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New Era University

College of Business Administration No.9 Central Ave. New Era, Quezon City

INTRODUCTION If you know how to cook then starting a small eatery is a good business for you, with your passion in cooking and entrepreneurial spirit you can start a business that can make you earn good amount of cash. But take note that it is not simple to start this kind of business because there are many things to consider in order to become successful. A eatery is an establishment which prepares and serves food and drink to

customers in return for money, either paid before the meal, after the meal, or with a running tab. Meals are generally served and eaten on premises, but many eateries also offer take-out and food delivery services. Eateries vary greatly in appearance and offerings, including a wide variety of the main chef's cuisines and service models. Eateries are established for the customers’ convenience. It makes one’s time more flexible and easy while enjoying what the eatery can more offer. Foods are prepared for you and you don’t have to risk the time you would waste cooking the same food yet different in taste. As a result the proponents came up with the idea of putting up a small dining eatery because this business is one of the most versatile and most solid ideas when it comes to business. Since food is one of the basic needs of people therefore this business is considered to have higher success rate. If your passion includes cooking and marketing then it would really be perfect for you to have an eatery.


New Era University
College of Business Administration No.9 Central Ave. New Era, Quezon City

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY COMPANY NAME A business name is one of the most important and essential things to be prepared in starting a business. Chevon Cuisine as the primary name of the business, originated from the word “Chevon” which means a goat meat and followed up with word a “Cuisine” which means food preparing. The word “Chevon Cuisine” is a very unique and a non-specific name, the word chevon derives from the French word chèvre which means goat. Chevon Cuisine is a kind of dish made chevon or goat meat and this is one of a kind amazing treat for the whole family. Something for all ages and because of that people will easily visualize what the business is all about and it will help to their memory. It includes the information that the business does and can easily be understood by various target market. LOCATION 132 Kalayaan Avenue, Central, Diliman, Quezon City Quezon City is the largest component city of Metro Manila. A visitor to city has many places to visit and enjoy. The city has numerous malls, shopping and entertainment centers. Most of the national TV stations are based in Q.C. It has its own "Tourist Belt" in Tomas Morato & Timog Avenue area. Places of interest include: the Quezon Memorial Circle, Araneta Center, La Mesa Dam, University of the Philippines, the Wildlife Nature Center and many others.


New Era University
College of Business Administration No.9 Central Ave. New Era, Quezon City

Community facilities and utilities along Kalayaan Avenue Quezon City in the area are accessible from the property by public transport along Kalayaan Avenue, where property fronts and connects to other sections of the metropolis. Some of the improvements within the vicinity are Quezon City Hall, National Housing Authority, Claret School, Teacher's Village, Holy Family School, East Avenue Medical Center and Philippine Heart Center. It’s excellent to start a business in Kalayaan Avenue because it’s surrounded by different establishments. COMPANY LOGO

We made this logo for the customers easily interpret and understand the nature of our business. The business logo shows a clear background and image of goat and that means all menus or products that will be served are all made of chevon or known as goat meat it includes the name of the enterprise of the business, the colors used are simple which is more attractive and leaves clean fresh images.


New Era University
College of Business Administration No.9 Central Ave. New Era, Quezon City


"COME IN. SIT DOWN. HAVE A MEAL!" This short and simple phrase can bring a business and its product to success. This simple tagline can be easily understood by customers. It provides quality services like all menus that will be served are fresh cooked upon order. Come In. Sit Down. Have a Meal! means come in our place, take a sit and enjoy the prepared dish by Chevon Cuisine.

NATURE OF PRODUCT BEING OFFER The nature of Chevon Cuisine is being an eatery which will offer cooked and prepared foods and will be eaten at the premises. Eateries are recognized for the convenience of the people having hardship with their time. Most of the time people would prefer to eat in this kind of food service which eatery is one of those classes.


New Era University
College of Business Administration No.9 Central Ave. New Era, Quezon City

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION VISION STATEMENT Chevon Cuisine aims to become one of the best Filipino goat cuisines service providers in the country and to develop globally.

MISSION STATEMENT Chevon Cuisine to provide healthy yet conveniently/affordable price dishes and offer best services to customers without compromising the quality.

1. 2. 3.

Offering nutritious, fairly priced, ethnically diverse food choices. Creating an attractive and various menus. Providing outstanding customer services that develop the relationship with customers through responsiveness to needs and requests.

4. 5.

Promote high standard of living by giving better opportunities to the unemployed. Developing a cuisine service that supports skill development of the employees and meets the needs of the community.

6. 7.

To earn profit and expand the business. To be one of the most sought after eatery by establishing a name in the food industry.


9 Central Ave. It is also has minimum legal registration that is more convenient for a businessman. Quezon City COMPANY’S FORM OF ORGANIZATION Sole proprietorship The proponent chose the single proprietorship or sole proprietorship as the form of its business ownership because it is more convenient and appropriate for the business. profits. The owner is the only person that will solve the problem that the return encounters. and income is owned by an individual that is engage to this kind of ownership. the disadvantage of it is if the owner suffers liability he or she is incapacitated. Despite the fact that is convenient. Single proprietorship is owned by single person who means all the expenses. debts. New Era. 6 . The reason aside from the above mentioned for choosing this form of business ownership is the owner of the business has the freedom to decide what ever plans he or she wants to do for his or her business. PROPOSED ENTRY STRATEGY  Sampling and Free Taste Test Event with Surveys One of the most efficient ways of getting people to determine and try the products or services is by offering a Free Taste – a taste of what is that Chevon Cuisine can offer.New Era University College of Business Administration No. incentives. Chevon Cuisine will also take advantage of free taste event to test the market and research for future development of the business.

which could be as simple as informed the customer about the Chevon Cuisine products and providing tools that make it easier to share information. It can help the business to manifest in the form of way finding information in the places such as streets or inside/outside of an area.9 Central Ave. Quezon City  Signage and Streamers In this type of strategy. 7 .  Word of Mouth or Viva Voce This is an act of consumers passing the information from customer to other person by oral communication. Streamers also are posted outside the stall and along the Streets indicating the day and the time of the opening of the business. New Era.New Era University College of Business Administration No. the information about the opening of the business will be posted in different places in the area.

9 Central Ave. 2013 8 . New Era. 28. Quezon City TIME LINE OF EVENTS ACTIVITY Project Conceptualization Procurement and allocation of funds Site Identification & Negotiation Completion of Gov't Requirements and Registration Renovation of the Site Acquisition of equipments.New Era University College of Business Administration No. machineries and furnitures Hiring of Employees Employee’s orientation and training Posting of advertisements and promotions Start of normal operation OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY JAN.

Now. 9 . New Era. sinigang or sinampalukan. Filipino dishes showcase a sudden influx of flavor and are usually delivered in a single presentation. bopis. kaldereta as the main dish served with rice.New Era University College of Business Administration No.  Soft Drinks and Beers Soft drinks are drunk by people of all ages. To enhance the flavor of the food we also offer alcoholic drinks. Cuisine from the Philippines. In the future the owners would like to develop the product by adding more flavors. PRODUCT RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Based on research. adobo. sinigang or sinampalukan.9 Central Ave. and rice chevon toppings. Filipino all time favorite dishes are usually served as with rice and several types of viands like kilawin. adobo. you to challenge we are going to sell some dishes made of chevon or goat meat which are sisig. and papaitan. a unique and tasty mixture that definitely customers surely love it. typically including kilawin. kaldereta. Quezon City DESCRIPTION OF INITIAL PRODUCT  All Time Favorite Dishes Filipino food is hardly surprising that is often labeled somewhat extraordinary but in its own way.

but offer an upgraded customer experience through broader menus. target markets. These industries include eateries. When compared to traditional fast food chains. New Era. DESCRIPTION OF THE INDUSTRY Food is a basic necessity. this section shows the surfacing of the strengths and weaknesses as the same time the opportunities and threats of the company. Quezon City MARKETING PLAN AND ANALYSIS This section establishes the industry. 10 . demand and supply analysis.9 Central Ave. Moreover. food carts and food trucks etc. competitors. the barriers in entering the market and the marketing strategy of Chevon Cuisine. catering operations. The industry which deals with preparing food items/products refers to the food service industry. better food and better ambiance. fast foods.New Era University College of Business Administration No. casual restaurants are more expensive. market size and growth trends. school and hospital cafeterias. Some consumers are willing to spend a little more for higher quality healthy food. Eateries and fast foods mainly contribute to the food service industry. The food service industry is and will always remain in high demand because of its variety. A clear indication of the way in which human effort has been harnessed as a force for the commercial production of goods and services is the change in meaning of the word industry.

Quezon City TARGETED MARKETS a.New Era University College of Business Administration No. Nearby Residents . CHARACTERISTICS SOCIAL CLASS PRIMARY Middle class Kalayaan Avenue. Experience 11 . New Era. people who eat goat meat and want to experience the all time favorite dishes of our eatery. The target markets of Chevon Cuisine are all those living in Kalayaan Avenue Diliman Quezon City.9 Central Ave. Employees and OCCUPATION Destination Customers Tourists. SECONDARY LOCATION Quezon City Within Quezon City Workers.Family and Friends EATING FREQUENCY High Average PERSONAL INTEREST Food Health.

New Era. Having such a good experience will encourage and support repeat business. Customers will appreciate the eatery more because of its environment and intention that will benefit them particularly their health. COMPETITION AND COMPETITIVE EDGE The customer experience is terrifically important as a successful way of distinguishing Chevon Cuisine.The proponents choose this location because this is a developing place and welcoming more investments and businesses.New Era University College of Business Administration No.Quezon City. Malaya Kambingan and Restaurant. and Saingan. 12 . Inn-Café. The second competitive edge is Chevon Cuisine is offering a fast.9 Central Ave. Chevon Cuisine is one of the eateries offering goats meat on our chosen location. Quezon City MARKET SIZE AND TRENDS Chevon Cuisine’s target markets are middle classes within Kalayaan Avenue. However. the company is also competing in the food industry wherein some restaurants offer all time favorite dishes like Kamay Kainan. It’s a huge market and a lot of companies are still attracting to enter the market. healthy food.

BARRIERS TO ENTRY When a new eatery opens. Winning these customers over might be complicated for new owners. afritada.New Era University College of Business Administration No. Steamed Lapu-lapu and they also offer Mongolian Buffet Serves varieties of Filipinos dishes like Saingan sinigang. and dinengdeng. Quezon City COMPETITORS DESCRIPTION Offers food buffets and a wide variety of Kamay Kainan native Filipino dishes. pinakbet and they also offer goat meat dishes like adobo and kaldereta. Serves varieties of Filipinos dishes like Malaya Kambingan and Restaurant menudo. it is in instant and express competition with close to eateries. Economies of level mean average 13 . New Era. especially if the new eatery offers cost similar to eateries that have a lock on that place.9 Central Ave. binagoongan. which might already have dedicated customer bases. Serves varieties of Filipinos dishes like Inn-Café Tenderloin.

If you are scouting locations and you are not able to secure land or a lease at your preferred location.  Location can be another barrier to entry in the eatery industry. The following are the barriers of the company in entering the market:  Because Chevon Cuisine is a new eatery company it’s tough to gain consumer acceptance. But definitely. but the higher initial costs pose an entry barrier for newcomers. you may be forced to consider other less attractive options. Chevon Cuisine needs a very unique advertisement that will definitely persuade our target market to take an action or to procure what we offer. though working with an legal representative experienced in state and local regulations can relieve the process. and customers may be suspicious of your new eatery when you are first starting off. 14 . and alcohol service requires a license.9 Central Ave. high investment is the main barrier. New Era. Building a brand takes time. In order to catch the customer’s attention and interest. Quezon City costs can decrease as an eatery develops.New Era University College of Business Administration No. The location of your business is one of the most important factors to the success of your eatery. These and other regulatory barriers might make life difficult for new eatery owners. Food service needs meeting strict health requirements.  Another barrier to entry in the eatery industry is overcoming customer doubt.

100 24.104 45.067 PASSERBY 13.053 17.160 20.010 20.015 7.073 15.9 Central Ave.094 16.546 10.323 10.000 9.456 54.999 28.251 PROJECTED DEMAND YEAR POPULATION EMPLOYEES 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 23.274 66.615 12.New Era University College of Business Administration No.856 61.020 6.070 PASSERBY 19.983 22.004 8.273 TOTAL DEMAND 52.958 15 .086 26. New Era.040 19.006 21.033 19.460 39.997 25.024 TOTAL DEMAND 36. Quezon City ESTIMATED MARKET SHARE HISTORICAL DEMAND YEAR POPULATION EMPLOYEES 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 18.050 27.098 42.400 14.823 11.189 11.160 5.108 48.703 57.055 22.

723 16 .063 43.9 Central Ave.522 28.623 YEAR 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 PROJECTED DEMAND SUPPLY 38.503 47.946 33. Quezon City HISTORICAL SUPPLY YEAR 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 SUPPLY 25. New Era.283 45.843 41.696 36.151 30.New Era University College of Business Administration No.

703 57.3% 24% PROJECTED DEMAND AND SUPPLY ANALYSIS YEARS DEMAND SUPPLY D-S GAP UNSATISFIED 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 52.867 61.283 45.628 UNSATISFIED 30.696 36.9% 25.465 54.098 42.644 23.158 11.0% 24.938 10. New Era.622 13.852 17 .063 43.985 38.522 28.503 47.947 11.052 27.2% 25. Quezon City HISTORICAL DEMAND AND SUPPLY ANALYSIS YEARS 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 DEMAND 36.568 20.108 48.9 Central Ave.412 11.623 D-S GAP 10.723 13.507 18.104 45.584 15.640 14.0% 28.151 30.274 66.946 33.771 19.460 39.New Era University College of Business Administration No.0% 26.8% SHARE FROM COMPETITORS 10% 12% 14% 16% 18% TOTAL NO. OF EXPECTED CUSTOMERS 17.251 SUPPLY 25.5% 25.262 26.7% 28.843 41.

9 Central Ave. PRODUCT LINE ALL TIME FAVORITES Adobong Kambing Meal Served with adobong kambing and one cup of rice. relationship management and other part to increase sales achieve and sustainable competitive advantage.New Era University College of Business Administration No. New Era. 18 . distribution. Quezon City MARKETING STRATEGY The marketing strategy will be centered on the core idea. Kalderetang Kambing Meal Served with kalderetang kambing and one cup of rice. being the main goal of the business. pricing. It will be combined product development. promotion. and that is the customer’s contentment.

New Era. Papaitang Kambing Meal Served with papaitang kambing with one cup of rice. 19 . Quezon City Kilawing Kambing Meal Served with kilawing kambing with one cup of rice.9 Central Ave.New Era University College of Business Administration No. Sinampalukang Kambing Meal Served with sinampalukang kambing with one cup of rice.

00 Kalderetang Kambing Meal 57. Quezon City PRICE DISHES Adobong Kambing Meal DIRECT COST MARK-UP SRP 57.00 57.New Era University College of Business Administration No.00 40.00 41.00 15.00 20 .00 Soft Drinks 10.00 5.00 Kilawing Kambing Meal 57.00 Beers 35.00 41.00 41.00 20.00 41.00 10.00 41.00 Papaitang Kambing Meal Sinampalukang Kambing Meal 57.9 Central Ave. New Era.00 45.00 Juices 20.00 98.00 98.00 98.00 98.00 98.

21 . which are the real tangible systems of interconnected sources and destinations through which products pass on their way to final consumers. DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL SUPPLIERS CONSUMERS A major part of the place decision is selecting the channel of distribution. Distribution channels are just one component of the overall concept of distribution networks. it will be a good start to spread the word. New Era.New Era University College of Business Administration No. ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION  Personal Selling – the most popular and the most cost efficient tools in promoting CHEVON CUISINE with a very young population ages 25 years old and above. Quezon City A. B. A channel of distribution is the route a good takes from its original source to its final customer.9 Central Ave. Distribution channels move products and services from business to consumers.

Quezon City  Sales Promotion – being new in the market.9 Central Ave. There are thousands of methods to drive profits both for restaurants with big funds and shoestring marketers alike. Flyers – alliance with local broadsheet and tabloid distributors by inserting CHEVON CUISINE flyers and by selecting points of distribution wherein traffic patterns. new stuff on the menu should target their liking.the menu list should be analyzed every now and then. Here are some strategies that could help: Branding – good eatery branding is more than an eatery’s logo. Tarpaulin . To make sure patronage from customers. to set trends in the modern period of restaurant business. b. To further strengthen a  eatery’s brand.  Menu . We will use the following mediums: a. C. SALES TACTICS Increases in sales can be achieved through simple eatery promotions.New Era University College of Business Administration No.  Advertising – well crafted colorful artwork to get the interest of the market place. A loyalty card for regulars will also be given to valued customers. good implementation should come with posted in strategic public places where people frequently visit. CHEVON CUISINE would offer the most economy meal for the customer to appreciate worth for money. 22 . New Era. It involves having a clear cut definition of what a eatery promises to distribute.

something out of the usual like chef face-off.  The Manager has the duty of handling the operation and important documents of the business. 23 .9 Central Ave. and other major events could be prepared.  The Cook is the one who will take charge on managing the kitchen and all the matters about the menus such as inventories. But to attract more attention. SALES FORCE Services will be distributed accordingly to the purposes and role of each employee in industry.New Era University College of Business Administration No. D. Quezon City  Publicity stunts – a simple press release of an updated menu could really effect in a small write-up. unique game.  The Accountant is the only person who will holds the finances of the business. New Era.

Quezon City MANAGEMENT PLAN ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Manager Cashier Waiter/Waitress Cook Dishwasher/ Helper 24 . New Era.9 Central Ave.New Era University College of Business Administration No.

Phil health. or other related courses Must have at least 4 years restaurant management experience Must have good communication skills. buying supplies and equipment. buses and wipes down tables.    Should be responsible for all aspect of the business. They are responsible for the menu.      18 to 25 years old with pleasing personality At least high school graduate.   This person is responsible for all that goes on in the kitchen. Sets up tables for meals. promptly picks up and serves food selections Performs food presentation such as dishing up and preparation of dish up stations. PAG-IBIG.New Era University College of Business Administration No.    Greets our residents and informs them of daily menu choices. 13th month pay & leaves. takes food and beverage orders and conveys to kitchen staff. PAG-IBIG. The manager should ensure that the business operation runs smoothly and according to the company policies. 25-35 years old Must be a graduate of BS HRM or BS Business Education. both orally and written Must have excellent leadership skill who are able to motivate their staff Cook (1) BENEFITS: SSS. Phil health. New Era. experience on food server or waiter/waitress must be multitasking and Pro active Have to alert and courteous all the time. Waiter/Waitress (3) BENEFITS: SSS. PAG-IBIG. 13th month pay & leaves. Phil health.      Male/Female.9 Central Ave. Will ensure that the personnel and other staff would do their job properly. 25 . Quezon City BACKGROUND AND PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE MANAGEMENT TEAM POSITION JOB DESCRIPTION QUALIFICATION  Manager (1) BENEFITS: SSS. Responsible for all the functions of a restaurant from opening to closing and they may be required to act as a regular employee to fill in for last minute absences.    Male/female With at least 2 years work experience as a cook Knowledgeable in goat meat recipes. 13th month pay & leaves. refills condiments as needed.

tipping out wait staff.  Knowledgeable in computing and can operate cash register.New Era University College of Business Administration No.  In charge of the register. 13th month pay & leaves. Phil health. New Era.    Female. PAG-IBIG. 22-27 years old Must be at least high school graduate. and balancing the register at the end of the shift. Quezon City  Bringing customers the food they ordered directly from the kitchen. Phil health. This would include cash.    Male/Female. Cashier (1) BENEFITS: SSS. Stacks clean dishes and cooking vessels in an orderly fashion and correctly stores silverware and cooking utensils.9 Central Ave.  Must have a good oral and written communication skills Dishwashers/ Helper (1)   BENEFITS: SSS.  Washing dishes Besides washing dishes. At least 1 year experience in food service desired. 20-25 years old At least high school graduate Must have understanding of the basic kitchen sanitation TOTAL NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 7 26 . 13th month pay & leaves. an eatery dishwasher has to clear plates and ensure food scraps and paper debris end up in the correct receptacles. PAG-IBIG.

2. SSS number-for the salary of the applicant and formal legal requirements. Interested applicants may submit their bio data through walk-in. Posting of job vacancies and qualifications before the opening.New Era University College of Business Administration No. Health Card-to if the applicant is free from any communicable diseases or ailments HIRING PROCEDURE 1. applicant will have to go through some procedures. the applicant will go through a Interview. 3. After passing all the requirements.9 Central Ave. 27 . Either way. This is for the initial screen of the applicant’s qualifications. Barangay Clearance-to determine the residency of the applicant. More details about the certain role or position will be discussed as a part of the recruiting process. New Era. Quezon City REQUIREMENTS: Applicants are required to submit the following requirements:     Bio data-to gather information and check the background of the applicant.

New Era.9 Central Ave. (Durations: 3 days) Passed Interview Failed Hired Orientation End 28 . Quezon City Hiring Procedure Posting of job vacancies and qualifications before the opening (Durations: 2 weeks) Interested applicants may submit their bio data.New Era University College of Business Administration No.

e. Quezon City EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS. c. d. f. Safety and healthy workplace condition. New Era. Overtime Pay 29 . Employer allows having their rest days and absences if needed. Fair Labor Standards establishes minimum wage and overtime standards. RESTRICTION AND POLICIES RIGHTS a. Prohibits discrimination in employment based on race. religion.9 Central Ave. Equal Pay requires employers to pay employees who perform substantially equivalent work the same wage regardless of the whether the employee is male or female. sex or national origin. b. color.New Era University College of Business Administration No.

i. Smoking Policy. Safeguarding partnership’s reputation. Wearing of Slippers. sando and shorts are not allowed Maintain a degree of neatness at all times. b. Attendance and Working hours. New Era. sex. age.9 Central Ave. It is only allowed during break time outside of workplace. Show respect in word and in action regardless of physical appearance. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the name and reputation of the business. ii. status. c. e. Furthermore. each should have a proper conduct and etiquette for the employees themselves speaks of the quality the company posses. Smoking is prohibited inside the working place. i. iii. All employees of Chevon Cuisine eatery are expected to project positively and are encouraged to be neat and well-groomed at all times. etc. All are expected to report in their respective work on the scheduled time. sandals.New Era University College of Business Administration No. Relation to Customers. Employees must be in their proper uniform d. Hygiene & Grooming. Treat each customer as you would treat a guest at home. Quezon City RESTRICTION AND POLICIES a. 30 .

9 Central Ave. especially the customers. namely: GRAVE MAJOR MINOR VI “V”. Violations can be considered as minor.New Era University College of Business Administration No. There is a grace period of ten minutes given to all employees. Quezon City ii. operation of the business is affected including the co-workers. Absences without prior knowledge of the management shall be deducted from the salary. New Era. but in the case of a serious offence. If the employees do not follow the rules and regulations. Sanctions Rules and regulations inside the business should be observed through the operation to protect not only the business itself but as well as the employees serving the business. the owners are entitled to give sanctions to the offended employee to keep the operation of the business in smooth flow. Rules are not only meant for the workers and lower position but also apply to the workers in the higher level. “VIII” and “IX” “II” and “VII” 31 . Violations are classified according to the seriousness or extent on the effect on the business and the customer. Break time schedule is strictly implemented. iv. iii.

9 Central Ave. *Act against social norms. Grave Offense Category “VI” Threat arises to the integrity and reputation of the business Action to be taken Immediate Dismissal * Any unacceptable behavior that will affect the welfare of the business. 32 . *Use of violence or any physical force. Quezon City How are some cases that shall be acted upon by the owners.New Era University College of Business Administration No. New Era.

New Era University College of Business Administration No. Action to be taken Action to be taken First Offense 3 days suspension Second offense Dismissal First Offense Written warning Second offense 3 days suspension Third offense 6 days suspension Forth Offense Dismissal 33 . Category “IX” An act that causes considerable disruption within the workgroup. New Era.9 Central Ave. Quezon City Major Offense Category “V” and “VII” Offenses that hamper safe and smooth operation of the business and can cause major harm.

Action to be taken First Offense Oral reprimand Second Offense Written warning Fourth Offence 6 days suspension Fifth offence Dismissal 34 .9 Central Ave. immediate penalty is not necessary.New Era University College of Business Administration No. New Era. The management should call the attention of the offended employee before serious violation takes place. Quezon City Minor Offense Category “II” and “VII” In minor cases.

competitors. and anyone else with whom Chevon Cuisine’s has contact. managers and all other employees of Chevon Cuisine’s in dealing with fellow employees. staff and suppliers. 35 . New Era. health and welfare of employees and the public through a program of hazard management. guests.    To run and sustain a profitable business. governmental and self-regulatory agencies. vendors. nationality. creed. suppliers. Quezon City CORPORATE GOVERNANCE/ CODE OF ETHICS OF EMPLOYEES The purpose of Code of Ethics is to provide guidance and set common ethical standards each of us must adhere to on a consistent basis.9 Central Ave. It governs the actions and working relationships of officers. These relationships are essential to the continued Chevon Cuisine strives to promote a model of best practice through a commitment to professionalism within the hospitality industry.  To maintain a privacy policy and respect client confidentiality. gender or clients. To deliver what you promise . religion.    To be honest and trustworthy in all aspects of their business. the media. success of Chevon Cuisine. To protect the safety. To value ongoing professional development for staff and management. To treat all clients equally regardless of race.New Era University College of Business Administration No.

36 .9 Central Ave. Chevon Cuisine will:  Make every effort to resolve complaints and grievances in good faith through direct communication and negotiation and within reasonable timeframes.New Era University College of Business Administration No. responsibilities and competencies of the profession and keep them informed of significant advances or changes in the areas of compliance. New Era. Quezon City  To promote best practice in matters of compliance – tax. Work cover.  Endeavour to assist new members in acquiring a full understanding of the ethics. processes. superannuation. industrial relations.

New Era University College of Business Administration No.2:00am 5 Sales report 4 Clip board report for tomorrow’s operation 3 Attendance 2 Arrangement of kitchen.11:00pm 11:01pm . dining and management concern 4 Attendance 5 Change funds and petty cash 10:01pm .12:00am 12:01am .6:00pm 6:01pm .1:00am 12:01am -1:00am 1:01am .7:00pm 7:01pm .10:00pm 1 Checking inventories for day operation 2 Cleaning and sanitation 3 Checklist for kitchen.9 Central Ave.9:00pm 9:01pm .8:00pm 8:01pm . Quezon City OPERATIONAL PLAN DAILY OPERATION PROCESS Operation Hours OPENING 5:01pm . dining and office records 1 Inventory Check CLOSING 37 . New Era.

New Era. Quezon City OPERATING CYCLE Dining Operation Cycle Procedures Welcome all arriving customer pleasantly Person in Charge Welcome Greetings waiter/waitress Offer Seat to the Customers Lead them to their seats waiter/waitress Present the Menu Offer the menu and suggest special offers waiter/waitress Get the Ordered Foods List down the ordered foods and verify all details collected waiter/waitress Serve the ordered foods Serve first the drinks followed with the ordered menu waiter/waitress Collection of Payments Wait for the customer to take their bill then collect waiter/waitress Cleaning Clean the table and prepare for another set of customers waiter/waitress 38 .9 Central Ave.New Era University College of Business Administration No.

New Era. 7.00 2.700.700.399.00 Php. Buildings and Facilities PARTICULARS Structural Plumbing Electrical TOTAL COST 3.998.00 1.400.9 Central Ave.New Era University College of Business Administration No. Quezon City FACILITIES AND IMPROVEMENT A.000.00 39 . 2.00 Chest Freezer 1 11.00 Rice Cooker (50 cups) 2 5. Machineries and Equipment PARTICULARS ITEMS QUANTITY UNIT PRICE Electric Airpot 1 Php.940.00 B.

5.28 40 .New Era University College of Business Administration No.00 C.00 Cash Register 1 8. Quezon City Two door Refrigerator 1 7.850.000.9 Central Ave. New Era. Office Supplies PARTICULARS ITEMS QUANTITY UNIT PRICE Paper clip (box) 10 Php.

New Era.00 41 .00 Office Ruler 3 35.New Era University College of Business Administration No. Quezon City ID holder 21 10.9 Central Ave.20 Office Desktop Sharpener 3 230.00 Office Scissors 6 25.00 Pencil-Mongol(box) 12 57.

Utilities PARTICULARS Water SOURCE Maynilad MONTHLY RATE 3370 42 .00 520.00 D. 1.00 1. Furniture & Fixtures PARTICULARS Seiling Fan Wall Fan Tables Chairs QUANTITY 3 4 7 28 TOTAL COST UNIT PRICE Php.050.9 Central Ave.60 84.00 34.00 Brown envelope Scotch tape(big) Scotch tape holder Stapler Staple Wire Bond Paper (ream) 36 12 3 3 12 12 1.814.00 546.New Era University College of Business Administration No.30 40.00 200. 1.00 960. Quezon City Folder 36 5.00 103.00 TOTAL Php.008.00 27.00 Php. 2. New Era.000.00 C.00 210.

New Era.9 Central Ave.00 43 .New Era University College of Business Administration No.370. Quezon City Electricity TOTAL Meralco 7000 10.

00 650.00 900.00 750.00 720.00 60.00 1. Quezon City E.600.00 800.New Era University College of Business Administration No.100.980.00 300.680.400.00 240.00 720.00 Total 600.00 840.00 700.00 50. Kitchen wares *KITCHEN SUPPLIES Apron Pot holder QUANTITY UNIT PRICE 10 10 60.00 700.00 2.00 50.400.00 250.00 130.00 80.9 Central Ave.00 20.00 3.00 240.980.00 1.00 13.00 67.00 200.00 240.00 1. New Era.00 300.220.00 13.00 15.00 150.00 3.00 Drinking Glass 50 Soup Bowl 50 Ladle 12 Can opener 5 Bottle opener 5 Kitchen knife set 3 Pitcher 14 Tray 20 Spoon and fork sterilizer 1 Spoon 18-piece Set 3 Fork 18-piece Set 3 Gas Stove 2 LPG Pot Wok 2 TOTAL 72 4 44 .

00 170. we will soon propose franchising to extend out the business and be known in the restaurant bar industry.  Improve the food-improve the menu and invent new chevon or goat meat recipes.9 Central Ave.00 500.00 FUTURE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT  Delivery –the business will offer delivery services to reach the demands of the customers especially the ones who don’t have enough time to drop by.00 200. Regulatory and Legal Issues PARTICULARS Barangay Clearance BIR Registration Mayor’s Permit Sanitary Permit Fire Hazard Inspection Clearance Garbage Fee New Registration Plate/Sticker TOTAL Amount Php. New Era.620.  Franchising – to maximize our business. 700.New Era University College of Business Administration No.00 250.  Restaurant Bar –the eatery will expand as a restaurant bar in the future.00 500. 2.00 Php. Quezon City F. 45 .00 300.

 Increases in Competitors – opponents are everywhere and there will come a time that new food business might be open near at our business place. The tendency is the sales will be affected. If it happens it will be a huge loss which can turn down the business.9 Central Ave. The following risks are indicated below.  Fire – Fire is hard to avoid and it is risky.  Natural Calamities – We cannot avoid the natural calamities that’s why sometimes business had to stop their operation for the meantime because no one can predict it natural calamities hit.  Lack of financial resources – The management can encounter insufficient budget because the business is a new entry in the industry and still adjusting. It will be a loss of sales in the business if it happens. Internal Risks An internal risk is the controllable factors that can affected inside the business.New Era University College of Business Administration No. New Era. The following risks are indicated below. The management will be deeply affected because of the damages. 46 . Quezon City CRITICAL RISK External Risk External Risk is uncontrollable factor that can affect outside the business.

Contingency Plans External Risk Natural Calamities Contingency Plans It would really help if the management and the personnel would be aware of the storms and other calamities that would enter the country. Listening to the radio and watching the news would be a big help.  Personnel problem –. Fire Things that can be the reason of fire are dislocated of gas hose can cause of leaking gas. the personnel must report some damages immediately. In order to prevent this.9 Central Ave. The management will also buy a fire extinguisher for the business. New Era. 47 . personal problem and other reasons that the personnel cannot make it to manage the business.New Era University College of Business Administration No. The personnel may encounter some problems like sickness. Quezon City  Unexpected damage of equipments –Equipments are important because it has a major function making the product. If damage happens it will be time consuming mainly in peak hours.

Personnel Problem The management will always have a prepared substitute so that whenever trial would happen. Unexpected damage equipments If this problem happened. 48 .New Era University College of Business Administration No. New Era. And logo that would attract the customers is some ways to make the customers recognize and consider the business. the business would not have any problems about the personnel. Quezon City Increase in Competitors Having new promotions and continues develop of the business.9 Central Ave. it must be reported directly to the management so that the equipments must be replaced right away. Internal Risk Lack of financial resources Contingency Plan The management would capitalize the money which would serve as investment to the business.

732.000.00 412.00 82.000.New Era University College of Business Administration No. New Era.54 3.54 6.00 42.083.00 8.830.87 111.622.083.00 Php59.680.59 Total Project Cost PHP 580.110.00 96.00 49 .300. Quezon City CHEVON CUISINE PROJECT COST Fixed Asset Requirement Leasehold Impovements Furnitures & Fixtures Machineries & Equipment Total Fixed Capital Pre-operating Expenditure Procurement of Legal Permits Advertising Expenses Total Pre-operating Expenditure Initial Working Capital Cash on hand Rental (6 months) Total Initial Working Capital Operating Expense Initial Inventoy Utilities Expense Supplies Expense Salaries & Wages (3 months) Total Operating Expenditure Php15.9 Central Ave.352.35 186.814.00 11.87 90.941.00 2.24

55 SRP 95.00 % 17% 15% 13% 31% 20% 90% 15% 27% 54% TOTAL 129.54 1.830.418.20 48.80 32.722.00 10.00 95.804.80 121.40 66.35 142.00 95.00 95.512.162.00 45.00 % 15% 12% 17% 30% 16% 88% 11% 37% 42% TOTAL 107.00 45.562.075.20 72.166.00 95.00 15.080. New Era.00 40.25 85.449.00 95.59 195.396.15 99.00 10.97 114.00 15.00 95.9 Central Ave.402.143.250. Quezon City SCHEDULE 1: POJECTED SALES 2013 QTY TO BE SOLD 1131 904 1281 2261 1206 6633 829 2789 3166 2014 QTY TO BE SOLD 1365 1204 1044 2489 1606 7225 1204 2168 4335 MENU Adobong Kambing Kalderetang Kambing Kilawing Kambing Papaitang Kambing Sinampalukang Kambing Rice Juice Softdrinks Beers TOTAL POJECTED SALE SRP 95.49 50 .00 95.648.80 41.New Era University College of Business Administration No.921.528.55 214.30 928.00 95.140.00 40.50 114.60 33.181.325.71 152.33 236.

851.316.24 1.64 59.52 194.953.10 143.625. New Era.488.77 40.909.19 229.030.419.30 60.651.92 51 .87 244.705.06 112.15 124.19 295.75 171.182.24 72.901.881.352.60 292.813.44 430.31 355.909.New Era University College of Business Administration No.527.89 180.58 1.42 87. Quezon City UNIT PRICE 100 100 100 100 100 10 42 16 47 % 17% 15% 13% 31% 20% 95% 15% 27% 54% 2015 QTY TO BE SOLD 1627 1435 1244 2967 1914 9091 1435 2584 5167 TOTAL 162.53 90.84 2.44 48.693.300.75 UNIT PRICE 105 105 105 105 105 15 44 17 50 2017 QTY TO % BE SOLD 17% 2254 15% 13% 31% 20% 98% 15% 27% 54% 1989 1724 4110 2652 12993 1989 3580 7160 TOTAL 236.492.34 354.002.734.273.751.34 208.55 148.38 UNIT PRICE 100 100 100 100 100 10 42 16 47 % 17% 15% 13% 31% 20% 98% 15% 27% 54% 2016 QTY TO BE SOLD 1951 1722 1492 3558 2296 11249 1722 3099 6199 TOTAL Central Ave.207.201.909.713.091.51 277.

00 % 17% 15% 13% 31% 20% 90% 15% 27% 54% TOTAL 92.981.427.00 68.00 16% 7.81 151.716.00 7.50 37% 35.00 68.90 670.281.575.00 88% 28.00 10.213.56 46.9 Central Ave.40 61.801.37 81.43 DC 68.830.00 68.00 % 15% 12% 17% 30% TOTAL 76.877.965.80 82.72 153.00 11% 10. New Era.75 169. Quezon City SCHEDULE 2: POJECTED COST OF SALE 2013 QTY TO BE SOLD 1131 904 1281 2261 1206 6633 829 2789 3166 2014 QTY TO BE SOLD 1365 1204 1044 2489 1606 7225 1204 2168 4335 MENU Adobong Kambing Kalderetang Kambing Kilawing Kambing Papaitang Kambing Sinampalukang Kambing Rice Juice Softdrinks Beers TOTAL POJECTED SALE DC 68.178.92 68.00 68.501.50 35.00 28.00 42% 52 .00 68.758.02 109.00 68.08 50.226.42 782.92 23.76 22.002.793.25 110.00 68.883.14 33.96 29.127.754.92 87.725.New Era University College of Business Administration No.56 70.

272.03 UNIT PRICE 71 71 71 71 71 % 17% 15% 13% 31% 20% 2016 QTY TO BE SOLD 1951 1722 1492 3558 2296 TOTAL 139.76 163.425.823.201.9 Central Ave.71 189.38 102.76 1.528.937.099.22 254.05 28.95 198.153.546.42 29 11 37 15% 27% 54% 1435 2584 5167 42.492.95 41.071.52 227.651.139.27 88.17 211.59 129.979.169.917.219.10 136.92 31 12 39 15% 27% 54% 1989 3580 7160 61.79 1.799.26 UNIT PRICE 75 75 75 75 75 % 17% 15% 13% 31% 20% 2017 QTY TO BE SOLD 2254 1989 1724 4110 2652 TOTAL 168.329.485.393.901.40 53 .621.74 1.67 122.91 276.51 34.809.904.New Era University College of Business Administration No.909. Quezon City 2015 UNIT PRICE 71 71 71 71 71 % 17% 15% 13% 31% 20% QTY TO BE SOLD 1627 1435 1244 2967 1914 TOTAL 116.246.24 15 98% 12993 194.488.76 29 11 37 15% 27% 54% 1722 3099 6199 50.796.64 308.440.53 149.30 10 98% 11249 112.45 10 95% 9091 90. New Era.882.

112 8.9 Central Ave.200 109.00 312.272.152 109.00 SSS MONTHLY ANNUAL 822.00 312.596 9.80 89.40 575 6.115.112 62.51 54 .112 8.389.440.00 2014 41.292.74 75.48 203.60 71.216.00 191.200.692.200 97.410.20 2015 42.310.00 84. Quezon City SCHEDULE 3: SALARIES & WAGES POSITON Manager Cashier Cook Helper Waiter 1 Waiter 2 Waiter 3 TOTAL DAILY RATE 446.70 51.634.344 746.653.902.900 575 6.00 67.900 575 6.520.New Era University College of Business Administration No.900 575 6.88 2016 44.58 94.872.20 2017 45.100 8.344 97.928.344 97.25 209.515.00 312.431.00 350.900 575 6.00 MONTLY RATE 11.640.542.272.000.00 69.970.00 ANNUAL RATE 139.00 2013 40.20 86.344 97.19 215.00 312.88 91.00 350.100 9.244.900 575 6.00 197.789.70 9.900 4.112 8. New Era.07 73.189.40 PHILHEALTH MONTHLY ANNUAL 200 2400 100 1200 100 1200 100 1200 100 1200 100 1200 100 1200 800 9600 PAG-IBIG MONTHLY ANNUAL 100 1200 100 1200 100 1200 100 1200 100 1200 100 1200 100 1200 700 8400 SCHEDULE 4: UTILITIES EXPENSE Increase 3% annually PARTICULARS Water Electricity LPG TOTAL SOURCE Maynilad Meralco Shellane MONTHLY RATE 3370 7000 5600 15.

322.00 816.517.95 1.040.00 780.560.00 500. New Era.433.720.99 865.60 530.082.I.00 1.53 55 .623.00 2.020.43 3.00 3.91 636.000.00 1.06 662.60 1. Clearance B.000.00 832.54 1.30 624.09 1.530.99 541.24 8.618.875.00 530.50 510.00 1.46 8.932.03 SCHEDULE 6: LEGAL PERMITS Increase 2% annually PARTICULARS 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 DTI Business Permit Brgy.111. Quezon City SCHEDULE 5: ADVERTISING EXPENSE Increase 2% annually PARTICULARS QUANTITY 2 UNIT COST 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Signage Banners Baloons TOTAL 30 100 400 50 10 800.62 675.21 3.15 520.00 2.72 8.R Sanitary Permit Health Permit TOTAL 1.13 1.00 2.050.572.419.00 530.501.991.00 3.00 3.00 795.00 811.63 1.00 3.061.9 Central Ave.97 1.82 649.32 848.00 1.45 8.70 8.22 530.500.65 1.591.300.00 844.New Era University College of Business Administration No.00 828.32 1.000.81 1.366.000.000.97 530.40 3.20 530.000.

791.680.347.000 2013 2017 75.700.025.11 4.715.589.00 4.95 2016 73.60 4.00 2015 198.New Era University College of Business Administration No.014.19 90.46 56 .000.35 2014 69.000.00 2014 189.27 11.75 12.00 1.89 85.00 15. New Era.70 4.385.82 12.70 5.00 2016 208.372.453.334.313.000. Quezon City SCHEDULE 7: RENT EXPENSE Increase 5% annually PARTICULARS Rent MONTHLY 15.00 11.13 SCHEDULE 8: LEASEHOLD IMPROVEMENTS PARTICULARS Structural Plumbing Electrical TOTAL COST 8.455.94 87.300.76 2015 71.450.50 2017 218.9 Central Ave.674.656.00 SCHEDULE 9: SUPPLIES EXPENSE *increase 3% annually PARTICULARS Kitchen supplies* Office Supplies** Cleaning Supplies*** TOTAL SUPPLIES EXPENSES 2013 67.726.94 93.75 82.

05 710.236.00 60.34 357.273.98 163.10 1.72 2.781.00 300.20 230.00 1.00 27.00 800.98 2017 59.00 15.20 309.480.00 3.80 210.50 108.00 2013 600.397.00 300.311.648.350.96 38.18 202.64 142.54 2017 675.329.18 3.151.36 772.00 1.970.00 750.00 105.38 216.00 900.24 1.52 368.012.00 35.697.00 1.91 114.58 844.44 2016 655.60 16.600.396.388.00 20.800.39 190.00 2015 636.62 848.27 3.42 38.27 819.00 13.92 689.00 1.00 3.61 1.00 1.02 159.32 731.52 TOTAL 34.25 327.43 236.23 954.800.61 3. Quezon City *KITCHEN SUPPLIES Apron Pot holder Drinking Glass Soup Bowl Ladle Can opener Bottle opener Kitchen knife set Pitcher Tray Spoon and fork sterilizer Spoon 18-piece Set Fork 18-piece Set Gas Stove Pot Wok QUANTITY 10 10 50 50 12 5 5 3 24 20 4 5 5 4 4 4 UNIT PRICE 60.08 1.15 185.00 13.00 180.81 17.600.00 57.604.051.55 262.273.74 196.00 686.00 2014 618.00 200.60 2014 54.00 2.20 732.19 347.933.82 273.47 750.87 **OFFICE SUPPLIES Paper clip (box) ID holder Pencil-Mongol(box) Office Desktop Sharpener Office Scissors Office Ruler Folder Brown envelope Scotch tape(big) QUANTITY UNIT PRICE 10 21 12 3 6 3 36 36 12 5.60 168.83 1.00 36.08 337.00 650.45 3.64 37.236.53 1.70 229.71 900.62 318.00 50.00 25.21 1.59 795.889.311.00 700.460.27 265.00 240.38 1.00 150.69 39.55 776.920.819.00 80.55 2016 57. New Era.00 1.59 40.02 222.99 710.00 35.New Era University College of Business Administration No.059.00 257.40 690.27 1.90 669.72 57 .00 3.200.13 270.748.79 728.56 874.300.00 5.200.350.00 240.30 706.95 16.00 133.671.14 111.00 840.65 281.00 250.918.70 154.50 247.50 927.884.08 3.54 137.83 118.00 3.40 37.00 15.43 2015 56.12 337.00 2.82 1.00 3.80 824.41 3.68 254.18 983.30 2013 52.00 36.96 4.360.00 1.00 240.564.00 327.81 3.36 17.28 10.00 130.00 150.980.9 Central Ave.31 146.708.50 772.05 753.

00 84.00 390.25 40.000.00 200.23 663.400.00 408.00 2013 750.726.20 2015 795.420.337.00 3.530.60 84.00 103.25 86.56 2017 1.19 2017 844.391.225.98 1.91 426.00 4.51 1.00 573.44 12.00 1. New Era.94 11.240.00 220.50 92.00 90.00 2.68 95.95 133.00 270.07 94.54 495.785.44 3.00 34.80 252.00 28.47 1.00 1.360.00 1.475.21 1.909.00 121.854.334.215.53 243.45 259.55 98.56 420.814.11 3.80 1.63 422.800.954.22 2.09 275.75 1.43 58 .00 55.025.63 459.966.00 520.442.540.00 2013 2014 1.13 101.236.37 445.24 1.92 439.75 137.455.61 4.69 3.102.25 386.97 632.025.30 210.00 1.80 3.486.83 1.00 2014 772.311.27 129.00 2.40 546.89 601.85 1.385.273.058.00 440.014.06 231.89 SCHEDULE 10: FURNITURE & FIXTURES FURNITURES & FIXTURES QUANTITY Seiling Fan 3 Wall Fan 4 Tables 7 Chairs 28 TOTAL UNIT PRICE 1.27 4.09 283.12 466.35 2.84 89. Quezon City Scotch tape holder Stapler Staple Wire Bond Paper (ream) TOTAL 3 3 12 12 40.10 3.9 Central Ave.102.008.437.625.26 3.276.50 1.22 267.67 255.589.257.00 49.New Era University College of Business Administration No.70 2015 2016 1.50 2.50 75.79 1.646.13 5.111.35 432.00 960.82 3.77 91.800.62 414.157.75 11.08 4.050.82 ***CLEANING SUPPLIES Mop Trash Can Trash Bag Broom Dustpan Brush Fire extinguisher Hand Soap Holder Liquid Hand Soap (Liter) Multipurpose Cleaning Chemical (Galloon) TOTAL QUANTITY 5 3 50 5 3 8 1 3 34 12 UNIT PRICE 150.60 125.00 1.166.48 2.20 1.350.94 2016 819.674.549.868.00 375.004.80 1.30 2.73 397.65 12.32 1.52 453.00 402.00 130.00 30.32 11.50 409.55 1.63 1.28 1.79 480.704.70 2.

960.529.600.00 11.570.998.570.10 10.600. Quezon City SCHEDULE 11: MACHINARIES & EQUIPMENT PARTICULARS Electric Airpot Rice Cooker (50 cups) Chest Freezer Two door Refrigerator Cash Register TOTAL QUANTITY 1 2 1 1 1 UNIT PRICE 2.50 3.399.880.570.00 1.570.00 9.00 11.00 3.00 8.880.000.00 8.569.00 42.00 11.00 2.60 2017 2.50 1.10 2015 3.00 5.00 LIFE YEARS 2 3 5 5 5 2013 2014 1.399.60 1.00 5.850.00 2.729.00 11.729.960.New Era University College of Business Administration No.600.00 10.399.960.399.00 1.850.60 2.00 5.850. New Era.60 1.9 Central Ave.000.600.60 59 .570.127.00 1.399.00 SCHEDULE 12: DEPRECIATION EXPENSE PARTICULARS Electric Airpot Rice Cooker (50 cups) Chest Freezer Two door Refrigerator Cash Register TOTAL TOTAL COST 2.940.998.00 11.00 1.00 7.399.00 7.00 TOTAL 2.998.00 1.60 2016 2.60 1.60 1.00 7.00 8.600.