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What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Overall I was quite disappointed with audience feedback, it wasn’t too negative however fairly average and standard. We asked 17 students from Solihull Sixth Form College to fill in questions on our documentary, radio trailer and magazine. Our questionnaire consisted of 10 questions for our main task and 5 questions for each of our ancillary tasks; the radio trailer and magazine article. Documentary After receiving the How proffesional did you find our feedback we decided the answer “not sure” documentary? wasn’t really suitable as this doesn’t really Appalling answer the question just says that the Bad audience is undecided Not sure of an answer. Series 1 We had 10 of the 17 Good people say the Excellemt documentary was good which wasn’t a 0 2 4 6 8 10 bad response however we obviously would have liked to have been in the excellent category. Another one of our questions for the documentary was “Did you think the formal interviews provided relevant information?” for this question 100% of the audience answered yes, this was pleasing as we met the interest of the audience and successfully included good formal interviews providing interesting, educational and relevant information. We also asked if the audience agreed with the views expressed in the vox pops and 16/17 people said yes, this again was a very pleasing response. From our audience feedback we learnt that we needed to improve the sound levels and make sure they were 100% consistent throughout although we did spend a lot of time focussing on this, we never played the documentary at such a high volume and so the sound levels were affected and as a result didn’t sound as good as we had intended. Radio trailer We had 5 questions in which we asked the audience for feedback on. We were slightly more pleased with the results of the radio trailer than of the documentary, this is unfortunate as the documentary was the main task which we spent the most time working on. 100% of people said the music used in the radio trailer matched the documentary and topic, this also provided evidence for the effectiveness of the combination of the three products.

On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate the quality of our radio trailer?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Magazine article

Rate the proffesional appearance of the magazine double page spread

This response again was discouraging to see, although we did get a couple of 9’s I would 1 have liked to have seen 2 more and even some 10. Although the feedback 3 disappointing I can 4 clearly state the 5 improvements that need to be made in the tasks. 6 Firstly for the double 7 page spread, a logo for 8 the company of the magazine needed to be 9 on the spread so it was 10 easily identified. The images although good that they were from the documentary could have used more interesting images and more of them to make the page look busier and more appealing to the audience. 15 of 17 people said they thought the article accurately represented the documentary to the audience; this is positive feedback to receive as this clearly was our main aim in producing the double page spread. Although this answer was mainly positive two people did not think the article accurately represented the article and I think we should have left further room in order for the audience giving feedback to state what it is they did not think was accurate in order for us to understand what was not right as I personally think that the written article perfectly explains what the documentary is about, what happens in it and provides information of when it will be on etc.

Are the pictures used relevant to the article and documentary?