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Builders utlook
issue 2
as Vegas, Nevada: The
delegation from El Paso to the
International Builders Show in
Las Vegas represented a good
segment of the home building
industry. Led by President Edmundo
Dena, Accent Homes, the various
members witnessed a larger show
with better attendance than seen the
last three years. I can honestly tell
you that I was exhausted after
walking that show, but it was worth
every step, Dena told the Outlook.
The floor space at the Las Vegas
Convention Center is huge with
several exhibit halls that featured
everything from international
conglomerates to mom and pop
shops trying to get their foot in the
The event was kicked off with a
week of meetings that included
several involving the EPAB
members. Multifamily builders were
in meetings prior to the show floor
opening and again found Bobby
Bowling and Demetrio Jimenez deep
in discussion. We have to
remember that this show is also
meeting time with the NAHB and we
are honored to represent the El Paso
Association as delegates to NAHB,
said Bowling IV. Our group was
going to a meeting on Sunday when
one of our long time members, Ted
Schlossman collapsed and died.
That was shocking to all of us
especially to those of us who have
known Ted for such a long time at
TAB and NAHB, he continued. We
have great leadership who took the
tragedy and helped with getting his
family informed, informing the
delegates, and helping where we
could. Our deepest sympathies to his
family and to the members, Bobby
The show, as it is said, must go on
and it did. The Texas Association of
Builders met in an area meeting and
heard from candidates looking to
jump onto the executive ladder;
talked about membership; and
reviewed national legislative
initiatives. Also a topic of discussion
was the proposed increase in NAHB
membership dues starting in 2014. A
vote was scheduled for board action
including delaying the increase for a
year. This national increase may well
be accompanied by an increase at
the state level as well leaving a
discussion for local associations in
the coming months.
The opening ceremony was
highlighted with a visit and talk by
Michael Eisner, former Disney CEO
and responsible for such things as
ESPN and Disney properties. Eisner
took the stage and presented his talk
on leadership, encouraging leaders
to get deeply involved in day to day,
hour to hour decisions in their
businesses. He talked about
reinventing the Disney brand and the
need to include minute details that
protect and enhance a brand. His
demonstration of such meticulous
attention to detail was a clip from the
movie Lion King. In it the studio
undertook an expensive editing
process where a song was sung in a
dozen languages with seamless
transitions from English to Hebrew,
to Greek and Portuguese, each word
with the proper inflection and
attached to the animation in perfect
synchronicity. Lion King turned out to
be Disneys most profitable animated
film in part because of the worldwide
approach to a feature about a lion in
Africa. Eisner told the crowd that
even the smallest detail sets you
apart and to look for opportunities to
do so in their business.
At the end of the opening
ceremony NAHB Chairman Barry
Rutenberg announced that the IBS
would be joined in 2014 by the
Kitchen and Bath show, merging the
two shows into one starting with next
years event. Design and
Construction Week will take over Las
Vegas! The two events will remain
separate and distinct shows held
simultaneously at the Las Vegas
Convention Center through 2016.
That will be followed in 2015 by the
concrete and stone show joining the
IBS/KBIS in Las Vegas. That is good
news for both shows that in recent
years have seen a decline in
attendance, many times conflicting
both the exhibitor and the attendee.
Make plans now to join us in Las
Vegas, February 4-6, 2014.
El Paso members attend International Builders Show
Sam Shallenberger, chairman for the
2013 Spring golf tournament announced
that the annual event will be held at
Ascarate Golf Course and titled Golf by
the Rio. The course, built in 1955, is
located within view of the Mexico-US
border and around El Pasos biggest body
of water, Ascarate Lake. WestStar Bank
signed on as presenter. Larry Patton,
President of WestStar Bank, was
enthusiastic about the support the bank
would give the tournament. I am very
pleased to put the WestStar Bank brand
on this golf outing continuing our
commitment to the El Paso Association of
Builders and all you represent, Patton
told the Outlook.
In making the announcement
Shallenberger said the change in venue
this year was going to be different and
challenging. Ascarate is often not
considered for a tournament and thats a
shame because its a good course that
challenges you in so many ways, Sam
said. I honestly think that our players and
advertisers will enjoy the change. Im
calling it a pachanga (party) and trying to
make this more about the party than the
golf, he continued.
Mike Smith, the head pro at Ascarate
was excited about hosting the event. I
have to tell you that a year ago we
wouldnt have been able to host you
because of the lack of carts for one, and
other things. This year we got 100 new
carts and the course is shaping up nicely,
he said. I promise to make sure you
have a great time at the old course,
Smith concluded.
The event is scheduled for Wednesday,
April 17 with a 1 p.m. shotgun start. Team
entries for 4 players is $400 and will
include dinner presented by Western
Wholesale Supply. At press time El Paso
Employee Benefits agreed to be the Hoyo
en Uno (Hole in one) advertiser while
HUNT Companies will do el camion de
bebidas or drink cart. The event will
include some unique and fun challenges
including the watcha on the green and El
Mas Largo Drive. Promotional advertising
is available for other fun ways to get your
business advertised at the Golf by the
Rio. Contact EPAB at 915-778-5387.
Spring golf tournament becomes
Golf by the Rio presented by
WestStar Bank
Golf by the Rio
Wednesday, April 17 1 p.m. shotgun start
Find more photos of the
2013 IBS on page 14
Builders Outlook 2013 issue 2
Texas Gas Service provides natural gas to more than 600,000 customers in the state of Texas, including customers in Austin, El Paso, the Gulf Coast and the Rio Grande Valley. Texas Gas Service is a division of ONEOK, Inc. (NYSE: OKE), a diversied energy company. ONEOK is the general partner
and owns 43.4 percent of ONEOK Partners, L.P. (NYSE: OKS), one of the largest publicly traded limited partnerships, which is a leader in the gathering, processing, storage and transportation of natural gas in the U.S. and owns one of the nations premier natural gas liquids (NGL) systems, connecting
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ONEOK, Inc. Oklahoma Natural Gas Kansas Gas Service ONEOK Partners, L.P. ONEOK Energy Services
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ONEOK is amo the Mid-Continent with key market centers.
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As the year starts off theres a lot of action with the Association. I had
the honor of holding my first Board of Directors meeting in January and I
am happy to report that it went well. I can assure you that the team leading
the EPAB is strong and involved. We took the bold step of moving our
meetings to the second Thursday of the month after getting information
back from many of our members that it would be easier on a Thursday. Of
course this day wasnt good for everyone and so Im sorry that some of
you wont be able to attend because of standing meetings or obligations.
We hope to have events on different days that will allow a broad range of
participation. Our general meeting dates at the El Paso Club were getting
conflicted with other groups reserving space and so Thursdays worked for
them as well. I look forward to seeing you at some point in the next few
Our sponsorship of the Spring Home Show went well and Id like to thank
RJ Promotions for their work on it. For those members who participated
Id like to say thank you, thank you and thank you. The show was attended
by people looking to buy and thats what we all look for. I hope you turn
those visitors into sales. We also attended the International Builders
Show in Las Vegas and was overwhelmed by the displays and variety at
the show. Make plans now to join us in 2014 as the show expands with the
Kitchen and Bath Industry show in Las Vegas.
Our upcoming event schedule includes our visit to the state capitol on
February 19-20. I am proud to say that we have over 20 members going,
a good crowd anxious to meet with the Senator and our Representatives.
Ray and Margaret have been working hard to make sure we have a good
schedule. Im personally looking forward to the trip and hope to report back
to you about it in the next edition. Until then remember to do all you can
to represent us in a positive way, and support members business.
Presidents Message |
El PasoDisposal
2013 issue 2 Builders Outlook
El Paso Association
of Builders
2131 Missouri
915 533 6045 fax 533 6096
Thomas R. Brown, Owner
The daily struggle of business
includes having to deal with issues like
costs, taxes, payroll, utilities and so
much more. When it comes to taxes
you dont really have much in a way of
options. Paying taxes is something we
do from the day we begin working to
the day we die, and sometimes a little
bit after that happens to us. However
I recently had an experience at the
office that just plain surprised me and
then angered me. I had a visit from a
representative of the local CAD to
photograph the interior of our offices.
Yes, let me repeat this: he was here to
photograph our interior. I was cordial
but firm in telling him that I would NOT
allow any photographs to be taken and
that if that was a problem then so be it.
He politely told me that we werent
required to allow it and thats why he
asked. I didnt attack the delivery guy,
but I did let him know he could let his
boss know that I refused the offer.
The more I thought about that
request, I became more concerned
that this tactic was just another way for
the CAD to gather information to use
to up our taxable value.
Frankly I find this tactic intrusive and
another example on how government
is gathering information to increase
your taxes. I imagine that your
business may have been visited and
maybe someone there may have given
the CAD permission by simply saying
sure, go ahead without asking you. I
found at least a couple of our
members have seen serious increases
in their businesses values wondering
how it happened. Looks like now we
I dont know about you but frankly
the ever increasing cost of government
seems to be looking for ways to get
income, sometimes under the cover of
authority. Most people think that you
dont have the right to question an
official visitor, but you do. Be
courteous, but ask for a reason. If its
law enforcement make sure you dont
impede, be cooperative and move on.
But for other things that just dont
seem right you need to ask what the
purpose is. Ask if they can provide you
a written request and talk to your
attorney. In my instance I was
fortunate to be at the office and was
able to deal directly with the request.
Talk to your employees and inform
them of this and make sure you arent
the victim who didnt know until it was
too late.
The International Builders Show was
held in Las Vegas in January.
Regardless of nay sayers the truth is
that Vegas should be the permanent
home for this event, and heres my
reasoning. First, they have the room
for a growing show. The LV convention
center can accommodate a large
show, and facilities at the Sands
Center, major hotels and other venues
including UNLV have a lot of room.
Second, speaking of rooms where else
are you going to find hotel rooms that
fit any budget or fantasy? Vegas hotels
continue to grow, improve and
accommodate a variety of wants. From
sassy to classy Vegas is home to it.
Third, easy transportation. Taxis,
busses, and rental cars, and the
coolest monorail system outside of
Disneyland. Fourth, getting there.
Expansion at McCarran airport means
that its easy for anyone from around
the world to get there. From El Paso
its still easy cheesy. Not too bad if you
book early. Fifth, people like to go to
Vegas where you work hard and play
harder. Great times for those looking
for shows, gaming, awesome food, or
doing nothing. Vegas is for the adults,
yet lets us be kids at the same time. I
hope you go in 2014. Start planning
Finally I lost a couple of friends
recently, each from different parts of
my life. At the IBS we lost longtime
NAHB and TAB member Ted
Schlossman. He was older and wiser,
always with a smile and doing what he
loved best besides his God and family.
He was heading to a meeting after
getting a nice award from NAHB when
he collapsed and died on the spot. He
was doing what he loved and well
miss him. My other friend was Mike
Stowe, a gentle giant whom I got to
know at St. Clement Church. Big Mike
came to El Paso to play football at
UTEP, stayed, got married and had a
family. He loved El Paso so much that
his mom and sister have made El
Paso their home. I have known his
wife Susie for decades. She showed
us what strength is in the face of a
husband with cancer. His fight was her
fight until the bitter end. Big Mike was
just a thin sliver of a frame at the end,
but his heart was all there. I hope that
when I die someone will say one tenth
of the nice things that have said about
Mike Stowe. I am better for having him
in my life. Rest well Big Mike. We miss
you already.
Perspective |
Ray Adauto,
Vice President
Builders Outlook 2013 issue 2
On death, taxes and Vegas
2013 issue 2 Builders Outlook
Rick Judson, chairman of the National
Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
and a home builder from Charlotte,
N.C., issued the following statement
regarding President Obamas State of the
Union address last night:
Extremely tight mortgage credit
conditions are hampering the housing
recovery and hurting job growth. The
nations home builders were very
pleased to hear President Obama
acknowledge this fact when he said too
many families with solid credit who
want to buy a home are being rejected.
The President further noted that the
housing sector must be involved in the
rebuilding effort and we wholeheartedly
agree. Building 100,000 homes creates
300,000 full-time jobs. With the right
policies in place, housing can continue
to lead the economy forward.
NAHB stands ready to work with the
Administration, Congress and regulators
to ease restrictive lending requirements
so that qualified home buyers can obtain
affordable home loans and to open up
the lines of credit for home builders so
they can meet growing demand in
communities across the nation.
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Statement from NAHB Chairman Rick Judson on
President Obamas State of the Union Address
Builders Outlook 2013 issue 2
The Economy
Inflation - What Inflation?
EditEconomist Elliot Eisenberg is a regular contributor to
the Builders Outlook. His wealth of experience on housing
has been the model for HBAs across the country over the
past decade. Now in private practice, Dr. Eisenberg brings
his insight every month to our members.
Over the last five years the
prices of gold, silver and
platinum have all risen
dramatically out of fear that
rampant inflation will appear.
After all, the size of the
Federal Reserves balance
sheet has exploded from
$800 billion in 2008 to $3
trillion today and will rise to
$4 trillion by the end of 2013.
Simple logic says that
adding over $3 trillion dollars to the money
supply in such a short time must create
inflation. And, if inflation is not here now, it
surely will be sometime in the near future, right?
Maybe not.
Think about inflation like a racing car. For the
car to go fast you need gas in the tank and a
driver willing to put the pedal-to-the-metal.
Absent either one, the car goes nowhere; same
with inflation. For inflation to take hold, you
need both an increase in the money supply and
lots of bank lending. However, lending, for a
number of reasons, has been chronically weak.
Banks are fearful loans wont be repaid; they
are scared they will run afoul of new
regulations, and more generally they feel that
regulators dont want them to lend. In addition,
in 2009, 2010 and 2011 banks were hard at
work fixing their own balance sheets and were
really not in a position to extend credit.
Returning to our racing car analogy, the driver
is pressing the gas pedal very gingerly.
To give you a feeling for how lightly the gas
pedal is being pushed, the velocity of money, or
the number of times a dollar circulates before it
comes to rest, has (along with other similar
monetary measures) tanked. Before the Great
Recession, the velocity of M1 (cash) was 10.5,
its now 6.5, while for M2 (cash and checking
accounts) it declined from 2.1 to 1.5. These are
dramatic declines.
Inflation hawks contend that its just a matter of
time before inflation inevitably appears. I dont
think so, and heres why - when bank lending
returns to historic levels, Bernanke and the rest
of the interest-rate setting Federal Open Market
Committee (FOMC) will start to shrink the
money supply to counteract the increased
lending. The first thing the FOMC will do is
announce that the current bond buying program
will end. Then it will announce that interest
earnings on its huge holdings will not be
reinvested, but rather will be stored in the vault
as will principal repayments from maturing
bonds. The Fed will then start to raise short-
term interest rates and finally it will begin to
liquidate its vast holdings of mortgage-backed
securities and long-dated Treasuries in an effort
to chronically shrink the money supply.
Of course the Fed will not perfectly time each
phase in this contractionary fiscal policy
program. If they tighten too quickly, it will result
in weak quarter or two of economic growth.
And if they tighten too slowly, a bit of inflation
may result. In either case, no systematic
increase in inflation should be expected
because the Fed is preoccupied with this issue
and because investors expect the Fed to be
vigilant about keeping inflation tame.
Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D. is President of GraphsandLaughs,
LLC and can be reached at
His daily 70 word economics and policy blog can be seen at
Elliot Eisenberg
City Development
The City Development Department is
divided into four areas: the Economic
Development Division, Planning
Division, Building Permits &
Inspections Division and the One-Stop
Shop. As the City Development
Department relocates, we want to
encourage businesses to handle business
matters initially through the One-Stop
Shop. The One-Stop Shop provides a
variety of services that afford customers
the convenience of handling business in
one easily accessed location. From
there, the One-Stop Shop will reach out
to the Planning and Business Permits &
Inspections divisions to provide more
resources and additional guidance for
each business matter. The Economic
Development Division will continue to
serve as a resource for new businesses
or businesses looking to expand in the
El Paso market. Below is detailed
information about the relocation of each
For more information about the
relocation of the City Development
Department, please contact Marissa
Monroy at (915) 479-2647 or via email
Economic Development Division
The Economic Development Division
is now located at its temporary location
at the Chase Tower at 201 E. Main
Drive, Suite 106. All services/activities
will continue to be provided at this new
location, to include:
Provide information on downtown and
citywide incentive programs
Foster the redevelopment and adaptive
reuse of city neighborhoods
Address energy-efficient and other
sustainability opportunities
Provide direct services to El Paso
Planning Division:
The last day of business at City Hall
for the Planning Division will be
Wednesday, February 6, 2013. The
Planning Division is relocating to its
temporary location at the Tillman
Building at 222 S. Campbell Street,
effective February 11, 2013. After this
date, all Planning services/activities will
be handled initially through the One-
Stop Shop at City Hall, until the One-
Stop Shop staff relocates to 801 Texas.
Planning services handled at the One-
Stop Shop include:
Long Range
Land Development
Historic Preservation
Building Permits & Inspections
The last day of business at City Hall
for the Building Permits & Inspections
Division will be Wednesday, February
6, 2013. The Building Permits &
Inspections Division is relocating to its
temporary location at the Tillman
Building at 222 S. Campbell Street,
effective February 11, 2013. During this
transition, there will be no interruption
to scheduled inspections. Inspections
will continue to be conducted on an
appointment basis, out of the Tillman
Center. However, after this date, all
other Business Permits & Inspections
services/activities will initially be
provided through the One-Stop Shop at
City Hall, until the One-Stop Shop staff
relocates to 801 Texas. These
services/activities include:
Assist customers acquire the necessary
permits for construction
Ensure compliance with various
building and zoning codes
Oversee plan reviews, including sign
regulations, architectural, plumbing
and mechanical, health, fire, electrical,
landscaping, historical and engineering
One-Stop Shop:
The last day of business at City Hall
for the One-Stop Shop will be
Wednesday, March 26, 2013. The One-
Stop Shop is relocating to its permanent
location at 811 Texas, effective March
31. All services/activities, in addition to
initial Planning and Building Permits
matters, will continue to be provided at
this new location, to include:
Commercial building tenant
Code compliance information
Expedited plan review
Provide special event permits
Provide Texas Alcoholic Beverage
Commission (TABC) resources
Planning services
With the exception of the Economic
Development Division, contact numbers
for all contacts within the City
Development Divisions will remain the
same. The Economic Development
Divisions main number will be (915)
For future correspondences, please
refer to the following mailing address:
P.O. Box 1890
El Paso, Texas 79950-1890
For more information about City
Halls relocation, please visit
on> .
2013 ISSUE 2 Builders Outlook
Bonded, insured for
your peace of mind.
Builders utlook on the scene |
The annual Spring Home Show presented by the El Paso
Association of Builders drove into the Judson Williams conven-
tion center January 18-20. The show featured booths and dis-
plays from many area vendors including displays from member
companies. 84 Lumber sponsored the visit by HGTVs star Eric
Stromer who reached out to the audience and embraced them.
I think that anytime we have a opportunity to bring a tv star to
the show its a plus, especially when they are well known and
personable like Eric has been, said Zac Crockett of 84 Lumber.
The crowds at the event were a little smaller this year proba-
bly due in part to the scheduling by RJ Promotions for the week-
end of NFL Playoffs. Still many of the vendors did well because
the visitors were in the buying mood, not just kicking tires. We
felt like the attendance could have been better but then again we
were able to use the weekend to invite new business to our
homes, which afterall is a giant reason we exhibit at this show,
said Randy Bowling of Tropicana Homes. Plans for 2014 are still
being finalized.
Spring Home Show brings out star power and products
2013 issue 2
Nations Home Builders
Elect Leadership
Members of the National Association
of Home Builders (NAHB) elected four
Senior Officers to top leadership
positions within the federation during the
associations International Builders
Show in Las Vegas.
With more than 800 affiliated state
and local home builders associations
and more than 140,000 members
across the country, NAHB is the voice
of the housing industry, representing
the interests of the nations housing
professionals through advocacy,
education and research.
Taking the helm as NAHBs Chairman
of the Board this year is Rick Judson, a
Charlotte, N.C.-based home builder with
more than 35 years of experience in the
building industry. Judson is the owner of
Evergreen Development Group in
Charlotte, and is a successful builder
and developer with several decades of
experience in land development and
construction of single-family, multifamily
and commercial projects.
To keep the fledgling housing and
economic recovery moving forward,
NAHB this year will work with the
Obama Administration and
congressional lawmakers on both sides
of the political aisle to promote policies
that encourage homeownership, rental
housing opportunities and job growth,
said Judson.
Also moving up on the associations
leadership ladder during NAHBs Las
Vegas board meeting was Kevin Kelly, a
Delaware builder and developer with
more than 30 years of experience in the
building industry. He was elected as the
2013 First Vice Chairman of the Board.
Kelly has been a builder and developer
since he joined Leon N. Weiner &
Associates in 1979 and became actively
involved at the Home Builders
Association of Delaware. His building
experience includes land development,
multifamily and single-family home
building, construction financing and
property management.
Tom Woods, a Blue Springs, Mo.-
based home builder with more than 40
years of experience in the home building
industry, was elected as the 2013
Second Vice Chairman of the Board.
Woods is president of Woods Custom
Homes. He has developed scores of
communities and built more than 1,000
homes in the greater Kansas City area.
Ed Brady, a Bloomington, Ill.-based
home builder, joined the NAHB
leadership ladder with his election to the
post of Third Vice Chairman of the
Board. Brady is president of Brady
Homes, a company founded in 1964 by
his father, William Brady Sr. One of the
largest home building firms in central
Illinois, Brady Homes has developed 20
residential communities throughout the
state, building more than 1,800 single-
family homes, 2,000 apartment units
and more than 100,000 square feet of
light commercial property.
2012 NAHB Chairman Barry
Rutenberg, from Gainesville, Fla.,
remains on the leadership ladder as
Immediate Past Chairman. Rutenberg is
president of Barry Rutenberg and
Associates, Inc. His firm has developed
more than a dozen communities and
1,000 homes in the Gainesville area.
Rounding out the associations
leadership is NAHB Chief Executive
Officer Jerry Howard, from Washington,
D.C. Howard heads up a professional
staff of more than 230 working out of the
National Housing Center in Washington.
He has served as the associations
CEO/EVP since February of 2001.
Previously, Howard was NAHBs chief
tax counsel.
Builders Outlook 2013 issue 2
2013 issue 2 Builders Outlook
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the option of the sun
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customers solar power
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Houston Remodeler Selected as 2013
NAHB Remodelers Chairman
Bill Shaw, GMR, GMB, CGP, owner of William
Shaw & Associates in Houston, was appointed as
the 2013 chairman of the National Association of
Home Builders (NAHB) Remodelers this month
during the International Builders Show in Las
Vegas. As chairman of the leading professional
organization for residential remodeling, Shaw
represents the more than 24,000 remodeling
industry members of NAHB.
Professional remodelers have a home at the
National Association of Home Builders, said Shaw. It is my honor as
chairman of NAHB Remodelers to be a resource for and represent
NAHB Remodelers members who are dedicated to professionalism in
the remodeling industry.
Shaw has been in the residential remodeling business for more than
25 years, following a career as an officer in the U.S. Navy. He is a past
president and board member of the Greater Houston Builders
Association Remodelers Council, as well as the past president of the
Texas Association of Builders Remodelers Council. Currently, Shaw
serves on the board of directors of NAHB and is chair of the NAHB
Joint Councils Committee.
Recognized as the 2009 Star Awards Remodeler of the Year by the
Texas Association of Builders, Shaw has many awards to his name
including July 2010 NAHB Remodeler of the Month and 2007 Master
Design Gold Award from Qualified Remodeler magazine. He was an
associate professor of naval science at Rice University from 1982-84
and currently teaches NAHB Education courses.
In 2013, Shaw will represent remodelers as inspections and
enforcement efforts by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
increase across the nation for the regulation of contractors working in
homes to minimize lead paint exposure.
Builders Outlook 2013 issue 2
In Memoriam
It is with particularly heavy hearts
that we report the passing of our good
friend and fellow member of the NAHB
leadership team, Ted Schlossman, on
Sunday, Jan. 20, while attending the
International Builders' Show in Las
Vegas. Ted had served on the NAHB
Executive Board for more than 50 years,
and was well known and highly admired
by many across our federation. He was
a past president of both the Texas
Association of Builders and the Home
Builders Association of Virginia. In 1981,
he served as campaign manager for
Fred Napolitano Sr., who was elected
NAHB president in 1982, and he
continued his involvement at the national
level ever since. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y.,
Ted spent most of his childhood in
Atlanta, Ga., and received a degree in
business administration from Emory
University. He was primarily involved in
multifamily housing and mortgage
finance, and in 2004, he received the
Texas Association of Builders Lifetime
Achievement Award that now bears his
name. In 2011, he was inducted into the
Texas Housing Hall of Honor. During this
year's IBS, Ted was posthumously
awarded the Dan Grady Award for
exceptional contributions to multifamily
and affordable housing, an honor that he
well deserved and that we fervently wish
he could have received in person. He
was also a past recipient of the Robert J.
Corletta Award for achievement in the
creation of affordable and low-income
housing. Ted was 78 when he passed.
The National Association of Home
Builders (NAHB) posthumously honored
Ted Schlossman with the Daniel M.
Grady Memorial Award in recognition for
his leadership of NAHBs Multifamily
Council and his dedication to the
multifamily industry.
The Dan Grady Award is presented
annually to an NAHB member who best
embodies the spirit and dedication of its
namesake to quality affordable housing
and whose advocacy work with the
association has made a difference to the
housing industry. Schlossmans daughter
accepted the award on his behalf during
NAHBs International Builders Show last
month in Las Vegas.
Teds continued involvement and
unwavering support throughout the years
helped elevate the importance of
multifamily housing issues within NAHB,
said Granger MacDonald, president of
G.G. MacDonald Inc. of Kerrville, Texas,
and chairman of NAHBs Multifamily
Council Board of Trustees. He was a true
icon who served this association for more
than 50 years. Many of us in the industry
not only viewed Ted as a friend, but also
a trusted mentor and a source of wisdom
and reason.
Schlossman started his career as a
builder in Newport News, Va., where he
served as president of the Tidewater
Builders Association and the Home
Builders Association of Virginia. After
relocating to Texas in the early 1980s, he
focused on multifamily and mortgage
finance. He was very active in the Greater
Fort Worth Builders Association and the
Texas Association of Builders, and in
2011 was inducted into its Texas Housing
Hall of Honor, which celebrates people
who have made significant and lasting
contributions to the Texas housing
industry. Last year, Schlossman received
the Herman J. Smith Award from the
Greater Fort Worth Builders Association.
And in 2004, he received the TAB
Lifetime Achievement Award that now
bears his name. He was also a past
recipient of the Robert J. Corletta Award,
which honors exceptional achievements
in the creation of affordable and low-
income housing.
The award is named in honor of Daniel
M. Grady, an NAHB builder who
contributed nearly 50 years to the
housing industry before his death in
1991. During his long career, Grady
founded two companies that developed
and managed affordable housing.
Additionally, Grady served as a
consultant to other developers, non-profit
organizations and government agencies
on how best to use programs
administered by the U.S. Department of
Housing and Urban Development to
create quality housing for lower-income
families. Grady was inducted into NAHB's
Housing Hall of Fame in 1992.
NAHB Mourns the Loss of Longtime Leader Ted Schlossman
NAHB Honors
Ted Schlossman
with Daniel M.
Grady Memorial
Coto Boilcio C Loxor,
ecaoes ol D
A look at the past sixty live years ol home builoing
in El Faso ano what we can expect next
Special 65th anniversary edition
Latest kitchen trenos
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The El Paso Association of Builders
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luxury living.
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Membership News
Thanks to our
11395 James Watt, Suite A-11 79936
2013 issue 2 Builders Outlook
12:00 NOON
EvENT 2:00 TO 4:00 EPAB
For the latest updates &
event information, visit:
12277 ROJAS
EL PASO, TX 79936
The associates council met to go
over the upcoming events and to do a
little soul searching with regard to
membership and the value of it. We
had a good turnout with some familiar
faces joined by some new ones. We
have some great members ready to
go this year, and it starts with the
upcoming trip to Austin for a visit with
our legislative representatives. I
have to tell you that this is one of my
favorite events as it brings into focus
the work that goes on in Austin on our
behalf. One thing for sure, the trip is
an eye opener. I sincerely hope that
you will join the association in that trip
in the coming years.
I have some announcements on
events. First off we are hosting the
first Speed Networking event of the
year on March 20. The staff will be
sending out information on this, but
for those that have been involved in
one there isnt anything we do better.
Our newest event is Golf by the Rio,
our spring golf outing being held at
Ascarate Golf Course. I like to call it
a pachanga (party) since we plan on
a really fun event. Our advertising
opportunities are going like hot
cakes. Teams of 4 players are only
$400. Get your team entry in early as
we have only 24 spots available and
nearly half are gone already. Until
next issue, have a good month and
go out and sell something.
Builders Outlook 2013 issue 2
Sam Shallenberger
Western Wholesale Supply
Associates Council
Builders utlook on the scene |
NAHB Announces
Best of Show Product
Winners at 2013
Builders Show
The National Association of Home
Builders (NAHB) named the winners in its
inaugural Best of IBS Awards last week
during the 2013 International Builders
Show (IBS) in Las Vegas. Awards were
given to exhibitors with a product or line
that shows the best combination of design,
functionality and innovation.
Decided by a panel of independent judges
made up of attending reporters and building
professionals, the awards were given in
five categories. The winners were:
Best Home Technology Product: Key
Digital Systems- Compass Control
Best in Outdoor Living: Heat & Glo-
Twilight Modern Fireplace
Best Indoor Feature: Mohawk/Dal Tile-
Best Kitchen or Bath Product: KOHLER-
Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet
Overall Best in Show: KOHLER
Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet
This years International Builders Show
featured an impressive line-up of more than
900 exhibitors representing all facets of the
building industry, said Lynne Pratt,
NAHB Conventions and Meetings
Committee Chair. The Best of IBS Awards
recognize those exhibitors that really stood
out in terms of product innovation and
design, and we were thrilled to be able to
award them for their creativity and vision.
Award-winning products included an
indoor/outdoor see-through fireplace from
Heat & Glo; Key Digital Systems
Compass Control, the first fully
integrated major control system built from
the ground up to use Apple devices such as
iPad or iPhone as its backbone;
Mohawk/DalTiles impressive hardwood
coating system, ArmorMax ; and finally
the innovative KOHLER Sensate
touchless faucet, which not only won best
Kitchen or Bath Product, but went on to
win the Best in Show award as well.
The awards were presented during the Best
of IBS Awards ceremony on the final day of
the show.
I execuTive oFFicerS
edmundo Dena President
Accent Homes
Frank Torres vice President
GMF Custom Homes
edgar montiel Secretary/Treasurer
Palo Verde Homes
Sam Shallenberger Associates chair
Western Wholesale
Frank Arroyos- immediate Past President
Cisco Homes
ray Adauto executive vice President
El Paso Association of Builders
I couNciL/commiTTeecHAirS
Associates council
Sam Shallenberger
Build PAc
Randy Bowling
Desert Green Building council
Javier Ruiz
Land use council
Sal Masoud
Young Designer Award
John Chaney
remodelers council
Rudy Guel
membership retention
Mike Santamaria, Greg Bowling
Finance committee
Edgar Montiel
Womens council
Lorraine Huit
J. Crawford Kerr, Attorney, Firth, Johnston
& Martinez
I BoArDoFDirecTorS
Juanita Garcia, Icon Custom Builders
Samira Gonzalez, Edwards Homes
Walter Lujan, Dawco Construction
Carlos Villalobos, Pointe Homes
Don Rassette, Rassette Homes
Beverly Clevenger, Automated Division 6 Builders
Frank Spencer, Aztec Contractors
Kathy Parry, Hunt Communities
Sal Masoud, Del Rio Engineering
Robert L. Foster,
Southwest Land Development Services
Leti Navarette, Custom Dream Homes
Linda Troncoso, TR-Engineering
Lance VanDeman, Hub International
John Chaney, Passage Supply
Joe Bernal, El Paso Employee Benefits
Ken Wade, El Paso Building Materials
Ruben Orquiz, MTI Ready Mix
Kathy Carrillo, Pioneer Bank
Henry Tinajero, West Star Bank
Paul Zacour, Zacour & Associates
Chuck Gabriel, Carpets West
Ted Escobedo, Snappy Publishing
Lorraine Huit, Cardel Design
Javier Ruiz, Border Solar & Senercon
2012 Builder member of The Year
Frank Arroyos
Cisco Homes
2012 Pat cox Award
Mike Santamaria
Mountain Vista Homes
2012 Associate of The Year
Sam Shallenberger
Western Wholesale Supply
John Schatzman Award
Hunt Companies
Honorary Life members
Rudy Guel
Brad Roe
Cliff Anthes
Wayne Grinnell
Chester Lovelady
Don Henderson
Anna Gil
Past Presidents
committed to Serve
ePAB mission Statement:
The El Paso Association of Builders is a
federated professional organization representing
the home building industry, committed to
enhancing the quality of life in our community by
providing affordable homes of excellence and
The El Paso Association of Builders is a
501C(6) trade organization.
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