special. It comes around places that are magical. SAM Like Wonderland? Sam and Mark snickers like little girls. ERIC Fuck the both of you. When we--Suddenly, the white doe runs by the guys. Sam is startled and Mark reaches for his rifle. But Eric is ready. He grins, quickly grabs his rifle and takes off, leaving the others behind. Hey, wait! SAM

EXT. THE WOODS IN MARION - CONTINUOUS Eric runs through the woods chasing the doe. The doe glides through the bushes like it’s the wind. However, Eric is keeping up. The doe vanishes behind several bushes. Eric slows down and begins to carefully stalk the doe. He sees the doe through the bushes, looking away from Eric. A shit-eating grin appears on his face as he points the gun at the doe. ERIC (whispers) I got you now. I got ya. As Eric tightens his grip on the trigger... JACKSON (V.O.) Put the gun down. Eric has a hazed look about him. He lowers his gun and stares vacantly into the bushes. The doe watches Eric curiously. JACKSON (V.O.) (CONT’D) Leave and take the others with you. Eric turns around and runs away.

11. EXT. IN A TREE - CONTINUOUS JACKSON GARRETT, 20, lightsome and handsome, watches Eric run away. He’s standing on a thick branch, barefoot and wild looking. EXT. THE WOODS IN MARION - CONTINUOUS Jackson jumps down from the tree and walks over to the doe. The doe does not leave. Jackson pats the doe and smiles. JACKSON Look at you, huh? Causin’ trouble. Jackson squats down to look into the eyes of the doe. JACKSON (CONT’D) You need to go and stay away from here for awhile. The doe nuzzles its head on Jackson’s cheek and runs off. Jackson stands up and watches as the doe vanishes into the woods. EXT. NANA’S HOME - MOMENTS LATER Mary pulls up to a nice two story home in middle of the woods. Brandon gets out and stares at the house. He is slowly remembers the look and smell of the area. BRANDON Wow... It’s exactly how I remembered it. Nana joins him. NANA Just a few minor changes, but yes, it’s the same old house. INT. NANA’S HOME/LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUS They enter the house. Brandon grins at some of the PICTURES on the walls. The living room has a huge couch and plush chairs. There are FLOWERS in the middle of the TABLE.

12. NANA Your room is upstairs, Brandon. It was your Daddy’s room. Brandon nods and starts heading for the stairs. INT. BRANDON’S NEW ROOM - CONTINUOUS The room has bare walls, there is a fully made queen bed, a dresser, night stand, a sofa chair and chest next to the bed. There are several BOXES in the corner of the room. The boxes are marked with FRAGILE and EXPRESS MAIL. Nana, Mary and Brandon walks into the room. Mary sets Brandon’s messenger bag down and turns to Brandon. MARY There’s some snacks in night stand if you get hungry before dinner. BRANDON Thanks, Aunt Mary. MARY (smiling) No problem. Nana steps forward and places her hand on Brandon’s shoulder. NANA Now Brandon, I know you’ve been through a lot. But you are safe here. Mary nods. MARY (gently) This is your home now. Brandon looks down and then, stares at both of them. Nana grabs Brandon’s hands. Brandon slowly smiles and nods. BRANDON I know... Thank you, Nana... Aunt Mary. She hugs him. Nana and Mary leave the room.

13. Brandon looks around the room and grabs his messenger bag. Brandon pulls out his JOURNAL and a PEN. Brandon starts writing.

BEGIN MONTAGE: BRANDON (V.O.) (CONT’D) I barely remember this house. Dad brought me here a few times as kid. I always wanted to come back though, but not like this. Brandon starts unpacking his things, slowly taking items out of the boxes and setting them down on the floor. Brandon organizes his BOOKS on the bookshelf. He puts his COMIC BOOKS in stacks. Brandon folds his shirts. BRANDON (V.O.) (CONT’D) It’s been a year since everything happened... I thought by now, I’d be alright. He hangs his JEANS in the closet. Brandon puts his SHIRTS in the drawers. Brandon puts his FURRY MONSTER doll on the middle of his bed. BRANDON (V.O.) (CONT’D) Mama, thinks being here will help with the  healing, her words not mine. I hope she’s right,  because I don’t want to deal with anymore  therapists or counselors.  BRANDON (V.O.) (CONT’D) I have to do this on my own. Brandon puts a framed picture of him and four other friends on the night stand. BRANDON (V.O.) (CONT’D) I miss them so much. Brandon stares deeply at the picture.

14. BRANDON (V.O.) (CONT’D) Okay, enough of this Brooding Batman act. This is a new start. Gotta look forward. He looks around the room. END MONTAGE: Brandon finishes writing in his journal. Brandon sits back and looks at the room. BRANDON (CONT’D) (whispers) Hello, new home. INT. THE KITCHEN - NIGHT Brandon and Nana are washing and drying the dishes. Brandon cleans the last plate and hands it to Nana. BRANDON Nana, I have to say that was a great dinner. NANA Thank you, baby. I’m glad you liked it. How’s your room? BRANDON Nice and cozy. I’ll probably put some posters up soon, you know, make it more my own. NANA Good. Dress it up anyway you please.... Oh, before I forget, could you take the trash out to the shed? BRANDON Sure, where’s the shed? EXT. THE WOODS - MOMENTS LATER Brandon is walking on a dirt path with a FLASHLIGHT and the BAG of garbage.

15. Outdoors is still and dark. Sounds of CRICKETS and a light breeze rustling the leaves. The TREE BRANCHES look like a bungle of claws towering over Brandon. Brandon holds the flashlight like a sword, looking around him with every step. BRANDON I should’ve known this shed would be located in Sleepy Hollow. Suddenly, he sees two shadows race through the trees. Brandon stops in his tracks. He shines the flashlight over at his left side. He sees nothing. Then, he hears a CRUNCHING sound at his right. Brandon turns around and sees a WILD DOG staring at him. He freezes. The wild dog looks at him and runs off. Brandon is a little freaked by the dog, but he takes a deep breath and keeps going. Suddenly, he hears WATER SPLASHING. Brandon stops and flashes the light ahead of him. He starts walking forward. He points the flashlight at the water as he gets closer. As he steps through some bushes, Brandon loses his footing and tumbles down the small hill. EXT. DOWNSIDE ON THE HILL - CONTINUOUS Brandon slips down the hill. DIRT and LEAVES scatters around him. He is still holding on to the flashlight and the garbage bag. In seconds, he reaches flat ground. Brandon sits up and looks over himself. BRANDON (laughs at himself) Shit. Suddenly, a shirtless boy pops up out of the water. It’s Jackson. He swings his dark hair out of his face and swims towards Brandon. Brandon quickly stands up with the flashlight in hand. Jackson notices Brandon and smiles.

16. JACKSON (pointing at shorts) Could you hand me my shorts over there? BRANDON Um, yeah, sure. Brandon walks over to get the shorts. Jackson gets out of the lake naked and walks towards Brandon. Brandon is a little embarrassed, but plays it off. He hands Jackson the shorts as Brandon turns away. Jackson slips on his shorts and walks up to Brandon. JACKSON (casually) I’m Jackson and you are? Brandon quickly turns around and sees Jackson extends his hand. Brandon lifts his hand to Jackson. BRANDON (shaking his hand) Brandon... I’m not from around here. Jackson smiles at the awkward statement. JACKSON I can tell, you don’t have an accent and I ain’t never seen you around. A little laugh escapes Brandon’s lips. JACKSON (CONT’D) (smiles back) What? BRANDON Nothing... Nothing it’s just... You are so country. I guess, I’m really in the South. JACKSON Where are you from? Chicago. BRANDON

17. JACKSON So, where do you live now, Brandon from Chicago? BRANDON I’m living with my Grandmother and Aunt. Jackson nods. JACKSON Oh, with Miss Beverly? She’s a good woman. (beat) I live up around there... (points forward) In the far side of the woods. Brandon looks over at the cluster of trees where Jackson points. BRANDON Wow, looks like a horror movie scene. JACKSON No it don’t, it’s beautiful out here. BRANDON It’s creepy. JACKSON (laughs) Yeah, you’re really not from here. BRANDON Well, I should get back home. JACKSON Me too, I’ll walk with you. EXT. ON THE PATH - CONTINUOUS Brandon and Jackson reach the path. BRANDON It was nice to meet you, Jackson. Brandon puts his hand out to Jackson. Jackson shakes slowly and firmly.

18. JACKSON Nice to meet you too. I hope to see you around. Brandon starts walking in the other direction. Jackson watches him as he walks off. INT. THE KITCHEN - MOMENTS LATER Nana is putting the dishes into the cabinets. Brandon enters through the back door. NANA I assumed you found the shed. BRANDON Uh, yeah... Nana, do you know a guy named Jackson? Nana takes a seat at the kitchen table. NANA Oh, Jackson Garrett, Kenneth’s son. He’s very nice, always polite to me when I see him. Usually keeps to himself. Brandon joins Nana at the kitchen table. Listening very closely to her. BRANDON He seems cool. NANA Well, you should get to know Jackson. I’m sure he can show you some fun things in town. BRANDON We’ll see, Nana. Nana gives him a knowing smile. INT. BRANDON’S ROOM - MORNING Brandon is sprawled out on his bed, talking on his CELL PHONE to Roland. BRANDON Not yet... (laughs) (MORE)

19. BRANDON (CONT'D) Well, I met this guy last night... Yeah, yeah he’s cute, actually, he’s kinda hot, he’s got this “Dukes of Hazzard” thing going on. And get this, I saw him naked... Nice, very nice... (laughs) Okay, well I’ll let you know... Alright, bye, Ro. Brandon hangs up the phone and sits up in the bed. Then, he gets up and walks to the window. Brandon opens the window and looks out at the sunny, bright day.

INT. THE LIVING ROOM - MOMENTS LATER Nana is watching TV and sipping her coffee. Brandon walks into the room. NANA Well, good morning, mister. Did you sleep well? Brandon sits next to her on the couch. BRANDON Yes, I did. It’s a little weird sleeping without sirens or people shouting all through the night. NANA (chuckles) That’s why I’m here. It’s quiet enough to hear God hummin’; nothing’s wrong about that. BRANDON Where’s Aunt Mary? NANA Mary’s at the diner; probably giving those workers a hard time. BRANDON How far is the Sock Hop from here?

20. NANA About two miles up Hollis and First. BRANDON Two miles? (nodding) I think I can handle that. INT. SOCK HOP - MID MORNING The colorful diner has several people sitting in the booths and tables EATING and TALKING. The walls have old MOTOWN POSTERS and PICTURES. There are a couple of servers walking around with coffee pots and plates. Mary and BLESSING JAMES, 22, zaftig and fabulous, are standing behind the counter, talking about the LIST of items Mary is holding. Brandon walks into the diner. Mary waves and MOTIONS for Brandon to come over. MARY What are you doin’ here? You didn’t have to come in today. BRANDON I wanted check everything out. You know, see the sites and the frills. BLESSING Well, you ain’t got much to see. Marion’s about the size of two county fairs. MARY (laughs) Blessing, meet my nephew, Brandon. He’s goin’ to be livin’ with me and mama now. Blessing and Brandon shake hands. BLESSING Are you hungry?



MARY Well, then... Blessing, make one of them great omelettes of yours. BLESSING Sit down, Brandon. You’re about to get a bomb ass breakfast. BRANDON Sounds good to me. INT. SOCK HOP - COUNTER - CONTINUOUS Brandon takes a seat at the counter. Suddenly, ABBY FISHER, 21, comes rushing inside the diner. MARY Abby, you’re-ABBY I know, Mary. I know. I had to get mama to drop me off. Abby briskly walks in the back room and comes back with an apron. She joins Blessing next to the grill. ABBY (CONT’D) I just broke up with Aaron. BLESSING You? You left the boyfriend of the year? Abby nods at Blessing. ABBY Mama helped me put his stuff out this morning. That’s why I’m late, Mary. MARY Well, lucky for you there wasn’t a huge rush. Blessing and Rob, handled everything. Abby looks over at Blessing.

22. ABBY Thanks for covering for me. Blessing winks and pulls out a carton of eggs. MARY (stern) Just don’t make this a habit, girl. I depend on all of y’all to keep this place runnin’. BLESSING I can’t believe you finally broke up with him. But if Aaron starts clownin’, let me know. Squeaky and I-MARY Okay, not here. (sternly) Abby, get everything ready for the lunch run. Abby nods and heads towards the back room. Mary shakes her head and looks at Blessing. Blessing shrugs and grabs a couple of EGGS. BRANDON So, I see the diner is a happening place. Blessing cracks the eggs in a BOWL. BLESSING Yes, mostly with that crazy girl, Abby. Then, Abby comes back with a BOX of SUGAR PACKETS. What? ABBY

BLESSING Nothing, girl... Oh, this is Mary’s nephew, Brandon. Abby pauses and extends her hand. ABBY Hey Brandon, Mary said you were coming here... Welcome.



BLESSING Abby’s my partner in crime. But she’s more trouble than a partner. ABBY Whatever, I’m still a growing girl. (smiles at Brandon) I gotta make mistakes in order to learn from them. Oh, Lord. BLESSING

INT. SOCK HOP - ENTRANCE - MOMENTS LATER A MYSTERIOUS GUY/GABE walks into the diner. He looks quite normal, holding a stack of FLYERS in his hand. Gabe heads to the counter. INT. SOCK HOP - COUNTER - CONTINUOUS Abby is still placing the sugar packets in the HOLDERS. Gabe flashes a friendly smile as he leans in towards her. GABE Excuse me, young lady. Abby takes notice. Yes? ABBY

GABE I’m here from the South Gable Church in Craton. We’re having a revival in a few weeks and I wanted to know if I could post a few flyers in the diner? ABBY Well, you can hand some of them to me and my supervisor will take a look. She approves all the flyers. GABE Okay, not a problem. My number is at the bottom... (points at the flyer) If she has any questions.

24. Abby takes the flyers. ABBY Thank you... (looks at the bottom of the page) Gabriel, Mary will be in touch. GABE Have a great day. Gabe walks towards Brandon. He stares at him as if he KNOWS him. Brandon looks up and gives him a quick glance. Suddenly, Gabe stops next to Brandon and stuffs his hand in his shirt pocket. GABE (CONT’D) Hello, there. Hi. BRANDON

Gabe hands Brandon a card that says in RED LETTERS, SOUTH GABLE CHURCH. GABE We are always accepting new members. Brandon takes the card. BRANDON Uh, thanks. A grin spreads across Gabe’s face, almost frightening than pleasant. Brandon gives a friendly nod and Gabe continues on his way. Brandon makes a confused face, but turns back around to the counter. EXT. SOCK HOP - OUTSIDE - MOMENTS LATER Gabe walks outside of the Sock Hop and pulls out a CELLPHONE from his shirt pocket. He PRESSES a BUTTON and Brandon’s picture appears on the phone. Gabe smiles and places the cellphone back into his shirt pocket.

25. EXT. MARION CITY SQUARE - LATE MORNING Walking around the city square, Brandon sees a sign for IRV’S COMICS. He smiles and quickly walks over to the little store. EXT. IRV’S COMICS - CONTINUOUS IRV’S COMICS is an old school comic book shop. It is filled with BOXES OF COMICS, POSTERS of SUPERHEROES SMOTHERS THE WALLS AND DISPLAYS OF TOY SHIPS AND ACTION FIGURES in the corners of the shop. The counter has assorted CANDIES and CIGARETTES. A few people are shopping around the store. Brandon walks over and starts looking in a box of comics. He pulls out a couple of comics. Jackson comes from the opposite side of the room. He walks up behind Brandon and leans carefully towards his left ear. JACKSON You like comics? BRANDON (gasps) Holy Shit! JACKSON No, my name is Jackson, remember? Brandon slowly smiles. JACKSON (CONT’D) I wasn’t trying to scare you. I just wanted to say hi... Hi. BRANDON (grins) Hi, Creepy McCreeperson. Jackson playfully waves and takes the comics out of Brandon’s hand. JACKSON (looking through the comics) Let’s see... Wizards, demons... You must really like this stuff.

26. BRANDON (jokes) Nothing like a good freaked out fantasy to ease the mind. JACKSON So, what are you up to? Brandon shrugs. Exploring. BRANDON

JACKSON Well, you can’t do that without a guide. Really? BRANDON

JACKSON Really. Let me show you around South Carolina’s finest town. Brandon laughs. EXT. MARION CITY PARK - MOMENTS LATER Jackson and Brandon are walking through the park. Jackson has a stick in his hand, loosely swinging it about. BRANDON So, you been here your whole life? JACKSON Nope, I moved here from Orlando a few years ago with my Dad. This is his hometown. BRANDON I guess he likes Marion enough to come back, right? JACKSON Yeah, he likes the country life... How do you like it so far, city mouse? BRANDON It’s cool... Everybody’s seems good... It’s creepy quiet at night, but it’s cool.

27. JACKSON (laughs) I think you’ll like it here. Town’s full of good people and nothing crazy really happens around here. EXT. MARION CITY LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS As the two guys continue walking, a large dirty TRUCK drives by. The engine RUMBLES like thunder over the area. AARON THOMAS, 25, burly, sticks his head out the window. Inside the truck is his buddies JAMES BALK and BILLY HANK. They all look directly at Jackson and Brandon. AARON Hey faggot! Hey, you hear me! The guys LAUGH and POINT at Brandon and Jackson. Brandon walks forward. BRANDON (angry) Screw you, dude! Aaron smirks and drives off. JACKSON Forget it, Brandon. He ain’t worth it. BRANDON What an asshole! He doesn’t even know me and-JACKSON He was actually talking to me. Brandon is a little shocked. To you? To me. BRANDON JACKSON

Brandon is actually a tad bit glad to hear that.

28. JACKSON (CONT’D) That guy you shouted at is Aaron Thomas, the town asshole. BRANDON So why is he shouting at you? JACKSON We crossed paths in the past. He always threatens to beat my ass, but I doubt he has the balls to do it. BRANDON Judging by the redness of his neck, he will try to do something. You should look out. JACKSON (teasing) Aww, are you lookin’ out for me? BRANDON (slightly blushing) I’m just saying a guy like that looks like trouble. You should watch your back. JACKSON I ain’t worried. I’ve handled worse. Brandon looks at Jackson, smiling like the devil. Really? BRANDON

JACKSON The stories I could tell you. Just then, a loud DING, DONG rings across town. The TOWN HALL TOWER BELL goes off. Brandon looks up and then at his watch. BRANDON Oh snap! I told my Aunt Mary I would meet her for lunch, I hate to cut and run-JACKSON Don’t worry about it. I know how to find you.

29. They share a brief moment, Brandon can’t help but to wonder if Jackson is flirting with him. BRANDON Alright, well, I’ll see you. Soon. JACKSON

Brandon smiles and turns away; Jackson watches him walk off. EXT. SOCK HOP - BACK ALLEY - MOMENTS LATER Abby is taking the garbage to the trash bin. As she starts walking back in, Aaron walks up. Abby! AARON

Abby stops in her tracks. She sighs, keeping her eyes focused on the back door. AARON (CONT’D) Abby, Abby you hear me! ABBY What do you want, Aaron? He walks up closer to her. She slowly turns around to face him. AARON I want you to take me back. That’s what I want. You and me, back together. ABBY Well, I don’t want that. We’re done. She starts walking to the back door. Aaron jumps in front of her. AARON NO! No, okay, Abby... Look, I’m not perfect alright. I’m a simple man; I’m gonna make mistakes. ABBY That’s all you ever do! Getting drunk, losing jobs... Other girls! I can’t keep going through this! Blessing said--

30. AARON That Black bitch always sticks her nose in places she don’t belong; and you keep letting her do it! ABBY She’s my friend! And I should’ve listened to her over a year ago! It’s over, Aaron! Just let it-Aaron grabs her arm and pulls her back to him like a rag doll. She is totally stunned and frighten. Aaron leans into her ear. AARON (sternly) This ain’t over until I say so. Suddenly, the back door opens and Blessing walks out. There is so much anger in her eyes, she could melt Aaron with a glance. BLESSING You got five minutes before the police gets here. Two minutes before I get down there and brawl with you myself. Aaron lets Abby go. She quickly runs over to Blessing. AARON This is between Abby and me! BLESSING Naw, it ain’t. This is between you, Abby and me. Now, get the hell out of here. Aaron lingers for a bit and walks away. Blessing puts her arm around Abby, who is fighting back the tears. You okay? BLESSING (CONT’D)

ABBY (sniffling) I’ll be fine, girl. I just need a moment. Blessing nods and Abby returns into the diner. Blessing stands outside, making sure Aaron doesn’t comes back.

31. INT. DARKEN ROOM - NIGHT Patrick enters the room with a small BAG in his hand. PATRICK Samara! Where are you? SAMARA DRAKE, 23, goth-looking walks into the room from the opposite end. She stares at him with a cutting smirk on her face. SAMARA The excitable boy returns. Do you have what I need? Patrick tosses the bag to her. Samara FLEXES her hand and stops the bag in mid-air. Then, she moves her hand towards a BLACK TABLE and the bag travels there. PATRICK (grinning) Show off. Samara sits at the BLACK TABLE. She takes a JAR of RED SAND and draws a circle with it on the table. Then, she reaches down to pick up a SILVER BOX. She opens the box and pours out EIGHT EYEBALLS in the middle of the circle. Samara opens the bag and takes out two more eyeballs. SAMARA We have everything we need. Samara places the eyeballs in different positions in the circle. SAMARA (CONT’D) Now, let’s see if this spell will find what you’re looking for. Patrick joins Samara at the table. She takes a seat. SAMARA (CONT’D) Os olhos dos seers, encontram seu heart' desejo de s (translate in English - eyes of seers, find his heart's desire) The EYEBALLS begin to move around in the red sand. The process is slow at first, but then, it speeds up. The eyeballs GLOW, projecting a HALO in the air. SAMARA (CONT’D) Encontre-o! (find it)

32. The HALO grows and inside the halo is hazy map of a few states: Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. Samara frowns. PATRICK (furious) Where is he!? The HALO fades. Fuck! PATRICK (CONT’D)

Patrick flips over the black table. The eyeballs scatters all over the floor. SAMARA Chill out, Patrick! Patrick quickly grabs Samara out of her seat and pulls her towards him, staring wildly at her. PATRICK Watch your tongue, Samara! I’m not happy right now! SAMARA I said... Chill... Patrick goes flying across the room and lands crookedly against the wall. OUT! Patrick laughs. Bitch. PATRICK SAMARA (CONT’D)

SAMARA The spell around him is incredibly powerful. Face it, Patrick; he doesn’t want to be found. As she turns away, Patrick falls to the floor. PATRICK I will find Jackson, Samara. And you will use every bit of your fucking sorcery to get him.

33. SAMARA What we saw is every bit of my work! This lead is the best one we’ve had in a year! He’s in the South; go where the map showed you. Patrick walks over to Samara with maniacal look in his eyes. Then, he goes from angry to cheery as he kisses her on the cheek. Thank you. PATRICK

Patrick leaves the room as Samara stares daggers in his back. INT. BRANDON’S ROOM - SAME TIME/NIGHT Brandon is sitting in the love seat, writing in his journal. BRANDON (V.O.) All you can hear is crickets and frogs screwing. This town is such a cliché. Jackson’s right, it’s going to take some time to get used to. Brandon stops for second and grins. BRANDON (V.O.) (CONT’D) Jackson... He’s like a real life Tom Sawyer... Charming, funny... Hot. But what else is hidden behind those green eyes? There’s a KNOCK on his door. Come in. BRANDON (CONT’D)

Mary enter with CAR KEYS in her hand. MARY Brandon, could do me a huge favor? BRANDON Sure, what’s up? MARY I got a hankering for some peach cobbler, but we’re out of nutmeg. Could you run to the store and pick up some for me? Brandon gets up from the love seat.

34. BRANDON Yeah, which store? MARY (snickering) Boy, we only got one big grocery store. It’s five miles leading out of town. (toss Brandon the keys, he catches them) You can’t miss it. INT. POWER FOODS - NIGHT Brandon pays the cashier and grabs the bag from him. Brandon nods and heads out. EXT. PARKING LOT - CONTINUOUS As Brandon enters the parking lot, he walks past Abby and her cousin, SUTTON CHASE, 21, cornfed. Abby recognizes him and stops in her tracks. Brandon? ABBY

Brandon turns around and recognizes her. BRANDON Oh, I’m sorry. Abby, right? I’m in my own little world. ABBY No problem. (looks back at an anxious Sutton) Oh, this is my cousin, Sutton. SUTTON (awkwardly smiling)


Sutton puts out his hand. BRANDON Hi, Sutton. (shakes Sutton’s hand) So, what are you two up to? ABBY We’re getting beer and things for Black Eagle Rock.

35. BRANDON Black Eagle Rock? SUTTON (sarcastically) It’s a hang out spot for the ‘cool kids’ in town. You should come. Abby quickly looks at Sutton with a smirk on her face. ABBY Yeah... (turns back to Brandon) You should come. We’ll drive you if you like? BRANDON Well, I have make a stop back home, but I’ll join you if you don’t mind. SUTTON It’s cool. We don’t mind, Brandon. Why not show you a good time, right? BRANDON (smiles) Yeah, right. EXT. BLACK EAGLE ROCK - MOMENTS LATER There are several CARS and TRUCKS parked in the rocky creek area. People are TALKING, DRINKING and DANCING. MUSIC is BLASTING all over. Abby, Sutton and Brandon are sitting with some of Abby’s girlfriends. Abby is tipsy and very cheerful. ABBY (slurring) I’m a free bitch!! The girls cheer and shout. ABBY (CONT’D) Aaron is FINALLY out of my life!! More cheering. Brandon chuckles a little bit, Sutton notices. He leans over to Brandon. SUTTON (lightly) I hope she sticks with this. She took him back three times.

36. BRANDON Maybe the fourth time is a charm? Sutton shrugs. ABBY I need some beer! Somebody please save this woman! The other girls also shake their cans in the air. BRANDON I’ll get it. Brandon gets up and heads for the truck. Sutton gets up as well. SUTTON You need the keys. Abby jumps over to Sutton with a shit-eating grin on her face. ABBY (cannily) You could just push the unlock button. (points at the keys) You ain’t slick, cuz. SUTTON (smiling) Shut up. Sutton hurries up to join Brandon. EXT. BLACK EAGLE ROCK - CONTINUOUS Sutton joins Brandon and they start walking together. SUTTON I bet you’re thinkin’ these country folks are crazy to party at a dark ass creek. BRANDON No, this is cool. Where I’m from, you would kill to have this much space and no cops. SUTTON Chicago, right?

37. Brandon nods “yes”. SUTTON (CONT’D) Cool, I’ve only been as far as Macomb. I go to school there. BRANDON Really? My high school class president goes there. SUTTON So do you go to college? BRANDON (beat) That’s a long story, Sutton. SUTTON I’m willing to listen sometime. Before Brandon can reply... Brandon! JACKSON

Brandon turns around and sees Jackson walking over towards them. Jackson? SUTTON

BRANDON You know him? SUTTON We work together at Mr. Brighten’s farm. How do you know him? BRANDON He lives near me. Jackson joins them. JACKSON Sutton... (gives him a head nod, Sutton nods back) What’s going on? BRANDON I’m taking your advice and getting to know the land.

38. SUTTON What brings you out here? I never see you out much. JACKSON Charles and Rich told me about the party; so we thought we would drop by and check things out. (looks dead at Brandon) Glad we did... It’s seems like a good ole time. Brandon smiles and Sutton nods. SUTTON You’re welcome to join us, if you like. JACKSON I can’t, Charles has an early shift and I’m the sober driver. BRANDON (anxiously) Hey, come by the diner tomorrow for lunch... It’s on me. JACKSON That’s nice of you, but I-SUTTON (interfering) We have a long day tomorrow at work. Mr. Brighten is sending us to his old mill to clear it out. JACKSON Yeah, what Sutton said. But I could stop by afterwards? BRANDON That would be great. SUTTON Or you could stop by the mill. It’s not that far from the diner. We could all chill out for a minute. I’ll give you my number. BRANDON Sure, okay, that’s cool.

39. EXT. BLACK EAGLE ROCK - TRUCK - CONTINUOUS CHARLES MALKIN, burly, guzzles a beer and toss the CAN in the back of the truck. CHARLES Hey, Jackson! Let’s go! EXT. BLACK EAGLE ROCK - CONTINUOUS JACKSON (to Brandon) Duty calls. Talk to you later... (to Sutton) See you tomorrow, Sutton. Jackson heads off to the truck. So weird. SUTTON

BRANDON What? Jackson? SUTTON He’s like a hermit. Doesn’t really come out much... Good to see him though. He’s actually human. Brandon watches as Jackson and his friends leave the creek. SUTTON (CONT’D) So, let’s get those beers. Okay. BRANDON

They head to the truck. INT. JACKSON’S HOME - KITCHEN - MORNING KEN GARRETT, 38, handsome and worn, is eating breakfast at the dinner table. Jackson walks in with a pep in his step. Ken notices and smiles. Jackson reaches in the cabinet and pulls out a BOWL and then heads to the REFRIGERATOR. KEN You’re up early and what’s with the pep?

40. Jackson sits down at the table and pours CEREAL and MILK in the bowl. JACKSON It’s not early, it’s nine and what pep are you talking about? KEN Nine is early for you. JACKSON Not really... I got to get over to Brighten’s Mill. Ken smirks. KEN You met someone. I can tell. How? JACKSON

KEN Because you’re acting like I did when I met your Mama. Jackson smiles as he stuffs a spoonful of cereal in his mouth. KEN (CONT’D) (beat) You have to be careful about this, Jackson. You know that. JACKSON I know, dad. You don’t have to remind me. KEN But I do have to, Jackson. It’s been very quiet for the past five years. JACKSON Dad, Brandon’s cool. He’s not a spy or a some, being, he’s human. KEN Brandon, that’s his name, huh? JACKSON He just moved here from Chicago. He’s Miss Beverly’s grandson. (MORE)

41. JACKSON (CONT'D) You know her, she was your fourth grade teacher. Ken leans in. KEN (very fatherly) I don’t want to be pain in the ass, but just humor an old man here, okay? This kid has no idea about what you are and what you can do. JACKSON He doesn’t need to know. It’s not like I run around here using my abilities. Ken presses his lips. JACKSON (CONT’D) Well, all the time. KEN I just need for you to be aware, Jackson. JACKSON Dad, we’re safe. The spell around here is strong; has been still for the past five years. So, don’t worry. I think we are in a good place. KEN I just don’t want you to get in over your head, alright? JACKSON Dad, trust me. I just like the guy. I don’t even know if he likes me back. INT. BRANDON’S ROOM - CONTINUOUS Brandon’s on the phone with Roland. BRANDON I think I like Jackson. INT. ROLAND’S CAR - CONTINUOUS Roland driving in his car.

42. ROLAND I guess there’s not a lot to do in that town. BRANDON O.S. What? Listen, I know I sound like a 90s rom-com, but I get something when I’m around him. Horny? ROLAND

INT. BRANDON’S ROOM - CONTINUOUS BRANDON No... Not really, well, I mean he’s hot, and he flirted with me, I know he did. ROLAND O.S. You’re sure? Yep. BRANDON

INT. ROLAND’S CAR - CONTINUOUS ROLAND What about Chris? BRANDON O.S. I haven’t really thought about him. ROLAND Wow... Well, find out more about Hee Haw. See if this flirting is real or all in your head. Oh, and take a picture of him. I need to see this country sex symbol. INT. BRANDON’S ROOM - CONTINUOUS BRANDON (laughs) I will... You know, I think I’m going to like it here.

43. ROLAND O.S. You better. I need a place to escape to when my parents get too helicopterish. Oh shit, I’m about to pass the cops, gotta go. BRANDON Okay, later. Brandon hangs up and text Sutton. Brandon text TELL ME WHAT YOU AND JACKSON WANT AND I WILL BRING IT TO THE MILL. Then Brandon put his phone in his pocket and leaves his room. INT. SOCK HOP - BACK ROOM - MID MORNING Brandon is listening to Mary explain his new office job. MARY Since you’re good numbers, I want you to work on the books and food orders for the diner. You’ll get paid like the others. BRANDON Cool, this beats looking for a job. MARY (laughs) Brandon, we own a business. Why would you look for a job? (shakes her head) You can start this weekend, alright? BRANDON That works for me. MARY Good. Now, I’ll organize the office for you. This will be your space from here on out. Brandon nods, then Blessing sticks her head into the office. BLESSING Hey Brandon, your food’s ready. BRANDON Thanks, Blessing... Aunt Mary, I’ll see you later.

44. MARY


INT. SOCK HOP - COUNTER - CONTINUOUS Brandon walks over to the LARGE BAG at the end of the counter. Blessing stands next to the bag, drinking a soda. BLESSING Now, who are you feedin’ with all this food? BRANDON Jackson and Sutton. I’m having lunch with them. BLESSING Jackson? As in Jackson Garrett? BRANDON Yeah, Jackson Garrett? Blessing chuckles and takes a seat. BLESSING That boy is strange. Roams around town at night by himself. Causing trouble up at the pool hall... You sure you want to be around that? BRANDON Nana said he’s a good guy. BLESSING She don’t know... Jackson’s trouble. But Sutton’s cool. Loyal like a labrador, you can’t go wrong with that. BRANDON Sutton is a nice guy... I should get up to the mill. Don’t want their food to get cold. BLESSING Don’t worry about that, boo. My cooking is good hot or cold. Brandon grabs the bag and leaves the diner.

45. EXT. BRIGHTEN’S MILL - NOON Several guys are MOVING things from the aged MILL. TWO TRUCKS are packed with old MACHINERY and FURNITURE. Sutton carries a couple chairs to the truck. His cellphone BUZZES. He pauses for a minute, pulls out his phone and checks it. The text says: I’M ON MY WAY, 10 MIN TOPS. Sutton puts his phone back in his pocket and walks towards the mill. INT. BRIGHTEN’S MILL - CONTINUOUS Sutton walks in the empty room. The HUGE FAN is running loudly as the engine CHOKES and SPUTTERS. A GUY carries midsized BOX, heads towards Sutton. SUTTON Why are we using this fan? The guy shrugs. Sutton heads upstairs. Jackson! SUTTON (CONT’D)

INT. BRIGHTEN’S MILL - OLD OFFICE - CONTINUOUS Sutton enters the room where Jackson is stacking boxes. He is sweaty and shirtless. Sutton can’t help but to take a glance. SUTTON Is it that hot up here? JACKSON Yeah, the air from that broke ass fan ain’t reachin’ up here. SUTTON Brandon is on his way. Jackson nods as a cocky little smile appears on his face. Sutton notices. SUTTON (CONT’D) You like him don’t you?

46. Jackson looks up to face him. JACKSON Why do you ask? SUTTON You can be trouble, Jackson. You know that. JACKSON I’d never put him in harm’s way, Sutton. My beef with Aaron or anyone won’t get... Oh, get it... You like him. I noticed that last night. Sutton folds his arms. SUTTON (firmly) Brandon is a cute guy... (walks up to Jackson) But that’s not the point. EXT. BRIGHTEN’S MILL - OUTSIDE - CONTINUOUS Brandon walks up to the mill. He asked a GUY if Jackson and Sutton are inside. The guy points UP. Brandon nods and heads inside the mill. INT. BRIGHTEN’S MILL - OLD OFFICE - CONTINUOUS The two boys continue to stare at each other. JACKSON Hey, I’m not tryin’ to argue about this. Sutton backs off. SUTTON This isn’t an argument. If he’s interested I’m sure he’ll say something. JACKSON I think he already has an idea. SUTTON So you do like him. Jackson nods.

47. SUTTON (CONT’D) Mother fucker. INT. BRIGHTEN’S MILL Brandon walks up the stairs. As he heads up, the FAN starts to SMOKE and CRACKLE, then it explodes. The PLUG-IN BLACKENS and the WALL catches on FIRE with rapid speed. The explosion shakes the mill. INT. BRIGHTEN’S MILL - SECOND FLOOR HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS The FIRE reaches Brandon on the second floor. He drops the BAG and tries run down the stairs, but the fire has spread below him. Brandon runs to the next available room, which is an empty, windowless room. EXT. BRIGHTEN’S MILL - OUTSIDE - CONTINUOUS Everyone is standing around the mill as the fire grows around the building. Some of the guys are running to their trucks and others are using their cellphones to call for help. INT. BRIGHTEN’S MILL - OLD OFFICE - MOMENTS LATER The room is full of SMOKE. Sutton is coughing uncontrollably. Jackson tries to find his bearings. The smoke doesn’t affect him. He sees the window and guides Sutton towards it. Jackson pushes the window and the foundation around it away from the wall, with one hand. Get out! JACKSON

Sutton gets to the BROKEN WINDOW and climbs out. Jackson watches as Sutton reaches the ground close enough to jump the rest of the way down. Jackson turns around see the flames consume the room. As he start to leave, he stops in his tracks. Brandon... JACKSON (CONT’D)

48. INT. BRIGHTEN’S MILL - SECOND FLOOR ROOM - CONTINUOUS Brandon is on the floor, covering his mouth and crawling away from the fire. He is frighten and completely weaken by the smoke swarming around him. He is slowly losing consciousness. As he begins to fade out, he sees something coming towards him. He sees something walking through the fire, a BLACK SHADOW like figure, with GLOWING EYES coming towards him. BRANDON (to himself) No, it... It can’t be... Then, Brandon passes out. EXT. BRIGHTEN’S MILL - OUTSIDE The FIRE consumes the most of the building. The town’s FIRE TRUCK reaches the mill. The FIREMEN quickly get into position and start spraying WATER everywhere. People from the town has arrived to see the incident. Sutton runs up to one of the firemen. SUTTON There is two more guys in there! The second level EXPLODES and people SHOUT in fear. Suddenly, a wall on the lower side of the mill BURSTS open and Jackson walks out with Brandon in his arms. The Firemen see Jackson and Brandon stumble out the building. They quickly assist them, taking Brandon from Jackson. Sutton runs up and sees Jackson standing there. He notices that he is unscathed and okay. But Sutton quickly turns his attention to Brandon. An EMT comes up Jackson to check on him. The crowd watches behind the police barricade. Everyone is chattering and talking. One guy walks in front of the crowd. It is Gabe. He stares at Jackson while the EMT talks with him. Gabe watches Jackson as if he sees more than what’s there. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out his phone and takes Jackson’s picture.

49. INT. AMBULANCE - MOMENTS LATER Brandon is awake and breathing with the help of an oxygen mask. An EMT is standing near him. He is looking around for familiar faces. Hopefully, Jackson’s. BRANDON (raspy) Where’s Jackson? Sutton? EMT They’re fine, but you should rest. BRANDON Was there anyone else in there? EMT Luckily, no everyone’s accounted for. Brandon stares off in the distance and puts the oxygen mask back on. INT. NANA’S HOME - LIVING ROOM - EARLY EVENING Brandon is laying on the couch. Nana sitting next to him, while Mary brings him a plate of FRIES. Sutton and Abby are also there in the living room. NANA I talked to your mama while you were at the hospital. She’s glad you’re okay. You should call her. BRANDON I will, Nana. ABBY Blessing wanted to be here, but the diner is packed with folks. MARY I bet it is, maybe I should call the Sock Hop. BRANDON Aunt Mary, go down to the diner. You don’t need stay here, I’m fine. MARY No, I’m here. Blessing can handle it.

50. NANA Don’t you worry about the diner, just rest here on this couch... Thank God, Jackson got you out in time. Jackson? BRANDON

NANA Yes, he was the first to call me to let me know you were okay. SUTTON Yeah, Jackson saved me too. He was like a superhero or something. BRANDON So it was him? Brandon sits back on the couch and looks off into space. NANA I hope he’s alright, all that smoke and fire probably didn’t do him any good. BRANDON I hope so too, Nana. ABBY Well, we should get going... Sutton? SUTTON Yeah, we should. Brandon, listen to Miss Beverly and get some rest. BRANDON Okay, Sutton. Abby, you both have a good night. Abby nods as her and Sutton leaves the room. Once Sutton reach the door, he turned around to look at Brandon. Brandon smiles at him. Sutton smiles back. INT. BRANDON’S ROOM - NIGHT - HOURS LATER Brandon is writing in his journal, sitting on his bed.

51. BRANDON (V.O.) I could have died today. It’s weird to say that for second time, but it’s true. Lucky for me, I had a savior. Funny, it’s the same guy I... Suddenly, Brandon hears PECKING at his window. He looks up to see nothing there. Then... Brandon. JACKSON O.S.

Brandon looks confused. He’s not sure if he is hearings things. Brandon gets up and looks out the window. He sees Jackson standing outside in the yard. Brandon’s smiles grew big on his face. JACKSON Come down here. EXT. NANA’S HOME - OUTSIDE - MOMENTS LATER Brandon joins Jackson in the yard. They are both glad to see each other. JACKSON I just wanted to see if you were alright. BRANDON I am, and you? Are you okay? JACKSON Yeah, I’m good. BRANDON (looking over Jackson) You got out without a scratch. You must be some mutant or something. JACKSON (teasingly) Or something... Your hero? They laugh. BRANDON (beat) Seriously, thank you, Jackson. I thought... That was it for me.

52. JACKSON Nope, that’s not in the cards. I think you’re sticking around much longer. BRANDON I plan on doing that. Plus, I want to get to know you better. JACKSON Are you sure about that? I’m know you heard things about me. BRANDON I want to see for myself, besides, Nana trust you and I trust her. JACKSON Well, I’d like to get to know you too, Brandon. I could use a good friend around here. Ditto. Jackson smiles big. JACKSON Well, I’m glad you’re okay. Suddenly, the front door opens and Mary steps out of the house. MARY I thought I heard voices. She joins them out in the yard. JACKSON I’m just checking on Brandon, Miss Mary. MARY Thanks to you, he’s alive and well. Thank you so much, Jackson. JACKSON Not a thing, Miss Mary... Well, good night. MARY Good night. Jackson looks to Brandon. BRANDON

53. JACKSON See you soon. BRANDON Yeah... see you soon. Then Jackson leaves. INT. PATTON HOTEL ROOM - LATER Gabe walks out of the bathroom in a large BATH ROBE. He goes over to his desk and sits down. Gabe pulls out a FOLDER and opens it. Inside the folder are PICTURES OF BOYS with BLACK Xs over them. But one picture is clear... It is a picture of Brandon. Gabe pulls out his PHONE and press one number. The phone rings. GABE Yes... Very well, very well. Gabe runs his fingers over Brandon’s picture. GABE (CONT’D) I found the sinner. Yes... He will be great as the gift... Yes, I think so... Yes, but I think I have something that will please the glorious one indeed. Gabe pulls out another picture from batch of photos. It is a picture of Jackson. GABE (CONT’D) I never thought I would ever be this fortunate... Yes... I’ve seen it for myself... He picks up the picture and holds it in front of his face. GABE (CONT’D) (madly grinning) I finally found a demon, a child of Baal... Don’t worry, I’ll get them both for you... Praise Him. FADE TO BLACK.






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