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Improving Performance of Custom Brushes in Painter 12

Painter delivers an incredible amount of power to create brushes of all kinds. There are many different brush technologies available, each with various options. Part of the power of Painter is the ability to create custom brushes with all of these options available. When I create custom brushes, I usually take a few minutes to tweak the settings to optimize my brush speed. There are many ways to do this, and I would like to share just a few of the quick and easy tricks I use to optimize the performance of my brush variants. Depending on which brush technology you are using for your brush, some of there tricks may not apply. Also, depending on your particular hardware or system configurations, your results will vary from mine.

1. Spacing (spacing and min spacing) If your brush is a "stamp" brush, meaning that is is a brush which "stamps" bitmaps in sequence, then spacing will have a huge impact on performance. Here is an example of how you can tweak spacing to improve performance. Using the "Acrylics - Wet Acrylic" brush, I resize the brush radius from 30 to 200 pixels. The brush is now obviously slower than it was at 30. If I open the "Spacing" panel in the brush controls I see the following settings:

I then increase the minimum spacing between each "stamp" to 20 pixels. Since the brush radius is 200, using a min distance of 20 still looks good.

Using a benchmark test, I can now measure that the brush is 171% faster. Pretty good for one adjustment! Let's see if we can do btr et … e I now adjust the spacing between the stamps from 8% to 15%. I find that anything above 15% loses the "look" of the brush.

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07/10/2011 19:33

"Acrylics . If you don't like how your brush looks. you want to use the highest values possible for spacing and minimum spacing. 3. This is called "Scale Feature with Brush Size". with a few adjustments. Increasing the boost setting. If I resize this brush from 30 to 200 pixels. 2. I notice that my "feature" setting is automatically scaled from 3.7 to 9. 2 de 6 07/10/2011 19:33 . Not bad! The only thing I noticed is that the brush is not quite as opaque. Using a benchmark test. my 200 pixel brush is about twice a fast. will increase the distance between each connection point in your brush stroke. the "feature" control can have different meanings. For better brush performance. In this example. I set boost to 15%. So start with high values.Thick Acrylic Round". which allows brushes to automatically maintain bristle density as you resize them. but is used for brushes that are not "stamp" brushes. The denser the brush. That's almost 3 times faster! Again the trick here is to use the highest "boost" setting that will still give you the look of the brush you desire. whereas the boost slider is now enabled instead. while still maintaining your brush "look" so that the "stamps" are not too far apart. just bring the boost slider down until you find the best setting for both performance and brush look. Boost Boost is similar to spacing.Chris' Brus. I can measure that my brush is now 293% faster. So I increase my opacity from 73% to 90%. and again I notice that it is slower than it was at 30. This is thanks to a new option in Painter 12.6.. Feature Depending on the brush technology used for your brush. There you go. Using my benchmark test. and work your way down until you like the look of the brush..Thick Acrylic Round" variant: I resize the brush radius from 30 to 200 Consider this example. feature is the density of the bristles. the slower it will be because it needs to compute and render more bristles marks. Notice that spacing is disabled.. http://painterfactory. because this is not a "stamp" brush.Improving Performance of Custom Brushes in Painter 12 . the boost slider is located on the spacing panel. I see that the brush is now just over 200% faster. using the "Acrylics . In Painter 12.

.4x faster than using a feature of 9. The key here is to increase feature as high as you can (basically decreasing bristle density)... which can really affect brush performance is the new "multicore" option.7.Improving Performance of Custom Brushes in Painter 12 . This gives me a brush that is about 1.6. http://painterfactory. my "feature" setting would have stayed at 3.7.0. If I measure the performance difference from having feature at 3. And the brush is almost 9x times faster than using a feature of 3.. I like the look of my brush with a "feature" of 12. Sometimes though you still want to manually tweak the "feature" setting to get the exact bristle look you want.6 using my benchmark test.7 vs 9. while still keeping the brush looking like you want it. In this case. I can see that the brush is a little over 6x faster! That is a huge which would have happened without the new automatic "Scale feature with Brush Size" option. Multicore The last setting that I wanted to mention. 4.Chris' Brus. Note that a HIGHER FEATURE = LOWER BRISTLE DENSITY But without this new option. 3 de 6 07/10/2011 19:33 .

Chris' Brus. June 17. 2011 3:33 PM Very good tutorial! Thank you! Question though . Summary With just a few minor adjustments to spacing (and min spacing). please send them along! In the meantime. by Robyn 4 de 6 07/10/2011 19:33 . boost. 2011 12:22 PM by Chris... For this example I will use the "Acrylics . you can make a really big impact on your brush performance with little visual impact. just turn it off for that brush.Improving Performance of Custom Brushes in Painter 12 . then the cost of enabling multicore could be greater than the benefit. If I resize the brush to 400 pixels and measure the performance using my benchmark test. then I would leave the multicore option on.. For example. If you enable this setting.. Multicore. However. enabling multicore can actually reduce performance. or if the brush is not complex enough. Boost.Clumpy Brush" variant.T Filed under: Scale Feature with Brush Size.5x faster.. Spacing. some brushes have it disabled because in our test systems we found that it would not help for those Otherwise. this can help performance. http://painterfactory. Feature. Painter will distribute the brush "work" to the multiple cores on your computer. If you feel the brush is the same or faster.. My recommendation here is to simply try it. Brush Performance Comments # re: Improving Performance of Custom Brushes in Painter 12@ Friday. HOW are you 'benchmarking' your brushes? It sounds like an intriguing idea. However. I can see that enabling the multicore option makes my brush approximately 3. in some cases. If you have comments or questions. For many brushes. Painter comes with most brushes with this option enabled. feature and multicore. This is especially useful when increasing the size of you brushes. if your brush uses a small radius. Min Spacing. happy "FAST" painting :) Chris Published Friday. June 17.

The result don't look any better than without it enabled. This "tool" essentially plays back several recorded strokes in Painter using the current brush and measures the time it takes. June 22. all four processors max out to 100% when using the brush and it brings my system to a crawl. can you send me which brush you are using that has this problem? You can use my email address if you like.. keep up the good work! My OS is WIN7 x64 with an Intel i5 processor 1GB of video memory and 8GB of main memory with plenty of disk space. You are giving us all some very very valuable information.Chris' Brus. More than numbers.. I'm really getting a lot out of it. 5 de 6 07/10/2011 19:33 . 2011 8:20 PM Thank you so much for this blog.. with multicore ON (as shipped) and they feel slower than with multicore OFF. by Chris.. These are brush as shipped without any other tweaking on my part.. Question 2: Multicore If you use default brushes. 2011 5:55 PM Hey Chris.. 2011 10:17 AM Terrific Chris. June 17. First I would like to thank you for your excellent blog. http://painterfactory. and hopefully some of these tricks will allow you to create faster brushes. n eso db o t o I o   Thanks again. Thanks again Chris! by Robert # re: Improving Performance of Custom Brushes in Painter 12@ Friday. June 18. 2011 8:14 PM Hi Chris. Claudia by cpendlay # re: Improving Performance of Custom Brushes in Painter 12@ Saturday. I have a windows gadget that shows me what each of my 4 processors are doing in close to real time.. then I would check if you have another application running in the background using CPU cycles. Skip by skipallen # re: Improving Performance of Custom Brushes in Painter 12@ Tuesday. the important thing though.T # re: Improving Performance of Custom Brushes in Painter 12@ Wednesday. This way you can calculate numerically the impact of changing some brush settings. 2011 12:42 PM Thanks for all the feedback!!! :) Question 1: Benchmarking I forgot to mention that I use a special tool. is if you can actually "tell" that the brush is faster while # re: Improving Performance of Custom Brushes in Painter 12@ Friday. June 21..Improving Performance of Custom Brushes in Painter 12 . which should be visible on my profile. along with how much free memory I have. When most (but not all) brushes are running with Multicore enabled. Is this normal? Are you also getting these kinds of result? Next I'm also curious about how you do the benchmarking of brush speed. June 17.. Robert. I would try closing other apps for example. I am so grateful that you are taking the time to write this blog. I never u d rto  o s;n w  d . that is unfortunately not currently available to the public.

oh. I always wondered about the Spacing and Min Spacing settings.. It is therefore possible to create brushes that will not benefit from multicore.. or its affiliates and their respective officers. Because Painter as so many brush options. August 10.learning HOW the program works is as important as learning how to actually paint . If this is the case.. June 24. 2011 12:42 PM Yes... simply turn off multicore for that brush.'-}} Terrie by tlb # re: Improving Performance of Custom Brushes in Painter 12@ Friday.80px probably because most of my paintings top out at about 11x14".. Porky provided a link to this post.. I've never played much with them but. Warm Brownies and milk for your efforts Tim by porky # re: Improving Performance of Custom Brushes in Painter 12@ Friday.. 2011 9:06 PM I just wanted to mention that small brushes can actually benefit from multicore as well.... the views expressed in this site are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of Corel Corporation. Can't wait to read the next installment. 2011 3:29 PM Chris.. i muck things all up.. But for many/most brushes. the users can create very customized brushes.. for a variety of reasons (combination of using a small brush with a really simple brush technology for instance). by nightshadow # re: Improving Performance of Custom Brushes in Painter 12@ Monday.. I agree that brush performance is more useful for larger brushes :) Glad to see that some of this is useful. As such. 2011 8:07 PM Thank you very much Chris. oh and thanks for the brownies lol ! by Chris. it's extremely rare for me to use brushes over say.. Very timely and useful info.i can always start over if.or when i should say... June 27. 6 de 6 07/10/2011 19:33 . Banner Artwork by Andrew Jones. The content herein is in the form of a personal web log ("Blog") or forum posting.. thanks for taking the time to share all this knowledge with us!.Improving Performance of Custom Brushes in Painter 12 . directors. http://painterfactory.. 2011 3:46 PM We designed Painter 12 with multi-core computers in mind. That said.. by Chris. A modern multi-core computer should see significant by Dan's Painter Insights © Corel Corporation. I now have a much better feel for these options and a much better understanding of Boost.T # Addressing brush lag in Service Pack 1@ Wednesday. I have played with Feature a bit when working with the DWC brushes. employees and agents. June 24.for me anyway. Terms and Conditions.anything i can do to help my 4 cylinder pc with a tune up is great!. then again. multicore will give you a performance boost.Chris' Brus. the benefits of using multicore can either be not noticeable. June 28.T # re: Improving Performance of Custom Brushes in Painter 12@ Tuesday. It's just that in some cases.thanks or it can make your brush slower.