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Forensics has been playing a major role in our society. While crime shows like CID, CSI, and Crime Patrol have taken to cinemas there is more than what catches the eye. We at I.F.O (Indian Forensic Organization) have been making inspirational and interactive forensic sessions that show you how science works in the real world. Schools can incorporate our Forensic Science Workshops into a memorable school science week.

A glimpse from our previous workshops

Our workshops are suitable for all primary school children. Once inside our crime scene our young investigators must tape off the area in order to protect any evidence that may be found. Clues and evidence must be identified, collected, interpreted and analyzed.

This includes finding, developing and characterizing fingerprints, investigating tool marks and other impressions, identifying hairs and fibres and investigating blood, bones and DNA


Sessions can be booked individually or as part of a whole morning/afternoon slot. We can tailor sessions specifically to meet the needs of your class, below is an idea of the sort of thing we can do but please feel free to contact us and we can discuss any ideas further. We would be happy to put up such Workshop at a low cost and conduct in your own premises. Our Requirement: School/Hall to conduct these workshops.

Contact Program Coordinator Ms. Joulyn Kenny: +919819288253 or email us at