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You don't seem to travel much Dr Kucho, is it a thing you avoid, or simply you don't get much offers from foreign clubs/festivals? I hate to travel … lol , really , everybody says they love to travel but they are wrong, they love to visit different places, and meet people around the world, but they they dont love to travel. Traveling , being precise with the meaning is to move from point A to B , nobody loves that, and in my case taking in mind i am almost 2 meters guy and have to seat on those tiny air plane seats, i hate to travel … did you like my way to avoid your question? LOL , i can be very Sheldon Cooper …. ok here i go : I am not a regular Dj , i am first of all, a producer, i dont need to be all the weekends touring, i could do that if i would need by lowering my dj fee , that's what most people do , they adjust their fee to a "reasonable" level so it's easy for a club to pay you and you keep on djing all the time , i dont do that, if i dont travel one weekend that means i can spend more hours in studio making music that will make my profile go higher and will help to the clubs to pay what they dont wanted to pay before. Last two months (december and january) i did not play at all,(i had only one gig that i could not make it cause the weather messed up my flight and lost the connection), was that a problem? no, not at all, i used all that time not flying and traveling to finish my progressive album, to relax, do normal person's stuff… and prepare my radio show that i always wanted to do and never had the energy/time… meanwhile my music is working alone on radios and clubs and will make gigs to come … and they did, now, because my track "Doing better without you" became huge in Romania i created a lot of interest during this time and finally signed deal with Touch Management (Romanian agency) and they are getting me gigs all over Romania, right now i am flying to Bucharest (yes if i did not answered this interview before is because i was waiting to do it during a flight so i use this dead time for something usefull) cause this weekend i play in Bacau and Iasi for my propper fee, next weekend i have a double booking in Ukraine and in march i am thinking on moving to Bucharest cause i have 6 gigs confirmed again in Romania. You recently started Doctoring the House radio show, can you tell us

. thats musical yes . and 90% with that silly happy feeling on it … the competition these days is so hard… there a a couple of factors that are not helping to a healthy competition: 1. today the rest of factors such as making a track you feel proud of are totally marginated to a few ones who are totally ..releasing a track costs nothing today . thousands and thousands of new tracks that sound exactly the same. and they want it NOW..producing music today is so cheap. and music.. ok .Mp3 shops are taking most of the money of the legal sales. this is a sickness to me… ok . but trying to make a hit. so labels are not making almost money so they just need more and more tunes of what they think its gonna sell.producing tools (synths. put all those factors together and you get what we have today. producers are not trying to make a good track. 5. but not that important that it is allowed to eliminate the emotions. the EDM scene is sick . the need for money and fame was always there. and i am the cure. and then we have the fake progressive. 2. 4. ok. but not like today . we are all making dance music and in dance music the impact of the sounds is very important . no investment on physical supports. everybody copy everybody that got success once (maybe by luck or because he purchased his own stuff on beatport . back in the days you spnet much more time on making a track. chords and melodies . 3. DAWS. and i am … (lol) trying to help to cure it :-) . no need to buy hardware so there are too many producers. but in the 80's it was cool … well… maybe not that cool … a little bit …at least … Now seriously . if you eliminate them music is not music but noise. in the way i see it and in the way it was originally created is about emotions.a little more about the idea behind it ? The EDM scene is sick . that music has real notes.. its only money and fame what matters. ok . remember that? you watch it now and its kind of cheese. LOL that's a remix of the slogan of Sylvester Stallone's "Cobra" movie. and those emotions must be in the score . so they dont care much about the spiritual side of music or about being original. who knows … ) . etc) are so good.most of producers are very young. its true that it is sick. they just want success. that high pitched electro music that is banging all over the world is music with no soul with no emotions but noisy energy and only noisy energy . but the problem is all of them sound the same.

but dont make mistake.. not neverending loopy arrangements . the main factors are two: 1. all those celebrities being djs now … that is totally ridiculous . i never liked much the pure underground. So my show Doctoring The House is a place where the music with a message . The human stupidity cause to follow a celebrity that plays music is even more retarded than the retarded celebrity dj himself money cause clubs book celebrity fake djs because they just dont care about music or integrity . and advance because . Why do you think most of the DJs hate sync button? Is it because they want to make their job seem harder or what? same reason the labor workers of the old factories hated the machines that where doing the job they were doing before. melodies. it's true that the sync brought a lot of retarded djs to the scene . i described some of them in my article "manual or automatic mix" that you can read in my brand new website !!!! :DD (hell yeah !!! .human stupidity and 2. i guess undergrounders might think Doctoring the House is a little commercial show. but i am not a newcomer .. it was a little part of it. a special groove has its place. 20 years in this bussiness and this is the first real website i have LOL) What do you look for in label before you sign your track for them? to be bigger than my own label Disc Doctor and to give a royalty advance . also the advance is a guarantee they are not just going to release and forget. "bigger" means the diffusion power they might have . something you had to do cause it is more elegant to mix than doing abrupt changes. the dj job is not about mixing two tracks. but definitely not the cheese mainstream commercial. but not the main factor. beat matching two tracks its not a form of art. but don't make mistake its not an underground show. . the just care about money then you can place the sync button on the third place if you wish. it never been about that. as every technology has lots of good things. i know most labels dont pay advances these days. and the sync button is crucial factor that caused those retards to contaminate the scene . with vocals.unknown. a story . the music in the show its fresh. i'm ok with that. this means they should be able to make money with my music as i am giving them quality.

i do this sometimes… mostly when i forget to take my pill) well second Kucho. yes labels have to upload and fill that annoying form full of fields to auto catalog their music. they dont pay salaries to employees to attend their customers or upload the music . they dont even select the music they offer. What distribution of money would you suggest. and what are pros and cons of buying online? On my new website . to the current music scene? I saw a documental about how . in your opinion. its absolutely stupid that we all accepted beatport and others the split they offered us. i mean once you finish reading here LOL… So on my site i started a shop using Bandcamp. but hey . good things and bad things about that . how can Bandcamp. rather than quality. and make just one mistake and you have to upload the whole shit again. How. if we all labels would fight all together for a fair split the shops would accept a 15% and even a 10% and they would still make money . technology is making that everybody can make everything. does that benefit and how does it not.they should send to main djs. did i say that i do have a new website on www. they dont a pay rent for the shop in the center of the city (they do pay some server monthly fee i guess but how much is that compared to the 50% of all the tracks of all the labels they sell per month? 0. they dont invest on stock they might risk cause it wont be sold. On your blog. more and more. labels and producers ( ). just wont be rich . not just manage to do it? Music is becoming more about quantity. they dont create the music. we did cause we are not united. they interviewed many music makers . more than that is just ridiculous. you posted an article on how money is distributed between online music shops. they should promote the track on their socials and you should go check it out right now !!!!??? :D … no!!!! .00000000000000001% ? hey Kucho! how can you be so sure beatport would still make money if taking 15% only (yes its me talking to myself. they are a shop. Moby was one of them and he said something absolutely true. it was . they take 15% . and it was a part of the documental about electronic platform . i think iTunes takes something similar too . that is fair. WAIT!!! .

websites etc to get their income from the people who are interested on feature on the media . Steve… i mean Dj Deuche… ask daddy money to "promote" his carer . so i suggest tolerance ZERO with musical crap. the fu%&ing musical apocalypse . radios. just some standard noisy shit… but!!!! he has money cause his father is rich as he (the father) runs a huge asian food restaurants enterprise. you do that and most of the problems would go away for good. and of course they talk .something like this "that everyone can make music does not mean that everyone has talent to do it. but because i guess you don't work with a guitar player to make a song that does insane abuse of the pitch bend while the guitar player repeats the same note for 32 bars. and that makes the music scene to be filled with mediocrity" he continued and here comes the worse : "once you are exposed to mediocrity for some time you loose the ability of make the difference between good and bad" . they do their part . what changes would you make to current Electronic Music Industry? i would avoid the media: magazines. he makes music. but nothing special. i send him a midi file and he does it on his studio then send to me . i am not good working with people. then i do mine . Do you encourage producers to work with orchestra or bands? ( Like Joey Negro is working with The Sunburst Band ) i dont't but that's cool. in fact most of my collaborations are made in the distance. everybody understood that? not sure? ok . sometimes i ask a guitar/bass player to do stuff for me . so to work with musicians . let me explain : Dj Deuche (let's just create a cool name LOL) is nobody. If you had the power. BAAAAAAM ! how about that? we are totally fuc%$d my friend. not only because of the sound you can get with real instruments. but that's just me i think i spend most of my time alone so i lost my patience to work with people in the same room but working with musicians is so cool . and pays for a front cover. that is the way i prefer to work with musicians. including an interview where they talk about all the cool things he does . so he goes to the mags. trough internet. Here's a bit cliche of a question. somehow makes you to make good music. if we don't do something about it this is going to be the end of time. they have thousands of restaurants all over the united states … now. alone in my studio is where i work better.

some tracks more than others i guess. not sure i will release on my label so far. what kind of magazine would put a guy who is nobody in the cover? you starting to understand now right? . if they would not . while i decide what todo with it. or by something else? well genre is a way to do it . but some labels do many genres . go check it out (here to include the SC link) . "Hale Bopp" and "To Russia With Love" but then. is that what they call progressive trance? to be honest i dont know. now apply the same algorithm to the radios or any media that feeds from promotional/advertising system. yes you can go . Van Doorn. we do funky him like if he were a fuc&%ng genius cause. correct? Can you tell us more about it? If I recall. Corsten and Schulz for example started to play the tracks so i got a lot of new tranceish followers and this made me think about making the album. hit play and keep reading here :-) How would you classify all the labels in the industry? By the genre. this is not like checking the website lol. but taking this decision is my main priority now. i dont even know i was making tranceish stuff when i did "The Big Bang Theory" . yes its trancy . all trance Dj's . vocal house … one of my tweets was "big labels are not big because they know a lot about music. What's the state of it ? its DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEHA ! :D i uploaded a preview to my soundcloud with pieces of all tracks. you can go . like my label Disc Doctor Records. you mentioned it is a bit trance-ish. progressive. their abilities to make money with their releases. the best clubs and festivals will only pay you insane and totally ridiculous amounts of money if you are all the time in the media… make a fair media with no fake dj popularity created bwith money and maybe the best clubs and festivals will pick the djs because of their… yes… their music… sounds good uh? am i a dreamer?… well you said "if you had the power" :-) You are currently working on an album you're gonna release in a future. the mag would look incoherent. but definitely its between progressive house and trance . . but because they know a lot about making money with music" so that should be another classifying system.

and here i take the chance to apologize to them cause i am doing so slow on this. they dont want to sing new artists cause they want to promote their artists only as they do their own label parties with these djs and the label gets a big cut here … this is just a theory . we have a new latin track being cooked after our "Echale Candela" worked very nice . new collab with DJ Zenbi from Washington DC. Moldova. i dont have proofs of this but i think its clear these labels exists and have this "motivation" or lack of motivation when it comes to sign a track even if they like it a lot. sorry guys… a collab with Karim Haas from Madrid . we cooking a version of a legendary house track in Spain. Are there any new stuff or collaborations you're doing. we thought it could be a good thing to do a follow up . besides your Album? What can we expect from you in the future ? New single with Aris . a collab with the guys of Rude Vinyl from Chisinau . and some more stuff i can't tell right now (would be nice if you could add the links of each artists here right after their name ?) . some labels are more closed than others.also the closed factor. yes the singer of "Doing Better Without You".