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The International Marine Contractors Association

Communications with Divers

AODC 031
November 1984

In any communications system the Diving Supervisor must be able to disconnect all other personnel immediately so that the direct link between Diver and Supervisor is uninterrupted. even if another person is joined into the communications link.Communications with Divers Historically. on the surface. This has resulted in a very high degree of trust being established between the diver in the water and the Supervisor. it has become increasingly common for personnel other than the Supervisor to wish to talk directly to the Diver. other than another properly appointed Diving Supervisor. In recent years. 2) 3) AODC 031 – November 1984 Page 1 . At all times. 1) At no time must the Supervisor pass over the total communications responsibility to anyone. the Diving Supervisor must be able to hear the divers voice communications and breathing pattern. the only person who has been in direct communication with divers while they are in the water is the Diving Supervisor. particularly while carrying out inspection work. In some circumstances this can be hazardous and set out below are a number of fundamental rules which should ensure the continued safety link between Diver and Supervisor.