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Toiletry & perfumes SMART Thesaurus The SMART Thesaurus shows synonyms, related words and phrases that make

up this topic. aftershave (lotion) air freshener antiperspirantn antiperspirantadj balsam bath cubes bathroom tissue bathsalts breath freshener bronzer bubble bath carbolic soap civet clippers cocoa butter coconut butter cold cream cologne cotton cotton bud cotton wool cream cut-throat razor deodorant depilatory eau de cologne electric razor emery board emollient essence essential oil exfoliant facecloth flannel fragrance frankincense incense jojoba

joss stick lanolin lather loofah lotion moisturizer mouthwash musk myrrh nail brush nail file nail scissors oil palm oil panty liner perfume perfumed pomander potpourri powder puff powdered pumice (stone) Q-Tip razor razor blade roll-on rosemary rosewater safety razor sanitary sanitary towel scent scented shave shaver shaving shower gel soap soapy SPF sponge bag sunblock sunscreen

talcum powder Tampax tampon toilet bag toilet paper toilet roll toilet soap toilet tissue toilet water toiletries toner toothpick towelette unguent Vaseline wipe Jewellery anklet badge bangle bauble bead beaded bejewelled bindi bling bracelet broach brooch butterfly cameo charm charm bracelet choker collar coronet costume jewellery crown crown jewels cultured pearl diadem diamanté earring

general words all-in-one apparel attire bespoke tailor cast-offs classic clothes clothing costumier dress evening dress finery fitter flare furrier garb garment gear glad rags haberdashery hand-me-down haute couture knitwear leisure wear mending menswear mothball mourning number raiment rig-out sensible separates suit tailor uniform wear womenswear woollens your best bib and tucker Putting clothes on arrayed bundle ( sb ) up changev (CLOTHES/BEDS) .engagement ring filigree finery fob gem hoop ice jewel jewelled jeweller jewellery jewellery box knuckle-duster link locket medallion mother-of-pearl necklace nose stud paste pearl pendant pin precious stone regalia rhinestone ring rock semi-precious setting signet ring sleeper solitaire sparkler stone stud tiara tiepin treasure trinket valuables wedding band wedding ring Make-up & skin care anti-ageing barrier cream blusher compact cosmetic eye shadow eyeliner face cream face pack face powder fake tan foundation glitter greasepaint henna kohl lip gloss lip salve lippy lipstick made-up make (sb/sth) up make-up mascara mudpack nail polish pack pencil powder rouge self tan shea butter slap SPF sun lotion sunblock sunscreen toner war paint Clothing .

changen (CLOTHES) doll yourself up don dress dress down dress up fitting fling sth on/off get yourself/sb up glam (yourself) up make yourself respectable muffle pull sth on put sth on rig sb out slip into sth try sth on wrap ( sb ) up Classes & courses access course class correspondence course course coursework crash course credit curriculum degree evening class extracurricular extramural field day field trip fieldwork flash card foundation foundation course grade homework interdisciplinary lecture lesson master class module multi-disciplinary open admissions open classroom period practical prep prep-time project reading list reception refresher role play sandwich course schoolwork seminar set summer school Sunday school syllabus teach-in the national curriculum tutorial visual aid workshop Students & pupils -former -grader -year alumna alumnus apprentice boarder cadet class classicist classmate co-ed day boy day girl day pupil day student dropout entrant eternal student form frosh graduate house houseman infant internn (MEDICAL) internn (STUDENT) internshipn (MEDICAL) internshipn (STUDENT) junior learner mature student monitor new girl/boy old boy old girl postgraduate prefect protégé pupil scholar school school leaver schoolboyn schoolboyadj schoolchild schoolgirl schoolmate senior sixth former sophomore special needs stream student teacher's pet theologian trainee truant undergraduate valedictorian .

professor professorial professorship reader rector schoolie schoolmarm schoolmaster schoolmistress schoolteacher scribe substitute supervisor supply teacher teacher trainer tutor Teaching in general apprentice blood brief CAL civilization civilize clue sb in coach condition didactic disciplinary disciplinen (TRAINING) disciplinev (CONTROL) drum sth into sb edify edifying educate education hand sth down hothousing inculcate .wastage year Subjects & disciplines -ics -ological -ology applied biology chemistry civics department departmental dept discipline Divinity domestic science Early Childhood Education ECE EFL ELT ESL gym hard science history home economics ICT interdepartmental liberal arts major mathematics modern languages ology PE pedagogy philosophy physical education physical sciences physics psychology pure science scientific scientist social science sociological sociology subject technical technically TEFL TESL TESOL the performing arts the three Rs women's studies Teachers academic academician associate professor board of education coach dean director don educationalist educator faculty fellow governess guru handler head headmaster headmistress headship headteacher housemaster housemistress instructor lecturer lectureship master mentor Miss mistress moralist pedagogue principal prof Prof.

etc.indenture initiate instil instruct instruction knock (some) sense into sb mainstream popularize school show/teach sb the ropes socialize special educational needs special needs taught teach teach sb a lesson teaching that'll teach sb train tuition tutelage wean sb on sth/sb Types of school alma mater boarding school co-ed co-educational college community college comprehensive (school) conservatory convent school crammer day school elementary school faith school fee-paying finishing school grade school graduate school grammar school grant-maintained school high high school independent school infant school intermediate school junior high (school) junior school lycée madrasa middle school military academy nursery school parochial school prep school preparatory school private school public schooln (EXPENSIVE SCHOOL) public schooln (FREE SCHOOL) school seminary single-sex special school state school trade school Learning & knowing absorb all-nighter audit be no stranger to sth bone up brain-training cram cut your political/professional. teeth deskill do gen up hear of sb/sth hear tell (of) heathen hit the books imbibe knowv (HAVE INFORMATION) knowv (BE FAMILIAR WITH) know sth back to front know sth from sth know sth like the back of your hand know your way around sth know all there is to know about sth know best know better (than sb ) know better (than to do sth ) know what you are doing know what you are talking about know what it is (like) to know what's what know which side your bread is buttered (on) knowable known learn learn your lesson learning learning curve master mug (sth) up orientation osmosis perceive pick sth up put it down to experience read recognition recognize reskill retrain review revise revision rub off school of hard knocks school/university of life .

absentee exclude exclusion flunk out gap year . tests & exercises A2 aptitude test candidate comprehension dictation drill entrance exam exam exercise external examination fail final flunk get through sth invigilate mock MOT multiple-choice oral paper pass practical prelim probation proctor qualify quiz resat resit retakev (EXAMINATION) retaken (EXAMINATION) revision road test rubric SATn (UK EDUCATION) SATn (US EDUCATION) script sit term-paper test the eleven-plus TOEFL trial viva worksheet University & college education academe academia academic campus chair college collegiate come down community college dean dormitory faculty frat fraternity fresher freshman go down go up grad graduaten graduatev (QUALIFY) hall of residence higher education Ivy League junior college matriculate Open University Oxbridgen Oxbridgeadj pass degree poly polytechnic provost rector redbrick registrar school semester session sorority student union teacher-training college term the groves of academe the Senate top-up fees trimester U uni university vice-chancellor warden Not going to school SMART Thesaurus The SMART Thesaurus shows synonyms.self-access shadow sit under sb specialism specialize steep sth/sb in sth studious studyv (LEARN) studyn (LEARNING) study under sb swot swot up (sth) tell training Exams. related words and phrases that make up this topic.

skive suspend suspension truancy truantn truantv truant officer vac vacation darkroom den dining hall dining room dormitory double room drawing room en suiteadj/adv en suiten eyrie front room garret guardroom guestroom gym gymnasium hall kitchen kitchenette lab laboratory language laboratory larder library living room locker room lodge lounge lunch room master bedroom mess nursery office pantry parlour playroom reading room reception room refectory room rumpus room sauna scullery shop single single room sitting room snug solarium staffroom stateroom stockroom storeroom strongroom studion (RECORDING ROOM) studion (ARTIST'S ROOM) study suite sunroom utility room vault vestibule waiting room workroom workshop Rooms antechamber anteroom atelier atrium attic ballroom bath bathroom bedroom boardroom boudoir boxroom cabin cell cellar chambern (ROOM) chambern (BEDROOM) changing room checkroom chill room classroom cloakroom cocktail lounge common room conservatory dance hall .