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[DM]Poltergeist: Well, first off thanks for showing up.

As a quick survey question, how many people here have Exigo as their main faction? Maishtar: mmm... being a Blackwood that would count me out? Bree: [Talk] * raise hand * Bree: [Talk] * listens to crickets * [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Yeah, I think we have two Blackwood, a main, and a Whurest Raena Ravun: [Talk] Blackwood here [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] I meant Exigo in general. Subsidiaries are all right. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] As long as it's your main. Maishtar: [Talk] ok, everyone is Exigo then ;P Raena Ravun: [Talk] Yes Exigo BC main Bree: [Talk] As our main toon... Bree is pretty much my main toon Maishtar: [Talk] Maishtar is my only toon ;P Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Yeah, whurest here. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I have 3 chars all Whurest. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] All right, cool. That would not have counted anyone out, but I was curious. So first off, Doubt couldn't make it unfortunately, although I'm sure his mustache will heal him swiftly. He's the most well versed in Exigo lore and the players involved. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] by the way, when I say Exigo, I mean all of the Exigo factions. Don't feel left out. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] So first question, how does everyone feel their faction is running right now? We'll get into the future in a bit, but where are we right now? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Whurest I think is doing well due to a lovely influx of Dwarven player activity. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] And also, how do you feel about where your PC fits in the faction? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Not much in the way of DM events, but it’s been a lull. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Remember, you can always request things. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Character goals, motivations, or even just talking things out with an NPC Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Well we had one big one open with Doubt that fell through, and my own with Drifter and BAMF before they vanished. Bree: [Talk] The main is pretty dry; I think Murin and I are the only ones actively around. We're waiting on what happens here to follow up on what Bree is looking for Exigo though; mainly to bring more people into the Post for trade... including artistic Bree: [Talk] endeavors and relocating the defunct sunite temple/shrine... and maybe an inn theatre or amphitheater [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Right, we'll get to your idea once we start talking future, Targus Maishtar: [Talk] as a Blackwood mercenary, I recently encountered a controversial episode that put me in front of a choice that I couldn't really make. In character, he was undecided. Raena Ravun: [Talk] Raena is a fairly new faction member. BC seems to fit well with her character type Ranger. The server framework and lore seems good fit too. Raena is still filling in many detail gaps ic. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I think we have a cool thing going with the mission into Schild. That is bringing in at least one Blackwood member and an outsider. Something I've been thinking our Dwarven Mercenary here could well fit in to. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Targus, I'm not familiar on the details of Bristlebeard/Exigo. What's the relationship there? Is Exigo in charge of Whurest, or is it like Blackwood, where they just have a close working relationship? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] More like Blackwood. They want our goods and aid, but we mostly keep to ourselves, as far as I've seen. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] That was my impression as well. A close business partner, especially in raw ores and forged goods.

Targus Ironstar : [Talk] The posts about the Banites and other issues in the valley reflect that isolationist and neutral position as well. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Then let’s talk sub faction goals, if that's ok. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] All right. And how does one become a member of the faction, ICly? To my knowledge, dwarves do the clan thing, so would a player need to create a dwarf that is specifically a Bristlebeard? [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Nvm! We'll get there XD Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Not really, Dwarves are known to occasionally adventure, and when they do, they are as likely to join in with another clan as any. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Once joined though it is very much like a large family, they would need to be committed. Bree: [Talk] The 'Cleavers are ranking members (some of them) from the dwarf or two that I have. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] IC'ly it is purely player run. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I think Dryn and one other have the rep to join people. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] So, are you guys looking for more NPC guidance? Less? [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Or are you happy with how things are run, now? Maishtar: [Talk] It would be nice if Knoll said something more than "What?" ;P [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] The Skullcleavers joined with the Bristlebeard, but the Skullcleavers have/had a Thane. How is their leadership/hierarchy set up, especially in regards to players? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] From some chats with about it with GBB and Kusco I think we all want to see a few quests and such. Though I am not sure about a join quest. I have mixed feelings about that. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] My current goals are to work with Phantom Lamb and Grinning Death here to set up faction quests that serve two purposes: Targus Ironstar : [Talk] As far as I've seen the Whurest hold final say, but the Cleavers have a council that meets with the Whurests own council. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] 1) Provide a path to (limited) rank gain, and 2) recruit members when player populations in a faction are low. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] If you've read the Drizzt books, it would be like Pwent having the ear of the King Bruenor, yet running his own independent group of clan dwarves, the Gutbusters. They do their own thing most of the time, but they are still of the Clan. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] the same (one shot) quest arc would recruit players, or provide rep to an already joined member. When there are enough players in the faction that the quest joins are unnecessary, they can be toggled to do rep gain only. [DM]Poltergeist: [DM] Are you porting him? [DM] Grinning Death: [DM] Yeah, got him [DM]Poltergeist: [DM] ty Raena Ravun: [Talk] Is it possible to have quest requiring two or more players to finish the quest? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Alright. I'd personally prefer to integrate the Cleavers more fully into Whurest. One of the suggestions I received via PM was to elevate Drynn to faction leader, similar to Emiliana's elevation to Myrios. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] What effect do you think that would have? Eric Jacobson: [Talk] // Hi everybody. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Or would it be possible to do something akin to the ability for players to join others or vouch for current members that instead is a requirement to do a join quest? Say a member with X amount of rep must vouch you before you can join? [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Relog, Eric. You're in the floor Eric Jacobson: [Talk] Alright. Bree: [Talk] Dryn has been around for ages, I think that makes sense.

Maishtar: [Talk] (Just to ask, Dryn is a player or a NPC?) Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I like that idea, we work very closely with them as it is, and I see no reason why we would not be fully members. The cleavers are more just a club inside the greater faction. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Player. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] I like that idea. One of the main reasons for the quest join system, though, is for people to be able to join when there is no one else active in the faction. But setting a toggle with 3 tiers, for quest only/quest+any faction member vouch/PC invite only. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] That would work. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I think that would allow us a little power as players too. Force people to rp with us first. Raena Ravun: [Talk] Yes like the idea. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I think it is rare that there is absolutely no activity in a faction. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] It is more common to not have people with 10k though. Bree: [Talk] Can we get other sub factions to allow people into a different sub faction though? currently the highest Exigo I've seen is Grade F Bree: [Talk] I'm not sure how the coding works. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Aye, that's one of my next questions. Is 10k too much of a requirement? Or would keeping invites to 10k, but with quest invites in addition work? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I think the 10k rep needed could be lowered to 5k. It is not easy getting 5k and at that point, in most factions you are pretty senior. Maishtar: [Talk] I think it depends on how the ranks are structured... Maishtar: [Talk] for Blackwood, the first rank that sounds official is Sergeant, really. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I like the quest invites at any rank, or perhaps 1.5-2k and full join at a higher mark. In that instance, 10k is not too high. Bree: [Talk] that's a 10k rank I think Bree: [Talk] Maybe invites at lower ranks for certain lengths of time? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] For quest invites, I'm thinking anyone not an entry-level member. Bree: [Talk] Permanent at a high rank? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Bree: What? Bree: [Talk] Say I invite Joe into the faction... since my rank is lower, he's in for a certain length of time, until a higher-ranking person can make him permanent Poltergeist: [Talk] That's a bit complicated. Bree: [Talk] Yeah :) Maishtar: [Talk] My opinion is that with the recent banner rep boosts and the upcoming quests + the 3tiered system you just mentioned, the 10k rep rank will be just fine. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Not to derail the topic, but is this a time we could discuss the Whurest receiving a store? I know Rurik posted on the forums to let a staff member know that we are a faction without. Eric Jacobson: [Talk] I sort of agree with what Bree said, but I think that maybe it could be something like a lower ranking member invites someone into the faction, but a higher up official needs to confirm it later. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Let's look at rep gain methods. Right now, we have vouching, and I very much like that idea. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] We do lots of our own crafting, but it is hard. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] We can get to that in a bit. Bree: [Talk] I get 6 rep from Julia at the moment Maishtar: [Talk] I get 12 from her. Bree: [Talk] Cross faction I would assume. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Yes, the vouches are a bit low for a 1/day thing.

[DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Which is awful. My current idea is for members of a certain rank to be able to elevate any member from any lower rank, to any rank one-step lower than their own. A slider bar of some sort. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] What would a good minimum rank for that be? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] 10k is pretty rare, they should be more like 30-50 in my personal opinion. Maishtar: [Talk] To DM, the 10k rep rank? Bree: [Talk] 10k is rare for us, not so much for legion I think.. not sure about BH Eric Jacobson: [Talk] Perhaps a minimum of one rank higher, but a maximum of only two ranks higher. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] I don't think I understand your question, Maishtar. Maishtar: [Talk] No I was throwing a tentative answer ;P [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Ah, right. Bree: [Talk] I would say 3rd rank, but I think that’s the 10k rank? Maishtar: [Talk] you know when you're not sure if you're saying something stupid or not lol ;P Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I think it should be more limited. Say the 8-10k rep is the minimum, they should be able to raise a person only to a rep amount of say 3k less than their own at best. Even then it is a significant thing. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Well, I want to at some point normalize the ranks. I've done it with Legion/Helmites/Blackwood so far. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] And the BH is next [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Sorry guys, had to answer a few things. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Dear lord are they next. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Like 20 ranks Bree: [Talk] Heee hee [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Why? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I don’t even know what the Whurest ones are. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Clerical rank structure, remember? Eric Jacobson: [Talk] Why not? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Meh [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] anyways! Bree: [Talk] I can't even figure out what my BH member's next rank is called Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I think I am the second rank, but I don’t even know where Stonebreaker fits in. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Suffice to say, that'll be changed. Unless you're a cleric [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Whurest has ranks? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Let me pull up the rank/rep files. Moment Eric Jacobson: [Talk] Right. So, I think only the highest-ranking people should be able to raise someone's rank. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] At 10k rep you are a general, that I know. I would think that the 10k rep is usually a high leadership position in a faction. They should definitely get the power, however even at 8kish rep you are a senior member, you should have some of this too. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Need a moment to write stuff down. Take the time to pitch ideas for rep gain methods that aren't exploitable/grindable. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Good luck [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] So, I think the vouching system should have a higher rep add if it remains once per day Maishtar: [Talk] As I suggested on the forums before.. maybe we could have some "capturable faction vs. faction" areas that give some rep boosts while occupied? [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Maybe at a max 400, minimum 100' [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] And, that's in the works, Maishtar

Bree: [Talk] Turning in crafted items...Rep Gain depends on value... but gold is required for making most things, so that' still a type of grinding [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] PL has designed a quest system to capture areas Maishtar: [Talk] yay Targus Ironstar : [Talk] A once per day random item find quest based on a certain IC enemy area. Something that may be hard to come by and is not found in the same place. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] So, we'll see about the specifics when it's implemented Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Sorry for the missclick my comp went bonkers. Bree: [Talk] Or a certain number of times per day based on rank Eric Jacobson: [Talk] I suppose. Well, Perhaps the highest-ranking members get to have the final say, but if you're around 8k, then you can put someone's name in for a promotion. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Turning in crafted items is not a great idea, because I know how the crafting community works Bree: [Talk] maybe 1 vouch for every Rank level -1? [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] It's way, way too easy to grind gold to make things Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Something new, not a current drop. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] And that shouldn't be a factor in an RP based system like factions Bree: [Talk] Not if you're a heartwarder! * bitter tears * Raena Ravun: [Talk] I like the 10k+ member to give the higher rep. Would it be possible for lower ranking member to vouch a few pts as well on some scale maybe 1 pt per 1k rep? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Say a skeleton/zombie has an x% chance to drop an item if you have a certain quest in your sheet. Not sure if that is possible. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] I'm thinking maybe just a larger amount of rep per day would go a long way for the vouching system. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Alright, got it. Moment to catch up on reading. Eric Jacobson: [Talk] I do like how drops have been changed to make a bit more sense. It's alot better than <i>I've just killed 6 ogres, and what's my prize..... some cranberries, a carrot, and some blueberries.</i> Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I would like to see some skill based rep gain methods too, through conversations. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] An item quest could be interesting, but I have no idea about the scripting involved. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Say you miss a roll in the convo you cannot do the quest that day. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Or you do a different quest, say have 2 or 3 options each one with different rep gain based on your skills that aid the faction. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Ok, all up. So here's how it stands now. Eric Jacobson: [Talk] Actually, to pull us back to rep, I think there should be an option to decrease rep. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] ...That's a great idea. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] the Legion has 6 ranks, with the 6th being DM granted only. their 5th rank requires 20k, then 10k, then 5k, then 3k, then 1k. That works for them. All the Exigo factions use the same progression of 20k/15k/10k/6k/3k/1k Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I like that option to be DM only, something that a member can request to a staff member. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Well, I like the idea of putting power into player's hands more than DMs Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Alright, so I am 2nd rank. Good to know. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] We can always step in and correct things, if necessary [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Now, we can add a 7th rank for DM granted leadership positions, or change it to the Legion system. Thoughts? Bree: [Talk] I'm not a fan of that idea, either by accident or out of spite.

[DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] The only folks who would have that power would be top ranks. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] And they are always under DM scrutiny. Bree: [Talk] Grade A would be rank 7? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I like having reps a bit closer together personally. Though not too many ranks. Maishtar: [Talk] Rank 7 would be how much rep? 50k? Bree: [Talk] 9( sounds like beef... )) [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Technically. Bree: [Talk] 6 ranks and the 7th is fine I would think Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I like the idea of players in top leadership. Eric Jacobson: [Talk] Let's put it this way: Someone in the Legion is seen by a higher up doing something that is against the law, like the Legionnaire is hassling someone into paying them for protection. They should not only be able to boot them out[DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Sounds good. 7th rank will mechanically require 50k rep, but it would require a DM to give it. Maishtar: [Talk] mmm yes at the moment I think it's a NPC the leader of Blackwood, right? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] We don't see enough leadership from NPC's because you guys can't always be around to push things with them. I think many people are fuzzy on who is even in charge. Eric Jacobson: [Talk] - but perhaps this is the legionnaire’s first time doing anything that's not up to expectations, so they put a word in for them to be demoted. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] With the Legion, Emiliana is in absolute control of the 10th Legion, which is the player joinable side. She has a few above her, but can do whatever she wants with her Legion. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] What is a similar rank, with the same type of absolute authority, but with a control knob for DMs to use, in your guy's faction? Eric Jacobson: [Talk] Now, onto the current subject. Yes. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] This'll be part of what's added in. So we'll be making new ranks here. Raena Ravun: [Talk] In line with Targus, would like to see a faction leadership list on the faction forum. Maybe for 10k+ members and above when knowledge would be generally know. Maishtar: [Talk] Guild Leader I think for Blackwood if I'm not mistaken, it's a guy who is holed up in castle Hellstrom and I never seen because they won't let me in ;P [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Also, if you guys ever have questions on leadership, please let us know Bree: [Talk] Grade A (although the grades don't have names... I assume that's just a pay scale ) [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] We understand that the wiki and the lore on the forums can get a bit muddled, at times Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Well the current 10k rank is near the top, the highest rank beyond Thane/King would be a member of the Council. The Council is lead by the king and makes all decisions as a group. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] So two PC leadership ranks for Whurest. Council and Thane? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] The 10k rep mark is a General for Whurest. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] The King Erik Bristlebeard is leader by rights, no Dwarf could rightly take that from him unless something drastic changed. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] We can kill him off if needed. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] No biggie. Raena Ravun: [Talk] XD Maishtar: [Talk] I say we frame for necromancy deals our NPC leader ;P Eric Jacobson: [Talk] Allan'll do it. Bree: [Talk] He could disappear into the mine of moria... err... nm, wrong universe [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] But first, let's talk about what rep and rank means, and how it's to be used. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Once all changes are complete.

Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Was just going to say, a big war with the Duergar could yield a great event line and an opening in leadership. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] ...Tempting. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] But, first things first. What Polt said. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] What do you guys want to use rep for? Maishtar: [Talk] (afk a few minutes sorry) [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] I'm going to use the current stores as an example. Blackwood has 6 ranks, the top end gear is all at the 4th rank: Sergeant. The reason for this is so no one feels compelled to grind further for gear. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] If someone goes above that rank, it should be because they want an active voice in the faction's direction, and have earned it. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I would like to see faction lodging. I've never had opportunity to buy an inn room. Many people horde them on multiple inactive chars. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Eh. That seems to be a toughie for me, unless Polt disagrees. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] With more options as you gain rep. Perhaps getting access to a bank at a high rank. Raena Ravun: [Talk] For me, rep seems sort of a seniority roster. Higher gets recognition and perhaps better access to armory etc. Higher rep qualifies one to attempt to gain real ig status, but doesn’t auto guarantee an ic leadership position. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Because everyone has access to storage and banking through Waukeen [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] I like the idea of faction lodging, but not a faction only inn system. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] But a barracks with rest zone, only accessible to faction members. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Sure. Eric Jacobson: [Talk] I have to go afk right now. I'll be back in a bit. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] As a Dwarf I refuse to deal with Red Wizards, and I dislike the City greatly. I know that is a bit ridiculous, it is just how I think a Dwarf like Targus should be. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] You know the Port has one too, right? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Yes. With the opportunity for cash bank/storage at certain ranks. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Really? [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Totes. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I've not explored enough. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Get on that ;-) [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] And faction banks wouldn't be too hard, anyways. That'll go on the list. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] But ranks. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Yes an earned thing. Maishtar: [Talk] I was thinking of one idea while eating biscuits.. Maishtar: [Talk] Maybe the highest ranks (past 4) should have charisma requirements? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Perhaps the possibility of better prices for higher rank too. Like potions and such. Maybe even a separate store for consumables that allows rank to lower price on the common items like that. Bree: [Talk] <color=tan>Charisma Check: Base 8 + Roll: 13 = 21</color> Bree: [Talk] * rules all! * [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] 4th rank is top end gear. 3rd is when you have the opportunity to lead members, but aren't forced into it. Maishtar: [Talk] I'm not saying anything big. 11 charisma for rank 5, 12 for rank 6, 13 for rank 7. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] 4th is when it's expected. anything at 5th or above would require leadership. the hypothetical 7th rank would be supreme commander. Maishtar: [Talk] base, not buffed ;P

[DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] And I like that idea Maishtar. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] I don't even mind 10 Cha for 4th rank [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] ...and 9 for 3rd Maishtar: [Talk] >.> Maishtar: [Talk] Those ranks give gear... [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Lookin' at you, 6 CHA [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] To be fair, I'm also up for removing race penalties, and giving humans +2 to anything. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Although you'd still be at 8... [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] =P Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Dwarves should work at a -2 adjustment. As an 8cha Dwarf I feel entirely average in social/leadership ability for my gruff race. Bree: [Talk] is there a way to allow them to have higher rep points and keep a lower rank? There have been loads of Non-com officers that are way more respected than the brass. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Don't mind us, we're just joking around. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] ...Mostly Maishtar: [Talk] *pants * pants* *pants* nearly had a heart attack* [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Ok, maybe not mostly. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] At least partially. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Anyway! [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] If there were requirements on 3rd/4th rank, Whurest would either have adjusted requirements to match dwarven fugliness, or said fugliness would be removed by way of across the board race ability penalties. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] As far as non-comm. could be looked into. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] But I'm definitely going to pitch 11+ Cha for level 5+ to the rest of the DM team. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I like this idea. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] It also helps to force people to think more about stats. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] But rank is going to be a big part of mechanical respect. Whether or not the player is respected by his peers, despite being lower level, might be up to you guys Raena Ravun: [Talk] Yes like it cha idea. Maishtar: [Talk] yes 11+ for level 5+ I agree with, since those are ranks that involve leadership. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] *lower rep Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I will admit that I tuned the CHA down because I wanted 24 CON. xD [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] So, with all that in mind, Targus. Would we still want to add two ranks for Whurest, or add Thane, and change Runesmith to Council Member? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I however do not agree with removing racial stat increases/decreases. It would mean everyone should just be human. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Oh no, there would still be racial increases. Just no penalties. Humans would get +2 to their choice to compensate. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] And also other racial abilities. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] That's not a for sure, though. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Like non being pansy ass elves. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] *not Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Ah! That is not quite as bad, though it still greatly favors humans with their +1 skill and feat. Maishtar: [Talk] or you could make it like 4eth edition ;P [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Remember, humans are the majority of the population Targus Ironstar : [Talk] True,

[DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Maybe bump other races up to +3 in their favored stat, no penalty, and humans at +2 to anything. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Well, is that it for ranks for now? Maishtar: [Talk] ah one thing. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Shoot Maishtar: [Talk] Maybe rank 5+ Blackwood could get access to castle Hellstrom? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I like changing Runesmith to Council Member, and the Thane position should Erik no longer be King. Perhaps the hierarchy can be changed if he is not to be removed. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Though if he had no heirs and died that is a large vacuum. Maishtar: [Talk] I'll never get in, so I speak this with no bias ;P [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Well, there's nothing in there. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Hellstrom castle is very bare. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Like Camelot. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] But do you think the nobility would allow some mercenary to stroll in, unless he had business? [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] *had [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Regardless of rank? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] A guild master sure. Maishtar: [Talk] It's a high-ranking official... and our guild leader is supposedly holed up there. Maishtar: [Talk] How do we even speak to him >.> Maishtar: [Talk] ok, not everyone, but the other officials Targus Ironstar : [Talk] They are as close to nobility as any non-noble could be, and would be generally accepted I would think. Even if people may look down on them. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Nobility, they are not. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] I'm up for killing off the guild leader and instituting a PC rank for them. They're apparently owned by Hellstrom, so that's the DM knob. Maishtar: [Talk] I may have a different idea about that if I'm allowed... Maishtar: [Talk] Let's frame that bastard for harboring necromancers! ;P Targus Ironstar : [Talk] The main problem with the Thane position for Whurest is just that. the Thane is literally a King. No one has more say then him save Bruenor Battle hammer, since the Bristle beards are an offshoot of Clan Battle hammer. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] I thought the Council could override him? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] And the majority of council members would be NPCs Bree: [Talk] call him a Jarl or something Targus Ironstar : [Talk] As a whole, yes, but he has ultimate authority. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] True. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] No single person could override him, though. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] A Dwarf would never take the name Jarl, that is the favored leadership title of Giants. Maishtar: [Talk] Stone lord [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Does it require a unanimous council vote to override, or majority? 3/5th? Bree: [Talk] The "player" base portion of dwarf or whatever could just be considered an active nonisolationist potion of the community. Bree: [Talk] Like the 10th legion and Emi. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] There are NPCs in the 10th Legion. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Perhaps something like Speaker of the Council, or similar. Just as there is usually a leadership position in any group government.

[DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] The difference is, the Legion is supposed to be huge. The dwarves have a far smaller population, I'd think [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Targus: We can hash that out on forums, then. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] That is a house rule, really. All clans would do differently. I would assume majority to override the King. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Some such as Mithral hall have no true council and the word of Bruenor is law. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] What does everyone think of rep grinding? What about grinding up to a certain amount, then requiring vouches? Eric Jacobson: [Talk] That, and the billions upon trillions of characters I make that mostly join the Legion. {This is a hyperbole, of course, but I've still made quite a few.... Like maybe 3 or 4.} [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Maybe quest/flag runs up to 3rd rank, then faction control events to get 4th rank. Maishtar: [Talk] sounds good to me. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I think the Dwarves have several hundred warriors. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] That's still up in the air, Targus Eric Jacobson: [Talk] (I don't actually have that many characters..... Yet.) [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] We're hashing out population numbers still [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] But even so, the Legion has at least several thousand. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] And back to Cha requirements. Maybe 9/10 for 3/4, but only on automated rank gains. A senior (5th/6th rank) member can help low charisma people get into those ranks (again, will be adjusted for Whurest) Bree: [Talk] Decrease the amount, but don't eliminate the grind maybe. Raena Ravun: [Talk] Agreed on rep quest/banner to 3rd with maybe events, faction rp, and pc vouches for more. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Yes, the Dwarves are smaller, but 500 Dwarves are like the 300 Spartans in terms of someone storming their hold. ;P [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Yeah. I spoke with PL on this, and I think cutting mechanical gains for rep would be good around 15k, maybe 10k Targus Ironstar : [Talk] 3rd rank is 6k rep? Eric Jacobson: [Talk] I agree with Raena. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Which would preserve the top ranks for those who invest time into their factions [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Yes. Keep in mind we're also talking about making it easier for top ranks to elevate lower ranks. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I think anything beyond 10k rep should be extremely difficult to get ((impossible)) beyond DM given rep for leadership. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] You and I think alike on this one [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Aye Bree: [Talk] Over 10k knock the rep gain to 1/10 [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] And the gear will be aimed towards that as well Raena Ravun: [Talk] Top ranks might be able to elevate others quickly to max 3rd rank, is that what is being considered? Maishtar: [Talk] Over 10k you could just remove the automated gains and leave it all to DM gains and player vouching. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] That is leadership needed there, so it should be event based. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Not quickly, but they will be able to [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] There will be no store bought gear that will cater to 5th rank or above, so no incentive other than RP to get higher ranks.

[DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] We're trying to strike a balance between mechanics and RP, because we know the server goes through these patches of low population [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] And how about letting anyone give enough rep to others in their faction to bring them up to their rank -2. the PC can choose to give less, but -2 would be the max. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I like that, though I would encourage DM's to compensate the players for this. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] But we still want to have a fun environment for those who stay Bree: [Talk] Based on current rep gains for flags, it would take 625 jaunts to Blood maim to get from 10k to 20k if you use a 1/10th factor. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Personalized gear has always been a part of the DM gig Raena Ravun: [Talk] I'd sort like to be able to vouch for my senior members and leaders too. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I like the idea of leaders being uniquely better then the lower ranked members. Eric Jacobson: [Talk] I agree with this. Eric Jacobson: [Talk] *I agree with everything mentioned before. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] If you put in the time to be 20k rep you should have DM granted gear to show it. Not necessarily combat oriented, but worthy gear of a trusted leader. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] We understand that, and truthfully it's always happened that way Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Of course. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I've never been there but I know that my gear is about equal to the player leaders of my faction. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Better in some ways. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] So current vouch plan: 5th rank and above can bring anyone up to their rank - 1. 4th rank and 3rd can bring anyone into their rank -2. 3rd rank and above can invite others. 2nd and 1st rank can issue quest invites. Raena Ravun: [Talk] Vouch plans sound fun and good to me. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] With it being possible to grind to 3rd rank via flags. 2 rank with donations, and 4th rank requires faction control events. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I like that, except I think it should be capped at 3rd rank even for 10k+ [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] What should be capped at third rank? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Rank given by players, even for a high-ranking member. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] And, faction leaders are able to de-rank faction members. Eric Jacobson: [Talk] Perhaps the rep gained from flags is halved? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Keep in mind it will be impossible to grind to 5th rank or above. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] If 4th is the max for grinding, then 5th and above requires a very big PC, or a DM. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] But I can see the point. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I just find the idea of any one player being able to get someone to 6k rep or above is too much. Maybe that is just me though? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] How would you suggest vouching work for people above 3rd rank? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Maybe just the top getting a player to rank 4? [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] It's not such a terrible thing. Remember, we are trying to make factions more accessible [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] As opposed to now, where everyone is a rank 2 or 3 Targus Ironstar : [Talk] 3rd rank is almost high enough for the best gear anyway! [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] And that's ok [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Because those who participate in the factions beyond a certain point will receive the RP benefits' Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Yes it is great, but I think only the highest rank is able to elevate someone to rank 4.

Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Cap of 3rd rank for all rep, save for the very highest rank who can take someone to 4th. Eric Jacobson: [Talk] I agree with what Targus is saying all the way. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Ok, we'll talk about it among the DM team [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] The main problem with that, is there is only one PC at the top rank. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] And once we hash things out, we'll run it by the faction [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] But as GD said, we'll discuss it. Raena Ravun: [Talk] I’m for whatever encourages PC to interact amongst themselves more. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] I want to move on, though, to personal requests Targus Ironstar : [Talk] That is how it would always be, and that person's views and interactions with people would decide his appointments in RL and IC. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Or, more accurately, things your PCs want to accomplish Targus Ironstar : [Talk] It is also a + to having that top rank. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Targus, we'll talk about it, ok? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Of course! [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] I want to hear what your PC's goals for your faction are, right now Eric Jacobson: [Talk] Personal requests..... Eric becomes the god of war...... Yeah, no. Please, no. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Bree, let's start with you. I know you had a few ideas Bree: [Talk] I put a small post on the forum about fortifying the post, like a small town. And there is the relocation of Sune's temple, hiring artists for the entertainment, possibly a theatre and or inn to keep people in the Post to spend more money. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Ok, let's start with the first one [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] You want to make the Post a small town? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I've got an idea that ties into my own if you don’t mind my butting in. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Sure, once Bree clarifies her idea Bree: [Talk] Or just fortify it. The Arbiters stand has raw materials, we'd just have to get legion support to use the stones, but also a fortified wall would help give people a sense of security -- as opposed to the rail fence that is there now :)... [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Well, remember where it is. Bree: [Talk] In the middle of everything, and vulnerable. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] It's in the far south of Sundren, away from Arbiters Stand. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] And more importantly, Exigo would be heading to the Blood maim territory to harvest stones. Bree: [Talk] That would require logistics, yeah... doesn't have to be a huge wall I'm thinking, but something more sold than what is there. Eric Jacobson: [Talk] Hey, that rail fence is the best defense that has ever been created :) [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Ok. We might be able to work out some costs for what you want to do. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] There is a Dwarf in the Exigo post already, but I think ((perhaps removing the current Dwarf)) adding in a Bristlebeard merchant would be a great way to tie in our involvement with the Exigo. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] There are also Dwarves who may help if you asked. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Adding a merchant is probably possible as well. This could be some good interfaction work, if you two hashed things out [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Now, relocating the Sunite temple. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] I'm going to nix that one. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Like the Argyle store perhaps a skill roll to open up a better version of the store? More available goods based on race/skill? [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Polt, what would be the development logistics?

[DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] And, never mind! [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Sundren has too many temples as it is, we're already trying to reduce them. Bree: [Talk] So there is no Sunite temple then at all? [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] There is, in Aquor [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] We're looking toward shrines and pantheistic temples. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Well, not ICly [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Really? [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Well, shoot. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Aurilites took over. Bree: [Talk] Polt should know, he posted it :) [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] But no mappers, lol [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Ok. Then yeah, what he said. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] And that might prevent the idea for an inn, as well. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Anyways.. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Bugger those ice-licking pansies. If there wasn’t a truce between them and dwarves.... [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Exigo Trade Post is being considered for an event where it's destroyed/overrun. We are thinking of moving Exigo presence to Mirakus/Ixis. Eric Jacobson: [Talk] I like this idea. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Probably Mirakus. Ixis may be far off in the future. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Actually, it will be. We'd have to make new areas. So yes. Mirakus. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Hmm.. Not sure on that, but I think the events leading to it should be open on either end for the faction/players that do it. If we cannot find a way to defend it we lose it, but given a chance we can keep the location. Bree: [Talk] Adding an amphitheater outside instead of an actual theater would be nice. Entertainment keeps people in place, and allows merchants ply their wares more. There is an inn in mirakus anyway, so that's sort of mute; it's more for the whole artists of all Bree: [Talk] sorts to ply their wares... and hiring people out of the city to help decrease their population. Bree: [Talk] (city pop that is ) [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Strictly speaking, the Trade Post has nothing of value. It was near the City, which is no longer there. It has a big shack and sells some things. No permanent buildings. And it's located next to a cursed wound in the Weave that's populated by shadow Eric Jacobson: [Talk] I still like the idea of the Exigo post being destroyed. While things have changed since the update, there are still many things that have stayed the same. I think that since this is a time of war in the valley, it only makes sense that things change. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] monsters. And also bandits everywhere now. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] However, for faction involvement.. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] It'd be similar to the Second Sundering. The better Exigo does, the better it's new home is. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I like that idea. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] So, the result might not change. But the level of success can. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] And we're also looking at changing faction wealth levels with systems. This plotline could touch on that. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Better evacuations means less money lost. Depending on trade contracts to fortify Mirakus, maybe even a nice increase. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I like to feel that there is something that can be done to improve the factions’ station during the events of its current locations demise.

Maishtar: [Talk] Sounds good, perhaps our performance in the defense could decide if certain NPCs get to live or die? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] My plan was to just drop rocks, but sure. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Dammit, Polt. We have to let them keep some illusions. Eric Jacobson: [Talk] An attack by rock elementals. Maishtar: [Talk] oh a moment... [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] There is a very complex, intricate plan. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Go for it. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] <color=tan>Bluff Check: Base 100 + Roll: 9 = 109</color> Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Bah! Dryn and our priests could command the stones to stop! xD Maishtar: [Talk] recently there was a necromancer in Exigo trading post Bree: [Talk] Flaming cows from heaven... wait, that was NWN1 Maishtar: [Talk] he had the skeleton out too [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Anyway! [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Next, Targus [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] You spoke about ideas [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Lets hear them [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Fun fact, old lore ritual prevented undead from entering Mirakus! I've been meaning to script something for that. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] My main idea for Targus was to try and re-introduce Targus Ironstar Weapons. This is something that would tie in the Exigo main faction and my own in terms of trade/wealth I think. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] That, I can do Targus Ironstar : [Talk] It is a special Dark steel alloy known only to Dwarves of the Targus Ironstar clan. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] As per cannon FR lore. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] We can talk specifics later on what you'll be required to do, but I can make some items in the toolset that can be added to the shops [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] *shops [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Let's touch on player locations. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I figured if we worked out a Bristlebeard Vendor to the Exigo Targus Ironstar : [Talk] That could be its main station. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Perhaps Dwarven Plate Mail too? :) [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Like I said, we can hash things out via thread [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] It won't be easy, though [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Sundren City is the main place, and Sestra is planned for a remap to make it Banite HQ. The Port is meant to attract Goodly types for hangouts. Ideally, Mirakus would be a neutral zone, with Whurest (if they take Schild) being mostly [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] for dwarves, but it's on an opposite side of the map from Mirakus, so it works well. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] We don't want to spread places to hang out too much. Maishtar: [Talk] Is a Blackwood barracks relocation gonna happen as well to Mirakus? or just Exigo? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] We can discuss that with the players and DM team. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Exigo does have warehouses and a major interest in the Port, however. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] At some point I'll be adding in Murin's ale shop. Bree: [Talk] There is an Exigo building in Mirakus now doesn't it? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Exigo is everywhere. Bree: [Talk] (( isn't there... blech) Maishtar: [Talk] yes the syndicate fort. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] As they should be.

Eric Jacobson: [Talk] Their watching you at all times. Bree: [Talk] An actual enterable building I meant, but yeah Eric Jacobson: [Talk] *they're [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] I'm hoping to concentrate Exigo <i>players</i> to hanging out in Mirakus when they're not adventuring/hanging out in the city or Port/Sestra. Maishtar: [Talk] as of now, our main HQ from a Blackwood point of view, is Port Avanthyr barracks. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Ideally, chaotic goodly types would congregate to the Port, and Lawful evils to Sestra, with the city being for everyone, except Banites. Maishtar: [Talk] Since we can't do anything in Hellstrom. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I think players generally avoid any contact with Sestra no matter alignment or anything. I have a hard time seeing anyone but a banite going there IC. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] I want to touch back on ranks. We've hashed out Whurest, mostly. And Blackwood is already set. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] @Targus: More player interest in Mirakus then! [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] But Exigo. You're ranks are letters. Eric Jacobson: [Talk] Well, I have to log for now, but I'll probably be back later... Hopefully. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] They don't seem to mean much, and if you're going to go the 'owning a city' route, and being more imperialistic, we need to work on that. Maishtar: [Talk] So, seven grades to describe a crafter/merchant organization member, right? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] What are thoughts on how Exigo's ranks could be set up to be both merchantish, and leadership at higher levels? Bree: [Talk] Shipper, Clerk, Supervisor etc? :) Targus Ironstar : [Talk] It is tough with them since there are so may skillsets that would work into what they should be. Smiths/Tailors/Jewelers/Enchanters... Bree: [Talk] Yeah... [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] The Legion does ranks, with different skillsets. Maishtar: [Talk] But every craft has degree of ability, like Apprentice, Intermediate, Master etc... Eric Jacobson: [Talk] See you all later... Hopefully. Bree: [Talk] Bree just calls herself the chief wand maker Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I think the upper ranks are easier with the Supervisor and such ranks. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Maybe Craftsmen names? Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Apprentice, Journeyman, Master and the like? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Hrm, we could stay with the Grades. I just need to flesh out what they mean. Eric Jacobson: [Talk] Before I go, here's an idea for crafters: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. Bye bye. Bree: [Talk] I look at them as pay grades [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Yeah, I think grades work. But let's talk about meaning. 4th will be the highest, and leadership will be expected, but not required. Bree: [Talk] 4th 10 or 20k? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] 3rd where leadership is encouraged to get to 4, and 5th and above being required faction leadership. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] 10k [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] What does leadership mean in Exigo? Bree: [Talk] Well I know what Bree would want, more artist in the artisans... but, increasing overall revenue, strengthening trade ties.... ummmmm.... Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Apprentice Craftsmen, Journeyman, Master Craftsmen, Supervisor of Trade, Division Manager, Chief Officer, Head of Sales. Something similar to this would be cool. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] We could look at that.

Bree: [Talk] Organizing of trade guilds, settling disputes. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] The last I am not sure of, but something along those lines. Maishtar: [Talk] CEO for highest rank ;P Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Director of Sales? That sounds more important. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Or Director of Operations. Maishtar: [Talk] Overlord of Sales sounds even more... >.> [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Or just, Director. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] That too. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I like the more craftsmen sounding names for the low ranks, and business management sound for the higher. Bree: [Talk] Guild Master could work too Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Yes. Maishtar: [Talk] Could add Entrepreneur between 5 and 7 too. Bree: [Talk] I like the sound of the medieval names better than the 18th century corporate names :) Targus Ironstar : [Talk] These merchant styled names also leave interpretation like Legion ranks. A Journeyman crafter can be of whichever field they choose. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] There can be multiple chief officers of different areas. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] *or the Maishtar: [Talk] ((Damn guys I'm sorry but I have to log off, something popped up here and I have to go. Bye everyone ^^)) [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Thanks for coming! [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Take care. Thanks for stopping by. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] \\Later [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Ok, last order of business. I think. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Faction stores. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] What are you looking for, what sort of classes and archetypes do you want to cater to? [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Crafters, obviously. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] But beyond that [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] I would say diplomats for Exigo. Socially oriented rogues. Bards of a sort. People to grease wheels. Bree: [Talk] Something for bards would be nice; there doesn't seem to be a lot of bard stuff.... and we can't use things for other classes in our faction stores with UMD. Exigo seems a bit barren compared to Blackwood. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Well, yes. Blackwood was just overhauled. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] We're going to work on Exigo, next [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] After the Black Hand. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Right, right [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] It's on the list. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] One of the lists. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Lots of lists. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Lists.. My wife makes those. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Make me cringe. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] So, does what we said make sense? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] And then a smattering cleric stuff for Whurest. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Do you guys want to add anything to it? t name: [Talk] Crickets chirp in the back.

Bree: [Talk] move some of the crafting stuff in the exigo store back into the general store for everyone to use? Bree: [Talk] Choptastic and miner pick and whatnot? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Alright. Final parting thought: Quest ideas. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I think the Whurest would be mostly militaristic ((fighter based)) with some fighter heavy cleric things for those clerics of Moradin/Dumathoin. Though also miner/crafter items with skill bonuses since that is what we are best known for! [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Remember there are two stores. Specific and General. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Clerics of Dwarven Deities are usually not full on casters. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] They are more Paladin like with a more military style and fewer spells. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] General would have crafting gear. Exigo specific would have more crafting gear. Whurest specific would have some crafting gear, but mostly fighting gear. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] We currently have no sub-faction store at all! [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Dwarves can be paladins now. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] fyi Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I have a Paladin of Moradin that is level 12 :) Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I love him about as much as Targus. :P [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Oh right, it was a god thing. I was thinking of elves. My bad. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Sobs. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] We could do dwarven paladin gear too Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Paladins of Moradin aren't too uncommon. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] That gives me some good ideas for what the stores need. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] But, quest ideas? [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] I'm thinking one for Duerger Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I also love that when the paladin abilities are introduced my paladin gets to summon special Earth Elementals for being a follower of the Morndisamman. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Definitely. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Polt was on a while back when Orsyn and I rescued a Thrall. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Maybe a fetch quest, and then perhaps a crafting quest Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I like the idea of a quest to try to free some of the Bristlebeard members who have been enthralled by the Mind Flayer. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Ideally, one or two easy quests. Hopefully one quest arc to get to 3rd or 4th rank, so you don't have to grind. It would need to be very long though, maybe not even bring you all the way to 4th rank. But to 3rd rank and change. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] As kind of an entry into the Exigo Raena Ravun: [Talk] Maybe quests that require multiple PCs. FrogThreeoak: [Talk] Most business places will tell you, everything takes a side seat to new business / sales. It's how money comes in. Build a quest around that - maybe securing a contract Targus Ironstar : [Talk] I think the 2nd-3rd rank quests should be geared for levels 12+ and 16+ [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] That's a good one. We could change the OnDeath script of Whurest Thralls. If you don't kill them with instant death stuff, they go unconscious and you can free them. Raena Ravun: [Talk] Maybe quests that involve some sort of staying at your post at a given location for a set time. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Have sleep effects do the same. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] If you had the 1/day quest have a chance to take one back for some rep? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Or rather, free as many as you like. Max rep from freeing them per day, but no cap on gp rewards per day.

Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Orsyn grappled the Thrall to stop it, maybe have a skill check of use rope/grapple/etc to bring it in? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Like a donation box. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] But you put dwarves in it. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Hahahahaha. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Ok, then let's finish up. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] The Exigo could have crafting quests that use their craft skill + social skills to barter a price and get rank based on negotiated selling price? Bree: [Talk] A donation box for cursed gems from Ixis. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Any last concerns? Questions? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Think up quest ideas, talk with friends. PL is doing most (all) of the quest work right now, but once I'm freed up from other things I'll be throwing some time in. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Rank = rep* Bree: [Talk] Not all of us have actual crafting skills, but maybe Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Something for the enchanters too, though that would be harder. Bree: [Talk] Gather information... merchants know everything happening everywhere, they need to! :) [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] At the next meeting I'll ask for quest ideas. If there's stuff that works I'll ask you to hash out details. NPC names, Conversations. The script, basically. Work with friends. Bree: [Talk] Mind if we use the forum in an OOC discussion for it? [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Don't do too much work at the beginning. It'd be awful to do a full script and not have it approved. So general plotline first. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Not at all. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Will do! I will try to relate everything from this meeting to the Dwarves and try to get some ideas from them too. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] At the moment, we're looking for a faction join quest that can also give rep to current members, and a repeatable rep gain one. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] With eyes toward a long plot arch. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] But look at short term for now. [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] Ok guys, I have to go help a player [DM] Grinning Death: [Talk] But I appreciate you all showing up for this Targus Ironstar : [Talk] The unused cave in the Spine could house the perfect place for a mid-level Giant/Orc/Goblin/Dwarven enemy dungeon for such a quest for the Whurest. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] While also providing a mid-level area for other PC's [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Thank you all for attending. I'll see about posting the log in the Exigo faction forum. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Have some rep. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Awesome thanks!! :) Raena Ravun: [Talk] Nice thanks ;p [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Anyways, I'm off. I have some stuff to code, and I need my client for testing. Bree: [Talk] Danka Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Good luck! [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Again, thanks a lot for coming. This was very helpful. [DM]Poltergeist: [Talk] Adios. Targus Ironstar : [Talk] Anytime. Late Raena Ravun: [Talk] Thank you for organizing the meeting. Bye.