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Teacher: Pinti Codruta Subject: English School: Liceul Teoretic “Ana Ipatescu”, Gherla

Lesson Plan
Date: November 10, 2009 Grade/Level: VII D/ Intermediate Textbook: High Flyer, Longman Estimated Time: 50 minutes No. of students: 26 Unit/ Lesson: Personal Universe / Thrillers Topic: Past Simple and Past Perfect Type of lesson: Acquiring new knowledge Objectives/ Lesson Aims: At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to: A. Cognitive Objectives: a) talk about two past events using Past Simple and Past Perfect; b) talk about feelings produced by feeling frightened; B. Affective Objectives: a) to create a warm atmosphere in the classroom; b) to give pupils an active role in the process of teaching/learning; c) to help pupils enjoy learning English; Assumptions: I assume pupils will enjoy talking about thrillers and feeling frightened. Anticipated problems: Some of the students may encounter vocabulary and pronunciation problems. Procedures: brainstorming, TBL (TASK-BASED LEARNING), conversation; Skills involved: reading, writing, speaking; Resources: frontal activity, individual work, pair-work; Teaching materials: textbook, blackboard; Assessment: formative, oral;

Ss are asked questions about today’s lesson. Ss are asked to solve ex 1 on page 18.Ss Ss – T Reading Textbook Activity 3 Speaking Textbook Reading Speaking Textbook Listening Blackboard Activity 4 Conversation Activity 5 10 min 4 min 2 min 2 min T . 4 pag 19).Ss Conversation Ss – T Skills Speaking Teaching materials Introducing the new lesson Activity 1 3 min T . checks attendance and makes sure the conditions are proper for the lesson to begin. Ss – T Ss receive their homework (ex 3. Ss are asked to solve ex 2 on page 18. Ss are asked if they enjoy feeling scared and what can produce them that feeling.Ss Ss – T Frontal activity Individual work Pair-work Reading Textbook Blackboard Activity 2 4 min 6 min 8 min T .Ss Ss – T Brainstorming Speaking 9 min T . T explains the Ss the new grammatical items: Past Simple and Past Perfect.Ss Ss – T Conversation Conversation . Ss write in their notebooks the explenations. Ss are asked to read the text on page 18. Interaction Teaching techniques T .S T-Ss Ss-T T .Ss the lesson.Ss Ss – T S. T . T explains them the unknown vocabulary.Stages Warm-up Time 3 min T’s and S’s activity T greets the Ss.Ss Ss – T Conversation Speaking Blackboard TBL Textbook Speaking Textbook Blackboard Speaking Speaking Textbook Feed-back Conversation Assessment Homework T asseses the Ss activity duaring T .Ss Ss – T T . Ss are asked to solve exercise 7 on page 19.

Past Perfect – an action happening before a point in the past Form: had + Past Participle Ex. 1. Past Simple – completed action at a definite time in the past . the rain had started.Blackboard scheme THRILLERS Past Simple and Past Perfect 1 2 The rain had started by the time we arrived home. When he wrote the letter. When / by the time we arrived home. they had sent the complaints. She had seen the movie by the time he called. 2.