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Sean Li CS 4820 Notes Spring 2013 Introduction to Algorithms Lecture 16 2/25/13 Network Flow (contd).

). Use notation from the previous time. Dene v(f ) as the value of a ow as v(f ) = f (s, w).
wV (s,w)E

This is sometimes denoted |f |. Residual Flow Graph. Given a ow graph G and a ow f , the residual graph Gf is like changing the origin. We remove the ow and look at the remaining capacities. If f (e) < c(e) then cf (e) = c(e) f (e) > 0 and put e in Ef with capacity cf . If (u, v) E, f (u, v) > 0, and cf (v, u) = f (u, v) < 0, then put (v, u) Ef with capacity cf . Lemma. Let f be a ow in G. The following are equivalent: (1) f is a max ow. (2) There does not exist a path from s to t in Gf .