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Introduction of the

Thomas Personal Profile Analysis System

The Thomas System, the most spread personal profile tool used in over 40 000 companies, since over 40 years

It provides an understanding of behavioural differences in leadership.not a test . The PPA provides the means of identifying the behavioural characteristics of the individual. how they behave under pressure and how others see them. It allows a precise and easy to read and administer assessment to be made of a person’s characteristics.THE SCIENCE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE The Thomas Personal Profile Analysis System Description The Personal Profile Analysis is a managerial aid to recruiting. Four dimensions of behaviour Basically we assess four factors: dominance/influence-inducement/ steadiness/compliance. teams and 2 . It comprises of two instruments. www. selection.thomasinternational. The personal profile analysis is a self-administered instrument . training.that measures human behaviour in the work environment.axelero. The HJA provides means of identifying the behavioural requirements of a job specification. It can also be used both to identify training needs to stimulate and energise individuals in the work environment and to raise self-esteem. It allows you to see how people see themselves. The questionnaire can be completed in 5-8 minutes. The PPA system therefore takes into account factors working with or in opposition to each other. Thomas International – Contact Points Tel: +36 20 476 20 75 e-mail: ebabos@contactp. counselling and team building. the Human Job Analysis (HJA) and the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA). confidence and enthusiasm of the individual. Whilst it is easy to assess each factor in isolation it must be remembered the other three factors will have considerable influence on that assessment. Tel: +36 20 476 20 75 e-mail: ebabos@contactp.axelero.THE SCIENCE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE PERSONAL PROFILE ANALYSIS SYSTEM HUMAN JOB ANALYSIS (HJA) PERSONAL PROFILE ANALYSIS (PPA) Evaluates the job role Considers the culture Verifies job specifications Identifies the job needs Assesses the person Provides ideal job emphasis Identifies frustrations and stresses Details fears and motivators  THOMAS SOFTWARE Assesses the job & the person Compares the person directly with the job needs Generates interview questions related to individual profiles Identifies strengths and limitations Specifies training needs Provides information on how to manage a person Provides information on how to build a team Assesses people for jobs in: Management Motivating Communicating Decision Taking Problem Solving Administration Planning Team building Sales Opening Closing Communication Customer Service Presenting Administration Admin/Technical Organising Work Flow Meeting Deadlines Time Management Meeting Information Service Needs Ensuring Quality & Accuracy Problem Solving Identifies: Strengths and limitations Problems and stresses Frustrations Motivators Fears  Results in: Reduced subjectivity Improved communication Better job fit Commitment Retention Thomas International – Contact Points 3 .

thomasinternational. www.THE SCIENCE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE Successful teams Thomas International – Contact Points Tel: +36 20 476 20 75 e-mail: 4 .axelero.

Submission – passive agreeableness in a favourable environment. This is matched against the profile provided by the candidate from PPA. When the interviewer has compiled a profile of the ideal job qualities from HJA. www. If you wish to complete the PPA with a normative test which measure the ability of the candidate we recommend that you use the TST (available only by SLG) – Test for Selection and Training. positive posture in an unfriendly environment. This dual process aims to have both the company representative and the candidate focus on the dimensions of behaviour likely to succeed. with the persona's reaction measured along a basis of passive to active. Using these two limits as a base line four typical patterns of interaction of the individual and his/her environment could be seen (page 7): Dominance – an active.axelero. Compliance – a cautious undecided response to an antagonistic environment designed to calm the degree of antagonism. This was described on a scale from antagonistic to favourable reaction within this 5 . also that each individual develops a style of life for herself/ himself. At the same time he/she is also seeking roles and occupations with this Tel: +36 20 476 20 75 e-mail: ebabos@contactp. Before PPA is offered to the candidate we advise you first to use the HJA and to follow standard pre-screening procedures. in 1945. Sullivan in 1935 and Rogers in 1951 believed this adjustment depended in large measure upon the reactions of other people to one individual’s efforts to find and establish their own characteristic method of behaviour. according to Sargin 1945 and Super 1957. Thomas International – Contact Points Kft. according to Lecky. placing particular emphasis on certain postures and less on others. Inducement – an active. It is fair to assume that most people show all four of these dimensions at times. How can we measure competencies using The Personal Profile Analysis? The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) is offered to clients as only one element in a recommended interview procedure.THE SCIENCE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE Background In 1928 Marston set forth the theory that human behaviour was a function of the environment of that individual. positive posture in a favourable environment. The result of these efforts at adjustment is a self image which each of us works to maintain and to act out in our behaviour.

axelero.THE SCIENCE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE Feedback from the profile Feedback from the profile will result in answers to the following and many more questions: 1. Is this person a self-starter? 7. What other types of people does this person need? WHERE THE THOMAS SYSTEM CAN BE USED We itemise below those areas where the Thomas system can be most successfully used in the managing change process: Thomas International – Contact Points Kft. Would this person make a good administrator? 6 .net Tel: +36 20 476 20 75 e-mail: ebabos@contactp.thomasinternational. In what areas will the person be most productive? 2. www. Could this person be developed to assume greater responsibility? 15. Does this person have a strong self-image? 13. What training will this person require? 14. Does he/she respond to competition? 8. Will this person need a lot of encouragement? 6. How is this person motivated? 11. What type of person does this individual work well with? 16. What type of leadership traits does this person have? 10. How does this person communicate? 3. Is the individual willing to comply? 12. Can he/she follow specific instructions? 9. Would this person make a good salesman? 5.

axelero. 7 .THE SCIENCE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE CULTURE  Organisation (HJA)  Teams (PPA and HJA)  Beliefs (Thomas 2000)  Values (Thomas 2000) SWOT ANALYSIS  HR strengths and weaknesses FOCUS  Training needs  Development Potential (Thomas TST)  Appraisal (Thomas Appraisal)  Communication (Thomas Diagnostics) DEVELOPING OPTIONS  Attitudes to change (PPA)  Tel: +36 20 476 20 75 e-mail: ebabos@contactp. wants (PPA)  Limitations (PPA)  Values to the organisation (PPA) GAP ANALYSIS  People issues (all Thomas systems) IMPLEMENTATION  Managing change (Thomas Diagnostics)  Assessing the progress (Thomas Diagnostics)  Measuring success (Thomas Diagnostics) Thomas International – Contact Points Kft.thomasinternational.

etc. The computer generates reports in different languages.) Offices: Thomas operates in 50 countries and the Thomas Analysis is represented in more than 50 countries. Free telephone support. Usage The person using the instrument must be trained and authorised by Thomas. Tel: +36 20 476 20 75 e-mail: ebabos@contactp. Italian. 8 . Languages: The PPA. PC support: The analysis can be administered on PC or on the Internet / Intranet. etc. Personal support and quality checks every fourth month by the Thomas consultant. Training and prices To be agreed on.axelero.forms are available in 50 languages. License No licence costs.thomasinternational. Cost of use Payment according to system use Thomas International – Contact Points Kft.THE SCIENCE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE Advantages Time to fill out the PPA-form: 5-10 minutes Time to evaluate: verbally or printed report within 3 minutes. www. and reports are available in most of the international languages (like English. German. French. Tel: +36 20 476 20 75 e-mail: ebabos@contactp.axelero.THE SCIENCE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE Thomas International – Contact Points 9 . www.

........... PASSIVE BEHAVIOURS BEHAVIOURS ↓ ↓ an Tel: +36 20 476 20 75 e-mail: Interpersonal/Situational Theory PERCEIVED SITUATION hostile.. ↑ ACTIVE ........ designed to negate the degree of antagonism and thus avoid trouble or conflict............ MOULTON. W......... Influential Persuasive Friendly Verbal Communicative Positive a passive response to a hostile situation... antagonistic Assertive Driving Competitive Forceful Inquisitive Direct Self Starter Compliant Careful Systematic Precise Perfectionist Logical DOMINANCE (POWER) COMPLIANCE (POLICY) an active. unfriendly................... undecided response to an antagonistic environment..... www. attempts to maintain status quo until hostility is over in order to avoid insecurity......axelero....... Dependable Deliberate Amiable Persistent Good listener Kind 10 INFLUENCE (PEOPLE) STEADINESS (PACE) Thomas International – Contact Points Kft........... positive posture designed to move away from an unfriendly situation towards a more friendly and favourable state by using persuasion thus avoiding rejection.............thomasinternational..THE SCIENCE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE MARSTON..... positive posture in a hostile or unfriendly environment confronts in order to overcome and in so doing avoid failure ↑ a cautious.... (1928) "Emotions of normal people" Theoretical Perspective ...

www.THE SCIENCE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE friendly.axelero. favourable Thomas International – Contact Points 11 .net Tel: +36 20 476 20 75 e-mail: ebabos@contactp.thomasinternational.

net 12 .THE SCIENCE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE COMMON FIELDS OF APPLICATION Personnel inventory Personal development Leadership style of the company Individual leadership style Team bonding and building Personal talks about job and future Individual motivation Possibilities and limits under pressure Planning of education and development Solving relationship problems Transferring of personnel Restructuring Recruiting and selection. Tel: +36 20 476 20 75 e-mail: ebabos@contactp.axelero. external and internal Training and development Releasing people potential Stimulating employees Diagnosing and resolving people problems Appraisal Benchmarking Career guidance Team audit Empowerment and change Thomas International – Contact Points Kft.thomasinternational.