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9:39 pm, Saturday, 2013-02-23

12D ET Beings Occupy Heart, but Not as Humans
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Video Journal
Hello, my dear, dear friends. I greet you from Heart. Hello, Theresa-Ann – we meet you (t)here – something we have been joyously awaiting. Though time is no part of anything real, yet we do share in your experience of it, there in 3D, and it's quite an experience. Our joyous anticipation of when you would come and join with us like this, once again, has been intense. It was almost – specify almost – hard to wait. Oh, my heart laughs at/with this. How clearly, how succinctly you put it. I love that. Okay, then, I will bite. Do share what makes this particular time and meeting so special. Well, we know you received our words through Ken in your (healing) session the other day. They were intense – and we saw

and experienced your appreciation of that. As we told him, your work with us is imperative – a word we noted was not wasted on you. You got our intent – especially from the rest of our message. Yes, we said – and meant it – that, were your work with us not to both continue and deepen, that there would be no reason to stay in the body. We know you don't fully understand this, nor will you until and as you see the work flow through your hands & Heart. Then you will know. Meanwhile, we are here to share with you on what you have already noticed is a much deeper level. The (12D) journals, as you have already said, are now experiential – far from just words, they are an experience. They bring & facilitate deep change. Yes, my friends, I have noted this. I have found it amazing. Calendars & clocks are now thrown out, entirely – time has no more meaning as a limit of any kind. Changes that could take years, sometimes lifetimes, can now happen overnight – or in a flash. Yes, they take time to deepen, to be fully inculcated – time to fully blossom – yet the change is delivered all at once. We see that this reminds you of people having NDEs (Near Death Experiences). That is a correct comparison. In 5D and higher, understandings are delivered all at once. You can see it as a recognition that all time is just Now. The time it takes to settle in and be integrated is purely a function of that aspect of your being that remains in 3D. In 5D the whole gift is yours, instantly – as is any communication. They don't take any time – time as you know it, here in 3D. Yes, I have noted that aspect of being instantaneous – and often admired it. I am glad to begin to integrate it, now. And actually, I don't know what to say to you. I am and have been so high on Light, on these shiftings, for several days. So I think I'll again just turn it over to you. Please take it away. Gladly, dear one. Where shall we begin. We notice your appreciation of being gifted with what amounts to a purpose or

mission – how it came as a surprise. We note, too, its difference from anything having to do with mind – how it is truly and only of Heart. We watch you expanding out into that and must tell you – we are amazed. Perhaps we had not fully gauged or realized your readiness. You are like tinder to flame, and your Joy is contagious. We would like you to know that we are high on it, too. Try that on. See how it fits/feels. Yes – let it deepen. We must ask you to cease worrying with the spacing and syntax, dear one. Stay with us. You are more than able to clean it up, later. For now be focused. We require it. [I was going back correcting spellings, tab stops, etc.] Please relax. Let it all go. We remind you that, though on the one hand what we do together, here matters so much and to so many – on the other hand nothing matters at all. Find your point of poise on the edge of Balance, riding both simultaneously. Let them be your team of horses – one white and one black – or should we say lions? It is significant to now have your totems – two African lions – one male and one female – a sacred honor. They are active and rising up into service before they expected to be. Your readiness made nothing of the expected time of preparation – integration. This is a very good sign for wo/mankind, for as you know, you are an example, a forefunner (lovely 'typo' for forerunner) for what each one is – an excellent omen. We feel you integrating with us. The lions are by your side – on the left and the right. So they will always be, now, for the rest of this life. Expect them to be there – make use of their service. They extend your range of abilities significantly – we won't tell you in what ways. That's for you to uncover. We will be with you, now, in everything you do of the journals – not just the official 12D ones – for we are merging, and that separation won't mean anything at all in a very short time. We are glad you know not to anticipate or form expectations – this gives us greater range – for with the mankind of earth you must learn the great depth of the power of your beliefs. An expectation is a form of belief – in what will happen – that only gets in the way.

Now, as you all accelerate and intensify your “progress” up the spiral of Light, from one moment to the next you'll often be amazed at the changes going on. Most will start out to be internal – but soon you'll be seeing them in manifestation much quicker than any of you are used to. So expectations at this time can never be sufficient to carry the Light that's awaiting expression. They only act as limits, instead. It is indeed the case, as you just had the thought, that the human brain, far from being the great device of expansion & exploration, is more a reducing valve. It acts to slow down and limit the expression of Light manifestation – slowing it down into 3D time – stretching it out in time, in space. Yet when the energies begin flowing in earnest within the body temples of wo/man that limiting factor is erased. This is not possible for anyone until they are ready to make the journey up the dimensional ladder – to partake actively of their multidimensionality. This stage you have reached, so we now go forward, together. That which we release through you will, as you have guessed, sometimes take much courage for you to be the mouthpiece to deliver. Relax around this. The more you relax into and stay in the Now the finer will be your ability to carry the mission we bring. You have more than adequate grace and tremendous support. So just relax into it. As you so often counsel others – remember, you are Source. We won't be announcing way ahead of time what's up ahead, so just stay with your flow. You're not quite ready for that, yet. There remain a few noxious time weeds in your Belief Garden, yet. So lest anyone think you are better than them, take this in – you are not. Yes, dear one, we know you are aware of this factor of things. It's to the others we spoke. We realize and champion your joy to have the privilege of announcing to each one their native divinity – mirroring this to them. We join your great joy in this. We stand also to mirror them back to themselves, so they get a more than double dose when they come to this trough to drink. We mount up to and embody a great spiral of Light – this spiral that you are. Not only does it spin ever faster and faster, but

its coherence increases, as well, thus increasing its power of manifestation – higher octaves down into this one – and rising lower energies into the heights. Yes, it functions both ways. So together it spirals down and spirals up. In its own way it reminds of the double-helix spinning round, DNA-like, one rising one falling, with perfect symmetry between. It's an amazing sight. We will show it to you soon. We note you are gaining your 3 rd eye or inner sight. Oh, my friends, this is all so amazing. To hear you put these words to what I've been experiencing – I'm glad it's you doing that, for I've had no words for it. I'm so glad I have you there to steady me, as well. I don't see how someone – anyone – makes such a trip unaided – being Source or not. It's just too amazing and in so many ways. I'm also a bit surprised to see us announcing what Ken recently said – but I don't care. My joy has also been to be sheer and transparent – such that those who are ready can easily see themselves here, where I Am. Empowerment is serious business – along with being one heck of a good time. This would be so totally boring were it to apply to only me. The greatness of its joy is in its broad applicability – in our union, our unity – complete oneness in our seeming separation. Yes, that is the case. That is the beacon that, together, we shine – what wo/man has done, wo/man can do – indeed. We give both the vision of what it looks like, along with the impetus of Light – the boost up the spiral for all who are in readiness. You set a good example there, too. We appreciate how you instantly changed your viewing habits, moving from the divine Balance you were accustomed to maintaining back over, now, into just Light. This is more helpful for what it does not do than for what it does. What we mean is that we agree with Alex Collier and the many who have spoken up about withdrawing your energies from the dark ones – from TPTW (The Powers That Were).

What this amounts to is pulling the plug on them – letting the air out that was holding them up. The Light Beings have propped the dictators and abusers of power up for such a long time. Now they, on both sides, have come to know nothing else. Well, that day is done. We announce that it is thoroughly over. For so long the Light Beings, in all unawareness of their native Power, have let their attention be held by whatever TPTW parade before their gaze – from TV to supposed news and all the endless commercials destroying the Light in whatever was being offered. It has all served to take your energies down the spiral of Light – but no more. There will be great laughter, and world-wide, as you all wake up and realize it is you holding the power, all along – and just giving it away – just as you'd been taught. None of you realized quite how necessary you were to them – but soon that will be seen. Even now it can be seen in the various things leaking out from behind the old castle walls of secrecy – things The Powers SO didn't want you to see or know. The very energy of the air will no longer lend support to such terrible secrets, such terrible activities as have gone on in secret. It is now all coming out, beginning what will seem to be the never-ending spiral of disintegration – of disempowerment for TPTW. Once, and for so long, they were known and well known as TPTB – The Powers That Be – but no more. You are both watching and participating more and more in their demise. Only you don't have to fight them in any way. We feel the underlying swell of delight in the people as they come into realization that all they need do is turn around – walk away – go back into Heart and activities of Light – in a nutshell, follow their bliss. This is effortlessness at its finest – just shift everyone's focus of attention. You are now to learn, en masse, of the power, the immense power of your gaze – of how you place your attention, and what energy you send over the bridge of it. Your creative powers are immense – you just didn't know how to implement them for your own purposes. Now you all begin to see and to intuit. It is and will be a great time of deep delight as people realize

the simplicity of what is called for, here – the ease of that. TPTW will do their best to lure you out into fighting against them – against this, that, or anything. It's the energy of discord on which they thrive, and when they discover they can't gin that up in you, in the masses, anymore – well, what shall they do? We'll leave that one to them. Meanwhile, let's all work and play together to put them on a starvation diet. Let them starve for the discord that is their daily fare, while you all refuse to be pulled into that. We have several attachments in mind for this conversation, and we know you know the ones that we mean to share. If and as people will not only view the video, but read and watch the attachments, they'll be greatly supported in their new moves up the spiral of Light. They will all resign as chefs used to dishing up every noxious substance for their slave masters – laughing and delighting at the ease with which they slip the bonds that have so far held them. Oh, there is delight enough to pass around. Immerse yourselves, dear ones – your very dear selves – in material that supports your Light. Cease wallowing about in the pig slop that was meant [by TPTW] to be your endless daily fare. In the ways offered in this and other journals you will learn and practice refusing it – learn how to easily just walk away. You will cease, many of you, to be the people-pleasers you've been programmed to be. Self and Now – do remember that, even if you must make some sort of mantra of it. Let these be your only concerns in times of challenge or trouble – Self and Now. When that Self is the one spelled capital H – e – a – r – t, then all things work for the good – for the highest. It is a time of setting up just a few good habits that will stand you in good stead going forward. At some point even the concept of habits will be something you laugh at, but not just yet. We still have a bit of the old view of time to slog through, dear ones. So if you're going to take on any of this, we suggest you do so right away, for if you wait long at all that time will by-pass you and move on. We'll leave you to figure that one out – but yes, we have said clearly that you are going into the no-time. Just keep yourselves

expectation-free and you'll all do quite well with this. That's one great habit to develop, by the way – catching and cutting off at the pass all expectation formation. Let us put before you what may be the greatest learning example concerning expectation formation. We refer to that old magical date of 12/21/2012 – so do think back on it. Look to the years leading up to it, and to the expectations you indulged. Look back on how wild grew the plans and preparations, the expectations to be actually leaving 3D behind, magically ascending up into 5D and beyond – or being rescued by angelic aliens who would descend from the skies to pick you up... Do you have the sense of that? We don't mean to put it down in any way. It turns out it was an experience well worth having. Recall the joy of anticipation, the excitement, the fervor to listen or read the what the Internet media had to say. You had to keep up with the latest – do you recall? Good, so remember the joy. Time-shift back into the aura of expectation. Dear ones – some of you fear to enter the Now moment enough to indulge this remembrance. We ask those of you who hold back to look at that – and perhaps to wonder why. Have a look to see what you fear – for your hesitance in almost every case is born of fear. We won't answer that for you. We'll let you do your homework on it, your self-observing. Now, moving forward – which is what some of you were doing ahead of time – let us together look at the various feelings experienced on the seemingly non-magical date – on 12/21. Have the courage to revisit this – it won't hurt you. Remember, you are divine. Feel the disappointment, the depression, the despair of so many. How many tears were shed on that day – how many angry words were spoken, echoing out into Cosmos – words of angry despair, of hopelessness. And yes, a few took their lives. Okay, step back out of it – back into your NowHere moment. Center fully in Heart while we share with you some empowering views. First, we want you to see how the despair is the other side of the coin of expectation. See how the two go together. One

mandates the other – if not in one life, then in the next or several. We want you to see how these emotions are the same thing, but in 3D disguise. Some of you feel this lesson is too heavy. We counsel you to step back several more paces, recognizing you are not human beings. You are Light Beings, dear ones. If you will train yourself to take three paces back, you will quickly begin to intuit how it is mind that was both giddy with expectation and also desperate with despair – only mind. Feelings follow thought – and thought follows belief. There is a price to being empowered. One cannot have their 3D cake and eat it too – it must be one or the other in 3D. So much of your suffering is bound up in your belief that you are human. In order to see this you require a better perspective. When you identify with the body-mind you are too close to be able to see clearly. So you see how this stepping back takes self-discipline, yet how it is so necessary to Heart vision. Occupy Heart, dear ones – but don't do it as humans. Spend some time with the right media to help you reprogram the self into views that you choose for yourselves – rather than the programming you currently bear that works only against you. Yes, it is a trap to keep you locked into 3D – but recall how very effortless it is to set the self free – how you just walk away. Be empowered. This requires constant exercise of choice, of your free will. Until you wake up enough to leave both the sheeple and the sleeple state behind, you don't actually have what can truly be called free will. Your free will is bound up in choices made for you by TPTW, and implemented through the medical system and school system in your youth, starting with early vaccines. So yes, this is a burden – but we say to you – so what?!! Big deal!! Is it not time to wake up? Well, who do you think is going to do that for you? When will you apply your hand to the plow? When will you cease being just a spectator, and get in there and do the work? You pride yourself on your work ethic and such abilities at your job. What about the biggest job of all – that of just Being, of Being you? You are the secret to the new Golden Age. You are the present you each must unwrap for yourselves. You, your very self,

are the biggest Joy and delight, well beyond your current ability to imagine – but it won't happen absent your free will and determined choices. No teacher, no guru, no Master can hand you your freedom on a silver platter. Nor do they need to – since you, yourself, are the Master you seek. Re-vision the self, one and all. SEE yourselves so very differently as you break ranks with TPTW – as you quietly, smilingly slip out of their sticky nets. They are nothing to you. They, too, will awaken, one day, and then the real partying shall begin in earnest – as you all recognize one another and your chosen parts for the Grand Drama we've all spent the last endless years performing. Soon – so very soon will we greet you with “Welcome Home!” But for now, Namaste. Take our words deep into Heart with you – where you will sit and abide.


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