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Acer Download Tool User Manual v3.

Production Team Date: 2012/05/29

2.6 A9 (support flash logo. . List of support model 2. PicassoMF43 This series download is not supported by OS mode. 2.1 Microsoft .2 PicassoEV032.0 1. Requirement 1. removed flexrom) This series download is not supported by OS mode. please manually switch the device to download mode. please manually switch the device to download mode.img) Enter fastboot mode to download images. 2. please manually switch the device to download mode.2 Do not operate this program on virtual machine. PicassoEV041.3 VanGoghV041 2.NET Framework 2.5 PicassoMF41. A21xV043 (PicassoE2.1 PicassoV041 2. 2.7 A21xV041.4 PicassoMV041 This series download is not supported by OS mode.1. PicassoEV042 2.

bin” is selected. If “Merge’s Bootloader.bin” is selected. Choose type for Tablet or Mobile Phone. the bootloader will be updated from the Merge’s file. 9 ○ 2. 5. Repartition User data will be erased when “Repartition” is selected. Diagram (a) Tablet Page Setting 1 ○ 3 ○ 2 ○ 4 ○ 5 ○ 6 ○ 10 ○ 8 ○ 7 ○ 1.3. Adb and Boot-Recovery To identify the device. Program name and version. Connect SBK Server To be connected to the Server for SBK procedure. 7. 9. 3. 6. the chosen file will be updated to the device.bin The Bootloader will be updated when “Flash Bootloader. If “Specific Bootloader.bin” is selected. The selected Acer merge bin file 4. 8. Flash Bootloader. Debug message window 10. Progress bar To indicate the download progress. Start button .

Operating Flow a-1 There are two way to download bin file. a-8 Press Start button and you will find the program running as below. a-3 OS mode : Turn on Debug moded of the device. BR mode : Press the hot key ( RESET hole and power key ) wait for 3 seconds. Setting -> Applications -> USB debugging BR mode : Connet to PC after the device opened on BR mode. a-7 Decide if bootloader download is needed or which bootloader to be downloaded. a-2 OS mode : Be sure that the device is open and connected to PC before pressing start button. OS mode and Boot-Recovery Mode. OS mode is recommended. BR mode can be executed when the device fails to boot-up on OS mode. a-6 Decide if “Repartition” is needed. . a-4 OS mode : The text of Adb will show as below: BR mode : The text of Boot-Recovery will show as bellow: a-5 Select the Acer merge bin file.

If download fail the error message will show on the Debug message window and the file will be saved in the LogFile folder. .a-9 Program has been successfully downloaded.

Folder Selection selected:  [Note] about SETTING ‘s Items: 1. Step1. Merge Bin File: selected while you are burn BIN files. . 2.” 0 ○ 2 ○ 3 ○ 1 ○ 4 ○ Step2. and download tool will show “1 devices has been founded.(a) Phone Page Setting Step0. Choose Mobile Phone Page first. Reboot Is Needed: selected if you want to reboot device after finish burn BIN files. 3. (Volume up key + power on key) Device will show “boot mode: fastboot” on screen. Flash Bootloader Before BIN: selected if need to flash bootloader before flash bin files. A9 Device Enter “fastboot mode”.

1 3. such as: There are two bin files as following in bin file folder Acer_AV041_S500_RV07RB01_WW_GEN1_1.2 Choose “確定” 3.2 Notice: download tool will according to your BIN file number order to burn images.bin . Click “SELECT” Step3.1 Choose your bin file folder Step3.bin Acer_AV041_S500_RV07RB01_WW_GEN1_2.bin tool will burn _1.bin first then burn _2.Step3.

Step5. Image will start burn. Press “START” button. After Finishing Image burn will show following message: Flash Process Success! (as following figure) . As following figure “Flash process is running!” It may cost 5 minutes to burn depends on image size.Step 4.

all bin files finished burn then you can reboot device. need to type following commend reboot device.exe in the folder where you execute this instruction. Open cmd in Windows . .[A9 Other Burn Image Way] Fastboot Flash Way [Pre-Condition] Please make sure fastboot is set as environmental variable in your computer or place fastboot. Step1.bin first then burn _2. Type following commend stat burn bin file: fastboot flash bin your_bin_file_name For example: fastboot flash bin Acer_AV041_S500_D1202081_WW_GEN1_1. you can type following commend check device is detected by your computer fastboot devices Step2.bin Step3. After finishing burn bin files. fastboot reboot [Important] Must burn _1. device enter fastboot mode.bin.bin fastboot flash bin Acer_AV041_S500_D1202081_WW_GEN1_2.