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Tolkien Time-line
1892. January 3. J.R.R.T. born Bloemfontein, Orange Free State (now S. Africa) to Arthur and Mabel Tolkien 1895. April. Mother and 2 sons (JRRT and Hilary) to England, stay with mother’s family in Birmingham 1896. 15 February. Arthur Tolkien, ill with rheumatic fever, dies in Bloemfontein. 1896. Summer. Mabel and sons move to Sarehole Mill outside Birmingham. At some time in this period Tolkien begins inventing languages 1900. June. Mabel converts to Catholicism, precipitating breach with family 1900. September JRRT enters King Edward’s School. Family moves back to Birmingham. 1904. November. Mabel, ill with diabetes, dies at age 34, leaving sons in care of Fr. Francis Morgan 1905. J.R.R.T. meets Christopher Wiseman at King Edwards. 1908. J.R.R.T. meets Edith Bratt 1909 . Fr. Francis orders no contact with Edith until J.R.R.T. 21. 19 11. Formation of TCBS: JRRT, Wiseman, Rob Gilson, G.B. Smith J.R.R.T. reads Kalevala at King Edward’s Autumn. Goes up to Oxford. 25 November. Checks out Eliot's A Finnish Grammar from Exeter College Library. 1912-14. Begins "The Story of Kullervo." 1913. 21st birthday. Reunion with Edith on 8 January. 1914 . 4 August. World War I begins. September. Writes “The Voyage of “Earendel.” October. At work on "The Story of Kullervo." December. Council of London — last meeting of TCBS. 1915. JRRT gets First Class Honors in Oxford finals. Begins military training. Writes “The Shores of Faery.” 1916. 22 March Tolkien and Edith married 4 June leaves for France and war. 1 July Battle of the Somme begins. 20,000 allied troops killed. Rob Gilson killed. November 8 JRRT sent home to England with trench fever. November 29 G. B. Smith wounded, dies December 3. 1917. JRRT begins The Book of Lost Tales which becomes The Silmarillion November 16. Birth of eldest son John. 1918. 11 November. Armistice.

1971. JRR Tolkien dies. March. Bliss. 6 Aug. 1924. September The Hobbit published by Allen & Unwin. Birth of daughter Priscilla. Birth of second son Michael. Roverandom begun on summer vacation. The Return of the King published. 1945. December Tolkien starts “new Hobbit” (Lord of the Rings) at publisher’s request. Gordon on edition of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. 9 May. Delivers Andrew Lang Lecture “On Fairy-stories” at University of St. Writes Leaf by Niggle.2 JRRT discharged from army. Returns to Oxford. 2 September. October. Farmer Giles of Ham begun some time in ‘30’s. The Hobbit in completed state sent to Allen & Unwin. Lewis 1929. Completes The Lord of the Rings. 1959. Scotland. Moves to Oxford as Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon and Fellow of Pembroke College. 1936. 1939. 1954. Works on OED. Begins collaboration with E. Andrews. November.S. Begins story of The Hobbit for his children. Appointment at Leeds University. 9-year-old Rayner Unwin's review recommends publication. Writes Smith of Wootton Major. 1937. Lewis Writes and illustrates Mr. 1926. Hiroshima. 1930.V. 1973. Friendship with C. 1922. November. The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers published 1955. 1949. 1932. . October. September. Tolkien becomes Merton Professor of English Language and Literature and Fellow of Merton College. 1925.S. World War II begins. Delivers Gollancz Memorial Lecture “Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics” to British Academy. November 21. 1920. Germany surrenders and the European war ends. Retires from Merton College 1964-67. Birth of third son Christopher. Edith Tolkien dies. V-E Day. June 18. Uncompleted Hobbit read by C.