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Ashley Orozco Period 2 02/20/13 Black History Month Graphic Organizer and Greeting Card

Questions Answers 1. Name the website you found the poem on. Poets/phillis_wheatley/poems/17794 2. What is the name of the poem? 3. Who is the author of the poem? 4. Insert a picture of the author? Phillis Wheatley calls the name of the poem A Funeral Poem On The Death of C.E. The author of the poem is Phillis Wheatley.

5. What does the title tell you about the poem?

What the title tells me about the poem is that it’s about a special person who died and who was a

6. Explain the first thing you notice about the poem? 7. Why did you select this poem? How did it interest or inspire you?

8. What mood did the poem create in you after reading it?

important person is Phillis Wheatley life. The first thing I noticed about the poem was that the word E'er was repeated multiply times. I selected this poem because I already read some of her poems and I thought they were very touching and very descriptive of her life. Her poems inspire me because even though she was black she did let that get in the way of writing her poems. The mood that it created in my after reading was happy and joyful because her poems are always so great.

Dear mom, We celebrate Black History Month because Black History Month is celebrated in the month of February all over America. Carter G. Woodson, a historian and professor established the Negro History Week in 1926 to commemorate the efforts and hard work of African Americans to the American society. In 1976, the revelry was extended for the entire month and celebrated all over America. Although this month was mainly established to celebrate and honor the work of African Americans, it signifies unity and recognition cutting across racial and geographical barriers. How the poem made me feel happy & joyful because it was so amazing just being able to read it.
A Funeral Poem on the Death of C.E. by Phillis Wheatley Through airy roads he wings his instant flight To purer regions of celestial light; Enlarged he sees unnumbered systems roll, Beneath him sees the universal whole, Planets on planets run there destined round, And circling wonders fill the vast profound. The' ethereal now, and now the' empyreal skies With growing splendors strike his wondering eyes: The angels view him with delight unknown,

A brighter world, and nobler strains belong. Say would you tear him from the realms abov E'er yet on sin's base actions I was bent, "E'er yet I knew temptation's dire intent; "E'er yet the lash for horrid crimes I felt, "E'er vanity had led my way to guilt, "But, soon arriv'd at my celestial goal, "Full glories rush on my expanding soul." Joyful he spoke: exulting cherubs round Clapt their glad wings, the heav'nly vaults resound. Say, parents, why this unavailing moan? Why heave your pensive bosoms with the groan? To Charles, the happy subject of my song, By thoughtless wishes, and prepost'rous love? Doth his felicity increase your pain? Or could you welcome to this world again The heir of bliss? with a superior air Methinks he answers with a smile severe, "Thrones and dominions cannot tempt me there." But still you cry, "Can we the sigh forbear, "And still and still must we not pour the tear? "Our only hope, more dear than vital breath, "Twelve moons revolv'd, becomes the prey of death; "Delightful infant, nightly visions give "Thee to our arms, and we with joy receive, "We fain would clasp the Phantom to our breast, "The Phantom flies, and leaves the soul unblest." To yon bright regions let your faith ascend, Prepare to join your dearest infant friend In pleasures without measure, without end.