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Weds Feb 27th ent Pare Planning Mee etings for:

Prin ncipals Mes ssage: It is about Soc Justic a cial ce.

Pare ents/Guardia & Grand ans dparents, I fou unded Hardy Brown College Prep be y ecause I was appalled at the drop-out rate for Africa American es an dren in San Bernardino. Together w a group of with child dedicated paren and gran nts ndparents, w decided to build we o chool that wo ould educate African Am e merican students, a sc and all who cho to join us to a level o excellence We ose s, of e. nt oor hine in San B Bernardino wen door-to-do rain or sh neig ghborhoods to recruit children to Hardy Brown C College Prep Now we a the #1 ch p. are harter schoo in the City and ol have met the state goal for student achievement, an 800 e API. s s en, ocial This school is now, and has always bee about so justi for our ch ice hildren throu educatio ugh on. Now it is time for you to get involved. Refer a child to w, Hard Brown C dy College Prep Your ac of telling another p. ct family about thi school co is ould be the thing that c changes their childs pat in life forever. Tell a friend or relative th about Hardy Bro own. Make an announc cement abou Open ut ollment at y your church or mosque. Bring info ormation Enro about the school to your next community meeting Post n g. announceme on your Facebook pa ent F age. an a You can get fly u yers about Open Enrol llment at the Front Des including a schedule of Enrollme Meetings Open sk, ent s. Enro ollment Deadline April 19th -

Hon Roll Breakfast nor @11AM 8th G Grade Promo otion Cele ebration@12 2PM Pare ents, It is time to subm mit your Intent to r Return Form to oll enro for next scho year. ool

Februar 25TH ry March 7 2013 7,


H Spring gIntersessio on:Februar ry25th28TH andMarch4th7thfrom8a.m.until12 7 2 p.m.FO OODSERVICEWILLNO OTBE PROVIDED. h Tutoring:Februar ry25th28th &March4th 4 th 7 12:30PM2:3 30PM.ONLY YFOR STUDE ENTSREFER RREDBYTHE EIRTEACHE ER. Studen ntLedPare entTeacher r th t Confer rences:Feb bruary25 March1st. Pleasesignupfor ratimethr roughyour childsteacher. Spring gBreakMarch11th1 thNO 15 SCHOO OL

Come eBackto oSchool March h 18th

Honor rRollBreak kfastMarc ch22 HBCPO OpenEnrol llmentApp plication Deadli ine201320 014Academ micYear th April1 19