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The International Marine Contractors Association

Divers’ Gas Supply

AODC 028
November 1984

codes of practice and by other appropriate means. health. each covering a specific area of members’ interests: Diving. IMCA promotes improvements in quality. . Offshore Survey. AB www. marine and underwater engineering companies. Remote Systems & ROV. For the avoidance of doubt no legal liability shall attach to any guidance and/or recommendation and/or statement herein contained. Europe & Africa and Middle East & The information contained herein is given for guidance only and endeavours to reflect best industry practice. Certification & Personnel Competence The Association is organised through four distinct divisions. Marine. Members are self-regulating through the adoption of IMCA guidelines as appropriate.imca-int.The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is the international trade association representing offshore. They commit to act as responsible members by following relevant guidelines and being willing to be audited against compliance with them by their clients. There are also four regional sections which facilitate work on issues affecting members in their local geographic area – Americas Deepwater. safety. Asia-Pacific. environmental and technical standards through the publication of information notes. Environment & Legislation Training. There are two core activities that relate to all members: Safety.

then the breathing mixture supply must be such that rupture of one diver's umbilical and the consequent escape of gas does not deprive either the other diver. IMCA · AODC 028 1 . the problem is the same for air or mixed gas diving and is equally applicable to surface orientated or bell diving. The memo concerned the need to ensure that the loss of gas supply to one diver would not compromise another diver by depriving him of his supply. or the standby diver." There is some misunderstanding over ways of meeting this requirement. 10/1983 from the Department of Energy gave advice on divers air and gas supply systems. It should be noted that it is impractical for the affected air supply to be isolated by manually shutting a valve. If there are two working divers in the water. One paragraph in memo No. Although the memo refers to “air supply”. It must be stressed that the standby diver (or bellman) should also be considered.Diving Safety Memo No. 10/10/1983 states : "The air supply system to a diver should be designed in such a way that in the event of the diver's umbilical being cut or severed. plus a standby diver (or bellman). of his supply. particularly when two divers are working in the water at the same time. This would happen if two divers are fed from a common supply and one diver's umbilical is cut or ruptured resulting in the second diver losing his supply through the gas taking the path of least resistance into the water. Most of these arrangements meet the requirement and provided the basic intent of the requirement is understood then it is possible to check whether any specific system is suitable. it should not deprive any other diver or standby diver of their air supply. There are numerous ways of meeting this requirement including totally separate supply systems (from separate sources) and complex valving arrangements with automatic shut down of the line in which pressure is lost.