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01 Install the program. Does not run after install! 02 Go to Install folder and run "echoid.

exe" file. You must see: Locking Code 1: 4-xxxxxx Lockgin Code 2: 0-0 03 Copy the code xxxxxx (only the numbers and leters after 4- prefix); 04 Open (run) the file generator (generator.bat) in the folder "medicine" and fo loow the instructions; they will ask for the code. 05 Write the code xxxxxx (without the prefix 4-); 06 It's a 1 year licence. You can renew indefinitly. For example: if today is 23, jun, 2011 (23-06-2011) introduce as: Day (last day) : 22 enter (IMPORTANT - NOT THE SAME DAY! IT'S 1 YAER LICENCE, NO T 1 YEAR PLUS 1 DAY) Month (last month): 06 enter Year (last year) : 2012 enter 07 Make a program's choice: Sap2000 v14 / Perform3D / Etabs / Section Builder / Safe / Csicol For example: To SAP2000: Software choice: 1 enter 08 Generate the licence and wait until finish (press any key to exit); Software choice: 7 enter (to exit) 09 The generated cod eis somthing like: Sap2000_02_01_2012_xxxxx_lservrc.* 10 Raname the file Sap2000_02_01_2012_xxxxx_lservrc.* to lservrc.* (keep the sam e file extension) 11 Copy the file lservrc.* to the Instalation folder (overwrite the existing fil e). That's all! The program will run whitout restricitons!