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ME 3340B scaling; control volumes; viscous, inviscid and turbulent flows; boundary layers INSTRUCTOR Professor David L. Hu Office: Love 007 Office Phone: 404-894-0573 Office hours: __________ __________ COURSE 1:05-1:55 pm, MWF in Love 185 Course webpage: google “David Hu” or

TEXT The only required text for the class is Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics (6th ed.) by Munson, Young, Okiishi, Huebsch. Other recommended supporting material includes: wikipedia; youtube; MIT OpenCourseWare; Physical Fluid Mechanics by Tritton, a math-less treatment of fluid mechanics; Comparative biomechanics by Vogel, a discussion of zoological fluid mechanics; On size and life by McMahon and Bonner, a beautiful collection of scaling arguments PREREQUISITES Mathematics: multivariable calculus, differential equations (ordinary and partial); Engineering: statics (free-body diagrams), Mechanics (Forces and movements; equilibrium; stress and strain), Dynamics/ Dynamics of rigid bodies (Center of mass motion, kinematics and kinetics, energy and momentum), Thermodynamics (Energy and mass conservation) CALCULATORS No calculators will be allowed during the exams, during which answers may be left in symbolic form (e.g., π/4). I recommend you also use symbolic form in homework, substituting in numbers ONLY at the end of each problem. GRADING There will be two “midterm” tests and one final exam. Midterms will be during class hours; final exam location and time will be announced. Homework will be assigned every Friday, to be collected at the beginning of class on the following Friday. Homework will not be accepted after class begins. The grading structure will be: • Homework: 30% • Two Midterm Exams: 40% • Final Exam : 30% Homework represents your work. Collaboration on homework is encouraged, but the write-up must be done alone. If you work in a group, acknowledge your collaborators (fellow students, tutors, illegitimate sources) by citing their names below yours. ATTENDANCE You are responsible for knowing lecture material as we cover it. Requests for copies of lecture notes will be routinely denied. Class attendance is highly recommended, as is reading the chapters before class. FREE HELP Free help with fluid mechanics is available through Shell tutoring in the MRDC building (Google “shell tutoring”; the schedule will be available starting 3rd week of class). GaTech also offers 1-to-1 tutoring. The ME undergrad advisor, can suggest private paid tutors (e.g., grad students).

2: Fluid statics Chap. 5: Control volume analysis: mass/Continuity Chap. 8: Pipe flow (cont. Nov 9. vorticity momentum NOTE: UROP application deadline due ~Mon Oct 20 Chap. Oct 5. stream function. Oct 16 MWF. 6: Differential analysis (cont. 4: Acceleration and the material derivative Chap. Oct 26. Nov 16. Oct 9 23-25 26 27-29 M. 7: Scaling Chap. Fri. 21. 28 MWF: Aug 31. 5: Control volumes: angular **Test #1** Review test solutions DROP DAY Chap. 3: Bernoulli Equation Chap. Navier-Stokes equations. buoyancy Labor Day Holiday-no class Chap. 2: Fluid statics: pressure distributions/forces/moments due to fluid on one side of a flat plate/surface Chap. 11. 9: External flows: boundary layers **Test #2** Review. 4: Control volumes. 1: Basic definitions of fluid mechanics Chap. 8: Pipe flows: laminar/turbulent.W Oct 12. 14 Fri.): exact solutions of the N-S equations Chap. boundary conditions Chap. Dec 711. 6: Differential analysis: Continuity. 19. Oct. 5 M: Sep 7 10-11 12-14 WF: Sept 9. 11. 2: Fluid statics (cont. viscous stresses.): Moody chart.Dec 2 F Dec 4 M-F. 21 MWF: Aug 24. 7 Fri. 6: Differential analysis (cont. 5: Control volumes: linear momentum Chap. Nov 2. 26.): forces/moments on curved surfaces. Reynolds Transport Theorem Chap. 23. 5: Control volumes: energy Chap. 19. major/minor losses Chap. Nov 20 Nov 30. Subject Chap. 18. 6 MWF. Sept 21. 23 MWF. Sept 28. 4. Oct 2 MW. 30. piping systems If there is time: Chap. 13 MW. MWF.COURSE SCHEDULE SKIM THESE CHAPTERS BEFORE CLASS: Lectures 1-3 Dates MWF: Aug 17. 25 MWF. Sep 2. friction factor. Sept 14.): velocity potential. 18 MWF. 30 MWF.16. Perhaps Chap 10-11: Open channel flow Last day of class Final Exam 4-6 7-9 15-17 18-20 21-22 30-32 33-35 36-38 39-41 . 28.