The Prisoner of Zenda Prep One

Chapter One (The Rassendylls) Summary
Rose asked Rassendyll to go to Ruritania with Sir Jacob Borrodaile to work as his assistant. Rassendyll told Rose that he was going to the Alps to write a book.He decided to visit Ruritania to watch the coronation of King Rudolf the Fifth in the capital city, Strelsau. Rassendyll made his way to Zenda, a small town in favour of Duke Michael, the King’s brother.

Questions & Answers
1-Rassendylls had most of the adventurer’s qualities as well as a good status. Discuss. ☻He had plenty of money, loved to travel and spoke many languages well. He was a good swordsman and could ride any kind of horse. He came from an old and respectable family. That was why he didn’t have to work. He had a good position because he was brother to Lord Burlesdon. 2-What was the job offered to Rassendylls? What was his promise to Rose? ☻ He was offered to work as an assistant for the ambassador, Sir Jacob in six months. Rassendylls promised Rose that he would accept that job if nothing happened in six months’ time. 3-Ruritania was Rassendyll’s next adventure. Explain. ☻He wanted to attend the coronation of Rudolf the fifth at Strelsau in Ruritania. He had never been to that highly interesting and important kingdom which was under the power of a young and strong ruler. 4-Describe the woman that Rassendyll met at the station on his way through France. ☻He met a graceful and well-dressed woman who was about thirty. She was called Antoinette de Mauban. She was a rich widow who was hoping to improve her situation. It was said that the Duke of Strelsau, King Rudolf’s brother, had paid her attentions. 5-What did Rassendylls read in the papers as soon as he reached the Ruritanian border? What was the result of that news? ☻He found out that the date of the coronation had been suddenly brought forward and was to take place in two days’ time. As a result, Rooms were all booked and hotels were crowded. It would be hard to get a room without paying a very high price. 6- How did the people at the inn feel towards both Duke Michael and Rudolf the Fifth? ☻ Duke Michael, who was the master of Zenda, was the great hope of the poor people. He had always lived among them. Everyone in Ruritania knew him. Few people really knew Rudolf the Fifth because he travelled abroad so much. 7-“They love one another as men who want the same place and the same wife!” Comment. ☻These words were said by the younger girl in the inn to Rudolf Rassendyll when Rudolf asked her if the Duke and the king were good friends. The girl said that they couldn't love each other because they wanted the same crown and the same lady. By the same woman, she meant princess Flavia as she was going to be the king’s wife.

2-How was the castle at Zenda convenient for Duke Michael? ☻If he wanted to see no one. Spat and Fritz would die. The king laid full length on the floor.“If he’s not crowned today. 6. Unfortunately the King is drugged by his evil brother. ☻He met Colonel Spat and Fritz von Tarlenheim who were both in the service of the King of Ruritania. Duke Michael. If he shaved off his beard he would be just like the King Rudolf the Fifth who was surprised. Black Michael would be the king and would kill King Rudolf the Fifth. If King Rudolf the Fifth wasn’t crowned that day. the king’s servant and asked the King to drink it for the love that he had for him. The old and the new parts were joined by a drawbridge which was the only way to the old castle. Nothing less than a company of soldiers with heavy weapons could get him out. Black Michael drugged the King to take his place in the kingdom of Ruritania.” Comment. 4-Black Michael’s invitation was only a plot against his brother’s coronation. deep and board round it and on the other side a fine modern building put by the last king. he never will be. They get on well and have a meal together on the night before the coronation. These two men were surprised to see how Rassendyll looked like their king. His face was as red as his hair and he breathes heavily. He meet the King as well and discovers that they look extremely alike. too. Discuss. There was a moat. Black Michael sent the king a drugged bottle of wine with Josef. 5-What was Colonel Spat’s clever plan to save the throne of King Rudolf the Fifth? What would happen if his plan failed? ☻ Sapt asked Rudolf to go to Strelsau in the King’s place. Black Michael would sit on the throne and the King would lie in prison or in his grave. he could cross the bridge and have it pulled in after him. 3-There was a surprise waiting for Rassendyll in the forest of Zenda. Questions & Answers 1-Describe Duke Michael’s castle at Zenda as Rassendyll saw it in his way to Strelsau.The Prisoner of Zenda Prep One Chapter Two (A Merry Evening with a New Relation) Summary Rassendyll met the King’s men. ☻ These words were said by Colonel Spat to Rassendyll when Black Michael succeeded in dragging King Rudolf the Fifth to prevent him from attending the coronation in Strelsau. too. Colonel Sapt and Fritz von Tarlenheim in the forest of Zenda. Explain. ☻On the night before the coronation. who wants the throne for himself. . ☻The old part of the castle was still in a good state of preservation. Rassendyll. If his plan failed.

Spat and Fritz would go without Black Michael’s guards and would take train at Hafbau instead of Zenda. the chief minister. bands and bells. Wide.The Prisoner of Zenda Prep One Chapter Three (The King Keeps His Appointment) Summary Colonel Sapt suggested that Rassendyll took the place of the King so that the coronation could take place. 2-Colonel Spat was Rassendyll’s teacher and advisor. 6. Princess Flavia thought that Rudolf looked different that day because he looked more serious and thinner. Questions & Answers 1-What were the precautions taken by Spat in order to keep his plan secret? ☻First. Next. Spat tied Johann’s mother up and locked her in another of the cellar’s rooms. tree-line streets surround the narrow lanes of the old part of the city. none of them doubt that Rassendyll was the king. Duke Michael’s last hope was to marry Princess flavia. Rassendyll. narrow streets of the old town. ☻ Colonel Spat explained as much as he could of the King’s past life. ☻ Strelsau was partly old and partly new. King Rudolf the Fifth was carried into the wine cellar. They took train to Strelsauand were welcomed grandly by army. his likes and dislikes. Josef was left with strict orders to guard the cellar.” Comment. so he plotted against him.“He wants something I’ve got. King Rudolf the Fifth was left in cellar and Josef was ordered to guard him.Describe the city of Strelsau in which the coronation of the King took place. Sapt instructed Rassendyll on how to behave. Chapter Four . Then. Discuss.. At their head was the chief of the Ruritanian Army. Spat also took some precautions to keep his plan secret. his friends and servants. Duke Michael wasn’t among them as he pretended to be ill. But Rassendyll went to the coronation and got the throne. But. That was why he couldn’t come to the station to welcome the King. Marshal Strakencz and the Chancellor. ☻ These words were said by Rassendyll to Princess Flavia on the day of the coronation. At the end. Rassendyll met Antoinette de Mauban and the King’s fiancée. He told Rassendyll the rules of Ruritanian Court. 4. Duke Michael wanted to sit on the throne instead of his brother and to marry Princess Flavia. his family. And he also wants something which I haven’t got yet. Rassendyll shaved and put on uniform. He also promised to be at Rassendyll’s side at every moment of the day. The upper class lived in the new part of the city and the poor people lived in the dirty. 3-Who were waiting for Rassendyll at the station of Strelsau? Was Duke Michael among them?and why? ☻A group of officers and people of high rank stood waiting for him. Princess Flavia in the coronation. 5-What were the reactions of Duke Michael and Princess Flavia when they saw Rassendyll in the coronation?Did they doubt that He was the king? ☻Duke Michael looked at Rassendyll as if he was a ghost and he was shaking uncontrollably.

He also couldn’t tell them that the king had been so drunk to be crowded and had sent his servant to take his place. Chapter Five . They found the dead body of Josef in one of the cellar’s rooms. The news said that his men had got the king from the lodge in Zenda while the king had just been crowned in Strelsau. 7-Both of Sapt and Duke Michael couldn’t reveal the real identity of the king. Sapt asked Rassandyll if he was ready to leave Strelsau and went back to the lodge in the forest of Zenda to bring back King Rudolf the Fifth who was drugged. Sapt and Rassandyll killed some of them to revenge for Josef who would be buried with them. 2-Why was Duke Michael angry after he had got news from Zenda? ☻He was angry because he couldn’t understand what was going on.How could Sapt and Rassandyll get out of the Palace in Strelsau without being seen by anyone? ☻They wrapped themselves up and Rassandyll dressed as Sapt’s servant. ☻These words were said by Sapt to Rassendyll after they fought against the eight horsemen who were sent by Duke Michael to bury the dead body of Josef. 3. Then. Explain ☻Sapt couldn’t reveal his secret plan because he had made fools of the lords and the people. 4-Who were the two riders who stopped at the fork of the road?Where were they going to?and Why? ☻Duke Michael and his guard. It becomes Rassendyll’s task to continue acting as king. and the king was kidnapped by Michael’s men. thinking that he was drugged. Questions & Answers 1-“Are you ready to start?” Comment ☻These words were said by Sapt to Rassandyll in the dressing room after the coronation. along a dark passage. 5-What did Sapt and Rassendyll find out when they went back to the lodge after the coronation? ☻They saw several pieces of torn and cut cloth which were used to tie Johanne’s mother. 6-How could Duke Michael’s guards reveal Sapt’s secret plan? ☻Johanne’s mother attracted their attention somehow when they came to the lodge to take the king prisoner. 8-“Well. Duke Michael couldn’t say that he had drugged his brother to prevent him from going to the coronation and he had imprisoned him. Rassendyll and Sapt return to where they had left the real King.The Prisoner of Zenda Prep One (The Secret of a Cellar) Summary With the coronation successfully accomplished in Strelsau. On the other hand. They went through a secret door. Max Holf were the two riders who were going to the castle of Zenda because they feared a trap in the lodge. little Josef will have company.” Comment. they came out into a quiet road bordering on the palace garden. only to find out that Duke Michael has him imprisoned in the castle of Zenda.

Questions & Answers 1-Rassendyll’s wounded finger was very useful for him. They think the other three – the Ruritanians (Lauengram. and it tried to bite me” Comment. . Rassendyll meets Michael and three of the famous Six while he is paying Flavia a visit. Explain 2-Why did Sapt refuse to catch Duke Michael? 3-Why did Sapt think that King Rudolf the Fifth was still alive? 4-Duke Michael left the Ruritanians to guard the king. Discuss. Krafstein and Rupert Hentzau) – are guarding the King at Zenda. a Belgian (Bersonin) and an Englishman (Detchard) – are in Strelsau.The Prisoner of Zenda Prep One (A Fair Cousin & a Dark Brother) Summary Sapt and Fritz thinks that the real King is still alive as only three of Michael’s famous Six – a Frenchman (de Gautet). 5-What was Rassandyll’s Plan to make the king popular in Ruritania? 6-What was the mistake done by Rassandyll during his visit to Princess Flavia? 7-“I was playing with a dog.

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